Reviewing the Weirdest Beauty Products!

  • Published on Nov 11, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 3 118

  • Piper Llewellyn
    Piper Llewellyn Day ago +2

    IS it weird that when arin said "it's in my eye!" I closed my right eye?

  • Abby29
    Abby29 2 days ago +1

    love the intro

  • TheNerindil
    TheNerindil 2 days ago +2

    “I don’t like goop on my face” is the only straight thing I’ve heard Arin say

  • DeadiamondChief
    DeadiamondChief 3 days ago

    Arin looks like the Penguin from Batman Returns

  • The Market Gamer
    The Market Gamer 3 days ago

    2:22 XD

  • Preston Dailey
    Preston Dailey 4 days ago

    Arins over here looking like Art the Clown

  • pyrofoo
    pyrofoo 4 days ago

    No ones gunna talk about how Arin 100% brought back Malkovich for that ad read?

  • Rebekah Potts
    Rebekah Potts 4 days ago

    you're supposed to kiss my hand...

  • Saraya Purtee
    Saraya Purtee 5 days ago +2

    "was dan a god in his past life."
    "i think he's a god now."

    Conversation between my husband and i during this video at 2:15

  • michaelwave
    michaelwave 5 days ago

    "AHHHHHHH" Dan 2019

  • FayantProductions
    FayantProductions 6 days ago

    Arin looks likes Danny devito’s penguin in this video

  • ZappyWolf
    ZappyWolf 6 days ago

    Aron looks like a terrifying monster lmao 😂

  • Nancy and lil bitch
    Nancy and lil bitch 6 days ago

    Dans been workin on his snatch 🤭🤪🥴

  • Outcast shroom
    Outcast shroom 6 days ago

    Gargoyle tortures human for its own pleasure 1723- 6:21

  • Fijiboy99
    Fijiboy99 6 days ago

    Surprisingly, Arin actually did look better at the end of that.

  • Grey B.
    Grey B. 7 days ago

    Hah, you can see Danny trying his darn best to not react to his impressive catch.
    Must've practiced that in front of a mirror, the smug bastard!
    Keep being you, Dan.

  • Rose Volanti
    Rose Volanti 7 days ago

    Dan protected Arin from the container they threw at them thats cute

  • bootenhoven
    bootenhoven 7 days ago

    You could put Arin's Bubble Mask face into an unintentionally spooky kids fantasy movie from the 80's and it'd not look out of place at *all*!

  • jullian browne
    jullian browne 7 days ago

    This is what goblins look like.

  • Quoodle
    Quoodle 8 days ago

    I'm always impressed by Danny's ability to pluck things out of the air. 2:14

  • Bonendroit
    Bonendroit 8 days ago +1

    Arin looks like penguin when he brushes his teeth.

  • farglefarf
    farglefarf 8 days ago


  • Carter Caraco
    Carter Caraco 8 days ago


  • Danielle Hollis
    Danielle Hollis 9 days ago

    In the App store, there's a game called Heads Off. If i had to describe it to someone who's never played it, Dan screaming when Arin touches his face with the roller would sum it up.

  • Zen Dragoon
    Zen Dragoon 9 days ago

    Workin on your snatch?
    I wouldnt say it like that...

  • Elyssa Wallace
    Elyssa Wallace 9 days ago

    idk what skillshare is but i want it

  • Madds Ellis
    Madds Ellis 11 days ago

    me at the gynecologist: 2:23

  • Viper CRB
    Viper CRB 12 days ago

    I gagged a few times.

  • Jeshplex
    Jeshplex 12 days ago

    8:23 Arin looks like an orc

  • The Gameinator
    The Gameinator 12 days ago

    “Can you be careful? I only have 12 more Rush shirts.”

    If I wasn’t broke I could be able to relate to that.

  • Seasoned Kale
    Seasoned Kale 13 days ago +3

    Arin looked like Tim Burton’s penguin with all that charcoal and foam.

  • Lonelycoast
    Lonelycoast 13 days ago

    legit terrified at 8:44

  • Mr12Relic
    Mr12Relic 13 days ago +2

    6:22 Lord of the Rings but every time someone dies they make those noises

  • Suga Kookie
    Suga Kookie 14 days ago

    I was eating chocolate while watching this, as soon as he rinsed his mouth I gagged lol.

  • Paryliser13
    Paryliser13 14 days ago

    arin looks like the moon emoji with all that foam on his face

  • Echo Effect
    Echo Effect 15 days ago +1

    6:22 dan just becoming a bird

  • Krysamoe3
    Krysamoe3 15 days ago

    As a licensed esthetician I can truly say that this video horrified me on many levels.

  • anon nico
    anon nico 15 days ago

    arin just became the babadook

  • Antonio Guzman
    Antonio Guzman 17 days ago +4

    Whys he gotta look like post malone with no tattoos

  • Brandy Zoch
    Brandy Zoch 18 days ago

    Arin tryna steal them hand smoochies

  • ZovieB
    ZovieB 18 days ago +2

    ScArin is my sleep paralysis demon

  • Madison Price
    Madison Price 19 days ago

    hmn... I dunno why, but Arin made me think of Freddie Mercury during that skillshare ad o3o

  • Kasey Kitten
    Kasey Kitten 21 day ago

    Companies should get Arin to do ads and promotions, very entertaining but probably kills his throat.

  • Natalie Jones
    Natalie Jones 21 day ago +3

    I was drinking when Arin kissed Dan's hand and when Dan leaned over and kissed it too I actually inhaled liquid and coughed tea everywhere, that was so daft and funny

    • Lu Phone
      Lu Phone 18 days ago

      @Natalie Jones Nah, you don't suck, you've just got different comedic preferences

    • Natalie Jones
      Natalie Jones 18 days ago +1

      @Lu Phone I'm sorry I sucked too much to get it

    • Lu Phone
      Lu Phone 18 days ago

      @Natalie Jones (I do, but it was a joke for jokes sake my dude)

    • Natalie Jones
      Natalie Jones 18 days ago

      @Lu Phone aw I'm sad that you dont have a good time with the grumps. The only thing that makes me feel that is when Arin drools or gets food everywhere, it grosses me out

    • Lu Phone
      Lu Phone 18 days ago

      @Natalie Jones ...ya know, Drink? How people say "I need a drink" after a bad ti-...know what? Never mind. I'm just a thirsty boy.

  • Ben Meyer
    Ben Meyer 23 days ago +1

    Is Aaron a member of slipknot?

  • slapstick comedy2.0.1
    slapstick comedy2.0.1 23 days ago

    Basically do what Suzy did. In uh her h-er other channel mortemer.

  • LycanLink
    LycanLink 24 days ago

    Little-known fact: Pizza places rarely use those one-handed rolley cutters you see in TV and movies. They typically use a 2.5-foot long, two-handed blade. You press down on it with your weight and roll the long blade from one side of the pizza to the other. This isn't hearsay either. I've worked at Pizza Hut for the last seven years, and we only use the one-handed cutter for glutton-free pizzas, which nobody ever orders, lol.

  • The Golden Nerd 13
    The Golden Nerd 13 24 days ago +1

    5:34 - 5:35 Danny's burp made me laugh so hard, 10/10 burp skills

  • Captain Riz
    Captain Riz 25 days ago +1

    Hey guys, idk how else to let you know, this video is in the playlist 3 times in a row.

  • TheChaoticGood
    TheChaoticGood 25 days ago

    Working on his scrawny clown snatch

  • TheDeadCobra
    TheDeadCobra 26 days ago

    What happen to your old place?

  • Aly Lion
    Aly Lion 27 days ago

    I think the most surprising part was the charcoal actually working.

  • Sydney Hobbs
    Sydney Hobbs 27 days ago

    I got my dad a Rush Fly by Night shirt. It’s his favorite album cover art.

  • Holy Shnitzel
    Holy Shnitzel 28 days ago +1

    Arin looks like the penguin man from batman, the beast that lives and grows in my nightmares

  • Nina Torrise
    Nina Torrise 28 days ago

    Arin be lookin' like cement squidward

  • Egg Shells
    Egg Shells 28 days ago

    7:27 no hurt on teeth

  • Desmond O'Sullivan
    Desmond O'Sullivan 28 days ago

    Rivendell is my favorite song off that album.

  • Desmond O'Sullivan
    Desmond O'Sullivan 28 days ago

    Dan, love your Fly By Night tee.

  • Miss Vidzy
    Miss Vidzy 28 days ago

    Beauty is pain boys, beauty is pain.