4K | F4U Corsair Engine Start-Up, Flybys & Engine Shut-Down

  • Published on Aug 6, 2017
  • Saturday August 5th, 2017 Planes of Fame Air Museum in Chino, CA

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  • 佑李
    佑李 28 days ago

    What a beautiful fighter ...from Japan

  • snoman003
    snoman003 3 months ago +1

    Listen to the "lumpy idle" of one of these rotary engine, then listen to the idle of an old Harley...strange coincidence...or not.
    Harley engines and these radial engines were constructed on the same principals of engineering.

  • George Nunnemacher
    George Nunnemacher 4 months ago

    Is there a prettier sound than those big piston-driven radial engines? (turbo props suck!)

  • Emerson Guimarães
    Emerson Guimarães 5 months ago +1

    O F4U Corsair é lindo demais! 😍

  • Óscar Eduardo Dobles Zeledón

    Lo mejor que era verlo despegar no lo presentaron.!!! ¡Que cabeza..!!

  • DCDH
    DCDH 7 months ago +1

    Anyone know why some Corsairs had three blades and some 4 blades? I'd figure with all that
    h.p., four blades would be necessary..

  • Tom H.
    Tom H. 8 months ago

    The Corsair's service in Korea was testament to how advanced the aircraft was that it remained useful for that long in an era when most combat aircraft had shelf lives of 3-5 years.

  • ApTix Layz
    ApTix Layz 8 months ago +1

    My favorite plane!

  • Francisco Olguin
    Francisco Olguin 9 months ago

    Yea corsario

  • J P
    J P 10 months ago

    Love this plane, just got to love. I'm currently building a 1/32 scale model of it.. Perhaps I'll build the other one too.

  • John Moses Browning
    John Moses Browning 10 months ago +2

    Ill never forget seeing one of these start at an airshow a few years ago. Most glorious thing Ive seen in my life.

  • Kaybe Vang
    Kaybe Vang 10 months ago

    FunFact the RAF used these and the TBF Avengers and the Hellcat as their primary Naval Planes

  • Max
    Max 11 months ago

    Probably started better 70 years ago

  • Rafael Scarpe
    Rafael Scarpe Year ago +5

    Hey man, I love your vids! No annoying music, just those beautiful sounds and images. Cheers from Brazil!

  • AAL1337 Productions

    That is a F4U-1A right? And fantastic video Spencer!!

    JOKER1OF2 Year ago +4

    The Corsair is one of the best planes ever and my favorite

  • Kevin Pippin
    Kevin Pippin Year ago +1

    The sound of round

  • Ridgely Elmer
    Ridgely Elmer Year ago

    shout out to the blacksheep

  • Smug Smugly
    Smug Smugly Year ago

    I friend of mind let me fly his fully restored F4U-4. I tried to tell him I was only checked out in a Cessna 150. He said ah fly it anyway, what could happen. To make a long story short, I ended up crashing it in the Atlantic ocean. He was bitching that I cost him many millions of dollars, and sends me a bill every December for 3 million dollars. I ain't talked to him in all these years and my crash happened in 1973.

  • Fred C
    Fred C Year ago

    I can't believe it started

  • rob fibbs
    rob fibbs Year ago

    Beautiful plane

  • Jack Aubrey
    Jack Aubrey Year ago

    1:33 I was worried he was going to burn up that starter. Wonder if he has a "shotgun cartridge" starter he could use on that engine.

  • Margaret Roselle
    Margaret Roselle Year ago +1

    The wing shape gives the plane a Stuka appearance! Enjoyed the video,thanks!

  • tim mayer
    tim mayer Year ago +3

    There is an old guy that owns a dozen of the 4360s, lives out in the desert. He starts them up just to hear the thunder and clouds of smoke.

  • buster117
    buster117 Year ago

    34 weaboos disliked

    • BCS Technology Limited
      BCS Technology Limited Year ago

      The Corsair is exciting, the video is kind of lame. That's probably why the down-votes.

  • Chris Cunningham
    Chris Cunningham Year ago

    You don't realize how big one of these planes are until you walk up to one.

  • Chris Cunningham
    Chris Cunningham Year ago +4

    My alltime favorite plane. I love these things even more than the Mustang!

    ADIT ADDICTS Year ago

    Love the sound of that horse nosed bitch!!

  • Sylvio Kolley
    Sylvio Kolley Year ago +2

    Eine imposante und sehr schnelle Maschine mit einem super Sound

  • The Waterboy
    The Waterboy Year ago +1

    Incredible machines. My late father flew Corsairs in the Fleet Air Arm in WW11. Never saw action, was just about to get deployed when the war ended. Years back took him to Warbirds Over Wanaka, ( iconic air show in New Zealand) and he just closed his eyes and soaked up that magnificent sound as the Corsair flew overhead, and then tried explaining that from inside the cockpit in flight that sound transformed into a sort of vibration , or hum, that just went right through your body. Beautiful aircraft, remember how young these guys were who flew them in the various services around the world. Landing them on Carriers was a little hair raising from Dad's stories!!

  • tim mayer
    tim mayer Year ago

    Rumor has it that the monster R-4360 Pratt and Whitney radial was considered as a replacement upgrade for the F4U Corsair R-2800?It would have delivered 3000 HP and a truck load of torque, maybe more than could be handled by the airframe and pilots.

    • 4thstooge
      4thstooge Year ago

      They did build a few w/the 4360, was the end of the piston engine era so it wasn't needed.

  • Kevin Grazier
    Kevin Grazier Year ago +1

    Pappy would be proud

  • CMSixSeven
    CMSixSeven Year ago +7

    How can 31 people not like this sound? Great upload, thank you for sharing, subscribed.

  • James Hancock
    James Hancock Year ago +4

    Awesome! Nothing like the sound of a Radial Engine. Love these classic planes. She is a beauty.

  • Clarence Dela Cruz

    If some were still in service today, they would have served as COIN or CAS roles

  • Denno's Hobby Corner

    25 viewers were AM6 Zero Pilots. Joking!

  • kyle6800
    kyle6800 Year ago +4

    The sound of freedom...

  • Eric Stevens
    Eric Stevens Year ago +25

    Baa Baa Blacksheep.......grew up with that show.....the Corsair was the star and main attraction.

  • MrAlwaysBlue
    MrAlwaysBlue Year ago +7

    That must have seriously drained the battery

  • Argon Wheatbelly
    Argon Wheatbelly Year ago +2

    My second-favorite plane!

  • slimchancetoo
    slimchancetoo Year ago +2

    I sometimes wonder what the guys who flew these and other WW2 'birds in combat (in all the air forces)would think of all the safety regs nowadays -- especially that helmet and that visor. Space Age Stuff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The Waterboy
      The Waterboy Year ago

      Hey Slim, my late father did 400 hours in one of these in the British Fleet Air Arm, and from the stories he told it was a pretty sparse experience. Incredible machines, but not too many creature comforts!

  • Ludwig Van Zappa
    Ludwig Van Zappa Year ago +2

    My favorite .

  • W. M.
    W. M. Year ago +1

    traitor aviator

  • SimplyRyGuy
    SimplyRyGuy Year ago +2

    I sure hope these engines did not take this long to start up in war time.. I realize though the importance of turning the engine over a bit to circulate oil for one that has been sitting for a long time and having just been restored.

    • Alex Phillips
      Alex Phillips 5 months ago

      They did when they'd been sitting for a while, but that rarely happened in wartimr

    • joker2008
      joker2008 Year ago

      Probably not, depending on how well maintained they were...but it is an antique engine, though.

  • cell pat
    cell pat Year ago +2

    That thing looked so overbuilt sitting there. It has such a robust looking landing gear. It also needs a white arrow painted on the tail.

  • iamanon4u
    iamanon4u Year ago +1

    Ultra-mega cool. Awesome. Love the Corsair.

  • Silvia Borin
    Silvia Borin Year ago +1


  • cmans79tr7
    cmans79tr7 Year ago

    Could easily hear the whistling sound in flight.

  • John Dudley
    John Dudley Year ago

    How awesome is that!!! What a thrill To see.

  • James Kirk
    James Kirk Year ago +4

    WOW takes a lot of power just to start it. Sounds great though.

    • Judge jimbo Browntown
      Judge jimbo Browntown Month ago +1

      James Kirk idk about the Corsair but I know the p38 had oilers and what u seen at first was just and oil cycle before he hit the fuel the she fired right up

  • D N
    D N Year ago

    Plane porn

  • Terry Breedlove
    Terry Breedlove Year ago +1

    What brought the wings up ? Was it Hydraulics or electric motors ? Pretty smooth so maybe electric right ?

    • Tom Brown
      Tom Brown Year ago +1

      While I'm not completely certain I think the wing folding was done by hydraulics. i could be wrong but I seem to remember reading it somewhere long ago.

  • Jonathon Tyynismaa
    Jonathon Tyynismaa Year ago +1

    I know

  • machia0705
    machia0705 Year ago +1

    FLY NAVY🇺🇸

  • Hou Felix
    Hou Felix Year ago +11

    Beautiful aircraft

  • Aleksei Mikojan
    Aleksei Mikojan Year ago +1

    where is the fuel tank?

    • Robert Mantell
      Robert Mantell Year ago +1

      Aleksei Mikojan Corsair has a tank in front of the widshield

  • Ben M
    Ben M Year ago +1

    I was there with my friend and boy it was a beautiful plane.

  • Schlipperschlopper
    Schlipperschlopper Year ago +2

    Could a Corsair outperform a FW190 Dora and Fiat G56 centauro?

    • tim mayer
      tim mayer Year ago

      The F4U corsair would have had a tough time against the FW 190. Flown by a skilled pilot the 190 was as deadly a fighter as there ever was. The F4U was much heavier and the R2800 was not as quickly responsive to the throttle as the 190s V12 . The F4U did have an advantage in a dive provided by its weight. All in all the F4U was more suited to rocket attacks, bombing and strafing then it was to nimble air to air dog fighting. It also could take heavy damage and keep flying if hit while on a low level strafing run.

    • B Weinmann
      B Weinmann Year ago +1

      lol no it couldn't Dora was cream of the crop, it was faster, had a higher service ceiling, way more agile, better visibility, better armament, mw50

    • Schlipperschlopper
      Schlipperschlopper Year ago +1

      Whats about a Dornier DO335?

    • John Creasy
      John Creasy Year ago +1


  • Nuancolar
    Nuancolar Year ago +2

    Great plane. It's a shame they couldn't make these work well for carrier operations. Still, as land-based fighters they were awesome.

    • The Waterboy
      The Waterboy Year ago +1

      Exactly Nathan, my late father flew Corsairs in the Fleet Air Arm and clocked up more than 400 hours training in various parts of the world , some of it flying off Carriers. He never saw action as was about to deploy when the war ended. He absolutely loved it , but they were tricky carrier aircraft. He didn't talk much about it but lost a few colleagues in training and battle trying to land back on carriers.

    • Nathan 75
      Nathan 75 Year ago

      Nuancolar the British figured out how to land them on carriers and they were carrier approved. The Navy didn't like them though because they were hard to land and more expensive than the f6f

  • RTD
    RTD Year ago +2

    F4-U- 1D model, the A model didn't have a step in the starboard flap