• Published on Aug 2, 2019

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  • Todd Casey
    Todd Casey 15 days ago +1

    Thank you for this, David. This video is featured on the Kean Wind Turbines Inc website at - In case anyone would like to read along with what is being said here about the future of extracting energy from the wind, here is the transcript:

    Hello, my name is David Moomaw and what you are viewing is a Kean Wind Turbine, three-meter blade assembly, being driven by a small house fan.

    I would now like to further the demonstration by stopping the blade and we can watch the response.

    As you can see I push the blade backward and with a little patience, we will see this small 1/10 horsepower fan stop and begin to accelerate the turbine blades. This blade unit weighs 1,200 pounds and yet we can see that a 12 mile an hour breeze acting on a tiny portion of these blades has a significant effect.

    Imagine, if you will, the effect if the breeze were presented to the entire blade assembly as it would outdoors in the wind. This is a visual demonstration of the heart of the Kean Wind Turbine patent.

    Energy is extracted from the moving air using a different principle of physics than the existing technology. This key difference in utilizing Newton's first law, instead of the Bernoulli principle, yields a 100 fold improvement in efficiency and usable shaft horsepower. This is 10,000 percent.

    We are very close to the theoretical best limit of the amount of energy that can be extracted from wind.

    With a ten thousand percent advantage, Kean Wind Turbines are one-tenth the size of a similar output using existing technology.
    This also means they cost a lot less.

    We are now building out the first four-meter unit, one meter larger than this three-meter.
    It will generate more than twice the shaft horsepower. And once certified, will be available for demonstration projects.

    The blade design absolutely eliminates bird kill, they are silent, and have no flicker. The installation requires a much smaller foundation and top out in height just above a tall tree. So these may be sited with very few limitations and need never be visible or environmentally intrusive. Truly the next generation of wind energy technology is here.

  • Kean Wind Turbines Inc. Casey

    Great job Dave! This shows how efficient a wind turbine can be. In addition to your masterful work on the Kean Wind Turbines you have shown yourself to be a natural at making a wind turbine video and narrating it. This video shows anyone interested in generating electrical power from the wind that the future is bright because of this Newtonian turbine. As you know, there is a lot more information available at the Kean Wind Turbines Inc website

    AKG TECH Month ago +1

    Nice work sir