What's on my original iPhone?

  • Published on Aug 8, 2018
  • How I got my original iPhone to work AND what's on it!
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  • Cybernetic orga nism
    Cybernetic orga nism 22 hours ago

    So Justine is 35, just like me :-) 1984 is a good year ;-) You do look younger, i thought you were something like 25.

  • Saja Soliman
    Saja Soliman Day ago

    This isn’t the first ever iPhone! It’s the iPhone 3GS. Which came out in 2008 or 2009 can’t exactly remember but it’s not the first iPhone

  • Carylle Sarroca
    Carylle Sarroca Day ago

    why so beautiful??

    you’re definitely an ideal type

  • William Wallace
    William Wallace Day ago

    How much did she pay for it on youtube

  • BlueShadow 4
    BlueShadow 4 Day ago

    This may be late but I think when you enter your password it'll ask for the two factor pin, it should prompt you to enter the password again. By then you would have the "pin" to verify the phone.. Just type the password like you normally would and add the pin to the end of the password. Kinda relate to you since I've been using an iPod Touch 4th gen and yeah I hope it helps if you still can't figure it out XD. BTW I was touched by how long you've been in the industry and I'm happy making more years in history by watching your vids :D More power hehehe

  • Calista Scott
    Calista Scott Day ago

    It’s crazy going back to messing around with the very first iPhone, and seeing how simple it was just 10 or so years ago. Now we have all kinds of social media and technology. I think we are fortunate for it all but man sometimes it’s a lot, especially with all the social media. You could barely use any social media on the first iPhone 😂

  • Ameerah kiara sha
    Ameerah kiara sha 2 days ago +1

    When you made the iphone bill video i wasn't born so I didn't see it😂😐

  • Jake LM
    Jake LM 2 days ago +1

    This girl is so unlikable, holy crap. Who tf reacts like this to these kinds of situations. There are millions of us who have been along for the iPhone ride since the very beginning that would never behave like this.

  • Andrew Ayad
    Andrew Ayad 2 days ago

    This was a true innovation! Apple really improved the iPhone over the years and the newest iPhone is truly the best looking

  • k j
    k j 2 days ago

    When you were showing the clock

  • k j
    k j 2 days ago

    I like the part when you start singing

    KING KODAKK 2 days ago

    I’m from arkansassss

  • Itzel Gamboa
    Itzel Gamboa 3 days ago

    I have been alive since 2007 so yes, I am as old as your channel😂

  • Deciduous Decidueye
    Deciduous Decidueye 3 days ago

    Anyone watching in the uk?

  • Nehir Kök
    Nehir Kök 4 days ago

    11:42 I wasn’t born...

  • ish ke
    ish ke 4 days ago

    My iPhone 3G still makes RU-clip work and I used to have jet pack joyride from App Store, it was so fun.

  • Noelio
    Noelio 5 days ago +2

    Haven't used it in over iPhone 11 Years 😇🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • TheEmeraldChannel
    TheEmeraldChannel 5 days ago

    I didn’t even own an iPhone 1, but I still felt a nostalgic feelings

  • LA6UOA
    LA6UOA 5 days ago +2

    Just look at those beautiful icones! That is genuine Steve Jobs design! Not that Jony Ive shit we have nowa days!! Thanks, Justine!

  • Sadie Seggerson
    Sadie Seggerson 5 days ago

    There is a picture of an iPhone 8 Plus in the background of the “first pic she took” maybe she didn’t mean it like that

  • Kalli Nicole
    Kalli Nicole 6 days ago +2

    I have an I phone 4 and this video inspired me to power it up again

  • Yuridia Lopez
    Yuridia Lopez 6 days ago +1

    my first apple product was a ipad 2 and it had that type of iOS that RU-clip looked like a old tv box, wow so much has changed

  • Javier López
    Javier López 6 days ago +7

    Watching this after iPhone 11 release!!

  • Yare Solis
    Yare Solis 6 days ago

    Bitch why you crying

  • Debbie de Giorgio
    Debbie de Giorgio 6 days ago +1

    I was born on the same day the iPhone was released 😭😁🥰

  • Buitless BUITANET
    Buitless BUITANET 7 days ago

    i want it where can I buy?

  • Fernanda Ramirez
    Fernanda Ramirez 7 days ago

    Who was the guy???

  • Jed Lingao
    Jed Lingao 8 days ago

    You could use 2fa by putting the code after your password

  • iamshooketh
    iamshooketh 9 days ago

    The photos were that great actually. Still on time though.

  • Aydin Khan
    Aydin Khan 9 days ago

    I came to view the channel

  • καωαιι мαиgο
    καωαιι мαиgο 9 days ago +4

    if the iphone is made in 2007 it means its 2 years older than me.

  • Hannah L
    Hannah L 9 days ago +1

    The iPhone bill was made the EXACT day and year I was born!!!

  • dani_vonne
    dani_vonne 9 days ago +1

    This brings me back to my first iPod touch long ago! It was so similar.

  • amberlyn bowman
    amberlyn bowman 12 days ago

    You zoomed in on the town I live in

  • Solid Slicc
    Solid Slicc 13 days ago +4

    I’m pretty sure you can pop in a T-Mobile 2G SIM card and it will work, I saw someone do it on YT awhile ago

  • MN Tech
    MN Tech 16 days ago +1

    I still have my iPod touch 2nd gen and it still works! The UI looks almost identical.

  • Lon Lita
    Lon Lita 18 days ago

    Now 13 years ago

  • Ellery Editz
    Ellery Editz 20 days ago

    I’m gonna make sure my iPhone 6 dosent break so many years later I can see what I have :D

  • MasonMoneyBoi
    MasonMoneyBoi 21 day ago

  • tyan rahan
    tyan rahan 21 day ago

    i’m 14 and even I remember when my sister got her phone. i was 2.

  • Eqzq Eqzq
    Eqzq Eqzq 22 days ago +1

    I have a real iPhone 1

  • Carl Wheezer
    Carl Wheezer 23 days ago

    I have therapy and she has an iPhone xr and I got to play with it

  • Anthony and Nasir the Gamer bros

    cool vid I was hoping you can help me get an iPhone should I get a iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 plz help me

  • Melissa Kautz
    Melissa Kautz 27 days ago

    This video shows how far Apple has come along

  • Melissa Kautz
    Melissa Kautz 27 days ago

    iTunes getting ready to be a thing of the past

  • gothatway09
    gothatway09 28 days ago

    Life was so barbaric and old timey in the 2000s and early 2010s....

  • tony savge
    tony savge 28 days ago

    So u use that iPhone now....

  • Blue
    Blue Month ago

    My first Apple smartphone was the 5s, where I fell in love with the display and the iOS. Then, I bought a used 4s because of the glass design and also the 3.5 inch display. Now, I'm looking for a 3Gs. Can't find one in my country that's in a respectable form. Some are way to beaten up. I never did get why do people love big display. I mean, buy a goddamn iPad or laptop or a TV if you want a big display.

  • Rolo Yaya
    Rolo Yaya Month ago

    I love your channel I have been wth u from the beginning I love how your vids have been

  • Szymon Grabarczyk
    Szymon Grabarczyk Month ago

    For a person who basicly dedicated her life for istuff shes pretty clueless when it comes to updating iphone. I bet it wouldnt take me more than 15min to figure it out and I dont even use apple products. It took about 3 min to google the whole procedure. She supose to be an I-geek and she had to give the phone to apple store guy?

  • ryandontkerr
    ryandontkerr Month ago

    This was really cool to watch! I was one of those kids who saw your 300 page iPhone bill and then was hooked! From tastyblogsnack NASA videos with Desiree to vlogs in Starbucks or the airport with your phone on your ear because it was weird to talk to a screen! It’s really cool to see how emotional this makes you and I think I understand why. Keep on killin it iJustine, you’re a great role model! Go eat some junior mints 📱🖥💕

  • Melina Greece
    Melina Greece Month ago

    Your oldest video is 13 years ago 😂OMG

  • tang jing you
    tang jing you Month ago

    Good thing that yr first phone is working

  • 말타마스
    말타마스 Month ago +1

    The original iphone the best unbreakable phone ever

  • Snowy Chloe
    Snowy Chloe Month ago

    OMG THIS BRINGS BACK SO MANY MEMORIES! That was my first ever phone!

  • Motoko Kusanagi
    Motoko Kusanagi Month ago +11

    Steve Jobs’ spirit was probably watching over her and shared a cry with her. ❤️

  • Ghost_jarno
    Ghost_jarno Month ago

    Remember the iPhone 4?

  • Shadowspec Does Stuff

    My first apple product was the first gen ipad

  • Mya Langenfeld
    Mya Langenfeld Month ago +2

    Comment in my comment what phone you have and what color!

    • Ellie_Playz
      Ellie_Playz Month ago +1

      Mya Langenfeld I have an iPod 7 generation 😐 but it works fine and im happy with it! Has the newest IOS so 😂 and have it in gold!

  • Harley’s Life
    Harley’s Life Month ago +1

    Can I point something out Justine, it said use as wallpaper but you didn’t have wallpaper on iPhone in 2007 xx