Make Your Own Beef Jerky! How to Make Beef Jerky in the Oven

  • Published on Feb 24, 2015
  • Learn how to make your own Beef Jerky! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Beef Jerky in the Oven Recipe!
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  • Food Wishes
    Food Wishes  Month ago +1

    Check out the recipe:

  • J Loren
    J Loren 4 days ago

    guys and gals... I love john and this isn't against him but don't make this in the oven. Buy a jerky maker for the price of one botch (which is highly likely) and make it easily and right every single time. I mean, you can cut down a tree with a framing hammer too but there is a better way. )edit) this is for us that don't have ovens that do "low" temps.

  • ProfessorProfanity
    ProfessorProfanity 7 days ago

    Well, gooooooooooooolly! I ain't not never known how 'ta make thems beef jerkys afore! Well, right kind of yas ta make this videya and I thanks ya kindly fer true.

  • Dang Nguyen
    Dang Nguyen 7 days ago

    Thanks for the easy recipe bro! Great vid and 0% boring.

  • Jackie Chan’s Estranged Lesbian Daughter.

    This is my favorite episode of Half in the Bag yet

  • asmodeus asteroth
    asmodeus asteroth 18 days ago

    Up till gras fed
    So see ya snot

  • Russell  Hobson
    Russell Hobson 19 days ago

    I like the videos the voices got to go. It just gets annoying after the first 30 seconds. I’m sorry it might just be me

  • marshman
    marshman 20 days ago

    Great video! have you guys ever heard of Tong jerky before? You can use discount code Shoot20 for 20% off all tong products.

  • babyfrank66
    babyfrank66 20 days ago

    como tell u s the secret recipe

  • Dan
    Dan 22 days ago

    That looks good & leathery like I like.

  • bella the dog
    bella the dog 22 days ago

    Love your commentary, Good job!

  • Cazadoo nske
    Cazadoo nske 27 days ago

    Chef John is always saying not to throw away juices so I'm gonna boil up the marinade and see what it tastes like ...

  • Aditya Lee
    Aditya Lee 27 days ago

    i feel like a cowboy eating this

  • Andrey Marchuk
    Andrey Marchuk 27 days ago

    Anybody else getting annoyed of his voice? lol

  • FULLmeltHASH
    FULLmeltHASH 29 days ago

    I'm sure some teriyaki sauce would be good in there

  • James Lee
    James Lee 29 days ago

    My favorite! Subscribed

  • Carl Carrano
    Carl Carrano Month ago

    Great video. I am looking forward to trying it. Question: what is the average shelf life of homemade beef jerky in a sealed container?

  • Sean Meyers
    Sean Meyers Month ago

    Whos this? Seinfeld?

  • Mike Beaumont
    Mike Beaumont Month ago

    Hey Scooby, the jerkys almost ready!

  • kar oma
    kar oma Month ago


  • Marius Cepulis
    Marius Cepulis Month ago

    Followed the recipe to exact and turned out like crap, very oily and greasy. And the meat was lean with no visible fat on it. Any ideas why anyone?

  • Carnaby Army
    Carnaby Army Month ago

    That's 80c if you're from the UK as I've just ruined mine 😂😂

  • JT 1200
    JT 1200 Month ago

    Any link for the vid on the soak times id lik to watch it

  • Blah Blah
    Blah Blah Month ago

    The way he talks drives me crazy!!! Just triggers me

  • Matthew McSorley
    Matthew McSorley Month ago

    jerksaw puzzle hahaha

  • mark burress
    mark burress Month ago

    I don't want 50 shades of anything....except ROUX...I CAN make 15😂

  • Steven Svoboda
    Steven Svoboda Month ago

    how long will this last in a ziploc bag in the pantry?

  • Tom Beck
    Tom Beck Month ago

    no added sugar or honey- this is a stupid idea introdu ed in the 90s on many meat recipes- now people are brian washed to eat candy meat... NO SWEET !!!

  • Slitz
    Slitz Month ago

    If only the sentences were periodically punctuated with an awkward laugh, this would sound like Mark Normand giving a lesson on making Beef Jerky 😂😂😂

  • Wambugu Maina
    Wambugu Maina Month ago

    The way this dude speaks though. 😂😂 So funny.

  • Jay Ray
    Jay Ray Month ago

    how about some actual ingrediant measurements.......

  • Maurciano Padilla
    Maurciano Padilla Month ago

    But what are the exact ingredients

  • Christopher Halloran

    Great video! Thank you

  • wasted/time/traveler

    Thank you for this vid. Me and my son love beef jerky but its so expensive from the store. Gonna try my own..! It looks so easy...thanks again !

  • Anel Mottley
    Anel Mottley Month ago

    No, butcher's will not cut meat at a grocery store

  • Victor Kane
    Victor Kane Month ago

    What the fuck is with this guy’s voice? Who does the tone change every few seconds?

  • kmake
    kmake Month ago

    Was that a fan oven or regular, just want to get my temp right. Great recipe. Thanks.

  • Steve TheRipper
    Steve TheRipper Month ago

    Looks good, I would add a splash of orange juice & some dried jalapeno flakes to that marinade :)

  • Eric Bernik
    Eric Bernik 2 months ago

    Better than any supermarket? You must have never tried "chef's cut".

  • J Hill
    J Hill 2 months ago

    Great, simple recipe. But I would leave out the cayenne and pepper flakes. I have family members who don't tolerate hot/spicy foods. Thanks again.

  • jakob thomas
    jakob thomas 2 months ago

    My brother is a fucking twat bros he made his own jerky by following his own rules like never googled or nothing and I was like stop you're gonna ruin my half GUESS WHAT he over lapped them and cooked them like litaraly cooked the meat

  • Playground dolls
    Playground dolls 2 months ago

    Just keep door 1-3 cm opened (i trap wood spoon to prevent door from full closing). I use 45 degree.

  • cdtrimm88
    cdtrimm88 2 months ago

    Wershersher sauce

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 2 months ago

    Check out his pot roast is the absolute BEST and most thick flavorful recipe I have ever had. I use it and have it memorized. It's soo amazingly good. I always get all proud whenever I make his pot roast. That searing and the shoulder blade cut...the the thick gravy and the most important aside from wearing the meat is the Rosemary and thyme . It's amazing. Now I can't wait to try THIS recipe. Thanks chef John! I really are the best!

  • Angelo Martinez
    Angelo Martinez 2 months ago

    Would this freeze well? How long would it last in my cupboard?

  • 4stronaut
    4stronaut 2 months ago

    Is it important to let it cool after baking?

  • Boris MacCarthy
    Boris MacCarthy 2 months ago

    I did this myself and it taste great

  • Travis Mobley
    Travis Mobley 2 months ago

    You can buy food safe silicon paks on amazon.

  • Broockle
    Broockle 2 months ago

    I have this bottle of liquid smoke on my shelf since last christmas. Never opened.
    Maybe this will finally be a use for it. Tho I'll need a veggie version.
    ima make Tofu Jerky :D

  • Bo Patterson
    Bo Patterson 2 months ago

    Why did it take me 4 years to find this. Beautiful recipe, simple instructions.
    Thank you for sharing!!

  • 4NDR345
    4NDR345 2 months ago

    those vocal intonations


  • Daniel Mundy
    Daniel Mundy 2 months ago

    Wusshshsh sauce

  • Gabriel Londono
    Gabriel Londono 2 months ago

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  • Nauman Ashraf
    Nauman Ashraf 2 months ago

    Sounds like everything you say has this slight bit of sarcasm which is quite funny. Lol

  • Adriaan Vandeplas
    Adriaan Vandeplas 2 months ago

    Woooow .... that voice,... its a bit annoying... like a lot bro!!! Cool video nevertheless

  • Tezzasbigbuz
    Tezzasbigbuz 2 months ago

    Looks soooooo good

  • Yamaha Guy17
    Yamaha Guy17 2 months ago

    We use a dehydrator and it’s really good

  • JDM Engineuity
    JDM Engineuity 2 months ago +6

    "give your meat some air"
    Hell yeah brother

    • plenkman
      plenkman 2 months ago

      Great minds think alike.

  • popsical house builder
    popsical house builder 2 months ago

    Think i overcooked mine

  • Marcela Geiger
    Marcela Geiger 2 months ago +1

    I have skirt in my freezer. I wonder if that would work.