Welcome to Morelia! // ¡Bienvenidos a Morelia!

  • Published on Sep 25, 2018
  • Join us on our travels through Mexico into the city of Morelia, Michoacan. With great weather, some of the best food in the world, incredible people, and colonial architecture- what's not to love about Morelia!?
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  • Kinetic Kennons
    Kinetic Kennons  Year ago +82

    Random question of the day: In your opinion what is the perfect outside temperature?

    • Tata Jhuriata
      Tata Jhuriata 27 days ago

      Garza 007 camecuaro is not in zamora eta en Tangancicuaro.

    • Miguel Marquez
      Miguel Marquez 2 months ago


    • David Rafuse
      David Rafuse 6 months ago

      17°C...not counting wind and/or humidity...

    • Bob
      Bob 8 months ago

      Well, I'm English so I'm easily pleased. I live in Manchester and as soon as the weather gets into double figures people put their shorts on! But to anwer your question I'd say maybe 23ºC. High 20s is nice too but once you get past 30ºC it's a bit too hot. Sorry I don't really speak Fahrenheit but you two are so well-travelled I'm sure you're used to centigrade by now. Btw I LOVE your videos.

    • John Archer
      John Archer 9 months ago

      @Cristian Aguilar Partida hahaha you want them to get killed or what

  • Jeffrey Vega
    Jeffrey Vega 4 days ago


  • Javier Anguiano
    Javier Anguiano 11 days ago

    Would you ever consider living in Morelia or Michoacan in general???

  • Ricardo Garcia
    Ricardo Garcia 19 days ago

    Love you guys for your kind words!!!

    THESPECIAL FORCES 4 months ago

    Vivo en mugrelia mich

  • Adriana Jimenez
    Adriana Jimenez 5 months ago

    Beautiful architecture!!!

  • Uriel Durán Rodríguez

    Deberían ir al santuario de la mariposa monarca, a los azufres etc. allá en Michoacán.

  • lord peña
    lord peña 6 months ago

    Friday ,saturday and sunday ,best days to visit Morelia

  • Maria Acuna
    Maria Acuna 6 months ago

    Thank you for showing everyone what Mexico really is❤❤

  • Maria Acuna
    Maria Acuna 6 months ago

    Aww morelia!! My mom's from there and my dad from sinaloa❤

  • alejandro l diaz
    alejandro l diaz 6 months ago

    Que suerte que no los asaltaron xd aqui en morelia esta bien culera la inseguridad

  • Merino Elm
    Merino Elm 7 months ago


  • DANIEL mota
    DANIEL mota 8 months ago

    the aqueduct is build using roman ideal of the arch, the type architecture came with the Spanish

  • DANIEL mota
    DANIEL mota 8 months ago

    Your videos are very informative and it sounds like a promotion commercial

  • luther in Vung Tau
    luther in Vung Tau 8 months ago

    Song was great.

  • Max Rod
    Max Rod 8 months ago


  • Clara Snow
    Clara Snow 9 months ago


  • Dreaming Of Being Free
    Dreaming Of Being Free 9 months ago

    Does it get very cold there? Like snow

  • tinglestingles
    tinglestingles 9 months ago

    We are currently in Morelia. I can only echo your praise of this town. I'm very impressed with the friendliness of the people, the historic buildings, the food, the ease of walking around, cleanliness, healthcare...I could go on and on...

  • tinglestingles
    tinglestingles 9 months ago

    Morelia is superb.

  • Sergio Ivan Sepulveda
    Sergio Ivan Sepulveda 9 months ago

    Muy bonito vídeo . Yo estuve en Morelia y es un hermoso . Me encantaría volver 😊

  • John Archer
    John Archer 9 months ago

    you guys are funny,stay safe

  • albatrossrock
    albatrossrock 10 months ago

    Great video, nice job. Come back to Morelia again.

  • Diana Valencia
    Diana Valencia 11 months ago

    I recommend visiting Patzcuaro (about 40 minutes from Morelia) AMAZING. Creators of nieve de pasta! (You must try!) it’s actually the place that influenced the movie coco!

  • Diana Valencia
    Diana Valencia 11 months ago

    Currently watching this as I stay in Morelia. I am visiting after 15 years of not being here wowowowoowow. Such a beauty and SO much to do, I sure hope you guys tried their famous gaspachos! I’m obsessed!! Great video!

  • José Miguel Fierros Ramírez

    Just knew about your channel and is fantastic. Congratulations guys for sharing a positive image about my country. Are you still here? What other places are you planning to visit?

    • Kinetic Kennons
      Kinetic Kennons  11 months ago

      Thank you so much José! We really want to visit El Chepe, Chiapas, Veracruz, Oaxaca (again!), Baja, and so many more places! Hopefully we can go to most of those next year :)

  • الهاشمي خليفي

    شكرا جزيلا لك على الفيديو الجميل أتمنى لك التوفيق والنجاح في حياتك 👏👏💚♥️🇲🇽🇩🇿

  • sergio zarco
    sergio zarco 11 months ago

    porfabor saque un video de mi pueblo hidalgo del real del monte

  • Cuauhtémoc Rivera-Loaiza

    Here's a nickname for the city: AMO-relia

  • Ye Alcaraz
    Ye Alcaraz 11 months ago

    Mi precioso estado lleno de cultura y tradiciones. ¡Viva México cabrones! 🇲🇽

  • Omar Vega
    Omar Vega 11 months ago

    Welcome to capital city of Michoacán state. Visit Morelia is magic, beatifull, friendly and historic place in Mexico.💓

  • naomy nark
    naomy nark 11 months ago

    Saludos a addy son crace de autin texas

  • Alex GTZ
    Alex GTZ 11 months ago +1

    Visit Hacienda de San Antonio un Colima, the best hotel in the Continent

  • Greg wx
    Greg wx 11 months ago

    Go to Patzcuaro Michoacan so you can know the true meaning of Dia de los Muertos. You're going to meet all the inspiration Pixar got for Coco.

  • Greg wx
    Greg wx 11 months ago

    I hope you wait for Saturday night when the cathedral gets light up... is beautiful. Also in the International Music Festival big Orchestras plays on that plaza.


    Like si eres de Morelia..

  • Edgardo García Vargas
    Edgardo García Vargas 11 months ago

    Excelent job guys. Congratulations! Photography is awesome. Come back soon. There are wonderful places to visit and enjoy. Today I'm subscribing to your channel because I want to see you more often in my country. Best regards.

  • Adan A
    Adan A Year ago

    Hi from Chicago, keep up the great videos and enjoy Mexico and keep traveling is amazing 👍

  • ReyAleja
    ReyAleja Year ago

    Bonito Video Kineticos love this city!

  • Luis Ángel Mendez

    Si tuvieran la oportunidad de ir a Chiapas es igual de bello ❤
    En especial San Cristóbal de las Casas 👌

  • Janeth Ortiz
    Janeth Ortiz Year ago +1

    Hermoso Mi Morelia yo soy de aquí orgullosamente Moreliana ❤️😍😘

  • Rocio Bermudez
    Rocio Bermudez Year ago

    Thanks for this video it's really cool, I'm from Morelia, VIVA MEXICO!!

  • Skyseven Archangel

    Hermosa Morelia me recuerda San Miguel de Allende.

  • jorge eduardo mendez soria

    I'm from Morelia, it's happy see the people enjoying this beautiful city. Thank you for coming

  • jorge eduardo mendez soria

    Cantera Rosa it's the material of the houses and places of Morelia

  • Miguel Garcia
    Miguel Garcia Year ago

    Thank you guys, for talking greatest things about Morelia. I’m from Morelia but actually I live in New York. A lot of hugs guys...

  • Jaguar Dorado
    Jaguar Dorado Year ago

    «Donde yo nací fue el Jardín de la Nueva España» --Don José María Morelos y Pavón, el Siervo de la Nación. Debido a él, a su inestimable contribución a la fundación de nuestra Nación, que quedó libre del antiguo yugo español, nuestra ciudad cambió su nombre, de Valladolid a Morelia.
    Gracias, chicos, mis queridos Kinetic Kennons, por presentarnos este hermoso video con el buscan hacer justicia al verdadero México, lleno de belleza, lleno de luz y que siempre tiene los brazos abiertos al visitante. ¡Viva México! ¡Viva Michoacán! ¡Viva Morelia! 🤗

  • Francisco Muñoz
    Francisco Muñoz Year ago

    Very true what you say Amigos, Mexico is full of history and every city is different, and even the food, in every place they have typical food, the people is different also in each place , is like a Mikrokosmos ! so thank you so much to show to the world the good face of Mexico!Congratulations amazing video!

  • Carlos Arturo Perez Alanis

    la neta Mugrelia, digo Morelia esta bien culero, baches y personas horribles por todos lados..

  • Naxhieli silva
    Naxhieli silva Year ago

    I'm so proud of my city right now, I really hope you can chage some minds and let people see Mexico is beautiful and not just a battlefield.

  • Sannya Dixon
    Sannya Dixon Year ago +1

    Mi Morelia ! 😍😍😍

  • baepco
    baepco Year ago

    Congratulations but you two would have told me for walk in Morelia

  • miristerica
    miristerica Year ago

    It´s one of my favourites after Guanajuato

  • Anthony Brower Andrew

    Muy buen video, con los subtítulos en inglés entiendo algo, pero estaria bien si lo subtitularan al español, ganarían muchos seguidores latinos...gracias amigos
    Very good video, with the subtitles in english i can understand something, but its will be ok if you can sharing the video with subtitles in spanish...you will win a lot of latin followers..thanks friends!!! Morelia greetings''''

  • Kevin Oliver Alvarado Mora

    That's my favorite city about world, All vacations I visiting with my family, congratulations good video. :3

  • Jerk Off
    Jerk Off Year ago

    Sad that the English and Spaniard descendents still rule over the indigenous people in Mexico.

  • Alejandro Barrera

    No se como no los corren como eyos a nuestra jente aya

  • Alejandro Barrera

    Comenten en español si andan ahii pinchiss putosss

  • Edgar Lopez
    Edgar Lopez Year ago

    En Morelia somos la verga🤷‍♂️

  • Aaron A
    Aaron A Year ago

    This is were I’m from lol good job on the video keep it up 😋