How Women Can Tell If an Ex Has Slept with Someone Else - Rosebud Baker

  • Published on May 28, 2019
  • Rosebud Baker details why her year has been so terrible, including the death of two pets and a breakup. (Contains strong language.)
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Comments • 2 474

  • G. Andaluz
    G. Andaluz 51 minute ago

    Hoooly shit this set was so funny! Brutal. Hopefully life gets way more awesome for you! Everybody deserves some good people in their lives.

  • Prince Vegeta
    Prince Vegeta 5 hours ago

    I’ll snap your neck to save my cat

  • Answer Hazy Try Again Later


  • ferinine Mailestrom
    ferinine Mailestrom 7 hours ago

    Are these even jokes? There's no delivery. Its like she is reading a script.

  • SquillyMon
    SquillyMon 7 hours ago

    I'd like to see her Rosebud actually

  • Deus Costa
    Deus Costa 13 hours ago +1

    she was really fun. words i don't say often.

  • exussupremebeing
    exussupremebeing 14 hours ago


  • JaiUneGuruDeja
    JaiUneGuruDeja 17 hours ago

    So talented and original

  • LatinaKamilla
    LatinaKamilla 18 hours ago +1

    She looks like Sabrina spellman from Sabrina the teenage witch in the 90’s and sounds like Jennifer Lawrence....awww hellzzz yea 🥂😎

  • Joyceann Barton
    Joyceann Barton Day ago

    This chic deserves a crown. she's an absolute Scream! Telling it like it really is.😂😂😂😂😂

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith Day ago

    Jesus Christ I could barely breathe through this, I was laughing so hard.

  • eric echols
    eric echols Day ago

    She reminds me of Marcy off married with children. Marcy 2020

  • overkill2006
    overkill2006 Day ago

    I can't wait to see more of her stand-up.She if fucking hilarious.

  • Darryl Strohl-De Herrera

    1:37 through 152 BRILLIANT!!!!!!

  • Stev Rex
    Stev Rex Day ago

    A real shame this sort of perverse form of speaking ever took root. I am no prude, but this is garbage.

  • matt snyder
    matt snyder Day ago

    Wow look at Dee now. Glad shes not dry heaving anymore.

  • Jean Guion
    Jean Guion Day ago

    This bitch is funny

  • Cody Quinn
    Cody Quinn Day ago

    Oh another female comic maybe this one will be different and not talk about their pussy and sucking dick and being a mess....oh wait

  • Cody Quinn
    Cody Quinn Day ago

    Female comedians... Not good

  • PeteeCam Pictures
    PeteeCam Pictures Day ago +1

    shes trying so hard i've been trying laugh though imagine if that content was given to Bill Burr I would be having stomach pains by now

  • K1NG CHR1S
    K1NG CHR1S Day ago

    Way too many thumbs down she is brilliant

  • Jasmine Marie
    Jasmine Marie 2 days ago


  • Uchiha Alvi
    Uchiha Alvi 2 days ago +1

    She just helped me understand womem more and she's been funny 😂😂

  • Mattathias Macabees
    Mattathias Macabees 2 days ago +2

    I woulda snapped your cats neck to save my dog... Fi÷× your feline...

  • Teresa Stocking
    Teresa Stocking 2 days ago

    Oh she is terrible lol😜😂🤣😂🤣😉🔥

  • Teresa Stocking
    Teresa Stocking 2 days ago

    She is hilarious! Lol🤣😂🤣🔥👌😜😛

  • lunarlena
    lunarlena 2 days ago

    why so brutal to the cats :(

  • jinkiju
    jinkiju 3 days ago

    everyone thanking you for being funny. weird. all i heard was a loudmouth cunt trying to figure out what a joke is.

  • PrayForJoe
    PrayForJoe 3 days ago

    This went from funny to Amy Shumer very fast

  • Cosmonauteable
    Cosmonauteable 3 days ago +1

    Man that's some tight body on some tight pants

  • Jason-doc- Holiday
    Jason-doc- Holiday 3 days ago

    Jesus died at 33 pretty sure you have to be 34 to be older just saying

  • Barley
    Barley 3 days ago

    Please be good please be good please be good please be good
    Edit: oof, was going strong for a bit there

  • Maddi Bentz
    Maddi Bentz 3 days ago

    this lady the best delivery since john mulaney

  • Miaou
    Miaou 3 days ago +1

    hilarious and at the same time I felt bad for laughing at her misery...Need her on NETFLIX!

  • JuaniqueVerde
    JuaniqueVerde 4 days ago

    Aw Rosebud!! I like her a lot. Def don’t like the domestic violence joke tho 😣😖 I hope she’s safe now. ❤️

  • Just a pug on the internet.

    Never have I been this confused whilst watching a comedy stand up before. I don't if I should laugh, or feel bad.

  • Michele
    Michele 4 days ago

    The truth is funny most of the time, but I'm not feeling it with this. Its just too much. Maybe Im prude.

  • Psychic Records
    Psychic Records 4 days ago

    Clicked because I thought this was Alex Mack

  • MicDubTV
    MicDubTV 4 days ago +2

    This girl DEFINITELY has issues. But, she’s funny as hell. And we all have issues.

  • Branon Fontaine
    Branon Fontaine 4 days ago +1

    I started to feel some sympathy for her, then I realized she's an uber libtard and as such she deserves any and all pain she'll suffer throughout her life....

  • Marc Gipp
    Marc Gipp 4 days ago

    funny than a mofo.

  • anthony lewis
    anthony lewis 5 days ago

    This is brilliant

  • Joseph Freese
    Joseph Freese 5 days ago

    Now that is a funny women. I was laughing the entire time. Except, I like cats more than dogs. But damn she is talented.

  • Oskar winters
    Oskar winters 5 days ago

    she sounds and looks like a 16 year old trying to be i'm so edgy.

  • StarWarFan
    StarWarFan 5 days ago +2

    I think I've been watching too much Andrew Schulz because nobody else can compare

  • Drew Jones
    Drew Jones 5 days ago

    Now she deserves a special

  • John Dunn
    John Dunn 5 days ago

    i wonder if i could buy life-insurance on this broad?

  • dmsanct
    dmsanct 6 days ago

    Amy schumer should take some notes from her

  • Dean and Dustin Sargent

    Piece of f****** c*** bag

  • Beep Bop
    Beep Bop 6 days ago

    Fuck your cat

  • Amanda Bowden
    Amanda Bowden 7 days ago

    Cats are better lol they dont hump your leg everytime you sit on the couch . And that's a problem if you're a couch potatoe. Which I am

  • Michael smith
    Michael smith 7 days ago

    Or maybe its piece of shit human beings like you who dont deserve the love and respect from a cat let alone an amazing dog so I'm gonna just sit and let karma bite ya in the ass bishhh😎

  • Cryptonymicus
    Cryptonymicus 7 days ago

    OK, well, I keep hearing from Caucasians that "oriental" is offensive, but I'm still waiting to hear this from Asians and in fact the last time I heard anything at all it was that Asians didn't see anything offense about "oriental."

  • Mr. Charming
    Mr. Charming 8 days ago

    Cats are better, You touch my cat. You're dead lady. Fuck dogs

  • Joe Tarded
    Joe Tarded 8 days ago +1

    How long till Amy Schumer tries to steal this material? Good thing this was posted. Now you have a timeline

  • Big Travis
    Big Travis 8 days ago

    She’s awsome
    This type of humor is a tuff sell in the woke snowflake age

  • TofuBearEatTofu
    TofuBearEatTofu 8 days ago

    I see lots of lots of PETA here, feel sorry for their presence

  • Johnny Reb
    Johnny Reb 9 days ago +1

    ....I never would of guessed,
    a female comic making mediocre "i'm such a whore jokes".
    So brave and original.

  • t-an
    t-an 9 days ago

    this bitch is hilarious

  • Peculiar Tendencies
    Peculiar Tendencies 9 days ago +13

    That was actually really funny, I feel bad that the crowd didn't express as much enjoyment as I did.

  • Chris Chross
    Chris Chross 9 days ago

    hear an echo omfg

  • Masoud
    Masoud 9 days ago

    Why all female comedians are like sex, pussy, vagina, dick dick pussy sex vagina *pauses for laughs, but nothing happens* anyway, sex vagina dick ass?! vagina pussy sex sex *pauses again*
    Like fuck off

  • westtexasbaja
    westtexasbaja 10 days ago

    Good stuff.

  • J. A. Jasmooth with the Groove

    Still waiting on the funny jokes

  • PigOnHelium !!!
    PigOnHelium !!! 10 days ago

    She wasnt very funny

  • stang man
    stang man 10 days ago

    To answer the question of the title.

    He's finally smiling.

  • Ting Tang
    Ting Tang 10 days ago

    all borrowed material
    LISTEN if your material died tomorrow
    it's okay because someone else already did it

  • Nikki Sunshine
    Nikki Sunshine 10 days ago

    I’m so weak lol she’s hilarious

  • Nobody Important
    Nobody Important 11 days ago +1

    i just recently learned enligh to the point i could undrstand most of it and i can already tell thet she's one of my favorite comedians altho i haven't seen many XD

  • blue copper
    blue copper 11 days ago

    Women talking dirty. K not a bad start but after half of it.... I started feeling disgusted? And totally turned off. Then feeling sorry for her. Then despising her.
    Strange rollercoaster.

  • Username
    Username 11 days ago

    Another female "comedian" just saying MUH VAGINA, I LIKE DIK, IM SO QWERKI AND DAMAGE LOL I LOV DIK BTW DID I TELL U?1?!?!

  • Jamal Robinson
    Jamal Robinson 11 days ago

    She is super dry and boring but I think her stand up is sad 😢.

  • John Gillin
    John Gillin 11 days ago

    Another I hate men, comedian. Something new, please.

  • Zachary Godwin
    Zachary Godwin 11 days ago

    The opening act for a comedian they didnt upload to youtube...

  • Its ASetUp
    Its ASetUp 12 days ago

    If they are an ex, why would you care?