Modern Farming Technology with Cool Machines for The Highest Productivity

  • Published on Nov 27, 2019
  • Modern Farming Technology with Cool Machines for The Highest Productivity.
    In this video:
    1. Sheep Handling equipment:
    2. Automatic feeding machine and bedding robot system for the appropriate cattle farming:
    3. Apollo Generation 2 - The Chicken Harvester:
    4. The self-propelled feed mixing technology:
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  • محمود الشامي

    اللهم صل وسلم وبارك على سيد ولد ادم؛؛؛؛ وبسم الله مشاء الله

  • 1957mrbill
    1957mrbill 11 days ago

    looks like the same machinery used to make Soylent Green.

  • Мария З
    Мария З 12 days ago


  • Majora Leader
    Majora Leader 13 days ago +3

    poor animals! they spend their life enclosed when outside is sunny and grass is green.

  • Ruben Montesino
    Ruben Montesino 14 days ago

    Q lindo i bien ordenados son

  • الصبر الجميل

    Mshe Allah

  • Ajaz Sama
    Ajaz Sama 15 days ago

    Wich city

  • Chandru Policepatil
    Chandru Policepatil 17 days ago


  • Toni-maree Thomas
    Toni-maree Thomas 19 days ago +2

    I like old school farming to fancy for me and i do not like the chicken catcher

  • Raphaëlle Sorin
    Raphaëlle Sorin 20 days ago

    C'est du n'importe quoi horrible les pauvres poulets

  • Scotty Kimble
    Scotty Kimble 20 days ago +1

    Poor animals never stand a chance..

  • Michael Stray
    Michael Stray 20 days ago +2

    This world crazy... so much people so much to feed , its bad

  • Navpreet Singh
    Navpreet Singh 21 day ago +2

    How cruel is that!

  • cesar julio Quimbaya
    cesar julio Quimbaya 22 days ago +1

    Excelente mente felicidades creatividad

  • Henrik ott
    Henrik ott 22 days ago +7

    5:17 thats Not nice

    • Jean Lafrance
      Jean Lafrance 21 day ago

      The meat in your plate comes from animals that were killed. This looks like a very stress free way to load chicken. Most places just shove them into the baskets with no room left to move.

  • Duc Hoang
    Duc Hoang 23 days ago

    Việt nam ơi.lúc nào mới có

  • md shimul
    md shimul 23 days ago


  • Stukaman
    Stukaman 23 days ago

    What we see here is the reason why Americans are overweight and malnourished: corn and grain-fed beef.

  • laina ndahafa
    laina ndahafa 24 days ago +1

    Awesome video however the only system that worked for me is *PaidHomeEasy .com*

    CHRISTINE AUCLAIR 27 days ago +1


  • Faith Abraham
    Faith Abraham 29 days ago

    Flypit is just so dumb

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  • aremba TIMUR
    aremba TIMUR Month ago +1

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  • Sagar OPtiC
    Sagar OPtiC Month ago +1


  • Variedades & Diversidade

    Música chata

  • Fede puravida
    Fede puravida Month ago +2

    Non ce niente di naturale! L'uomo é la rovina del mondo!

  • Cindy
    Cindy Month ago +2

    Es de verdad muy triste la vida de los animales productores.. 😭 maldito humano que no puede vivir sin su carne
    Sere zootecnista y salvaré a la mayor parte de animales que se cruce en mi camino .. aun no sé como , pero se que me falta aun amar más y conocer el amor por los animales que tanto fluye por mis venas desde que nací

    • Pëäçhŷ Bäbŷ
      Pëäçhŷ Bäbŷ 29 days ago

      Ya se vamos a destruir este planeta pero nosotros los humanos lo merecemos. Ojala mueramos como los dinosaurios.

    • Antonio antonio
      Antonio antonio Month ago

      A ti te falta un hervor

    • Jhon K
      Jhon K Month ago

      silencio lloron

  • carol jones
    carol jones Month ago +3

    Not natural

  • Devon Savannah Cats
    Devon Savannah Cats Month ago +7

    Modern chicken farming has become disgraceful

    • floflo
      floflo 28 days ago

      this is what happens when you don't ant to pay for your food... everything have to be done with minimum workforce in large scale for someone to make a living or would you rather pay 50$ a portion of chiken meat

  • o M、T
    o M、T Month ago


  • Richard Kirkpatrick
    Richard Kirkpatrick Month ago +1

    Just brozzjng thru

  • matt mostowicz
    matt mostowicz Month ago +1

    It's the death star chicken little!!! Apparently agriculture has become Xbox.

    • 陳國禎
      陳國禎 19 days ago


    • floflo
      floflo 28 days ago

      this is what happens when you don't ant to pay for your food... everything have to be done with minimum workforce in large scale for someone to make a living

  • Mr. C2Kk
    Mr. C2Kk Month ago +4

    Does chickens have large talons

    • Alvex Ok
      Alvex Ok 25 days ago

      @Jer Schmidt Vote for Pedro

    • Jer Schmidt
      Jer Schmidt Month ago

      I was watching that on tv when I saw that

    • Mr. C2Kk
      Mr. C2Kk Month ago

      Jer Schmidt yea 😂😭

    • Jer Schmidt
      Jer Schmidt Month ago

      Mr. C2Kk is that a quote from Napoleon dynamite?!?!? 😂😂😂😂

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