Ocean Drive - Miami Nights 1984

  • Published on Jan 19, 2017
  • Car chase from 1974 neo-noir McQ, starring John Wayne
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  • Alex Brillante
    Alex Brillante 11 hours ago

    It sounds very modern!

  • Lavrentizodiac
    Lavrentizodiac Day ago

    Well done

  • Humanerror84
    Humanerror84 Day ago

    pacific coast?

  • Пауль Сезон

    Это прикрасно

  • X Files
    X Files Day ago

    What is this name movie ?

  • hawaii 7575
    hawaii 7575 2 days ago

    Что за фильм?

  • pwter ter
    pwter ter 2 days ago

    Car 1: Made it!
    Car 2: Made it!
    Car 3: Fuck it!!

  • Light Owl
    Light Owl 2 days ago

    The Wild West changes but it's always there.

  • мах х
    мах х 2 days ago


  • محمد معتز
    محمد معتز 3 days ago

    Remember Me In Gta Vice City When THe Police Follow ME To Ocean Beach :)

  • blum christian
    blum christian 3 days ago

    coast of oregon? with john wayne

  • Hugo Trujillo
    Hugo Trujillo 4 days ago

    What car do you drive John???

  • Gwinblade
    Gwinblade 4 days ago +9

    ахуенное было время зря я родился в 90х

  • Хейвуд Флойд

    в любом случае Павел Сергеевич все хорошо в этом видео.... И звук и видео.

  • Leonardo Bacigalupe
    Leonardo Bacigalupe 5 days ago

    I guess the music really helps to make the scene more majestic, I can imagine it with it's original shitty music being way worse

  • jose peralta
    jose peralta 5 days ago +3

    Goosebumps this went so well with the music.. 🤣

    • jose peralta
      jose peralta 5 days ago +1

      Man they don't make movie scenes like this anymore... I say with respect to you. We are both from a generation where things were definitely more simple and sunsets meant something 🤣😃😄

    • Andrew Karlsson
      Andrew Karlsson 5 days ago +1

      I’ve probably watched this ten times today lol
      Pulling the guns out as the beat changes.
      So good!!

  • Virulent Stalker
    Virulent Stalker 6 days ago

    Four dudes get destroyed by someone who looks 65

  • Gerard Kuijper
    Gerard Kuijper 6 days ago


  • Jesse
    Jesse 6 days ago +3

    Got to love the tunes in this video! Weren't these the days!

  • Mandragoras
    Mandragoras 6 days ago +2

    Forza Horizon 3 anyone? No? Ok, I'll show myself out.

  • Augustin Olivares
    Augustin Olivares 6 days ago +1

    love ittt

    FORD RAPTOR 7 days ago

    Фильм - Маккью
    Film - McQ

  • Роман Богатиренко

    Cool. Whats the movie?

  • SuicidalHustla
    SuicidalHustla 7 days ago +6

    Some of the shots in this scene just look so majestic

  • Jason Rogers
    Jason Rogers 7 days ago +6

    The first movie to feature the Mighty MAC 10 machine gun!

  • MrJ4cK13
    MrJ4cK13 7 days ago +5

    George Abitbol n'a pas voulu donner de pourboire pour son café tous le personnel lui cours après.

  • XECLIPSE Official
    XECLIPSE Official 8 days ago

    I love this song! just awesome!

  • DucPecc
    DucPecc 8 days ago +1

    look like Drive OST :O

  • Hugooo35
    Hugooo35 8 days ago +2

    80-е... Золотое время...

  • MrMadgesty
    MrMadgesty 8 days ago +5

    потрясающая музыка,она будто уносит в 80-е...в хорошие 80-е..

    • MrMadgesty
      MrMadgesty 7 days ago

      я про этот трек имел ввиду а не про направление музыки...Но спасибо

    • Isaac 404
      Isaac 404 7 days ago

      человек открыл для себя рэтровойв)) С подключением!

  • Juliano reis
    Juliano reis 8 days ago

    q filme é esse ?

  • Paulina Wysok
    Paulina Wysok 9 days ago

    Jakie to dobre :D

  • Beau Littzen
    Beau Littzen 9 days ago +1

    John Wayne. End of story

  • Tracer112
    Tracer112 9 days ago +1


  • Exclusiv Etalon
    Exclusiv Etalon 11 days ago

    Что это за фильм?

  • marco foderaro
    marco foderaro 11 days ago +1

    Perfect work! What movie is that?

  • M A U R U S
    M A U R U S 11 days ago


  • Damien Healy
    Damien Healy 11 days ago

    I can actually feel these GM's rusting into the beach

  • Aragorn van dooren
    Aragorn van dooren 11 days ago +1

    driving nightrider style y love it the 80 s

  • CÇ Ç
    CÇ Ç 12 days ago +1

    woowww..this is insane..I love it..!!

  • Black Wolf
    Black Wolf 12 days ago +2

    This was beautiful 😍

  • Zapryan Zhekov
    Zapryan Zhekov 12 days ago +2

    awesome cars with awesome soundtrack !!!

  • dont touch me
    dont touch me 14 days ago


  • JaKBaLL TV
    JaKBaLL TV 14 days ago

    imagine being John Wayne at the beach

  • DelOk85
    DelOk85 15 days ago +82

    Ностальгия по времени, в котором никогда не был.

  • David Hunt
    David Hunt 15 days ago

    Solozzo from TG1. Also John Wayne was clearly doing some of the driving and he looked to be really enjoying himself.

    3DFLYLOW 15 days ago

    Don't give a damn what the situation is.....fuck those cops. Ride on.

  • sasha Lyovkin
    sasha Lyovkin 15 days ago

    что это за трек ? кто исполнитель?

  • atomico atomico
    atomico atomico 15 days ago

    Al Lettieri, one of my favorite villains.

  • CareBare Hair
    CareBare Hair 15 days ago

    What type of gun is John using at the end?

    • Sam Samboness
      Sam Samboness 14 days ago

      MAC-10 submachine gun

  • саид капба
    саид капба 16 days ago

    Cinema please !!!!

  • Koto Ren
    Koto Ren 16 days ago +1

    Trump drive !

  • Jacob - 67TUNE
    Jacob - 67TUNE 17 days ago

    Chrysler>GM haha

  • AphexTwin Diary
    AphexTwin Diary 17 days ago


  • monsieur boeuf de tête

    the music and the video are such a serious mismatch that i _had_ to dislike this.

  • 44excalibur
    44excalibur 17 days ago +1

    Should've used an 80s movie for this scene.

  • Наташа Семенова

    какой же он молодец, что захватил с собой автомат!

  • Marcin Robek
    Marcin Robek 17 days ago

    Ale muzyka elektryzująca 🤗To jest świetne

  • Nagol Canis
    Nagol Canis 18 days ago +12

    I like how the music picked up when the first gun was drawn.

  • blackhawk1
    blackhawk1 18 days ago

    Good pursuit

  • Tony Speers
    Tony Speers 18 days ago +20

    Absolutely no chance that these cars survived to today with that salt contamination :(

  • erick soberon salcedo
    erick soberon salcedo 18 days ago


  • Ambient Music
    Ambient Music 18 days ago +4

    I liked Wayne more as a cowboy.

    • Joseph Gore Jr.
      Joseph Gore Jr. 16 days ago +4

      He was offered the role of Harry Callahan in "Dirty Harry" but turned it down. Once Clint Eastwood had such success with it, Wayne regretted not taking the role and two cop movies,trying to correct the mistake but it didn't pan out for him.

  • TheNavypenguin
    TheNavypenguin 18 days ago

    This song makes me wanna kill mobsters and get into high speed chases. Is there something wrong with me? I cant be the only one.......

  • Дмитрий Сергеевич

    Старперы наруливают

  • Grigoriy Snitsar
    Grigoriy Snitsar 19 days ago

    Sorry Cadillac!

  • Электроника-25
    Электроника-25 20 days ago +16

    Шикарная музыка, красивый видеоряд, отличная постановка трюков в фильме ! Надо будет посмотреть сам фильм.

      FORD RAPTOR 7 days ago

      Ром Ан Маккью

    • Ром ан
      Ром ан 18 days ago +3

      +Сергей Верёвкин Фильм - Маккью

    • Alessandro C
      Alessandro C 18 days ago

      +Сергей Верёвкин я не знаю что это за фильме. Но мне очень нравится музыка этого видео тоже.

    • Сергей Верёвкин
      Сергей Верёвкин 18 days ago +1

      А что за фильм.

    • Ром ан
      Ром ан 19 days ago +1

      А что за фильм?

  • Emanuele Spaccavento
    Emanuele Spaccavento 20 days ago +1

    What a nostalgic time..I miss this music, the old style with great personality..nowadays I don't find these stuff anymore so I have to go back to the past and relax..One day we will use the time machine, and yes I will fly back with pleasure my friends;)

    • Mike Wilhelmson
      Mike Wilhelmson 18 days ago +1

      I feel the same way. Hope to see you back then brotha

  • abraham hernandez
    abraham hernandez 20 days ago +1

    I love dark wave!!!!

  • IrfanTDH Henry
    IrfanTDH Henry 20 days ago


  • elias victor Martin
    elias victor Martin 21 day ago

    Me recuerdo cuando viajaba en mi 47 sobre la costa de mar del plata jajaja 50as

  • davide calda
    davide calda 21 day ago

    Ma che figata la musica

  • Korisnik 13
    Korisnik 13 22 days ago


  • Rick Harper Jr
    Rick Harper Jr 22 days ago +2

    Agent Cabe Galo, the best.

  • Іван Ванішкін

    Супер репер

  • MASK face
    MASK face 22 days ago

    👽 Excellent.

  • Kenneth Wallace
    Kenneth Wallace 23 days ago

    Wayne had that thing doing the Jesus Crossing......

  • Пользователь Google

    ... what happened next? ...

  • The Driver
    The Driver 25 days ago

    Thought he just could ride horses.

  • EskoMörkö
    EskoMörkö 25 days ago

    02:57 Oh sh*t!

  • Paulee lucci
    Paulee lucci 25 days ago

    waaaaaa O_O

  • Deryugov John
    Deryugov John 27 days ago


  • Alexandr Khu
    Alexandr Khu 27 days ago +1

    фильм «Маккью»

  • Amit Nagar
    Amit Nagar 28 days ago

    well they are boats after all.

  • Азамат Омурзаков

    No srs no abs

  • 14idinahui88
    14idinahui88 28 days ago

    Bel Air 73'😍😍😍

  • KS
    KS 28 days ago +2


  • Alexander Arnold
    Alexander Arnold 28 days ago

    Ocean Drive are all clones.

    MNML MAJKEL 28 days ago

    Nice song 😍😍😍2019

  • Макс Макс
    Макс Макс 28 days ago

    NOT 1984

  • sspicyyful
    sspicyyful 28 days ago +1

    They were so close to uncovering One Eyed Willy's treasure.

  • Legend of the PHASOR
    Legend of the PHASOR 29 days ago +10

    Dude pulls out an automatic and lights up the whole car of them. That was awesome

  • David Farmer
    David Farmer 29 days ago

    An utterly pointless movie/film /video.
    The cars would almost certainly not be here now anyway.

  • Stephen Ds
    Stephen Ds 29 days ago +2

    Wow... these special effects look so real! what cgi sorcery is this?

  • Fass Fass
    Fass Fass 29 days ago +6

    Hermosa playa y gran secuencia....muchas gracias amigo...

  • Rod
    Rod 29 days ago +3

    Wonder if they cleaned up all the glass, empty shells and fluids they littered all over the beach after filming.

  • Mathias Kildedal
    Mathias Kildedal 29 days ago +5

    1:44. That car has quite the veil in the steering. Or else he´d be heading to the seas :D

  • Mike D.
    Mike D. 29 days ago +4

    On dirait plus une course poursuite sur les plages de Normandie 😂

  • Rick C
    Rick C 29 days ago +1

    Cadillac 472 😎

  • KS
    KS 29 days ago +24

    Hey girl close your window