Removing KYLIE JENNER'S Plastic Surgery

  • Published on Jan 31, 2019
  • What do you think of Kylie Jenner without the plastic surgery she is rumored to have had? Do you think Kylie really had a nose job, lip injections, chin reshaping and cheek implants?
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Comments • 9 017

  • Mary Lotus
    Mary Lotus 3 hours ago

    you forgot the collar bones :D

  • Zeekly614 M
    Zeekly614 M 16 hours ago

    Who is her surgeon?

  • allicia vy
    allicia vy 21 hour ago

    of course u started with the biG pluMpy lipS

  • chandan
    chandan Day ago

    A time will come when she will get recycled

  • Big Bulk
    Big Bulk Day ago

    Man I am embarrassed if one person catches me lying...she does it in front of millions, wonder how?

  • Jore Varnaite
    Jore Varnaite Day ago

    she’s way prettier without plastic surgery

  • Luis Robles
    Luis Robles 2 days ago

    Lets be serious, she looks way better with those injected lips

  • 5cityofroses3
    5cityofroses3 2 days ago

    Wow that was pretty spot on

  • Adriana Dasilveira
    Adriana Dasilveira 2 days ago

    She is very pretty no surgery need it.

  • zafiro piedra preciosa

    Wow 😲😲😲...

  • GermanEnderGirl
    GermanEnderGirl 2 days ago

    She actually doesnt look ugly without all that plastic

  • Anna Gredichs
    Anna Gredichs 2 days ago

    Without the surgery sehe Looks like my bff

  • Leslie Baldwin
    Leslie Baldwin 2 days ago +1

    all the plastic surgery makes them all look like a bunch of cheap blow up dolls.

  • Lilac Gaming
    Lilac Gaming 2 days ago

    Me after seeing her without plastic surgery: DAMN GIRL WHY DID YOU CHANGE YOU WERE SO PRETTY BEFORE
    Also me: Why do people do this LIKE GIRL SOME PEOPLE ARE HELLA UGLIER THEN YAH

  • Oh mah gah
    Oh mah gah 3 days ago

    Instead of being in a coffin she should get buried in a recycle bin

  • Aangmels
    Aangmels 3 days ago


  • cocoanouk
    cocoanouk 3 days ago

    teenagers face change alot, i think shes only had her lips done, when shes not wearing make up she look young and similar to her old self

  • Rosa Cortez
    Rosa Cortez 3 days ago

    All that plastic that is so sad travis have you ssen this ?

  • lateephah ifedolapo
    lateephah ifedolapo 3 days ago

    Just imagine how gorgeous she woulda looked...

  • lDerpl
    lDerpl 4 days ago

    Before surgery: such a friendly amazing woman ahah!
    After surgery: _you may be more beatifull but lost that amazing friendly face.._

  • becky baik
    becky baik 4 days ago

    Please check out it is the first time to take video, and editing it. styling is of course thats my job. ive been in fashion magazine industry for 10years! I'm the virgin of the film and editing please dont say its bad things, I will get hurt thank you xxx

  • Adriana Lokote
    Adriana Lokote 4 days ago

    She was always ugly to me

  • WonderManahil
    WonderManahil 4 days ago

    She looks nicer without the surgery

  • avocado mehak
    avocado mehak 5 days ago

    too much plastic, the turtles are not happy

  • GachaCasey
    GachaCasey 5 days ago

    Not hating but you missed some

  • Mira Rosé
    Mira Rosé 5 days ago

    But her eyes are natrul why did you toched them ???

  • Jug Head
    Jug Head 5 days ago

    Next do Courtney Cox

  • *Itz Zoe XoXo*
    *Itz Zoe XoXo* 5 days ago


  • Ashlan
    Ashlan 5 days ago

    I wish I could afford plastic surgery

  • Queen J
    Queen J 5 days ago

    She looks like the old kylie

  • mazoni alkhidir
    mazoni alkhidir 5 days ago


  • • QueenMirandah •

    That’s a lot of plastic


    She really hates turtles

  • toenail eater
    toenail eater 5 days ago +2

    I knew a lot of people that made fun of kylie's flat lips b4 she got surgery and when she got them, they hated her even more. Plastic surgery isnt bad and I dont get why they're hated for it.

  • Bably's Passion
    Bably's Passion 5 days ago

    Hit like for his work👇

  • Nadine Edwards
    Nadine Edwards 6 days ago

    What.... Like it's not even that much and the result AFTER "supposed" surgery are super cute! It's actually kinda sad if she thought she needed the surgeries

  • Silly Little Thot
    Silly Little Thot 6 days ago

    You didn't remove her jaw surgery though.

  • Candy Bunny
    Candy Bunny 6 days ago

    its clear she did not get this much plastic done, only on her butt and her lips, her butt was an injection, her lips are temporally fillers

  • Foxy Girl
    Foxy Girl 6 days ago

    Bishhhh the must plastic her it’s jaw but u didn’t fix it

  • iiiAestheticPotato
    iiiAestheticPotato 7 days ago

    Kylie looks younger before. Oops Big Mistake! 🤭

  • D.A.J.E x Makeup by Sharun John Joseph

    Omfg 😳 on point 👏🏻

  • Bubbles !
    Bubbles ! 7 days ago


  • Mia
    Mia 7 days ago

    She looks way prettier without plastic surgery

  • And i Oooop
    And i Oooop 7 days ago

    She looks like her teen self

  • Faith IT Rae
    Faith IT Rae 7 days ago +1

    I like without the surgery.

  • Mamamia
    Mamamia 7 days ago

    Oh yeah? so you look prettier? no way

  • Lucinda Aspinall
    Lucinda Aspinall 7 days ago

    tbh the lips are a little thin without plastic surgery but everyone else is great, but ya know....models are models

  • Malem RK
    Malem RK 7 days ago

    Thank you

  • Keiry Rojas
    Keiry Rojas 8 days ago

    Now one is perfect people look int he mirrors trying to see why do they don’t look good that’s what she did and her sisters now one is perfect

  • Tomba Green
    Tomba Green 8 days ago

    Some people just not satisfied on how God created them. It's like in some people head like God made a mistake. God doesn't make any mistakes. God is powerful and Almighty. Be proud on how God created you. God isn't the problem, the problem is with in people who had to get plastic surgery. Stop being something that you aren't and be proud on how God created you. God loves us, I love the body that I am in. I love the face that I have and my skin that I am in. People who have to get all plastic isn't loving themselves because they are mentally ill. Stop damaging your body and just be your self.

  • Maida Redzepovic
    Maida Redzepovic 8 days ago

    She looks better without plastic surgery

  • Pollyanna Principle
    Pollyanna Principle 9 days ago

    She looks younger without the surgery.

  • Cute pops
    Cute pops 9 days ago

    She looks beautiful even without plastic surgery

  • Scarlette Baudelaire

    You missed a lot, the cheek implants the chin injection to make it less square, the lift, the jaw line definition all that needs to be removed

  • Johnny
    Johnny 9 days ago

    All of the turtles :(

  • debbie schneider
    debbie schneider 9 days ago

    OMG - the upkeep - she probably wakes up every single morning and checks out her face to see if the plumping is fading away. she must be at her injector every week. exhausting and a waste of time and money. She is still the little insecure girl that gets used by guys. sad. She has no confidence. The more she plumps the more you see her insecurities. I am not against plumping or injecting, but it does not replace confidence. That comes from within. and when you feel it , it shines for everyone to see.

  • debbie schneider
    debbie schneider 9 days ago

    it was not just lip injections - there was obvious work (plumping ) on the area between her nose and upper lip - it changed her whole mouth. I know women with lip injections - it does not change their whole look but Kylie looks like a different person.

  • C2
    C2 11 days ago

    Plastic is bad for the planet and so is Kylie

  • Ruth Yehualashet
    Ruth Yehualashet 11 days ago +2

    straight to the lips. 😂

  • lyka salveron
    lyka salveron 11 days ago

    she still prettyyyy

  • SourHotCheetos haha
    SourHotCheetos haha 12 days ago +4

    When she’s a grandpa her grandkids are gonna get plastic surgeries for free