Kevin Hart Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair

  • Published on Jun 3, 2019
  • Kevin Hart takes a lie detector test. Is he really 5'2"? Does he go to the gym every day? Who's in better shape, Kevin or The Rock? Does he have a standard response for hecklers? Has he become a better person since he's become rich? Find out all that and more. Kevin Hart stars in The Secret Life of Pets 2 in theaters June 7, 2019.
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    Kevin Hart Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair
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  • Mathew superville
    Mathew superville 3 hours ago

    Ya'll Must know it's only Kevin Hart's consciousness there, no soul, its a clone

  • Elijah Kerr
    Elijah Kerr 20 hours ago +1

    do u have a favourite kid


    graph: im about to end this mans whole career

  • Broken
    Broken 22 hours ago

    We need Dave Chappelle

    JAYDEN CRUZ Day ago


  • ALEJANDO Riquelme
    ALEJANDO Riquelme 2 days ago

    Kevin is high asf you can tell

  • Pana Her
    Pana Her 2 days ago

    Kevin has a kid side and it’s absolutely adores lol

  • Twitch alf
    Twitch alf 3 days ago


  • Valeria Razon
    Valeria Razon 3 days ago

    When he started to lie bout his height I died💀💀

  • Christian Perea
    Christian Perea 3 days ago

    Money shouldn't change the person you are
    Well said my man

  • Midnight Blue
    Midnight Blue 4 days ago

    Wait wait wait wait wait... I'm... I-I'm taller than Kevin Hart?!?!?!?!

    LEHHGO 4 days ago

    Kevin was nervous they gonna ask him about the girl in vegas lol

  • Brainz
    Brainz 4 days ago

    Kevin Hart: Talks
    The top and bottom lines: *W E G R O O V I N ‘*

  • mamerto juan
    mamerto juan 4 days ago +1


  • AirJune
    AirJune 4 days ago

    Wtf is wrong with the lady? Why is she so pissed?

  • Natalie Rivera
    Natalie Rivera 5 days ago +1

    the people behind the camera quietly laughing made me laugh more

  • Maggie Lawrence
    Maggie Lawrence 5 days ago

    “I don’t know what a polygraph is. I was thinking Pap smear.”

  • Jake Harrison
    Jake Harrison 5 days ago

    Anyone notice that when he said he didn’t have a heckler in 14 years it caught him, but when he said 12 it didn’t. He actually hadn’t had a heckler for his first 12 years and had only 1 in 14. My god.

  • Amber133 Xo
    Amber133 Xo 5 days ago

    73 questions with Kevin Hart

  • sicc_playboys_13
    sicc_playboys_13 5 days ago

    Dave Chappelle is funnier.

  • Valerie Noyola
    Valerie Noyola 6 days ago

    He said he was sad😔 if you are depressed talk to someone.

  • phillip
    phillip 6 days ago +1

    Does no one notice this is all acted, they're serious on purpose?

  • Ayana Soleil
    Ayana Soleil 6 days ago

    at least laugh 😔

  • Ludwing GonzalezArroyo

    Do your kids think you’re funny?, me dying...didn’t expect the answer...
    Kevin: No.

  • Imani Rowe
    Imani Rowe 7 days ago

    “No I’m thinking Pap smear “
    I know I’m about about to be dead asf this whole video man

    • Imani Rowe
      Imani Rowe 7 days ago

      “Followed by a poor”
      *polygrapher person nods head”
      Me: does that mean she knows he pooted?😂

  • ON Family
    ON Family 7 days ago +1

    The girl doing the test is just staying professional. Imagine how nervous you'd be doing a lie detector test on a very famous celebrity! LOL She probably needs a nervous poo too!

  • xXfrankielXx Otro Nivel

    Does this really works

  • Jaybruhh
    Jaybruhh 7 days ago

    *_Is he acting like he was getting interrogated by the police were looking at World War 3 memes_*

  • Morena & Mokgotho
    Morena & Mokgotho 8 days ago +1


  • Bubba Glum
    Bubba Glum 8 days ago +1

    10:59 anyone notice his face?

  • SoccerBoi X
    SoccerBoi X 8 days ago

    *Kevin Hart trying to be funny
    Also Kevin Hart: *Tells More than 10 Lies
    The people recording this: ARE U SuRe?👿

  • Yung Xip
    Yung Xip 9 days ago

    This was hard to watch he’s out here bein funny and they’re just so stone cold he needs to do this again with Herb n his producers they’re awesome

  • Lala harden
    Lala harden 9 days ago

    I think Kevin hart is super funny and I'm only 10 years old

  • stacey
    stacey 9 days ago

    i love him

  • Brendan Black
    Brendan Black 10 days ago

    This has to be one of, if not the worst of the 33 episodes. Years ago I used to laugh at some Kevin Hart (the bits with him, Ice Cube and Conan in particular)...but here he is just embarrassing. 😳

  • Dimoshatz
    Dimoshatz 10 days ago

    9:06 u da best

  • rudransh singh
    rudransh singh 10 days ago

    Let's get started then
    "okie dokie"

  • Rawand. exe
    Rawand. exe 10 days ago +1

    1:18 🤣🤣🤣😂

  • Ammar Ananda
    Ammar Ananda 10 days ago

    The look on his face when he saw the lie detector.

  • Ron Swanson
    Ron Swanson 10 days ago +2

    Imagine if Kevin hart took the role of black panther

  • Rvrse_Eco _
    Rvrse_Eco _ 11 days ago +6

    Kevin : That is a nervous laugh, follow by a poot

    Lady : nods in approval

  • Nhjl 05
    Nhjl 05 11 days ago

    Waitt I'm actually taller than kevin hart

  • Møth
    Møth 11 days ago

    Whaaat hes 39?

  • Young Steezy
    Young Steezy 11 days ago

    U sure he agreed to this

  • mizy
    mizy 11 days ago


  • Shawn Valverde
    Shawn Valverde 11 days ago +163

    why they acting like cia agents this is kinda cringe he’s just trying to be funny

    • ON Family
      ON Family 7 days ago +3

      he's not trying.. He IS funny!!!

  • The Great and Mighty Gabe

    What bogus technology!

  • audrey! audrey!
    audrey! audrey! 12 days ago +75

    “Do you have a favorite child”?
    Kevin: “No”
    Graph: Literally has a seizure

  • Tart Bike
    Tart Bike 12 days ago +2

    0:59 schools and teachers in the future...

  • Malu BB
    Malu BB 12 days ago

    This guy, the fakest friend in the world.
    He left two of his friends dying in a car accident while he went to his house like nothing happen.

  • yehonatan19
    yehonatan19 12 days ago


  • David david
    David david 12 days ago +1

    Clearly the blonde woman is fighting to keep a straight face😅. Ya’ll need to look closely.

  • Relebogile Langa
    Relebogile Langa 12 days ago

    what happened at 10:59? the clone getting an update or what?

  • Kaylah Hargrove
    Kaylah Hargrove 12 days ago +1

    i can’t take him serious💀💀💀

  • •Strxwberry Milk•
    •Strxwberry Milk• 12 days ago

    Kevin Hart is now 40-

  • Schmoops
    Schmoops 12 days ago +7

    Lie detector when talking about why parenting is amazing
    Lie detector when kevin is talking about how his body’s better that the rocks


  • Zyro
    Zyro 12 days ago

    I feel bad for Kevin hart, he wanted to make them laugh but they acting like they the CIA or something...

  • Pwrmass 360
    Pwrmass 360 13 days ago

    "being able to see young kids"
    whelp hes a pedophile

  • toastthebread
    toastthebread 13 days ago +3

    I swear these guy acting like they're the interrogators and everyone else are criminals

    Ooooo maybe though oooo

  • be_sth
    be_sth 13 days ago

    who else was looking in the comments to see if Dwayne Johnson has answerd

  • Zane Guerrero
    Zane Guerrero 13 days ago

    Htf do we know if he is lying or not