Inside and out tour-Fed Ex cargo plane McDonnell Douglas MD-11 "Mariana"

  • Published on Sep 22, 2017
  • Up close look at a Fed Ex MD-11 cargo plane. We also get a up close look at the Boeing 777F. Both were filmed at the annual Great Alaska Aviation Gathering in Anchorage, Alaska. Video was filmed in May, 2015.

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  • Sonny Dean
    Sonny Dean 5 days ago

    The World on Time!

  • Алексей Кравченко

    Thanks a lot for this video! It's very helpful to build and paint plastic model

  • Joan Kamp
    Joan Kamp 3 months ago


  • dime stojanoski
    dime stojanoski 5 months ago

    I love the md-11!

  • FinalLugiaGuardian
    FinalLugiaGuardian 6 months ago +2

    Those engines are huge. Well the whole jet is huge really.

  • Mick Gallagher
    Mick Gallagher 7 months ago

    No spiral on the fans?

  • Me Yes
    Me Yes 7 months ago

    Wait.. i thought this was the one in the movie castaway! how did it survive?!

    • Aviation Adrien
      Aviation Adrien 3 months ago

      Castaway used an A300 or A310 not a MD-10 or MD-11.

  • Jose Ruiz
    Jose Ruiz 9 months ago


  • Nelson Cabrera
    Nelson Cabrera 9 months ago +3

    4:24 Pressure "relife" door That made me chuckle.

  • Gary Johal ASMR
    Gary Johal ASMR 10 months ago +1

    Great video MATE thanks

  • Dan Gelman
    Dan Gelman 11 months ago

    Cool vid I like it so

  • Captain Steven Markovich
    Captain Steven Markovich 11 months ago

    Outstanding 👍👍. Subscribed

  • SupaEMT134
    SupaEMT134 Year ago +1

    Why are you so creepy rn?

  • Boeing 747
    Boeing 747 Year ago +2


  • Stormy
    Stormy Year ago +2

    Why cargo plane have 3 engines

    • Maxelgg
      Maxelgg 5 months ago

      Charly Dat Duc Lai like the 747s with 4 engines the antonov 225 with 6 engines

    • Me Yes
      Me Yes 7 months ago +1

      @Boffis123 WOW.. Been in the air from 93 to 2018??? Im surprised the air frame is still holding up for so long.

    • Charly Dat Duc Lai
      Charly Dat Duc Lai 10 months ago +2

      Stormy Not all cargo planes have 3 engines, some have 2 while others have 4.

    • RedPandaGaming
      RedPandaGaming 11 months ago +1

      Why not?

    • Boffis123
      Boffis123 Year ago +6

      Most of them used to be passenger planes but now they have been converted to cargo, the last passenger MD-11 was in the dutch airline KLM and was retired in 2014.
      The aircraft in the video was delivered in 1993 to American airlines with the registration N1767A and was remade to a cargo plane in 2001 when AA sold it to Fedex.

  • Ripper
    Ripper Year ago +19

    I love the MD-11!

    • Tameem
      Tameem 2 months ago

      I’m the opposite:D

    • FinalLugiaGuardian
      FinalLugiaGuardian 5 months ago +2

      @J. Doberman Uh... what's the problem with loading them?

    • J. Doberman
      J. Doberman 5 months ago +1

      Ripper You’d hate to load a MD-11 for FedEx. Those planes freaking suck.

  • Toni Riss
    Toni Riss Year ago +4

    Love this video, shots of jet engine front and back had me dancing!

  • Jeffrey Kumjian
    Jeffrey Kumjian Year ago +1

    Can you take a ride in a fed ex aircraft ?

    • RO’s World
      RO’s World Year ago

      The short answer is no. We have an approved list in our Flight Ops Manual, that includes: crew members (pilots at FE), dispatchers, mechanics, handlers (animal handlers), other airlines’ pilots, dispatchers, FAA representatives, company employees on emergency or company business, and... anyone approved by upper management. Cheers

    • pourindiesel
      pourindiesel Year ago +2

      Ask Tom Hanks.

    • M. Savage
      M. Savage Year ago

      No you have to be an employee of FedEx or sponsored by FedEx doing work for FedEx. It's not a comfortable flight. It's nothing like flying a regular commercial passenger plane. Most of the time FedEx flies their employees through AA and the executives usually get charter jet. - Former FedEx employee and has flown on one of FedEx's 757s.

    • Kym Trice Photography
      Kym Trice Photography Year ago +1

      You can only ride if you are traveling for FEDEX related business AND if there is a seat available.

    • Traveling Tom
      Traveling Tom  Year ago +1

      I only saw 3 right behind the cockpit.

  • Gene Ebeling
    Gene Ebeling Year ago +9

    Mariana 599 aka MD11 - N599FE still flies for FedEx today(this exact jet will be 25 years manufactured in September 2018). Cool fact: FedEx still flies 59 - MD11's today, and 39 - DC 10's( technically speaking MD -10). (UPS -37).

    • Boffis123
      Boffis123 Year ago +1

      Gene Ebeling Adding some extra info here:
      Delivered in 1993 to American airlines as N1767A.
      Sold to Fedex in 2001.
      Thats something I like to do when I see Fedex Dc-10s and MD-11s irl. To see what they have operated in the past. :)

  • TRPG pilot
    TRPG pilot Year ago +2


  • Quan Cena
    Quan Cena Year ago +9

    That is so cool!!!!!

  • Diana Yusuf
    Diana Yusuf Year ago +8

    showing too much propeller engine and tires

    • Rabia Waheed
      Rabia Waheed 6 months ago +1

      Allah pak SB ko apne hifzo aman me rakhna ameeen

    • Charly Dat Duc Lai
      Charly Dat Duc Lai Year ago +4

      Diana Yusuf These are not propeller engines, they are jet turbine engines! These are jet airplanes, not propeller airplanes.

    • David Horgan
      David Horgan Year ago +9

      Diana Yusuf What propeller engines? LOLOL

  • Bryan Allison
    Bryan Allison Year ago +22

    What a mechanical beast! Awesome vid!

    • Edu.G
      Edu.G Year ago +2

      Bryan Allison
      brilliant jet, indeed, just wish Boeing hadn't phased them out