ZADROT EBANIY (comments by Strenx)

  • Published on Feb 5, 2011
  • Killsen vs Cypher (@ DHW '10 Kaspersky Quake Live tourney)
    comments by Zsx (UK) and Strenx (FR)

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  • Павел Месняев

    привет потомкам из 2019!
    can i say "zadrot ebaniy" again ?
    а вообще, я это буду помнить до конца своих дней. Задрот эбани

  • Zadrot
    Zadrot 7 months ago

    11/10 would cyka again.

  • Damir zagidullin
    Damir zagidullin Year ago


  • ntr
    ntr Year ago

    ору сука))))

  • Alexander Kuptsov
    Alexander Kuptsov Year ago +1

    It means 'f**ng nerd'

    • The Emperor of Man
      The Emperor of Man 8 months ago

      Не совсем, Nerd - ближе к умнику, всезнайке. А так, это слово не перевести.

  • Marsel R
    Marsel R Year ago +7


  • EasyFolkDude
    EasyFolkDude Year ago +3


  • Ugene The Creator
    Ugene The Creator 2 years ago +35

    "zadrot ebaniy" means "zadrot ebaniy", suka blyat!

  • UnoneTV
    UnoneTV 2 years ago


  • UnoneTV
    UnoneTV 2 years ago


  • Азиз Реимбаев

    Cyka Bliet

  • Бронислав Светлый

    ему хоть потом пояснили что это такое ?

  • Diana Nikolaevich
    Diana Nikolaevich 4 years ago +46

    "Zadrot Ebaniy", Russians say that at times, meaning, that a player is really skilled, this carries a positive, as well as a negative connotation. For example, when you can't frag someone for a long time, you may say that the guy is a zadrot Ebaniy. Or you may say that as a compliment. The actual word "zadrot" comes from two words "zad" (meaning ass) and "rot" (meaning mouth). This is because he plays So much, that the only other thing he does is eats and shits. This is also a derivative of a verb drochit'. (To masturbate). Ebanyi = fucking

  • Дяпчик
    Дяпчик 4 years ago +4

    Fucking no lifer

  • Имя Фамилия
    Имя Фамилия 4 years ago +17

    it means fucking gamer who playing every day and all day)really)))

  • Mxyzptlk
    Mxyzptlk 4 years ago +22

    it means 24x7 no lifer

  • noii noii
    noii noii 4 years ago +35

    Как только шняга с ебаным задротом началась, я всю хавку выплюнул, потому что воздуха не хватало. :DDDD Он весь ушёл на перекатывания по полу xDDDDD

  • Exzest
    Exzest 4 years ago

    Где этот задрот ибаний, свано!? xD

  • PwnUrBadCock
    PwnUrBadCock 4 years ago +26

    It means
    Fucking nerd

  • St. Mikhael
    St. Mikhael 5 years ago +3

    Во-первых, русский акцент все равно есть, хоть и не сказать, что большой. Во-вторых, прокололся, когда прочитал "zadrot ebaniy" но уже по-русски, потом понял, видимо, это и уже попытался исправиться, но поздно.

    • OlegTar
      OlegTar 4 years ago +1

      watch?/v= IECu9q82hRk
      Здесь ты можешь посмотреть интервью с ним

    • OlegTar
      OlegTar 4 years ago +12

      Не, чувак француз. У них р близка к нашей. Я знаю этого француза

  • MysticZol
    MysticZol 5 years ago +10

    zadrot ebaniy = fucking nerd

    • Dor Mant
      Dor Mant 4 years ago +18

      @Павел Липницкий Что блядь "nope", дибил? Задрот ебаный-человек, который дохуя задрачивает в игры, что ты пиздишь тут везде?

    • дон бербедон
      дон бербедон 4 years ago


  • Драган Стошич

    Peace death

  • Thundenfury
    Thundenfury 5 years ago +79

    I think it means you are the best XD

  • Stan Sv
    Stan Sv 5 years ago +2


  • Aeson 1
    Aeson 1 5 years ago

    wat zaaddrot ebany mins?

  • adm1ralq
    adm1ralq 6 years ago

    хахахахаха лол

  • Slithy
    Slithy 6 years ago +9

    "Zadrot" is a word for a guy who plays a particular game 24/7 and knows everything about it. He spends thousands of hours playng this game, and he mastered it. "Ebaniy" shows your hate and your admittance of his superiority.
    If you call someone "Zadrot ebaniy" - that means something like "i admit that you're better than me at this game, and i hate you for it". This is usually considered to be an insult, but it can be used between friends in a joking manner.

  • Виталий Воронин

    Zadrot Ebany. This shows respect & furious hate to his opponent at the same time. Hard to explain) Anyway, its rude.

  • Matvey Tsivinyuk
    Matvey Tsivinyuk 6 years ago +4

    Zadrot means nerd, geek, nolifer and very skilled player. Ebaniy means fucking, In Russian you can place words in almost any order.

  • Radioactive Thingie
    Radioactive Thingie 6 years ago +3

    It means "fucking no-lifer"

  • Ivan Savchuk
    Ivan Savchuk 6 years ago

    Translate it in google translate!

  • BADASSuNmercey
    BADASSuNmercey 6 years ago +1

    a lot of things right

  • Zinnur Zaripov
    Zinnur Zaripov 6 years ago


  • n1ce0n3
    n1ce0n3 6 years ago

    Oh well
    seems like i'm retarded

  • Q3Pawulon
    Q3Pawulon 6 years ago

    He refers to 1:40.

  • n1ce0n3
    n1ce0n3 6 years ago

    chat omg areyou blind

  • Techtronos
    Techtronos 6 years ago

    он француз

  • Anton Chubykin
    Anton Chubykin 6 years ago

    No he mean "gamer"

  • TheSmokekoke
    TheSmokekoke 6 years ago

    zadrot ebaniy - fucked nerd

  • zed z
    zed z 6 years ago


  • Markus2ligalaze
    Markus2ligalaze 6 years ago

    you mean progamer?

  • Djohn Rambo
    Djohn Rambo 6 years ago

    man, u never play with russian school kids before, they use only bad language. Thats why all admins in all servers ban russian players. its sad ((((

  • Stins volk
    Stins volk 6 years ago

    Навод тафайте напелем мнохо лийков шобы америхансы не пониля сто ми басарим

  • janklodvandamisback
    janklodvandamisback 6 years ago

    what modification of q3 is this?

    • Vetrograd
      Vetrograd 2 years ago +1

      i understand that this comment is 4 years old, but if you are still wandering:
      it is not a mod to q3 arena it is quake live u may want to search in the net

  • MrJeffo1991
    MrJeffo1991 6 years ago

    learn English, bro

  • MrJeffo1991
    MrJeffo1991 7 years ago

    It means "fucking nerd" in russian :D

  • ol1sk
    ol1sk 7 years ago

    retarded strenx

  • so icey
    so icey 7 years ago

    задрот ебаный

  • MrAilenk
    MrAilenk 7 years ago


  • nukacoal2
    nukacoal2 7 years ago


  • Глеб Глебовекович

    were is zadrot ebani i dont seee АХАХАХАХА СУКАААА

  • nyashkawaii
    nyashkawaii 7 years ago

    Who is zadrot ebaniy right now!?

  • Vesente
    Vesente 7 years ago

    Ебать я ржал

  • Archived Account
    Archived Account 7 years ago

    "Damned no-lifer" :]

  • Tonnihilator
    Tonnihilator 7 years ago

    Мне понравился тот момент, когда он сказал "zadrtibany"

  • Mikux2
    Mikux2 7 years ago

    Тоже об этом подумал...

  • Chicki Bricki
    Chicki Bricki 7 years ago

    "DNIWE EBANOE!" тоже уважению к игроку если что!

  • Panda
    Panda 7 years ago

    Zadrot ebaniy - Fucking nerd !!!

  • TheArs4184
    TheArs4184 7 years ago


  • Sap Masta
    Sap Masta 7 years ago

    Lol, strenx reminds me of Athene... helps that he has a similar accent... Strenx is like the Athene of Quake...