• Published on Dec 23, 2018
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    So last year I tweeted about how a lady tried to steal little Belle. Here's what happened. :O
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  • CypherDen
    CypherDen  6 months ago +3796

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  • Alleyah Adams
    Alleyah Adams 5 minutes ago

    I bought ur merch yesterday! 😄😄😄😁😁

  • Adrian Carlo Bertulfo
    Adrian Carlo Bertulfo 4 hours ago


  • Fatima Fernando
    Fatima Fernando 6 hours ago

    Wait you speak tagalog i speak tagalog too

  • Wolfie Ghost
    Wolfie Ghost 7 hours ago

    Do face reveal

  • Nnayram16
    Nnayram16 8 hours ago

    Is cypher is a filipino i am a filipino

  • gian orogo
    gian orogo 10 hours ago

    Pilipino ka

  • galaxy kitty
    galaxy kitty 12 hours ago

    1 like -if you know filipino

  • galaxy kitty
    galaxy kitty 12 hours ago

    i know filipino

  • Tohm
    Tohm 13 hours ago +1

    grabe yung babae na yan.

  • Adiosa de Amor Ortillo
    Adiosa de Amor Ortillo 14 hours ago

    Wow! First Domics then her
    FILIPINO animators

  • Francesca Nicole Quines

    Pls go to koronadal city cuz ilive there

  • Francesca Nicole Quines

    Hello tagalog din ako eh

  • jared 146
    jared 146 14 hours ago

    What Tagalog

  • V's Animations
    V's Animations 16 hours ago

    FREAKIN Spanish lady using drugs. BTW she's lost Kaya tulungan nyo sya at ONCE

  • V's Animations
    V's Animations 16 hours ago

    Bro let her pet the dog! She doesn't even know what your talking about! Dapat nag download ka na ng app before that

  • Yenaib Vera
    Yenaib Vera 16 hours ago

    She probably wanted to sell a belle for drugs

  • SSW Goku Black
    SSW Goku Black 20 hours ago

    You just earned a sub for the saying bleach and lasagna and the cursing was funny in Spanish when censored

  • Cookie Mellow
    Cookie Mellow 21 hour ago

    woman: hi where is the el blahblah directiones
    Cypher: uh no habla engles
    woman's tiny head: oh this family knows where to go ima skip with them

  • Random pink ice cream type hype


  • Random pink ice cream type hype


  • Random pink ice cream type hype

    TE PUDES IR PORFAVOR!!! Can you please leave

  • Chacua Raisan
    Chacua Raisan 22 hours ago

    No she said but for my drugs

  • Ish yo boi Hacks

    Wow u said stuby ass hands I never Heard CypherDen curse....

  • Ish yo boi Hacks

    This should go to R/entitledParents

  • Loreinne Zetina
    Loreinne Zetina Day ago

    I know more spanish from you you should let my mom teach you more spanish

  • Lisichica Natasha

    Wow!! Belle is SO cute!!!!!

  • Playing with Ducks and pigs

    My name is Bella

  • Gacha maxi
    Gacha maxi Day ago

    The one who presented them merch was chu?

  • slime girl
    slime girl Day ago

    Yes she said drogs

  • Potatoes Are Cool

    She was probably trying to steal belle to sell her for drugs/candies

  • Jordan Wheeler
    Jordan Wheeler Day ago

    Wtf why are there so much dislikes?


    Dog* hide yo socks

  • nitty cute
    nitty cute Day ago

    Are you Philippines

  • Teacher Joy
    Teacher Joy Day ago


  • jimberking VILLALUZ

    Ano tatay mo Pinoy

  • jimberking VILLALUZ

    Edewow maronong ka mang tigalog

  • jimberking VILLALUZ


  • Max
    Max Day ago

    7:39 probably to take kids away for child sex

  • Sophie O’farril
    Sophie O’farril 2 days ago

    I think She was tying to take your doggy an Maybe sell it for money and buy tha “candy”

  • Lionne Leigh Abarca
    Lionne Leigh Abarca 2 days ago +1

    Tag: Hello po!
    Eng: Hi!

  • xXKillerIvieXx UwU
    xXKillerIvieXx UwU 2 days ago

    Sino yan?!
    Me in my gosh darn mind: WHO YO?!

  • Sheril Ramirez
    Sheril Ramirez 2 days ago

    Im a filipino

  • Xiandra Lei R. Cruz
    Xiandra Lei R. Cruz 2 days ago

    You need to say "adios" to that woman and im a philipino

  • Ximena Vidal
    Ximena Vidal 2 days ago

    *she tries to grab ur dog*
    You: dont touch meh child meh child not ur baby my baby

  • Jim Pangan
    Jim Pangan 2 days ago

    Maronong ka mag tagalog I'm a Filipino

  • Mia B
    Mia B 2 days ago

    I’m pretty sure the “drugs” word mean Dog so she probs said “ belle is my dog” or something

  • Eva Engelberga
    Eva Engelberga 2 days ago


  • Gustavo Martinez
    Gustavo Martinez 2 days ago


  • *-Madison-*
    *-Madison-* 2 days ago +1

    Lol that’s right pero para las drogas means but for drugs BRUH SHE ABOUT TO ABUSE UR DOG


    She is said that she need you r dos forma drougs like ,selling your dog or something like that

  • Jeannette Briano
    Jeannette Briano 2 days ago


  • Marìa92 the pleb
    Marìa92 the pleb 2 days ago

    She Said that she needed your dog to sell her and buy drugs with the money
    (I speak Spanish fluently)

  • Foxgaming3ds
    Foxgaming3ds 2 days ago


  • the mistake
    the mistake 2 days ago

    No no no no no....... She was saying the dog for the drugs

  • Alex Blaufuss
    Alex Blaufuss 2 days ago +2

    YO WAZZUP DEN!? Im Cuban, and know quiet a bit of spanish, HERES SOME IMPORTANT WORDS FOR THOSE SITUATIONS!
    Hello: Hola
    Sorry: Lo siento
    Uhm..Can You please leave us be?: Eh...Puedes dejarme ser....
    I love you den: Te quiero mucho den!
    and the last one....
    Uhmm...this be my dog: eh...Perdon..? Este es mi perro....

  • The Blue Ninja
    The Blue Ninja 3 days ago

    She said to give me the dog and i sell the dog and i can get candys I think

  • Fløøfy Ëxtrêêm
    Fløøfy Ëxtrêêm 3 days ago +2

    Den, The lady wasn't asking for dr- Candies. I'm pretty sure she was asking for the way to a destination. but, I'm not very fluent I'm Spanish, So lemme just translate it sometime soon xD

  • Anthony Morales
    Anthony Morales 3 days ago

    1:48 denied

  • joplays gamse
    joplays gamse 3 days ago

    Well i speak a lot of spanish well if you want this lady to leave your dog alone say this deja mi perro solo

  • LPS SweetSpice
    LPS SweetSpice 3 days ago

    I'm Mexican. I have a Russian friend

  • LPS SweetSpice
    LPS SweetSpice 3 days ago

    She's so cute

  • txt gamerz
    txt gamerz 3 days ago

    When u were showing the merch did u just shiw ur face and plz visit the philipines pls i live there

  • bendrowend ron ivan
    bendrowend ron ivan 3 days ago

    your half filipino me too 😊

  • Maryana Ro
    Maryana Ro 3 days ago

    Ты тип по русски говориш?

  • Birb whisperer
    Birb whisperer 3 days ago +3

    Cypher Den: *cusses the women out*
    Me: t-thats all 13 bad words....

  • Christine Tolarba
    Christine Tolarba 3 days ago

    Don't do candies kids🍬🚫

  • Wolfe y
    Wolfe y 3 days ago

    Most likely she wanted the dog so she can buy " candys".

  • 냐ᅮ:3Zoe_
    냐ᅮ:3Zoe_ 3 days ago

    He basically said you're on drugs

  • Xyianne De Leon
    Xyianne De Leon 3 days ago

    Are you from pilipines i am

  • Cookie Narwhal
    Cookie Narwhal 3 days ago +1

    I love the way you talk. Sounds weird, let's just say I REALLY like your voice and this is my favorite video! 😁

  • Gachaspacewolf gardner

    So my brother is part Spanish (he has a different dad) and drogas means drugs so the lady wanted the dog for drugs

  • Layce Iosua
    Layce Iosua 3 days ago

    I like Hershey's :P

  • Dan Rainier Areola Malanum

    Are you filipino??????

  • Elvia Gonzalez
    Elvia Gonzalez 3 days ago

    I know Spanish call me whatever time cypher den

  • CatCraft Animations
    CatCraft Animations 3 days ago +1

    I know Spanish

  • Psycho For Huskies
    Psycho For Huskies 3 days ago

    *Have you ever tried vlogging?*

  • highlights super
    highlights super 4 days ago

    Are you single

  • colin Wong
    colin Wong 4 days ago

    K.E.L.L H.E.R

  • Kendall Harvey
    Kendall Harvey 4 days ago

    Hide ya animals hide ya kids dis bish cray cray

  • baby_goose točkica
    baby_goose točkica 4 days ago

    The Lady whanted to follow u bec shy tinkd u whanted to show her

  • Matthew Michael De Jesus

    im a filipino i only know a little spanish

  • Thane Labandelo
    Thane Labandelo 4 days ago

    Meron ba ikaw ng babae sa inyo? '_'

  • Kimora Lee Castro
    Kimora Lee Castro 4 days ago

    Wait your real family can speak Tagalog so cool kakabalo ka pagid kon anong hinahambal ko?

  • follow destiny
    follow destiny 4 days ago

    A Story Of A Pencil And An Eraser

  • its me mr. zilla
    its me mr. zilla 4 days ago

    Im a filipino to!! Also I moved to canada so yeah..

  • Pandora Rose
    Pandora Rose 4 days ago

    you're Filipino!?😟

  • LUJO fan
    LUJO fan 4 days ago

    Yow i think that Lady was my aunt

  • josie macalinao
    josie macalinao 4 days ago

    do you like kpop????;-)

  • Alex Solis
    Alex Solis 4 days ago

    She said my drugs

  • adonis bello vlogs
    adonis bello vlogs 4 days ago

    My moms friend has the same dog and is actually named Bella. Every time I go there the dog starts jumping and hugging my. #dog life 🐶

  • Gamer Mike
    Gamer Mike 4 days ago

    I speak Spanish so I understand she just said " Give me the dog" lady just because it's a cute little doggie does not mean to steal it like WHY

  • HappySilly CPS
    HappySilly CPS 4 days ago

    What language do you speak?

  • golden foxy ty
    golden foxy ty 4 days ago +1

    Sorry if I’m late she said: but for drugs
    Me: welp she’s crazy

  • Zahira Gonzalez
    Zahira Gonzalez 4 days ago

    I know spanish! Lol. Useless comment 😂

  • Jam Bone061
    Jam Bone061 4 days ago

    I am going to get one of belles hair and clone her so I have my own little version

  • Aislinn Valle
    Aislinn Valle 5 days ago +1

    And yes I do know what “drogas” are in Spanish is either drugs or medicine is kind of confusing

  • Aislinn Valle
    Aislinn Valle 5 days ago

    Maybe she was trying to steal your fluffy bear so she can get money and then by the candy this no bueno

  • kar!na karina
    kar!na karina 5 days ago +1

    500, 900 likes for dogo

  • The Blackout
    The Blackout 5 days ago

    She wanted to sell your dog for drugs