Open Hyperlinks in Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer Excel VBA Tricks

  • Published on Sep 16, 2013
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Comments • 28

  • Kamal Singh
    Kamal Singh 2 months ago

    Hello sir,
    Is it possible if I have a Company name and client name in my excel sheet, so I can directly open the LinkedIn profile through VBA Coding or any other solution for that.??

  • Prathap R
    Prathap R 9 months ago

    This is really helpful..after opening, how can I copy data from the opened webpage...Pls help

  • Jake Delger
    Jake Delger 10 months ago

    Thank you! I used the shell method and it worked except now I can’t figure out how to do auto fill on the website is there any way you can help me?

  • Design mis
    Design mis 10 months ago


  • Swapnil Infotech
    Swapnil Infotech Year ago

    Thank you very much Excel Guy. i was looking for vba script which can open url in Mozilla and not in default browser. but i didnt get anything on internet and some of the script worked only for one url but seeing your video i realized that it was very easy man. Keep going ..

  • Wes Hedrick
    Wes Hedrick Year ago

    "If you needed Explorer, God forbid" hahahaha!

  • Umesh Sai
    Umesh Sai Year ago

    Hi, this is really a good video. I have a doubt, If I want to open an application that requires user ID and password, (for example Gmail) can you suggest me how can I use

  • Kartick Chakraborty

    Can you make a video on how to run macro on protected worksheet or workbook? It always shows "Debug"

  • xing hansen
    xing hansen Year ago

    Do you know how to close the Chrome after finish the job?

  • Hickson Heritage
    Hickson Heritage Year ago

    Great Tutorial! Only caveat was using Windows 10, I️ had to manually type browser application .exe locations in the file explorer to identify path of Chrome & Firefox as following video navigation didn’t work.

  • Jarred Wennekes
    Jarred Wennekes Year ago

    Hi Dan, do you know of a way where I could pull the URL from a cell using the shell method?

    • Jarred Wennekes
      Jarred Wennekes Year ago

      Never mind. I found a solution. If any one else is interested, see below.
      Dim strURL As String
      Dim strChrome As String
      strChrome = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe"
      strURL = Range("W12")
      Call Shell("""" & strChrome & """ """ & strURL & """")

  • Amit Bodhwani
    Amit Bodhwani 2 years ago

    There is a text box on my webpage which on clicking will pop up a calendar the properties of that text box is

    I tried clicking that button using IE.document.getelementbyid("datepicker") and IE.document.getelementsbyclassname("hasDatepicker") and also IE.document.getelementsbyname("date") but i failed everytime and i am not able to click text box because of which the calendar on my webpage is not appearing.
    I tried using Selenium Java code and it is working fine with it but i want to code with VBA scripting.
    Please help me with this issue as while running i am not getting any errors also.
    Thank You

  • Sugat M
    Sugat M 2 years ago

    nice videos ,need help with extracting data from textboxes of already opened webpage in chrome using vba

  • DerVorLaser
    DerVorLaser 3 years ago +1

    Thanks, man. You finally saved me in my most desperate hour.

  • staaldak
    staaldak 5 years ago +3

    Ok, so you can open chrome and firefox with predefined urls. Not much use if you need dynamic urls. How do you use vba to get the url from an already running running instance of chrome or firefox? For example the url of a page that has been opened after clicking on a link from a search engine?

  • Christian Wilson
    Christian Wilson 5 years ago

    Run-time error '2146697212 (800c0004)

  • Fabian Maume
    Fabian Maume 5 years ago

    And is it possible to use the VBA to copy paste the content of a webpage?

  • ExcelVbaIsFun
    ExcelVbaIsFun  6 years ago

    Fantastic. You'll love it. Dan

  • Flyermarc
    Flyermarc 6 years ago

    You rock! fyi I just clicked on the link to get a dropbox account. Thanks for the videos. Marc J

  • Daniel Weikert
    Daniel Weikert 6 years ago

    Thank you very much. Your videos are great. The shell command is awesome. But one question. If someone else open the workbook on his computer and I don't know the path of the program on his pc, is there a possibility to tell excel to search for the path and implement it in the shell command?

  • krn14242
    krn14242 6 years ago

    Thanks Dan

  • ExcelIsFun
    ExcelIsFun 6 years ago

    Thanks for another great video!

  • Myrslokstok
    Myrslokstok 6 years ago

    Yes it helped, thanks for understanding my question!
    Michael in Sweden, Stockholm!

  • Martin Kreitmair
    Martin Kreitmair 6 years ago

    Off Topic: Whats the date explorer program you use?

  • Youssef
    Youssef 6 years ago

    Thanks a lot Dan!

  • ExcelVbaIsFun
    ExcelVbaIsFun  6 years ago

    You're very welcome, Myrslokstok. Hope this helps. Dan

  • Myrslokstok
    Myrslokstok 6 years ago