Binging with Babish: $5 Shake from Pulp Fiction

  • Published on Oct 15, 2019
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    This week, Babish takes a turn for the sweet and opulent as we explore the possibilities of a $5 milkshake. Or rather, the lack thereof: there aren't many ways to inflate the price of a plain vanilla shake, outside of simply being served in an overpriced theme restaurant in LA. So let's see just how expensive we can make this sucker!
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  • Binging with Babish
    Binging with Babish  27 days ago +23520

    Moral of the story: add a shot of bourbon or cognac to your milkshake sometime. If you're of age. And not driving. And not lactose intolerant. And not taking the boss's wife out on a date with a bag of horse that she might mistake for coke.

    • NiaJada Jeffries
      NiaJada Jeffries 4 days ago

      Babish is dee man!

    • Donal Welch
      Donal Welch 5 days ago

      Hey Babish, I just realized that a good amount of these comments are about you girlfriend Jess.

    • Nebulous Insomniac
      Nebulous Insomniac 9 days ago

      Bold of Babish to assume an intolerant like me wouldn't try this along with the boss's wife

    • Daniel Walston
      Daniel Walston 10 days ago

      Can you make the kiera Metz beef stew from witcher 3 wild hunt

    • MCCB Family
      MCCB Family 12 days ago

      But my boses wife loves to smell horses

  • Mellow Marmot
    Mellow Marmot Hour ago

    *S A U C E P N*

  • Azucena.R
    Azucena.R Hour ago

    Do Greys Papayas Hot Dog.

  • Kedus Joseph
    Kedus Joseph 9 hours ago

    Yo his girls sexy

  • Henry Bennett
    Henry Bennett 15 hours ago

    Jess and babish are very cute

  • Pepper Talks
    Pepper Talks 19 hours ago

    Disappointed your girlfriend doesn’t have an apron.

  • tony cee
    tony cee Day ago

    You forgot to use beavers poop juice

  • Lilly Smith
    Lilly Smith Day ago

    "Jess is my girlfriend"
    my heart skip a beat

    now I'm waiting for my other youtube crush MKBHD to introduce his girlfriend

  • Big G Technology

    That gold tho 😂

  • Madeline Jaksha
    Madeline Jaksha Day ago

    thought process of this video:
    absolutely no one on earth should spend that much on a milkshake
    what’s a milkshake
    oml GLITTERY
    wait why are there two straws

  • thre362fdsgsd
    thre362fdsgsd Day ago

    Nowadays even a shake at Mcdonald's costs $5

  • Cas Marie
    Cas Marie Day ago

    All the comments: "this is jess. My girlfriend"
    What he actually said: "so everybody, meet jess. Jess is my girlfriend"

  • MaxxSworn
    MaxxSworn Day ago

    I love how you keep changing the voice over for you cookbook ad and keep the same footage it is beautiful

  • thad1296
    thad1296 Day ago

    Thats Cognac cost up to 7000$!!! Are you crazy?! :D

  • ‘We Stan’ people need to die.

    A thick shake

  • Bean BAGS
    Bean BAGS Day ago

    Babish acted like he stung in the face by a bee when she kissed him

  • Obscene Blood Fart

    4:48 the way he says "skin" amuses me. Replayed 4 times

  • Lukkern
    Lukkern Day ago

    5 dollars are nothing compared to the price of a milkshake in norway.. The normal cost for a milshake here is between 7-10 dollars..

  • EpicGamer123
    EpicGamer123 Day ago

    Here in norway 5$ milkshake in nothing lmao rip me

  • ArborSucks
    ArborSucks Day ago

    5:35 is it just me or is that some chonky milk?

  • Kashmir Brunker
    Kashmir Brunker Day ago

    Awwww it’s great to meet Jess!

  • SmokeystarOriginal
    SmokeystarOriginal 2 days ago

    Angel's envy is a wonderful choice my friend

  • Graphi Graphi
    Graphi Graphi 2 days ago

    $5 seems cheap for a milkshake

  • A Lone Adeptus Astartes

    My heart cannae take this

  • TheLegomann97
    TheLegomann97 2 days ago

    I approve of your choice of cherry at 1:10

  • Incognito pirate
    Incognito pirate 2 days ago

    I never thought of putting clotted cream in a milkshake

  • As hep
    As hep 2 days ago

    He has a metal straw
    Skskskskksks and I oop skskskskks

  • Ny Aiko Ravon
    Ny Aiko Ravon 2 days ago

    Is your book available in France ?

  • Helber94
    Helber94 2 days ago

    hi Jess :P

  • Marissa Gonzales
    Marissa Gonzales 2 days ago

    The ending was so cute

  • Sharp Emu
    Sharp Emu 3 days ago


  • Mayahuel Lazy
    Mayahuel Lazy 3 days ago

    jess is.. tall and pretty

  • cole fitz
    cole fitz 3 days ago +1

    “Skeen” “caramel” “Nootella”

  • Liya was X
    Liya was X 3 days ago

    Girl friend??? My dreams

  • Baby Genjo
    Baby Genjo 3 days ago +2

    Awww babish drinking a. 200 dollar milkshake with his girlfriend that’s pretty wholesome

  • FrizzBear
    FrizzBear 3 days ago

    You and Jess are adorable!!! ♥

  • Ayla Thompson
    Ayla Thompson 4 days ago

    awe yall look so cute😭😭💖

  • The Creeper King
    The Creeper King 4 days ago

    No matter what you may say...

    Anyone you mention is destined to be memeified

  • Ysabella Delgado
    Ysabella Delgado 4 days ago

    Babish: soss-pn

  • Kate Mitchell
    Kate Mitchell 4 days ago

    Well that was the cutest ending ever.

  • soulBain25
    soulBain25 4 days ago +1

    Whoa whoa whoa! Devonshire clotted cream? The only clotted cream is cornish my friend. 😂😂

    AIR DROP 4 days ago

    I dont like eggs in ice cream

  • Tessa Smith
    Tessa Smith 4 days ago

    Cute couple

  • Bayden Marriott
    Bayden Marriott 4 days ago

    why’d he have to say skin like that?

  • Krishna Chandra Das
    Krishna Chandra Das 4 days ago

    07:30 unexpected expensive milk shake, gold is good, but i find silver to be more tastier, can you try it with silver please, and don ' t put Alcohol put Honey, and cannabis purified cooking well, boiled with milk instead.

  • Scott Hoffman
    Scott Hoffman 5 days ago


  • Rylan
    Rylan 5 days ago

    babish show us how to get a girlfriend from scratch

  • Andy Sutcliffe
    Andy Sutcliffe 5 days ago

    I always used to add a raw egg to milkshakes, they are safe in the UK, and it adds flavour and volume

  • Andy Sutcliffe
    Andy Sutcliffe 5 days ago

    A five dollar shake these days would be normal...

  • Joyce N
    Joyce N 5 days ago

    Angel's Envy is delish!

  • Lordy Kun
    Lordy Kun 5 days ago

    Ey! I was drinking some cheap coke float when he said she's his girlfriend. Nice Babish!

  • sagesaria
    sagesaria 5 days ago +7

    Jess's smile when you kiss her is absolutely priceless. Now THAT is worth an expensive milkshake :)

  • sagesaria
    sagesaria 5 days ago

    Jess's smile when you kiss her is absolutely priceless. Now THAT is worth an expensive milkshake :)

  • Tom Kao
    Tom Kao 5 days ago

    Have you submitted it to the Guinness book of world records?

  • Shelli Ingle
    Shelli Ingle 6 days ago

    Aww how cute 😇

  • Eric Wright
    Eric Wright 6 days ago

    clearly some people don't watch 'being with babish'

  • Icarus V.
    Icarus V. 6 days ago


  • InkBlackShadow
    InkBlackShadow 6 days ago

    Ohhhh those are by no means the most expensive eggs on the market. Look for Specific Pathogen Free eggs...those go for 6.90 per egg for research grade, but those are fertilized lol

  • ArtemisScribe
    ArtemisScribe 6 days ago +2

    Putting gold on something shouldn't count towards it being the "most expensive food item". It's just cheating.

  • Unkn0wn
    Unkn0wn 6 days ago

    you could've made your supped up shake in a different video for extra revenue... damn it