'The Five' reacts to House Judiciary approving articles of impeachment

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • House Judiciary Committee approves two articles of impeachment against President Trump; reaction and analysis on 'The Five.'
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Comments • 3 100

  • Tom Bluebern
    Tom Bluebern 20 days ago

    Juan flew over the Coup Coup nest.

  • Pablo Lavios
    Pablo Lavios Month ago

    Only time I watch your show is when j a u n isn't there please get him off your show I love it but I hate Juan more

  • Alexander Coologeorgen

    Juan is the perfect foil. Love him.

  • Pam Watson
    Pam Watson Month ago

    Poor little Juan. He just doesn't get it.

  • Frankie Godinez
    Frankie Godinez Month ago

    Juan's blind

  • Patrick Vroman
    Patrick Vroman Month ago

    Jaun, is so delusional!!! LMAO

  • Dirty Silver
    Dirty Silver Month ago

    I'll take that bet.

  • Kevin McNeill
    Kevin McNeill Month ago

    The Democrats set a low standard for themselves and consistently fail to meet it.

  • Fernando Fallacara
    Fernando Fallacara Month ago +1

    Yeah those people on the radio you know Lavan and Lynn Bond all those guys are awesome and they're telling you the truth

  • Fernando Fallacara
    Fernando Fallacara Month ago +1

    Bernie Bernie Bernie where you going to learn oh my God it's got to be hard to be on that show and be wrong all the time😎

  • naka
    naka Month ago +1

    They're laughing because they know they're right.

  • David G
    David G Month ago

    If he get impeached is it still a hoax?

  • American Dream
    American Dream Month ago +1

    If we tried to impeach Obama we would have been labeled a racist. Because that is your trump card when you don't get your way

  • Purple Eyes Everywhere

    obama puts kids in cages doesnt get impeachment trial trump takes them out gets impeachment trial... he black

  • Oscar Sanderson
    Oscar Sanderson Month ago

    Why are y’all not upload the whole episode and only 10 min of it

  • Harry Harger
    Harry Harger Month ago

    Obama droned citizens without trial and won a peace prize, tell me how you'd impeach him.

  • Thomas Gassett
    Thomas Gassett Month ago

    Hey, Juan ... how about Obama and Louise Learner using the IRS against the Tea Party? How about Fast and Furious? How about obstructing justice refusing to turn over material on Benghazi? You remember that .. when your AG Holder was held in contempt of Congress? I have a clue for my Lefty brothers and sisters... by the 'new' standard of impeachment ... all three are impeachable! Judges have been impeached after leaving the Bench. Maybe we should impeach Obama? Give him that same historical asterisk by his name, that you are determined to put by Trump's?

  • Chrissytoyou
    Chrissytoyou Month ago

    Juan is delusional , stupid and just makes himself look like the biggest dummy ever on this show. Everyone else has a brain and Juan is just there to roll your eyes at and laugh at.

  • John Striker
    John Striker Month ago +1

    😊 😊 😊 Thumbs up if you’re reading the comments, 😊 while listening to the video! 😊 😊 😊

  • Theresa Marion
    Theresa Marion Month ago

    Jessie is delusional.

  • Steve W
    Steve W Month ago

    Holy Cow Juan, Obama should have been impeached ,,,,

  • CORY phelps
    CORY phelps Month ago

    I wonder what would have happened if President Donald Trump would have ran as a Democrat would that have made them happy is that why they're so pissed??????😳

  • Wyatt Heuer
    Wyatt Heuer Month ago


  • scorpion528
    scorpion528 Month ago

    When the Executive branch and the Congress disagree they go to the third body the judicial. the executive does not answer to congress....Period!

  • CORY phelps
    CORY phelps Month ago

    And I agree with Doug in the comments Congress should have to pay the American people back every dime they spent on this sham what was it like 50 million dollars that could have went into our economy or towards the wall or stimulus is for citizens wasn't it one of the Democrats that said $1,000 per person in America bonus stimulus sounds pretty good to us little guys thousand dollars a month stimulus that's a Democrat idea

  • CORY phelps
    CORY phelps Month ago

    It's so crazy how the Democrats fail to recognize all the crimes that were committed under the Obama Administration Fast and Furious Benghazi uranium one the emails Ukrainian aid from Obama the billion dollars he sent to Iran what the f*** Juan I like you dude but you can't be that stupid are they paying you to say this s*** I hope so

  • CORY phelps
    CORY phelps Month ago

    Everybody in the General Public you know where us little people live knows that Trump 20/20 is in the bag Joe Biden might end up being the president of an Asylum and Hunter might be the guy in charge of the drugs but he'll never be president ever what was the saying a thousand to one I believe it was👍🔥

  • Jason Jenkins
    Jason Jenkins Month ago

    I wish they keep the cameras on the other show hosts when Juan talks because you know they are rolling there eyes and laughing the whole time!

  • M Winter
    M Winter Month ago

    Dear Juan, if I hear you say the polls say, one more time, I’m going to throw up.

  • Pete Poster
    Pete Poster Month ago

    i want wong to be fired if he is wrong....give his job to immigrant

  • Bev F
    Bev F Month ago

    Oh Juan, PLEASE go work for CNN where you deserve to be!!!! Because you certainly don't have any votes from the FOX News viewers!!

  • William Stephens
    William Stephens Month ago

    Juan Williams is on crack

  • Daniel KATHY
    Daniel KATHY Month ago


  • Daniel KATHY
    Daniel KATHY Month ago


  • Donna Vargas
    Donna Vargas Month ago

    Juan is blind to facts. Talking points of the dems. I can’t stand this idiot bye

  • Tony Parker
    Tony Parker Month ago

    juan needs to get off the show

  • Star Dust
    Star Dust Month ago

    Pelosi is liking the Trade deals but she is taking the credit for it.. What a disgrace

  • TheNoobzoid
    TheNoobzoid Month ago

    How difficult is it for the WH to prove the innocence of Trump´s actions to Ukraine?
    - release the original transcript of the perfect call
    - release the documents which show the reason for blocking the money
    - release the documents which show why the money could be released
    - describe why nonprofessionals have been selected to investigate in Ukraine instead of professionals

  • Barr B
    Barr B Month ago

    Can't wait to hear Nancy's next production, BUT I'm sure it'll be like the last one that failed...."Donald Trump will NEVER be President!" So nancy how'd that work our for ya?

  • Karl Aage Kirkegaard

    Evidence-based facts: The president forced out anti-corruption ambassador Yovanovitch. He conditioned a White House meeting on investigations of the Bidens and the 2016 election. He wanted Ukraine to announce the investigations publicly. Mick Mulvaney confirmed security assistance was conditioned on investigation of the DNC server.

  • msrscar797
    msrscar797 Month ago

    Republicans would sell their soul if it would help the dear leader, facts and reality are lost on deaf ears and blind eyes.

  • Jeffrey Stewart
    Jeffrey Stewart Month ago

    Token @theJuanWilliams gleefully declare @realDonaldTrump will be impeached by a house of clowns. Whoopie. Let's see the hieroglyphics. Let's see the consequences of useful idiots swayed by the herd mentality. Attitude. Emotion.

  • Dani G
    Dani G Month ago +1

    how about some toilet paper with Crook-Neck Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Nader's picture on it so we can wipe our asses with their faces?? !!!

  • emerald foxfire
    emerald foxfire Month ago

    Juan makes me wanna jump in front of a semi

  • L Rock
    L Rock Month ago

    I have to turn the 5 off when juan starts vomiting leftist lies.

  • Kevin Jackson
    Kevin Jackson Month ago

    How does Juan get away with lying every single show? He'd be a superstar on CNN.

  • Adam Meyer
    Adam Meyer Month ago

    Democrats don't think he's going to be impeached. They are just going through with all this because even after they fail they won't look near as stupid as they would have had they just told the truth.

  • Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs Month ago

    Jain is a re

  • Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs Month ago

    Bro get the sellout fruad black dude off the show

  • JustinC87
    JustinC87 Month ago +1

    2019, the year Democrats set the precedent of impeaching every president that the opposing party doesn't like...

  • Wesley Settles
    Wesley Settles Month ago

    I want my Tax money Back from Biden Now!!!!!

  • helloprometheus
    helloprometheus Month ago

    What Obama did was worst he used the law to bomb weddings and hospitals full of civilians, not enemy camps. Don't forget Fast and Furious either!

  • Brian Wilson
    Brian Wilson Month ago

    Juan, do you hear the words coming out of your mouth?

  • Brian Wilson
    Brian Wilson Month ago

    Dems believe that the American people will think like they are told to by the Dems! Bwahaha

  • Nancy Hicks
    Nancy Hicks Month ago +1

    This Black man (Juan)need to be taken off of Fox News! Juan is not A Representative of Us Black Republicans! Juan statements of supporting Demonized Democrats irritate Our Ears!!! Please! 12/16/2019.

    L CHAPUT Month ago

    Don't ya' just luv these hysterical girly-girly Nazis when their knickers get all twisty? Patently oblivious to their own fascist foibles, more or less derelict, hopelessly deranged and drooling, such pillocks are more onanists than champs. There's more than a whiff of barking madness in this juvenile crowd of bat**it howlers.

  • Robert De La Cruz
    Robert De La Cruz Month ago

    Juan, why are you on FOX, you clearly belong at CNN

  • white whiskers
    white whiskers Month ago

    Oh, we're getting to Obama, Juan, no impeachment, but indictments. That SOB and his administration will be eviscerated in history.

  • J.J. & Jeff
    J.J. & Jeff Month ago

    If you can't admit they are impeaching him because of his threat to the State, Media. Status Quo, etc, then you are not an honest person who can be had to have a conversation with.

  • terry flynn snr
    terry flynn snr Month ago

    I think Obama took the birther talk to heart rember the tweet will trump become potus why was Obama so sure he would not,then dropping the mobile he knew all obama