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  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
  • Meet Hop Pop Planter! He's Polly and Sprig's wise, but strict guardian who has to keep everyone out of trouble!
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    After stealing a mysterious music box, 13-year-old, Anne Boonchuy (Brenda Song) is magically transported to the world of Amphibia, a wild marshland full of talking frog-people. With the help of an excitable young frog named Sprig, Anne will transform from monster to hero and discover the first true friendship of her life!
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  • Disney Channel
    Disney Channel  2 months ago +288

    Thumbs up if you're excited for Amphibia!

    • rena biggens
      rena biggens Month ago

      So he's the dad?

    • Corey Million
      Corey Million 2 months ago

      Fun fact: Hop Pop's full name is Hopadiah.

    • Corey Million
      Corey Million 2 months ago

      @Alessandro Marzorati It's officially BEEN set for Season 2 ahead of its premiere!!!

    • Alessandro Marzorati
      Alessandro Marzorati 2 months ago +1

      Ok maybe Matt will make season 2

  • Comar Bloxlore
    Comar Bloxlore 5 days ago


  • CipherRage0909
    CipherRage0909 15 days ago

    Our new Grunkle Stan everyone!

  • ชล ปะทาน


  • Brick Built
    Brick Built Month ago +1

    0:19 , i just can’t with that face

  • Josh Putzke
    Josh Putzke Month ago

    0:35 when i tell people before they do something they will regret

  • Jailin Teague
    Jailin Teague Month ago +1

    " there's a big difference between courage and stupidit-EEEEE!!!!!!(got eaten by a plant monster)- hop pop planter🐸👴

  • J.D. Monat
    J.D. Monat 2 months ago

    He is already my favorite character because he is so funny!!!

  • peakThailandXD
    peakThailandXD 2 months ago +1

    Good :D

  • Froakie TW
    Froakie TW 2 months ago +1

    Is that Doc from The 7D?
    If it is, since when he became a frog? XD

  • cameron mitchell
    cameron mitchell 2 months ago

    his voice sounds like the other grandpa from hey Arnold

    • J.D. Monat
      J.D. Monat 2 months ago

      Except this is Bill Farmer, not Dan Castellaneta!

  • lightyearpig12
    lightyearpig12 2 months ago +2

    0:15 Sounds like the torture dance has met its match.

  • Queen Ming Ming
    Queen Ming Ming 2 months ago +2

    So, in the Familiar Industry, We have London Tipton, Miles Callisto, 2016 Blossom, and Goofy.

  • SmiloZ
    SmiloZ 2 months ago

    SVTFOE 5 season?)

    • Corey Million
      Corey Million 2 months ago

      A spin-off of it, about Star and Marco's daughter Cressida.

  • Sub Scorpion#9
    Sub Scorpion#9 2 months ago +1

    It’s goofy as a frog 🐸

  • Carolus Mark Ezra
    Carolus Mark Ezra 2 months ago +1

    Is that Goofy Goof?

  • Nikola Miklic
    Nikola Miklic 2 months ago

    Why is it blocked in Serbia??

  • Sunkensees
    Sunkensees 2 months ago +1

    This looks so cute and funny!

  • King DeDeDe
    King DeDeDe 2 months ago +1

    Cant wait to watch this show

  • Arkan NOA
    Arkan NOA 2 months ago +5

    It's Bill Farmer, Goofys voice actor

  • Aodhan Stuart
    Aodhan Stuart 2 months ago +2

    I like when hop pop was eaten by a giant Venus plant

  • Eugene Godzilla
    Eugene Godzilla 2 months ago +1

    Hop pop

  • Eugene Godzilla
    Eugene Godzilla 2 months ago

    Sound homer

  • Eugene Godzilla
    Eugene Godzilla 2 months ago

    Old frog man

  • Star Butterfly
    Star Butterfly 2 months ago


  • Luke McNamara
    Luke McNamara 2 months ago +1

    Welp, we already know he dies

    • Luke McNamara
      Luke McNamara 2 months ago +2

      Oh wait this is a cartoon he’ll be fine

  • Paul I
    Paul I 2 months ago +5

    Disney: Meet Hop Pop
    Hop Pop: *Dies within 5 seconds*

    • J.D. Monat
      J.D. Monat 2 months ago

      So is the rest of the cast, but they get out!

  • Squiddy FancySon
    Squiddy FancySon 2 months ago

    and i oop

  • ElJorro
    ElJorro 2 months ago +8

    "Go into my study to get a little reading done"
    I really am getting old, that sounds great!

  • Clawnyan
    Clawnyan 2 months ago +4

    0:11 TOP 10 ANIME DEATHS

  • Dream Bat
    Dream Bat 2 months ago +5

    If only it was mr. Mosbey

    • Que A
      Que A 2 months ago

      Dream Bat Woody: what number am I thinking of?

  • Vale VM
    Vale VM 2 months ago +3

    WoW it's like my grandma 😂

  • Elise Gutierrez
    Elise Gutierrez 2 months ago +5

    That voice... it's Goofy!

  • Elise Gutierrez
    Elise Gutierrez 2 months ago +2

    Does anyone notice the plant monster looked like Petey Piranha? Except without the spots?

  • TheCarlitosbug
    TheCarlitosbug 2 months ago +7

    I really wonder if Bill Farmer (Goofy's current voice artist) did an imitation of the late Pat Buttram when it comes to voicing Hop Pop from "Amphibia".

  • James Wells
    James Wells 2 months ago +3

    I'm so excited for Amphibia

  • poopey doopey
    poopey doopey 2 months ago +21

    hey, Alex Hirsch's b-day is coming up...who wishes him a happy birthday????? 1 like = 1 happy b-day to alex

    • Kapples X
      Kapples X 2 months ago +2

      This really doesn’t seem like it actually contributes to Hirsch’s birthday. You’re just trying to get likes. Anyone actually interested in this man’s birthday would go to his social media accounts to do so themselves.

  • Luke Dias
    Luke Dias 2 months ago +5

    Poor Goofy. We’re gonna need to put him in a retirement home soon.

  • MemoriesGamer612
    MemoriesGamer612 2 months ago +1


  • Audrey Patrick
    Audrey Patrick 2 months ago +4

    Bill Farmer? Is that you?! :D

  • ScionStorm
    ScionStorm 2 months ago +7

    0:02 when you jump out of bed screaming to scare your annoying grandchildren?

  • BiscuitToons
    BiscuitToons 2 months ago +1

    0:14 Best dance I've ever seen. 👌

  • Kaijukid 96
    Kaijukid 96 2 months ago +1

    Calarts strikes again

  • Daniel Hofer
    Daniel Hofer 2 months ago +5

    Hop Pop reminds me of Alice Green form Big City Greens.

  • Funtime Gav The Cartoon Floof

    Fun Fact: Hop Pop is voiced by Bill Farmer, the voice of Goofy himself

    • J.D. Monat
      J.D. Monat 2 months ago +1

      And Doc from the 7D!

    • Positron
      Positron 2 months ago +2

      @Que A nice profile picture!

    • Que A
      Que A 2 months ago +3

      Well we did just see him shake his groove thing

  • Setzer
    Setzer 2 months ago +1

    4 left days.

  • jacob 1
    jacob 1 2 months ago +5

    Well I literally just realized how better Disney is then Nickelodeon

  • joey pieper
    joey pieper 2 months ago +6

    0:10 Someone call the Mario Bros

  • Aries McIntyre
    Aries McIntyre 2 months ago +5

    Hop Pop is me as an old man. Is any like this?

  • Crystal Jam
    Crystal Jam 2 months ago +1

    He sounds like Arnold’s grandpa from hey Arnold

    • TheCarlitosbug
      TheCarlitosbug 2 months ago +4

      Actually, Grandpa Phil is voiced by Dan Castellaneta (the voice of Homer Simpson from "The Simpsons"). And the voice artist behind Hop Pop is Bill Farmer (the current voice of iconic Disney character Goofy) doing an imitation of the late Pat Buttram.

  • TheDragonstorm1993
    TheDragonstorm1993 2 months ago +1

    0:17 that dance looks familiar...

  • jordan webb
    jordan webb 2 months ago +10

    Is it me or does Hop Pop sounds like Doc from The 7D.

    • J.D. Monat
      J.D. Monat 2 months ago

      Same voice actor! Bill Farmer.

  • Wolf AngleBlade
    Wolf AngleBlade 2 months ago +110

    Hop Pop: There's a big difference between courage and stupiditeeeeeeee!!!!!!
    😁 😁 😁

  • Pea
    Pea 2 months ago +2

    I'm so excited!!

  • Jessica Murphy
    Jessica Murphy 2 months ago +5

    I LOVE this new light to Bill Farmer’s voice also GENIOS to get him on board

  • Sami Official
    Sami Official 2 months ago +4

    Yay!! More Amphibia!!

  • Avion Bruce
    Avion Bruce 2 months ago +7

    The voice of Goofy makes a great hop pop

  • Ciel3000
    Ciel3000 2 months ago +4

    Grunkle stan?!

  • sadlobster1
    sadlobster1 2 months ago +7

    Anyone else but me hear Doc from the 7D

    • sadlobster1
      sadlobster1 2 months ago

      @J.D. Monat And same tone of voice; even though Hop Pop tries to act cantankerous, he still sounds like gold ol' happy Doc

    • J.D. Monat
      J.D. Monat 2 months ago

      Same voice actor

  • Akif Ansari
    Akif Ansari 2 months ago +4

    The new Grunkle Stan

  • All That Good Stuff
    All That Good Stuff 2 months ago +23

    4 more days until Amphibia 😁! Can’t wait!!!

  • Osvaldo Diaz
    Osvaldo Diaz 2 months ago +6

    Wise yet hilarious

  • Wonjae Yi
    Wonjae Yi 2 months ago +14

    He’s wise, but not a really good dancer

  • BlythePennyBicycle21
    BlythePennyBicycle21 2 months ago +20

    Goofy is the grandfather of Miles Callisto.

    • tyler chou
      tyler chou Month ago

      Miles Callisto's voice actor, Justin Felbinger also voices Sprig in Amphibia

    • Oof Oof
      Oof Oof 2 months ago

      Weird flex but ok

  • //Callanie_Is_Real\\
    //Callanie_Is_Real\\ 2 months ago +4

    I'm very excited for this ❤️

    • Corey Million
      Corey Million 2 months ago

      Same here, because I've waited a YEAR for this show to happen! Makes waiting for the Owl House even MORE worthwhile!

  • Drew Sellick
    Drew Sellick 2 months ago +1

    I still wish John Goodman voiced Hop Pop instead of Bill Farmer

    • J.D. Monat
      J.D. Monat 2 months ago

      Then he wouldn’t be funny!!

  • S T E V E N U N I V E R S E


  • Koral Davis
    Koral Davis 2 months ago +9

    Hop Pop might be the wise elder to Anne. The Yoda to her Luke Skywalker.

  • Murphy Murphy
    Murphy Murphy 2 months ago +56

    He reminds me of Grunkle Stan, strict but I bet he’s hiding something🤔

    • Star The Underestimated
      Star The Underestimated 13 days ago

      SantiNico23 Hi! It’s probably because I watched the entire season on his channel!

    • SantiNico23
      SantiNico23 13 days ago

      @Star The Underestimated Hey! I see you a lot on the channel sprigg planter! What a nice coincidence :D i'm just watching clips of the series until season 2 arrives...

    • Star The Underestimated
      Star The Underestimated 29 days ago

      And now we have episode 16b.....
      Hop pop is “Not what he seems”!

    • Brick Built
      Brick Built Month ago

      Just look at episode 7

    • Audrey Patrick
      Audrey Patrick 2 months ago +1

      Diva Day wait what

  • Eri Pena
    Eri Pena 2 months ago +6

    Is it just me, or has anyone noticed a trend in a lot of Disney's recent animated shows, mainly for having grumpy, but still with hearts of gold, old people. Gravity Falls, Ducktales, Big City Greens, and now Amphibia.

  • [VUT] Windows XP TWO
    [VUT] Windows XP TWO 2 months ago +1

    is that Mad Dummy's theme playing?

  • Stefan Loncar
    Stefan Loncar 2 months ago +11

    So basically just another Grunkle Stan

  • ItzSpuffy
    ItzSpuffy 2 months ago +2

    Very late.

  • StellaMagic100
    StellaMagic100 2 months ago +7

    What could he be really doing in that study? How much you want to bet he's got a secret like Grunkle Stan?

  • poptartsag
    poptartsag 2 months ago +2