BEST Business Class? ANA New Business Class "The Room"

  • Published on Sep 21, 2019
  • ANA All Nippon Airways have launched their new Business Class "The Room" on their new B777-300/ER. I took this flight from Tokyo Haneda to London Heathrow to experience "The Room" New Business Class of ANA. The new ANA Business Class is the widest Business Class seat with flexible doors for privacy.
    Check out all the features and whether you'd agree this is one of the Best Business Class product out there?

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  • Sam Chui
    Sam Chui  27 days ago +110

    For more in-depth review and information on ANA New Business Class, go to my blog:

    • Ashish Diwan
      Ashish Diwan 18 days ago

      you're such a pervert asking the innocent Japanese lady to sit so close to you in the same seat.

    • Matthew Landberg
      Matthew Landberg 20 days ago

      I am kind of jealous in a good way for you. Japanese food is totally delicious.

    • David ben Mesecke
      David ben Mesecke 21 day ago

      Thanks for yet another great show. Hope to see your review of ANA's First class, the suites, soon.

    • Saurav Mehta
      Saurav Mehta 22 days ago

      Hello Sam.. I watch all the videos of yours.. You doing great.. keep it upp.. I have one question.. Which is the best airlines in Business class from India to New York.. Kindly help me out

    • Matthew Landberg
      Matthew Landberg 23 days ago

      How long have you been doing this for a living @Sam Chui?

  • Mark Dave Bedanio
    Mark Dave Bedanio 2 hours ago

    Hello! Mr. Sam Chui may i know what is the title of the vlog music you use in this vlog :) im a big fan of your airline review. more vlogs to come sir :)

  • Robert Sanchez
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  • Juan Gallego
    Juan Gallego Day ago

    3:45 Duuuude.... Did I just hear an Asian being racist??? LOL

  • Ro .o
    Ro .o Day ago


  • Jerome Stuwart
    Jerome Stuwart Day ago

    May I know your source of income

  • i bought some jams • 98 years ago

    What in the actual hell, 501 knots?!?!!!!!

  • Kevin Kelly
    Kevin Kelly 2 days ago

    Was the cabin overheated? ANA business is amazing except it's consistently too hot to sleep!! (experience on 787s)

  • Weston Bush
    Weston Bush 2 days ago

    where is sam from originally?

  • puccaland
    puccaland 2 days ago

    Looks like ANA is back in the game.

    L_CAS LOL 2 days ago

    When you realise Saké is mad out of fermented rice :) xd

  • The legend
    The legend 2 days ago +2

    The way he eats the food man eewww 🤢🤢🤮🤮

  • downundabrotha
    downundabrotha 3 days ago

    3:56 Boomerang - Tape Machines (Instrumental version).

  • Dream Car
    Dream Car 3 days ago +3

    “It’s nice to see someone different here” lol

  • Seve Sellors
    Seve Sellors 3 days ago

    Great video ANA look cool!

  • reno flames
    reno flames 3 days ago


  • reno flames
    reno flames 3 days ago


  • reno flames
    reno flames 3 days ago


  • เจนวิทย์ วิกุล

    I'm. Enjoy.
    From. Thailand

  • Gabriel Levi
    Gabriel Levi 4 days ago

    Your next fly is whit Air Koryo 😂pls

  • Dicas de Turismo
    Dicas de Turismo 4 days ago

    I'am from Brazil, I Love Flight. Your video is very good.

  • Andrew Toon
    Andrew Toon 4 days ago

    Chloe is tasty

  • Akash Mudaliar
    Akash Mudaliar 5 days ago

    He’s a funny guy

    • TrangDB9
      TrangDB9 4 days ago

      Yep, I can't understand people who complain about him being "socially awkward" or "offensive". Political correctness is a pain in the a**.

  • flipteezy
    flipteezy 5 days ago

    Mimosa chick!

  • Wai Lau
    Wai Lau 5 days ago

    How much?

  • wild nfl
    wild nfl 5 days ago +1

    Wow, sooo many ads, RU-clip is going to push its viewers away.

  • Ahmad Amin Abd Rashid
    Ahmad Amin Abd Rashid 6 days ago +3

    6:09 parallel take-off

  • Olivier Morisson
    Olivier Morisson 6 days ago +1

    I am really impressed withe quality of service on ANA. I cant wait to try "the ROOM" as this is probably Superior to the already classy AIR FRANCE Business Class. Not to mention the food. Thank you Sam !

  • Luke Smith
    Luke Smith 6 days ago

    787 A380 ANA

  • Ben Roache
    Ben Roache 6 days ago

    Eating washoku with a fork wtf?!

  • SoyyodavidZzxy
    SoyyodavidZzxy 6 days ago +1

    8:00. Tada! You always make me laugh.

  • Lord Mashie
    Lord Mashie 7 days ago +2

    Really like that square looking design

  • Strix NumBezZeDz
    Strix NumBezZeDz 7 days ago

    If this is business, the fuck is first class like??

  • Mr Coucou
    Mr Coucou 7 days ago +2

    13:31 interesting what Sam is saying. Basically the plane was chasing the Sun only on a flat earth it can be possible ✌🏼

  • YouTube Video Maker
    YouTube Video Maker 8 days ago

    I think,not the best,menu insufficient,seafood only,lounge ordinary,etc...👎👎👎Turkish Airlines has the best business class,rich turkish cuisine,full menu,wonderful lounge,etc...👍👍👍

  • BajaGirl302
    BajaGirl302 8 days ago +3

    Dam, I would fly just for the ramen!

  • pagpag5036
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  • Antoine C
    Antoine C 9 days ago +1

    Do you know the name of the song during all the video ? Thank you by advance !

  • Achilles Vs Maximus
    Achilles Vs Maximus 9 days ago +1

    turkish airline and fly emirate are better. Long live Kurds and Kurdish city’s in turkey iraq and syria in Middle East.

  • Mrswaviator
    Mrswaviator 9 days ago

    what camera do you vlog with?

  • Flight Deck
    Flight Deck 10 days ago +4

    THis has to be one of the best business class configurations I've ever seen

  • Louie Cen
    Louie Cen 10 days ago

    The screen saying 179 knots and also 345 knots shortly after take off is lying to you...anyway nice flight

  • xing an Tan
    xing an Tan 10 days ago

    This is better than sq 777 300er. 👏

  • Blankly Sighted
    Blankly Sighted 11 days ago +5

    6:10 anyone notice this sort of parallel take off?

  • walter arrigorriaga
    walter arrigorriaga 11 days ago

    Hi Sam , it is too much food for a flight , then , you are gonna eat on the plane. Lol. Saludos

  • patrickthefox
    patrickthefox 11 days ago +3

    0:27 that kinda creepy

  • isthatabear
    isthatabear 11 days ago +1

    So much cringe in this video 😬

  • T Tatsuya
    T Tatsuya 12 days ago +6

    I’m happy you had enjoyed in Haneda international airport and “The room” !! We are waiting you come to Haneda again!!

  • mike cole
    mike cole 12 days ago

    I bet your half sister got a ton of hits...she’s a doll!!

  • Winston lin
    Winston lin 12 days ago

    Sam 你有去过北京飞机场嗎?

  • Danyal Salim
    Danyal Salim 12 days ago

    The sake didn't go down too well by your expressions..😜

  • Peter Vachon
    Peter Vachon 12 days ago

    Sam: when you were doing some in flight video editing, were you able to connect your laptop to the monitor for an extended desktop workspace??

  • lucas doyle
    lucas doyle 12 days ago

    he usually does not like the green colour, that means alot, lol

  • Sakja
    Sakja 12 days ago

    So much food. If I had the appetite I had when I was young, I could eat it all and more, but now, I eat like a bird and have to push myself to eat.

  • Sakja
    Sakja 12 days ago

    Sam, how many languages do you speak?

  • Minh Trịnh
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  • Tien Huynh
    Tien Huynh 13 days ago

    thank you sam great works

  • Keisuke Hirata
    Keisuke Hirata 13 days ago

    You got something on the lens!

  • Rex Andreas
    Rex Andreas 13 days ago +6

    holy cow, few times ive been flying, ive gotten peanuts, pretzels, and like half a soda can..............must be nice to be rich........

  • Msk Kwn
    Msk Kwn 13 days ago

    I enjoyed this video very very much! I found new ANA's value by this video. I'll board someday😍