Celebrity homes tour around Beverly Hills in a Rolls Royce Dawn!

  • Published on Mar 20, 2018
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    Rather than take the tour bus, we took my Dawn out for a spot of celebrity spotting in Beverly Hills!
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  • RawGab
    RawGab 5 hours ago

    Hate LA ..had to live there for almost 4 years ...couldn't wait to get out

  • Sicario DJ
    Sicario DJ 10 hours ago

    Michael is zo humble. So humble towards people, so humble towards his environment and living space. He has all the same richness as most celebrities but he never takes anything for granted. Very inspiring.

    ROCKYMOUNTAIN46 3 days ago

    Can totally recommend the Beverly Hills hotel, few years ago was with some friends in LA, one of the girls desperately needed the loo, parked outside the hotel on the road went in and the staff were lovely and just said go for it, my friend said the ladies was better than her house!
    Micheal for Cali governor!

  • Ilija Stojanovski
    Ilija Stojanovski 4 days ago

    should be called a tour of the celebrity's gates in Beverly hills..

  • Chris Blazek
    Chris Blazek 4 days ago


  • Marko Marko
    Marko Marko 5 days ago

    The most secure city unless you get smashed by a speeding Lambo 😂

  • TooSick2Di3
    TooSick2Di3 8 days ago

    When I first saw this channel by recommendation, I thought Michael was gonna be a douche, but he has really grown on me, seems like a great guy and fun to be around.

  • Mohamed Rahman
    Mohamed Rahman 8 days ago

    Hi PM can you like my comment please so i know someone cares.




    Dude is a pig

  • haloboy5
    haloboy5 9 days ago +1

    left me smiling - Michael does it sooo well. driving w M and his mate gets funny as fuc again... love yo work!!

  • Padge Padgham
    Padge Padgham 13 days ago

    That's a hat the Swiss wear when Yodeling

  • Quicksilver
    Quicksilver 14 days ago

    All those ultra rich people, living behind their high walls.....advocating for open borders!

    • Quicksilver
      Quicksilver 13 days ago

      @Joel Did I say all? "All those" generally means a great deal, which is correct among the Hollywood elite. If you dont believe that, just watch the Oscar's or Emmys. I'm neither ignorant or unsuccessful.

    • Joel
      Joel 13 days ago

      All of them? Like 100% with no doubt? This kind of ignorance prevents success.

  • Faisal hayat
    Faisal hayat 15 days ago +2

    Won ever I see your voides I really enjoyed it I see my sulfe in that place war I can't afford to be thanks so much for your great video

  • stillett12343
    stillett12343 16 days ago

    the response time in Sydney NSW is 25 years +, for home invasion, extortion in progress

  • Rich
    Rich 17 days ago

    Why do Rolls-Royce skimp and fit cheap Black Seatbelts with beige/ stone leather???

  • Rich
    Rich 17 days ago

    Who is the bloke driving, what does he do?

    • Joel
      Joel 13 days ago

      He is a producer, as the channel name suggests, he started with television IIRC!

  • Jaim 237
    Jaim 237 18 days ago

    We want a tour of your house

  • Road Hog
    Road Hog 18 days ago

    Why are the Beverly Hills more important than the rest of America, give every town the same, I bet the cops in Beverly Hill get paid shit loads more than the average cops

  • Dragon Fly
    Dragon Fly 20 days ago +6

    The only person on RU-clip who is rich 💰 and don't have rich attitude. Love you man.. Keep it going

  • Eric erker
    Eric erker 20 days ago +1

    I love your videos, it almost seems like I was doing the tour as well. ❤

  • Wayne andrews
    Wayne andrews 21 day ago

    I don't know who he is & I cant understand why you are all gushing over him , are you all so shallow that you cant see how pretentious , conceited , superficial , self-important , fake , egotistical , smarmy , plastic , obnoxious , hypocritical & lame he is ? oh wait , your americans , you just love cheap , nasty & no style ...

  • Wayne andrews
    Wayne andrews 21 day ago

    This guy is banging on about cctv on every street , above all shops , cops on every corner , plain cloths & security everywhere , mmmm , that's called " big brother police state " ..

  • well being
    well being 22 days ago

    Did they not see my name on that list?.💰😎

  • Bezirksverwaltung
    Bezirksverwaltung 22 days ago

    I guess its a quite noisy area with all lambos and ferraris all the time

  • Sukra Raj Khaling
    Sukra Raj Khaling 23 days ago +1

    In this world there are many rich man but rich like you with kind heart and polite is very few and one of them is you Mr. Michael, you are such a great person with kindness 👍👍👍

  • Angela Fletcher-Melville

    Thank you Michael and Adam for the Beverly Hills tour, loved it ❤🇬🇧

  • Shak Pro
    Shak Pro 27 days ago

    MICHAEL, your feather's in the way!

  • Shak Pro
    Shak Pro 27 days ago

    Wasn't the LAPD the most corrupt in the world at one point?

    • Blue
      Blue 20 days ago

      As opposed to who? China now? Germany back during WW2? What the fuck are you on lol

  • mark orfila
    mark orfila 29 days ago

    That Rolls Royce engine sounds glorious !

  • Tubati Koushik
    Tubati Koushik Month ago

    The coolest police guy EVER!! 😂

  • Bevy Davis
    Bevy Davis Month ago

    I know someone who's planning an Odyssey in Beverly Hiils

  • jeb stuart
    jeb stuart Month ago

    Cavalli, Gucci, Versace, etc, are just bling bling and made for people who have awful taste and look like a promotional advertising . Good italian/french luxury tayloring are Smalto, Boggi, Cuccinelli, Scarosso, Givenchy, Santos. That s the difference between a gentleman and someone Who's not.

  • bhumika panchal
    bhumika panchal Month ago +1

    The only thing Beverly hills missing is ME. 💃

  • USA Rocks!
    USA Rocks! Month ago

    How come celebrities live behind walls, but we're racist if we do it. Hmmm

  • BigDutchKingTut
    BigDutchKingTut Month ago +1

    @7:44 chris brown's car? Possible.

  • BigDutchKingTut
    BigDutchKingTut Month ago +1

    @3:27 yea as long as you're well off and not a black male.

    • Joel
      Joel 13 days ago

      Why do you have to be racist? Black people can be rich too and enjoy a lifestyle that suits them.
      People like you are what keeps the last dying glimpse of racism alive.

  • R S
    R S Month ago

    Sorry, Michael, but the richest town in the world is Monte Carlo, Monaco. Around 44k Eur /square meter ;)

  • Amit Shriqui
    Amit Shriqui Month ago

    The video makes me feel im in the car with you... Great Video A&M!

  • MacPro8CoreMan
    MacPro8CoreMan Month ago

    Great Video - I would put my city up against Bev Hills for Cars, Great Police, Fabulous Homes and Shopping. Come to Scottsdale/Paradise Valley AZ. We have a lot of Celebs that own homes here as well.

  • Zosang Liana
    Zosang Liana Month ago

    love the old man

  • virgil vaman
    virgil vaman Month ago

    Is the seat belt optional in Beverly Hills????????

  • Samuel JONES
    Samuel JONES Month ago +1

    Is Michael gay

  • Andri Budiwibowo
    Andri Budiwibowo Month ago

    just wanna say hi from Indonesia, good content :)

  • Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata Month ago

    He is dressed like a rich guy in mad max

  • Hoerenkinderen Lmao

    'It was raining for like 2 days!' 'Yeah it was awful' lmfao

  • johnny cage
    johnny cage Month ago

    Johnny Cage
    401st AFSBn LTF KAF
    APO AE 09355 USA

  • Luis
    Luis Month ago

    gta Feeling

    who knows?

  • xRustic
    xRustic Month ago +6

    when i watch his videos i feel like im apart of them love you Michael!!!

  • Mande Skelton
    Mande Skelton Month ago +1

    Found out from another video that Adam was green with a hangover for this tour😨 Poor guy. Did a great job pushing through.. A true professional.

  • Jade Welch
    Jade Welch Month ago +2

    I absolutely LOVE Michael. I love his quirky style. But even I was like “What the....” when I saw the hat and leather jacket. Is he Boy George? Lol 😂.

  • East CoastGuy
    East CoastGuy Month ago

    that rolls is loud for being so expensive

  • Tonnie Nyabuto
    Tonnie Nyabuto 2 months ago +3

    Very nice video... Love Beverly Hills. That Japanese car is not Honda Civic though, it's a Toyota Starlet

    ZODIAC 2 months ago

    take a ride to a soup kitchen

    ZODIAC 2 months ago

    my friend lives in beverly hills he owns 10 yugo cars

  • S Ash
    S Ash 2 months ago

    Beverly Hills is definitely not the safest city. Rodeo drive is filled with homeless

  • 2doorduude
    2doorduude 2 months ago +2

    16:07 killed me 😂😂

  • Amber Spirit
    Amber Spirit 2 months ago

    3:24 coolest police dept but the biggest paycheck of all hahaha

  • Young Gunna
    Young Gunna 2 months ago

    Man michael i LOVE your videos and your style aswell (cant forget about the genius adam) , but why you look like a human chicken with that hat on?

  • Joe Holguin
    Joe Holguin 2 months ago +5

    I really wish I can live a life like this and do whatever I want for me and my family, one day I will work and be successful thanks for the inspiration wish everyone luck and an amazing day!!