10 Greatest Signature Moves In NBA History!

  • Published on Oct 2, 2018
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    A lot of players over the years have their own signature moves. In this video, I talk about 10 of the most iconic signature moves in NBA history. Enjoy!
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  • Andy Hoops
    Andy Hoops  6 months ago +1149

    For those who keep commenting about Ginobili - yes I do know he's from Argentina. But it's still called the Eurostep when he does it. It ain't called the South American step lmao

    • reekgotti
      reekgotti 9 hours ago

      U forgot Kevin Mchale slipery eel

    • Foozay Fooz
      Foozay Fooz 2 days ago

      Antonio Román he didn’t say he made the step he’s saying he made it famous in the NBA 🙄

    • Phil Serna
      Phil Serna 5 days ago

      James worthy finger roll
      Scotty Pippen used the glass a lot too.
      The most influential was LeBron James the Crybaby move. James would Invoke his signature Crybaby move plea to the refs until they changed their minds and gave him the call.😢😪😂😭

    • Matthew Vicinanzo
      Matthew Vicinanzo 6 days ago

      Where is Kevin McHale's pivot foot rotation up and under. Unstoppable.

  • Robert Vanyo
    Robert Vanyo 5 hours ago

    Larry Birds fade-away? And other ONLY BIRD SHOTS???? This list is a big BS and crap.

  • JXR - Jake Rennings
    JXR - Jake Rennings 6 hours ago

    What about the “Blind Ref” move?

  • Eliseo Martinez
    Eliseo Martinez 9 hours ago

    Jokić has mastered almost all of these moves.

  • trha2222
    trha2222 9 hours ago

    You didn't mention Larry Bird's fadeaway? The best in NBA history? He was THE best at that. Better than Dirk. Better than Jordan. Better than anyone. What the hell are you smoking?

  • trha2222
    trha2222 10 hours ago

    I fucking HATE the Eurostep. It is traveling. It needs to go away.

  • Christian Dela cruz
    Christian Dela cruz 11 hours ago

    what about michael jordans signature leaning dunk it should be number 1

  • biz20072008
    biz20072008 11 hours ago

    Dirk' s speed walking?

  • biz20072008
    biz20072008 11 hours ago

    Dude! You should be a sports journalist

  • gingerfootman
    gingerfootman 14 hours ago

    what about Horford's flinch?

  • Mally Bally
    Mally Bally 21 hour ago

    HOLD UP WAIT MINUTE what about that cradle dunk hmmmm?

  • wilo.wisper Thomas
    wilo.wisper Thomas 23 hours ago

    What about James hardens step back

  • Chris K
    Chris K 23 hours ago

    What about James harden thinking about what hes eating for dinner instead of defending

  • pítchвαck gαmíng HANz

    You must include LeBron's fade away.

  • Mr MistyEyE
    Mr MistyEyE Day ago

    Jamal Crawford's shake n bake?

  • Darth Maul
    Darth Maul Day ago

    9 million views man woowwzers good job hooper

  • Kush O
    Kush O Day ago

    Allen Iverson literally is an A.I

  • Bill Keon
    Bill Keon Day ago

    How about Kobe’s iconic smug arrogance or his sexual assault. What a scumbag. Can’t watch him play

  • Bill Keon
    Bill Keon Day ago

    Get rid of the 3 point line and then maybe you’ll see the inside game come back because virtually none now. No strategy anymore just step across centre line and toss a three.

  • BrendaNeena Yeomans

    MJs jelly

  • W1C3C
    W1C3C Day ago

    Joel Embiid is the next Hakeem

  • Jamie
    Jamie Day ago

    You forgot the jelly🍇

  • Niners 21
    Niners 21 2 days ago

    Mj fade away is way better than dirks. Dirks can be blocked cuz he doesn’t even get that high and he barely backs away. Mj elivates and fades back plus gives a little shake first

  • badfshn
    badfshn 2 days ago

    Leboy chase down block?? Signature move? Lmao

  • antoneil ashley
    antoneil ashley 2 days ago +1

    Curry the boss🏀

  • M Sar
    M Sar 2 days ago +4

    Although I love me some dreamshake, the most unstoppable shot in the NBA is the hook.

    • MoneyMakinMitch
      MoneyMakinMitch 14 hours ago

      M Sar especially when you like 7 ft nobody is blocking that

  • Kyle Day
    Kyle Day 2 days ago

    Wade’s Eurostep was better than Manus

  • Zuhko
    Zuhko 2 days ago

    I know this videos old but I didn’t see one comment about how he said Kareem scores the most points in nba history... my guess is he had mistaken Kareem with Wilt chamberlain who scored 100

    • Naira Gatsby
      Naira Gatsby 2 days ago

      He literally says Kareem is the all time scorer pay attention

  • Terrence PERKINS
    Terrence PERKINS 2 days ago

    1 . Mj
    2. Kareem
    3 Hakeem
    4. Kobe
    5 shaq
    6 pat
    7. Lbj dnt have shit

  • Jose Morales
    Jose Morales 3 days ago +1

    Jordan's fadeaway was the best looking one. Dirks was more effective. He was a better shooter

  • jerico abarintos
    jerico abarintos 3 days ago

    Hi papa or jerico

  • Knight Solid
    Knight Solid 3 days ago +2

    For me Euro step was more good done by Philippines player Ricci Rivero

  • Foozay Fooz
    Foozay Fooz 3 days ago +2

    Do not call it the Kobe/Jordan fade-away 🙄🙄🙄 it’s JORDAN’S fade away 🙄🙄

    • Foozay Fooz
      Foozay Fooz 2 days ago

      Jose Archuleta obviously too young for this comment, run along.

    • Jose Archuleta
      Jose Archuleta 2 days ago

      Foozay Fooz Sorry bud, it’s a kobe/jordan fade away.

  • Just isy
    Just isy 3 days ago

    Damian lilard does those long threes now cuz he said he was better than curry and he just copy’s curry

  • Brendan Lambe
    Brendan Lambe 3 days ago

    What about MJ’s dunk

  • Magikarp Will Survive!

    5:38 It's crazy that the chase down block is considered to be LeBron's signature move. It happens on various occasions mainly because his team's turnovers transition into fast breaks. So, what should be easy points for the opposing team is actually one block added to the stat sheet for LeBron. The man does not give up on plays

  • Madara’s Clone
    Madara’s Clone 3 days ago

    MJ Space Jam dunk

  • fgu82
    fgu82 4 days ago

    very good choice of #1

  • Loser LoVer
    Loser LoVer 4 days ago


  • Caesar Vespasian
    Caesar Vespasian 4 days ago

    I find these moves offensive

  • Crüsh
    Crüsh 4 days ago

    Forgot lebron's " Belly Flop " move.

  • King Kong
    King Kong 4 days ago +1

    Jason willams elbow pass???? ( and he has the the best passes)

  • Wilde_kendrickman 123

    Magic Johnson averaging 99999999999 assists

  • Im Lucifirst
    Im Lucifirst 4 days ago

    You forgot stephenson's dance moves

  • Caleb The small kid
    Caleb The small kid 4 days ago

    What about Bob Cousy no look passes he made that and magic copied it

  • BurstFire BBC
    BurstFire BBC 4 days ago

    Rondo? You mean Jason Williams?

  • Jordan Thistle
    Jordan Thistle 4 days ago

    You forgot shaq's free throw...

  • Jpts13
    Jpts13 5 days ago

    Aj advertisers beats shame that’s what he gets from fat men

  • Lemon Ice
    Lemon Ice 5 days ago

    Where's Harden double step back?

  • lil snoop
    lil snoop 5 days ago

    lebron most iconic move was "flop move" no one can guard him on those moves 😂😂😂😂

  • Shadrach Hayward
    Shadrach Hayward 5 days ago

    When i was little i thought the sky hook was the greatest move in the world and looked kool, i tried it when i grew up ..... 5foot8in and shitty jump nah not happening

  • Steven Scully
    Steven Scully 5 days ago

    the eurostep is traveling. its literally three steps without a dribble and euro trash as fuck

  • Phil Serna
    Phil Serna 5 days ago

    Don't forget Shaquille's. Cant make a freethrow if his life depended on it signature classic.

  • Phil Serna
    Phil Serna 5 days ago

    Then there's LeBrons. I forgot my suitcase travel move.

  • James H
    James H 5 days ago

    Don’t get me wrong magic was great!!! But John Stockton is the greatest point guard it ever step foot on a basketball court!

  • sean smith
    sean smith 6 days ago

    Wat about harden step back you did lebron chase down block that's not really a skill

  • Sibusiso Mthimkhulu
    Sibusiso Mthimkhulu 6 days ago

    I didn't know basketball was this easy

  • dosdadio siapa
    dosdadio siapa 6 days ago

    Whatever be the merit of these individuals, including Jordan, what i see is that Magic Johnson is the best of them all, because he represent what basketball play should be- It is team play, and he let and help his co players work for the team by distributing the ball to the open man. but he can shoot it for himself. He is not just a crocodile players. unlike most players that they want to do the scoring by trying to outdo their guards. Johnson when he took offense is to rattle the opponent's team that he is going for the goal then suddenly the ball is passed on to the open man for the best goal. he can rebound against the center of the opponents and can 3 point shoot, slash and play defense. most other number one players are goes aggressive for the shot that will make them the scorer even if it is difficult that they should pass to other who are in best position for a goal. Johnson is the opposite he let most his co players makes the scores and he also contributes by scoring more.

  • ASVP_Flame
    ASVP_Flame 6 days ago +1

    Ginobilis not European he’s Argentinian

    • JustANub _
      JustANub _ 5 days ago

      @ASVP_Flame ok.. I guess you are right about the location.. but they are Spaniards that lives in South America

    • ASVP_Flame
      ASVP_Flame 5 days ago

      Why don’t u look it up slow

    • JustANub _
      JustANub _ 5 days ago

      @ASVP_Flame look it up then

    • ASVP_Flame
      ASVP_Flame 5 days ago +1

      Argentina is in South American

    • JustANub _
      JustANub _ 5 days ago

      You do know that argentina is at Europe right?

  • to501453
    to501453 6 days ago +2

    Can I get a lil honorable mention:
    Shawn Kemp post/limbo move

  • Alec Marsch
    Alec Marsch 6 days ago

    What about shamgods cross

  • palaboy ako
    palaboy ako 6 days ago

    Never forget jordan moves

  • gillan5
    gillan5 6 days ago

    I am German and I have no clue about basketball, but I have seen Larry Bird doing the fadeway years before Dirk, and the commenters on the youtube film with Bird called it "...Bird is doing the fadeway", so sorry to my fellow countryman Dirk but it definitely was not his invention. Maybe someone did it before Bird too. I guess with Dirk - he is 8 centimeter taller than Bird- it looks more impressive and he perfectionized the move.

  • Ayman alabbas
    Ayman alabbas 6 days ago

    James harden dose the euro step better

  • MG11
    MG11 6 days ago

    Duncan learned the bank shot from Piculin Ortiz

  • Matthew Vicinanzo
    Matthew Vicinanzo 6 days ago

    Where is Kevin McHale's pivot foot rotation up and under. Unstoppable.

  • Juanmillionaire
    Juanmillionaire 6 days ago +1

    You forgot about LeBron's travel

  • Kred Nevalga
    Kred Nevalga 7 days ago

    Lol avery Bradley always dead to lebron's chase down ahahahaha

  • Micha3l Gaming,Reaction,Vlogs And More

    U forgot about zazas dirty plays

  • Mike Wikowski
    Mike Wikowski 7 days ago

    Rip that guy in 4:39 what a foul

  • Cheick Abdel Coulibaly

    Where is James harden step back ?

    GRIM FIREHEAD 7 days ago +6

    K.G. did love blocking those, after the play, SHOTS! Good one.

  • Adam LUFC
    Adam LUFC 7 days ago +1

    Kareem didn’t score the most points in nba history

  • Allen Williams
    Allen Williams 7 days ago +1

    Earl Monroe was a combination of maybe 75 percent of all the moves shown on this video. Just his being on the court was a signature move move move move move....

  • Allen Williams
    Allen Williams 7 days ago +4

    Tim Duncan had a great signature move bank shot, but Elvin Hayes had the great signature move turnaround bank shot.

  • dipsyet101
    dipsyet101 8 days ago

    You forgot about tmac shots

  • Wus Poppin Jimbo
    Wus Poppin Jimbo 8 days ago

    But Manu is not european, he's from Argentina

  • Marketing Lab
    Marketing Lab 9 days ago +1

    the DREAM SHAKE is one the legendary moves, but check this top PLAYS of NBA 2019

  • Scott Cale
    Scott Cale 9 days ago

    Maravich!!!!! Did most of this before any of them! Original showtime!!

  • A Corbould
    A Corbould 9 days ago

    First off I am not a basketball fan but really enjoyed this video and did know enough to know what would be number 1 before even looking. Wonder if you could come up with the same for other sports (ignoring those who will say who cares about other sports and pat themselves on the back for being so witty). I was thinking for the sport I like most personally, Hockey, there is the spin-o-ramma (Serge Savard), the slapshot (yes used all the time now but not always, who was the first to popularize was it Boom Boom Gefferion?) Revolutionizing the defenseman position to make them offensive scorers (Bobby Orr). Curved stick (Mikita), and must be someone who first used the hip check and then how about Ken Dryden resting on his goalie stick, so tall and intimidating, didn't hurt he was a great goalie.

  • BBall Griot
    BBall Griot 9 days ago +1

    Wilt Chamberlain mastered every post-up move imaginable. See the RU-clip video "Wilt Chamberlain scouting report" for undeniable proof. Chamberlain should be recognized as the best post-up player ever, but since "Nobody roots for Goliath.", Wilt's height advantage works against him.
    Wilt didn't NEED to use up and under moves as much as Olajuwon, because Wilt could more often simply go over defenders.

  • BBall Griot
    BBall Griot 9 days ago

    Wilt Chamberlain's signature finger roll has never been duplicated.

  • BBall Griot
    BBall Griot 9 days ago

    What was the MOST Unstoppable move in NBA history? Based on the fact that Wilt Chamberlain LOCKED DOWN Kareem's skyhook, yet no one locked down Wilt's Fadeaway, Wilt's move was superior.

  • BBall Griot
    BBall Griot 9 days ago

    To say that the mid-range bank shot used by Tim Duncan was never used in any other era is big mistake. Wilt Chamberlain's bank shot was literally unstoppable, and he was prolific with it. See the RU-clip video "Wilt Chamberlain's Unstoppable Fadeaway" for undisputed proof.

  • BBall Griot
    BBall Griot 9 days ago

    The name "Eurostep" has become ingrained in the consciousness of the BBall world due to the prominence of Euromedia.

  • BBall Griot
    BBall Griot 9 days ago

    Elgin Baylor popularized what's now called the "Eurostep" in the 1960's, and it's been used in the NBA & on playgrounds ever since. Just because there weren't high-tech highlights to super-hype it & document this doesn't mean it's new. The move is older than Manu Ginobili.

  • Karrine Bradford
    Karrine Bradford 10 days ago

    when you said that abdul jabbar scored the most points in nba i thought wilt scored the most??????

  • Merric Young
    Merric Young 10 days ago

    Jamal Crawford shake and bake?

  • Ronald San Jose
    Ronald San Jose 10 days ago

    Even before manu's move was called "euro step" ... it's a popular move in the Philippines (amateur, pro and streetball) and and we simply called it "side step"!

  • ZachAttack1
    ZachAttack1 10 days ago

    Harden’s step back

  • Pauling Parking
    Pauling Parking 10 days ago +1

    James Harden's Flop.

  • Ronayne Tsvuura
    Ronayne Tsvuura 11 days ago

    Remember the Shamgod

  • Carl Joed Ortiz
    Carl Joed Ortiz 11 days ago

    Jamal Crawford's shake and bake?

  • mharjun torcende
    mharjun torcende 11 days ago

    no.one ever think about 360° dunk?

  • Mexican larry bird
    Mexican larry bird 11 days ago

    3 names I say when shooting stuff into the trash can KOBE! - normal shot. DRIK- someone trying to block my shot. KAREEM - just trying to be fancy with my shot.

  • adelfz jr.
    adelfz jr. 12 days ago

    KD's anacondurantula move to GSW??

  • bravojoe2000k
    bravojoe2000k 12 days ago

    How about Shawn Marion’s ugly eye level jump shots? I do it all the time.

  • grimfear AMVs 強
    grimfear AMVs 強 12 days ago

    even the camera can chase the ball

  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez 12 days ago

    Dominique’s windmill. Other than that everything is on point. Good video

  • ZaddyOc & Mohamedissavage

    What about KD’s “team slither swap” ?

    • MoneyMakinMitch
      MoneyMakinMitch 14 hours ago

      ZaddyOc & Mohamedissavage ThAts a great one

    • Droze
      Droze 12 days ago

      ZaddyOc & Mohamedissavage lmao