Minecraft NOOB vs PRO vs GOD: TROPICAL ISLAND HOUSE BUILD CHALLENGE in Minecraft / Animation

  • Published on Oct 12, 2019
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  • WiederDude
    WiederDude  Month ago +223

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      SANDEEP GAMING 23 days ago

      Make a watch tower

    • Jannie Okken
      Jannie Okken Month ago

      jij maakt heele leuke vidios

    • Superman21
      Superman21 Month ago

      YOU BUILT this massive house that you probs spent a few hours thinking and making thease really cool builds but they ALL could be lit up with ONE flame.

    • bob czech
      bob czech Month ago

      This is 😎. I'm 😊 because i love your videos.

    • Devi marie Amay
      Devi marie Amay Month ago

      Gf Glenn

  • Ntvlâm Nguyễn
    Ntvlâm Nguyễn Day ago +1

    So good

  • Azril Ilham
    Azril Ilham 2 days ago


  • Danger Lex
    Danger Lex 2 days ago

    Poor Noob he cant ever be great by himself. Pro always has to 1 up him 😔

  • marian cbr
    marian cbr 2 days ago

    Dude you are the best builder

  • Morena Mancilla
    Morena Mancilla 4 days ago


  • ᅵ나야나
    ᅵ나야나 5 days ago


  • Ashley jean Panggo
    Ashley jean Panggo 7 days ago

    Wow that's good 👍

  • ManikAhau
    ManikAhau 8 days ago

    The noob house is much better than my house I'm like a legendary noob

  • Ash K
    Ash K 9 days ago

    When even the noob builds better than you..

  • XZyane X
    XZyane X 11 days ago

    Can someone give me tips....in beach house...im kinda noob not good but ill try my best

  • Христина Стасишин

    Я хоч українка і дівчина і мені 9 років, але я люблю дивитися такі віде

  • Justine Asumbrado
    Justine Asumbrado 12 days ago

    Thank you POR AND GOD

  • Jakub Juna
    Jakub Juna 13 days ago

    that palm on the end :DDD i dindnt have idea what was that if you build it :D (sorry for english)

  • omar topic houshaimi
    omar topic houshaimi 13 days ago

    استغفر الله

  • Lito Limpoco jr
    Lito Limpoco jr 15 days ago

    haa your all so amazing im ian this is my fathers account

  • Mila Karapandzic
    Mila Karapandzic 17 days ago

    Is this your house noob?

  • sparkle girl
    sparkle girl 17 days ago

    Please do a tutorial on the noon house

  • プリュネ
    プリュネ 18 days ago


  • Love Jurad
    Love Jurad 19 days ago

    God vs new vs. Pro Titanic 2

    • Love Jurad
      Love Jurad 19 days ago

      Get some rest 💤💤😘😴

  • Étienne Bérard
    Étienne Bérard 19 days ago

    Wow the noob house is best

  • das ende
    das ende 20 days ago

    Noob is bether then me

  • Beaponas Hiemawan
    Beaponas Hiemawan 20 days ago

    Pro buatanmu bagus

  • Ashokkumar  Jariwala
    Ashokkumar Jariwala 22 days ago

    Ani beneee

  • Johannes Martinson
    Johannes Martinson 22 days ago +1

    Sorry noob and pro i think god won this round to😂😂😂

  • Ясмин Максаткызы

    Это Ясмин я тебя обожаю сильно сильно я тебя люблю сильно сильно

  • z. k
    z. k 23 days ago

    (^~^)BTS 😍

  • Doruk Esentepe
    Doruk Esentepe 23 days ago +1

    Noob benden güzel yaptı aq😂😂😔

  • Sanju Gartaula
    Sanju Gartaula 24 days ago

    I subscribe you I like your building styles

  • Nich Gaming
    Nich Gaming 24 days ago

    Mod shader pick tv bro

  • Pandu Saputra
    Pandu Saputra 24 days ago


  • Barack Thanks
    Barack Thanks 25 days ago +1

    Hot vid dude

  • amanda DEWES
    amanda DEWES 25 days ago

    God help you cuz he's Jesus dad

  • Mohamad Kalakech
    Mohamad Kalakech 25 days ago

    I keep on getting ads about Minecraft every time I watch weirder dude

    ARTEM KIRILL BroS 25 days ago

    Мне понравилось дом про! Потому что там есть балкон кровать и ещё так далее!

  • Otgonjargal Otgonbayr
    Otgonjargal Otgonbayr 26 days ago +1

    God is zeus

  • Otgonjargal Otgonbayr
    Otgonjargal Otgonbayr 26 days ago

    God is zeus

  • Emas welt
    Emas welt 26 days ago

    Wie kann man so schon bei Got bauhen❤️

  • muhammad syarif
    muhammad syarif 26 days ago


  • Dung Dương
    Dung Dương 26 days ago +1

    noob island is small so noob cant build bigger

    dont hate noob >:3

  • Gleysinho Junior
    Gleysinho Junior 28 days ago

    you baixer tlauncher per minecraft

  • Juli love lezcano
    Juli love lezcano 29 days ago +1

    Hello :3

  • mark sanchez
    mark sanchez Month ago

    damn so cool

  • ss tall Toby
    ss tall Toby Month ago +1

    If that's what the noob's house looks like then I must be less then a noob

  • ボーのすけ
    ボーのすけ Month ago


  • นันทิตา หมาดหวัง


  • Eddie Wright
    Eddie Wright Month ago

    Not a noobs house at all

  • pennylessz
    pennylessz Month ago

    Cringey channel with great content, I'm conflicted.

  • Petal Kadir
    Petal Kadir Month ago +2

    Myfriend: a noob is better than you
    Me: you wish haha

    This video: you sound like james charles apologise

  • Lauren Bordelon
    Lauren Bordelon Month ago

    Could you please start decorating everything in each house like but bathrooms and living rooms stuff like that not just in the gods house

  • Nainy's Life
    Nainy's Life Month ago

    The people who don’t like the video are jealous

  • Monjur Hossain
    Monjur Hossain Month ago

    When you see a noob is a pro and then you die face-?🤯

  • Henry Pham
    Henry Pham Month ago

    The noob’s build is actually pretty good compared to me

  • Asep Afrizal
    Asep Afrizal Month ago

    Aku suka yang baju kuningr
    Rumahbagus kayaoohonrumah

  • Arslan Shaikh
    Arslan Shaikh Month ago


  • Mike Marshall
    Mike Marshall Month ago +1

    Who else saw the mushroom island when pro was on a boat? If not, click on this: 2:46

  • Ender Plots
    Ender Plots Month ago

    What is the skin you have for the "GOD" character?

  • Ghena Irshaid
    Ghena Irshaid Month ago

    It's vare Good

  • Vteam Aiden
    Vteam Aiden Month ago

    Noob is actually awesome because he always makes a house and then pro copy’s noob then hacker copy’s pro then god copy’s one of them
    If we didn’t have noob then we wouldn’t have the others making houses.

  • felix quispe
    felix quispe Month ago

    alguien español :v XD