These Ancient Relics Are So Advanced They Shouldn't Exist...

  • Published on Oct 26, 2017
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Comments • 21 122

  • Nap Dragon
    Nap Dragon 6 hours ago

    What if the voynich manuscript was the work of some troll who just made stuff up! 😂😂😂

  • indeab
    indeab 9 hours ago

    this is such a simple thing, i dont understand , why the big deal ?? is just too surprising to know that you all are so behind . ha ha :) . here i refer ' you' to apple computer code invention. i am sure many among us have already figured it all out.

  • DontGetMadd
    DontGetMadd 11 hours ago

    If it was aliens why are they drawing pictures of naked women dam perverts..😂😂😂 Aliens like to draw.

  • kc9kel
    kc9kel 14 hours ago

    ....toooo long.

  • GameGlitches Channel
    GameGlitches Channel 15 hours ago +1

    couldnt click thumbs down quick enough...for over 5 minutes, total bullshit...just get to the fucking point, enough with the 10minute+ videos to milk the revenue...
    They turned that off a while ago

  • Truth Stalker
    Truth Stalker 18 hours ago

    Whelp, there is folk!
    All the proof you need to deduce ~ that the history that we were forcibly taught to know, is nothing more than a bunch of BULLSHYT🧐

  • Lieuten Antimations
    Lieuten Antimations 19 hours ago

    Why is everyone criticising humans for putting everything they can't understand down to aliens?! I mean it is surely vanity to believe we are the only intelligent life species in the is vast universe! I think that that explanation actually makes the most sense: that the manuscript was either written by a stranded alien or a time traveller from an undiscovered country in the not yet achieved future.

  • DanGoodShot pewpew
    DanGoodShot pewpew 19 hours ago

    I don't know why people find it so hard to believe that things like this existed back then. Think about this. Out of all our technology and all the crap we have today how much of that would you expect to be dug or dredge up AND it still be recognizable after thousands of years of decay?
    If there's a World War 3 and after we blow ourselves back to the Stone Age. All that we know today after just a couple post war generations will be forgotten. All of our advances, technologies, our books and buildings would be turned to dust. In essence, we would have to start over again. As we rebuild and advance... again, a couple thousand years after the war people would be amazed at what us "ancients" knew as they make some rare and very random discoveries.

  • Miss Construed
    Miss Construed 20 hours ago

    The Voynich Manuscript was decoded a couple years ago by a father and son, it was a combination of languages.
    The majority of the book was recipes and potions

  • Charlette
    Charlette 20 hours ago +1


    • SoundVillageChunin17
      SoundVillageChunin17 10 hours ago

      Sounds like you and I agree on that. . Where did you learn about this? I want to learn more.

  • Madvlo
    Madvlo 21 hour ago

    dont judge a book by its cover 10:00

  • Steven Du toit
    Steven Du toit 23 hours ago +1

    Every two thousand years, mankind starts all over again.

  • J mr
    J mr Day ago

    fake moon genetic creations humans after the dinosours tests . didnt work out to well to aggressive... they were wiped for the new race .. and genetics simulation ..secret military structure involvment for over 60,000 years .also linked to the information they passed in egypt.. theywhere military not aliens....they now fully rule the globe...meaning any human that finds out ends up mind controlled. via v2k. fake moon landings... some rule of no one leaves the planet rule.. humans ..and also... the next agenda.. for this place ... which is... us eventually wiped out.... then the new replacements come in genetic and robotic..after that maybe what they aspire to ... the greys.. a dream of future living and us not an alien from the pst. but " the target aimed at by the very people, whom created the simulation genetic]. no coincidenses every thing is controlled. secret groups whom are linked to highers groups whom eventually are controlled by the main group . whom are directly linked to the original landing on planet earth by military. ( africa egypt. and .. iceland._)-300,000 years from the dinosour era then a break then humans so humans are around now from the very start 300,000 years old. which in there eyes( science organisers) is actually a small amount of time..which is quite strange considering we only last 90 yrs or so..time it seems isnt time every where. .dwayne leibelt...amanda grot...ryan ...doug hal...allsuicided by dales friends from 93 second ave moana adelaide .

  • Arjan Renes
    Arjan Renes Day ago

    Nephilim knowledge?

  • Reboogity Amen
    Reboogity Amen Day ago

    Where the hell is Affens? And you might want to find some way to keep your hands busy



  • topographic1973ify

    When speaking of Leonardo DaVinci why did they show a picture of Rembrandt Van Rijn?

    • topographic1973ify
      topographic1973ify 18 hours ago +1

      @Lieuten Antimations that's really pretty funny. Some day when the cockroaches are going through the museum they'll be wondering the same thing. 😄😄😄

    • Lieuten Antimations
      Lieuten Antimations 19 hours ago +1

      This is another mystery that philosophers of the future will try to decode.

  • Astromyxin
    Astromyxin Day ago

    Wait, so if the antikythera mechanism is an accurate depiction of the cycles of the spheres(as above, so below), then that would mean that prime numbers have something to do with how the cycle operates. I mean(given that it is, in fact, accurate), why design the number of teeth of all the gears to be related to a prime number(I'm guessing the prime number is 3, just a guess) if the number of teeth is not essential or irrelevant to the motion/cycle of the spheres(rendering the device to be nothing more than a parlor trick), and furthermore, how long would you have to have observed the heavens to make such a realization/discovery and design and produce such a device? It's gotta be thousands of years.

    Nowadays, nobody gives a fuck about stars or numbers. You look up at the sky and ask them to point to Sagittarius, and they are completely baffled. It's just dots in the sky to them, and they could care less what they mean or why they are because it has nothing to do with them. They've got handbags to purchase and a family to feed, all of which need cool sneakers. They(we)'ve disconnected from that as a society somehow, and it shows. It's just my opinion, but this disconnection to the above had lead to the degradation of the below, permeating and infecting the path to true enlightenment to the point that it is now inaccessible with the hardware and software(brain/consciousness) we have available to us. The goal and purpose, the direction of life(our course of action) was irreparably altered somewhere down the line, and this is why we no longer build things like the Great Pyramid of Giza, for no other reason than they are not economically viable structures to erect(according to the people who will insist that it's a tomb for a man).

  • mavos1211
    mavos1211 Day ago +1

    Go to the channel “clickspring” he is recreating this mechanism.
    It calculates where all the planets will be and have been at a certain time.
    He is doing a fantastic job.

  • Rodney Poole
    Rodney Poole Day ago

    These so-called "theories" about aliens and b.s. like that is just a way the powers-that-be try to uphold the myth that any and everything of significance began in or with the emergence of Europe, that ancient melanated ("black"/"brown") people have not even contributed to the achievements of the world, when in fact it is the exact opposite. Science, Math, Masonry, Astronomy, Astrology, Chemistry, Music, Art, aming other things all began with melanated people...Ancient Aliens is some racist bullshit.

  • Rodney Poole
    Rodney Poole Day ago

    Ancient Greece was founded by a "black" pharaoh from Ancient Kemet (Egypt), it is from these ancient African people that this device and untold amounts of "lost" ancient knowledge came from. The Etruscans, the civilization that the Roman Empire was "birthed" from was also a "black" culture and civilization, and not to mention the Ancient Sumerians, who the Akkadians called "the black headed ones", which is where the name Sumerian came from were also ancient "black" people.

  • Jeremy Sphincter
    Jeremy Sphincter Day ago +1

    There’s a third option for the Voynich Manuscript that needs to be considered and this gentleman is being grossly negligent by not mentioning it. The manuscript could have been written by a madman. Written with no continuity or meaning except to its author. In essence, the babbling of a mentally ill, albeit very imaginative person.

  • Corey Davis
    Corey Davis Day ago

    Complete garbage. Some ppl will never be able to accept that they have made no contributions. Only stolen from others.

  • Darrell Perez
    Darrell Perez Day ago

    Seems like we have "EVOLVED" so much, we forgot the basic stuff.

  • Raghavendra Aras

    Bro come And visit India , you will get more interested things

  • dan
    dan 2 days ago


  • Jose Avila
    Jose Avila 2 days ago

    My wife's grandfather worked on this check out Derek Desolla Price .

  • Natalie
    Natalie 2 days ago

    I think it’s a fidget spinner

  • Alex Cholagh
    Alex Cholagh 2 days ago

    Antiketheria is a mechanical device that ran on gears. Its a hand crank vending machine that either produced a 30 second song or gave a sealed bottle of wine. It may have been a weapon similar to a spear gun but hand cranked rather then using a one time used gun powder cannon

  • Boon11000
    Boon11000 2 days ago

    Why in the world does it seem like people who write these videos not put up up to date info the manuscript has been translated its nothing special all it talks about is love and plants....

  • Colorado Harvest Company

    why u so boring dude?

  • Steven Pritchard
    Steven Pritchard 2 days ago

    I understand it

  • Tim Philips
    Tim Philips 2 days ago

    Seriously a commercial before history. Put that shit later or at the beginning

  • Kissezez
    Kissezez 2 days ago

    You can thank the romans for destroying history. Then went about bring us a new calendar, new religion,

  • Max Moss
    Max Moss 2 days ago

    Watch bright Insight too it'll make sense

  • Remco Haagman
    Remco Haagman 2 days ago +2

    12:07 is NOT DaVinci! But is the Dutch Master, Rembrant Harmenszoon van Rijn.

  • Bo Staph-Maverix
    Bo Staph-Maverix 2 days ago

    The Library of Alexandria was NOT THE ONLY ONE of its kinds. I have seen maps of the mediterainian showing a series of GREAT LIBRARIES circled the mediterainian in North africa the middle east and Europe There was a GREAT LIBRARY in Athens NO ONE EVER SPEAKS OF , There was a Great Library IN ROME No one ever speaks of
    There IS TODAY a great Library in the middle of the Desert with THOUSANDS OF SCROLLS that no nation and no corporation has taken the least interest in anyone can go to this mostly abadoned city and videos have been put on YOU TUBE nameing the Location and actually going into the archeives and showing bins and stacks of scrolls
    As after as these Libraries Let us state the NOT SO OBVIOUS not all these works were EVER DESTROYED they were moved ahead of the Mohammad Incation where all thse places were burned
    The LARGEST Repisitory in the world of all these anceint writings Is Under the Vatican in 200 milles of tunnels. You can look this up. Facts The Vatican does not have these catalogued
    To see this place one must have a string of degrees and have favor with the church. the process is outlines where one has to state in writing three books they seek BY NAME and they are allowed only to stay for a short period and then they must leave and then do the process all over to get anohter glimpse.
    A scripture comes to mind of Jesus railing against the pharisees YE HAVE TAKEN AWAY THE KEY OF KNOWLEDGE. In the writings of the Apostolic Fathers they Chronical these having REMOVED VERSES of Scripture and Entire Books. Because these spoke so of Christ or spoke of their evil so directly. There are a number of verses quoted in the New Testament that the books of scripture where they came from No Longer Can be found. Or have been Altered In Acts it state in Jeremy the prophet (Jeremiah) it is written for 30 pieces of silver the prices of . . .. and the Potters Feild
    It is no longer in the book of Jeremiah But Origen to Africanus states a rabbi showed him a scroll of the prophet Jeremiah in the 2nd Centiry where the Verse HAD NOT BEEN SCRUBBED
    In Matthew another verse Which was written in the prophets OUT OF EGYPT SHALL MY SON BE CALLED. This is not in any current book known.
    What is important is the books that Jesus and the Apostles quote and cite in their writings These Are Scripture regardless of what scholars pratt on about.
    I have studied Church History and bible languages translating texts and making MANY AMAZING DISCOVERIES that have been there all along that scholars divert away from as these RUIN many doctrines and tranditions these have made up for 2000 years specifically after the death of the apostles. When men began to embroider Jesus words and commandments
    Denominations BLIND the Key of Knowledge in Scripture the Gospels and Epistles. As ALL have pet doctrines that can not be found as taught in the bible meaning things Neither Jesus taught nor the apostles. and yet these traditons are IRON CLAD DOCTRINES that tens of thousands have been killed over.
    A very extrodinary bible has appeared recently "the Apostolic Bible Polyglot" This bible has in bible order the Greek Septuagint in the old Testament and the Textus receptus greek in the New Testament. It has a line of english and above each word is the greek word and above the greek word is a Strongs concordance number. For one not knowing a single letter in greek they can take this number and go in the back of this bible and FOR THE FIRST TIME in 2000 years a novice can read a list OF EVERY SINGLE TIME that word is used in the New and Old Testament. Which translators have hidden translating the same words in 2 4 8 words with wildly different meanings to alter texts. and blur and offiscate word and verse meanings
    With the tool in searching by individual words in the scripture you can find that Jesus and the Apostles continually quote from the Greek septuagint in FULL QUOTES no Comenrary recognizes. No bible school today or seminary knows anything of. They quote and cite passages by unique phrases 2 and three word phrases. they cite by Unique words used 1 time in the whole of the old testament . they cite by single words
    Following Paul teaching of this in corinthians For out of the Mouth of two and three witnesses (Of scripture) shall every word (Teaching Doctrine) be established (Have foundation)
    Paul is teaching all doctrine and teaching MUST HAVE TWO AND THREE VERESES in scripture aka the Old Testament. Where what is said is MATERIALLY TAUGHT. Not being a version of something taught.
    The proof text is in Acts when Paul went to the synagogue of Berea and preached Christ and tthe Gospel. He wre have the most remarkable text of texts. Where Paul Lauds the bereans As "BEING MORE HONORABLE" in that they DID NOT BELIEVE Paul's words alone As Commanded by Moses in Deuteronomy. But Paul writes that after he would preach these "Went and Searched the Scripture to SEE IF THESE THINGS BE SO"
    Paul Lauded this. Paul Subordinated all his teachings on Christ the Gospel and the Church on being Materially Found in Scriptures
    Paul did not rebuke this. Can you imagine in a church a member coming to a pastor after a message and saying I can not accept what you teach except FIRST I search the New Testament to see if this is so. Pastors and teachers HAVE FITS about people looking over their shoulders.
    So WHAT IF in this as in Act one would say to said pastor or teacher. I CAN NOT ACCEPT YOUR WORDS UNTIL I GO AND SEARCH THE OLD TESTAMENT and SEE if your doctrine or teaching is MATERIALLY TAUGHT IN THE OLD TESTAMENT. That person would be branded a Heretic and a trouble maker and cast out of any church today, YET THIS IS IN ACTS stated by paul and in Corinthains This practice is stated as a CORE DOCTRINE none know of today. No commentaies No bible schools and No Seminaries know a peep of any of this.
    THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE. Such Ignorance, rather long ago each denomination moved away from this to STEAL THE KEY OF KNOWLEDGE as Jesus accused the Pharisees of. To bind and blind all hearers to themselves and their traditions.
    I went to bible school for FIVE YEARS studied Church history and bible languages and have follow these for 45 years.
    Jesus prophesies again and again of all we see in the Gospels and the Apostles prophesy and warn of these same things over and over in the epistles

    The CHurch is filled with for profit Hireling teachers preachers and ministries whereas in the Gospels and epistles the ministry was to be for free as a service unto God alone.
    Jesus and the Apostles used the word MEN in verses this is not speaking of the world it is primarily speaks of beleivers In the Last day Men shall not endure sound doctrine
    The interpretation the world that does not have or read the bible bible will not have sound doctirne is a FALSE TEACHING
    In the Last days men shall not endure sound doctirne is Supposed Christian Men Bible Believing men or CARNAL BELEIVERS shall NOT Endure Can not stand hearing sound doctrine or sound teaching The apostles elaborate saying these shall follow FABLES aka tranditions of men they shall Heap to themselves false teachers. Paul says these love no longer the truth and because of this God will send strong dellusion and cause them to believe LIES that they may be destroyed. Aka as they no longer beleive and follow the truth taught by Christ and the Apostles
    The COre of which is NO CHURCH and NO DENOMINATION has taught Jesus words and commandments are the binding law of the New Covenant. Paul uses the word LAW with Christs words several times every time the world commandment is used it means this is a stated law of Jesus covenant. No beleivers today are taught they must be disciples of Jesus Christ alone as their ONLY Lord Savor Master and Teacher.
    All churches and denominations have usurped Jesus Christ as being the NEW COVENANT LAW GIVER.
    Moses the Law giver in deuteronomy prophesied God will send a prophet like unto me with all signs and all favor of Goo. And he prophesied to him ALL MUST HEED his words and commandments
    and moses continues those that do not keep his words and commandments God will destroy.
    For a church that does not teach jesus words and commandments this spell DOOM as in book of revelation doom to the Great whore who is the mother of harlots and her daughter harlots aka all denominations are daughters of the great whore as are the daughters spawned of her daughter denominations
    Gobally the church is withering and dying and is receiving fierce persecution in nation after nation. In canada the EU and UK laws are being written against churches and their teachings banning them and forcing them to do great sins.
    This was not so a genertaion ago THINGS HAVE CHANGED as Judgements are falling now on an unbeliving church that has abandoned Jesus words and commandments. Or which moses and Christ prophesied would be biotted out for forsaking the LAW the Commandmets of God.

  • Bo Staph-Maverix
    Bo Staph-Maverix 2 days ago

    This is filled with false statements Example Telescopes there are records of these in ancient india VEDIC texts, in Asia in archelogical digs PLURAL Glass lens have been found One site is the City of Nimrod where Nimrod Lens or Nimrod Glasses have been found. Telescopes are mentioned in writings dating from 1000 BC 2000 BC and 3000 BC and to Boot on this there are videos on youtube that show these finds and in writings and illustrations
    I find it ANNOYING when a NOVIC makes himself an expert. There are a series of videos from a woman professors that has studied the vonyich manuscriptures for DECADES shal HAS TRANSLATED portions showing the Language was of 2-3 colloquial languages DIALECTS for this DUDE. She further shows that the author was LEONARDO DAVINICI (Sorry for spelling result of strokes) It was a work he did in his youth and as a young man. She shows signatory images and in the writings
    Yet despite this great work The Book is used as Click Bait by every tom dick and harry where these blur and muddy the waters

  • pee body
    pee body 3 days ago

    Get on with it mate

  • Sarah Renner
    Sarah Renner 3 days ago

    I’ve long suspected that many great human civilizations have risen and fallen over the millennia. This video presents hard evidence of this theory. The Earth is over 5 BILLION years old... we know essentially nothing of the past in the big picture.

  • Carlo lapuz
    Carlo lapuz 3 days ago +1

    why are we surprised these technology existed in ancient times? Pre-antediluvian generation was smarter than modern generation allegedly. This generation is actually the dumbest.

  • drakanar
    drakanar 3 days ago

    Look like a door mecanism but how they do this without machine, just for this mecanism you need a lot of tool, measure instrument, cutting tool, etc. Amazing for me

  • Annie Mosienko
    Annie Mosienko 3 days ago

    Could it be that the reason there are no corrections in the Voynich manuscript is that there was nothing to correct? If it's all just nonsense there would be no need to correct a "mistake" since there couldn't be one.

  • Lebonisang
    Lebonisang 3 days ago

    Maybe the manuscripts were written by a crack head.

  • Dizzle Dizzle
    Dizzle Dizzle 3 days ago

    This device seems more like an engine to me. Or Maybe even a generator of some sort. Computing involves plugging in info to get a result, or more info, like decoding or record keeping... this device is made up of gears and sprockets... seems like it’s completely mechanical to me...not alien though.Lol

  • HeavyJ318
    HeavyJ318 3 days ago

    Pre flood artifacts

  • TS RealTexan
    TS RealTexan 3 days ago +1

    He’s a Billy Idol descendent. Ha ha Ha ha ha🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • Bill D. in Iowa
    Bill D. in Iowa 3 days ago +1

    At 8:54 in the upper right hand corner there is a "pine cone" shaped object. I just saw something in the last few days that looks remarkably like it... Being held in the hand of several different Sumarian carvings/statues. There were so many examples of these I can't help but wonder at their significance.

  • Scott Y
    Scott Y 3 days ago

    It kinda reminds of how NASA Engineers of today say they cannot replicate the mechanical systems that helped land them on the moon, only 50 yrs ago. With the invention of super computers today, micro chips, artificial intelligence (AI)...we are in essence going to start regressing as a human race. Which is what Elon Musk refers to when he speaks of humanity needing to "Link In" into the AI computers or we will become as relevant as a chimpanzee.
    Even though there is no choice but to continue AI tech (mainly because of Chinese advancement in AI)...i am still opposed to this next evolution of humanity and weaving us into machines. Humans ARE the next Relics.

  • Boris Halas
    Boris Halas 3 days ago

    it was decifered one month before you uploaded this video, more thorough research ought to have been applied, don´t you think?, here´s the link

  • specialized
    specialized 4 days ago

    In islamic creed, we learn that jinns demons had screens at least 1000 years ago and that they were technologicaly more advanced then humans.
    Aliens, hell no, jinns 100%

  • Robert French
    Robert French 4 days ago

    astrolabe, da!

  • Ikhlasul Kamal
    Ikhlasul Kamal 4 days ago +3

    PPL: What does it do?
    Creator: Thats the beauty of it, it doesnt do anything

  • Jack Daniels
    Jack Daniels 4 days ago

    Go bears

  • Kevin Vall
    Kevin Vall 4 days ago

    wow there are a ton of mean and hateful comments on this video. People you can disagree with one another and not fight about an issue neither party knows a thing about. Open minded but skeptical is how I think things should be approached. So much hate over a fascinating subject. Truth is the masses of this world know nothing. That much people should agree on. Its always the fool who thinks he knows everything smh

  • Shereign Kalaukoa
    Shereign Kalaukoa 4 days ago

    New sub here! I love how you get to the point right away without the usual “blah blah blah subscribe blah blah blah”.

  • K T
    K T 4 days ago +1

    so that's where my weighing scale went...

  • Mark Alfonez
    Mark Alfonez 4 days ago

    All thing mystery but YHWH NOTHING AT ALL.

  • ThatOneBread
    ThatOneBread 4 days ago +2

    Only because non-white people build cool stuff it doesn't always mean its alien.

  • manuel r
    manuel r 4 days ago +1

    or maybe people werent as stupid as you think?