iPad vs Kindle for Reading Books

  • Published on Jul 10, 2019
  • Hey friends, in this video I attempt to answer the age-old question of whether you should read books on an iPad or on a Kindle. The short answer - Kindle. The long answer - watch the video :) Enjoy!
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  • Jyldyz Douglas
    Jyldyz Douglas 20 hours ago

    Straight to the point, I like it. Thanks.

  • Farzad Jahanfard
    Farzad Jahanfard 2 days ago +1

    Kindle alllllll the waayyyy

  • Jaz B
    Jaz B 6 days ago

    Really, why make this video?

  • J H
    J H 8 days ago +1


  • Michele Canevarolo
    Michele Canevarolo 11 days ago

    When a comparison between Kindle Parperwhite and Kindle Oasis?

  • AF E
    AF E 14 days ago +1

    What brand of your piano? +_+

    SHONTO 15 days ago

    AGREE 💯%‼️

  • Alice Jennings
    Alice Jennings 18 days ago +1

    Did you get the 8GB Kindle or the 32GB? The 32GB one is way more expensive but I'm scared that the 8GB one isn't enough. Heeelppp

  • misjade
    misjade 19 days ago +2

    I love my kindle! I've been a fan since day one.

  • Xiuxuan Wang
    Xiuxuan Wang 23 days ago +1

    Have you ever tried MarginNote 3? It’s the app where I read most of my books. The note taking and text processing almost kills everything that a kindle can offer. I have a kindle oasis and MarginNote on an iPad Pro and MacBook Air, and I barely uses my kindle oasis.😂😂😂

  • luna palm
    luna palm 23 days ago

    what is your routine of browsing books? i find it much easier to browse and find books at a book store than for the kindle

  • Sathya Kaushik
    Sathya Kaushik 24 days ago

    Has your ipad pro bent? I am getting the 11 Inch one and really don't want to be disappointed

  • samantha
    samantha 27 days ago +7

    The ipad is pretty good for reading comic books and graphic novels.

  • Patricia Oliveira
    Patricia Oliveira 28 days ago

    THANK YOUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Connor K
    Connor K 28 days ago

    I kinda go back and forth on it. You’re correct the kindle is a much more natural reading experience but for low light conditions I really like reading on the iPad, that and something about the page turn animations and silly as that might sound make it feel like touching a real book more so at times. But the e-ink display of the kindle is absolutely wonderful for reading, no eye strain whatsoever and it’s more portable.

  • RohanS800
    RohanS800 28 days ago

    I don’t read.. lol

  • StefWangPARIS
    StefWangPARIS 28 days ago

    « It genuinely makes my eyes want to bleed »
    Loved that, you made my dawn (5:30 am here) 😜😂

  • babblebabble
    babblebabble 29 days ago +1

    Can you put pirated PDFs and other e-book files with different extensions on e-readers?

    • whizzard blizzard
      whizzard blizzard 25 days ago

      babblebabble Use free software called Calibre to convert the different formats

  • suchandra chakraborty
    suchandra chakraborty 29 days ago

    U r so handsome ☺

  • doğa b
    doğa b Month ago

    Should I buy both are second handed Kindle all new 2019 (140$) or kindle pw 2(100$)?

  • Iarl Chrystille Ilusorio

    Been torn between ipad and kindle for so long!! Thank you for this ❤️

  • saketh manda
    saketh manda Month ago +5

    Not just medical textbooks. Engineering textbooks, science textbooks, math textbooks as well. The iPad is FAR better for all of these.

  • jolie
    jolie Month ago +1

    Hey Ali! I've noticed in your favourites videos, you often still have physical books. So I'm wondering if there's a reason behind when you decide to buy something on kindle or buy the real book - especially since there's no option i know of so far where if you buy the book, you get the kindle version too (the best of both worlds to have a big kindle library to take with me everywhere and also add to my personal real book collection haha). Love your content and the fact you're a year older than me but seemingly much wiser! 😂

    • Ali Abdaal
      Ali Abdaal  Month ago +1

      Ahh I buy physical books purely to show in those videos lol

  • aaron Kumar
    aaron Kumar Month ago +1

    Hi Ali can u pls upload a video of u handwriting on your iPad Pro in slow motion and how u hold a pencil. Also can u show how u hold ur pencil

  • Hoor Ali
    Hoor Ali Month ago +1

    Miss you

  • clarisse sanota
    clarisse sanota Month ago

    I discovered you just a week ago and I really enjoyed watching your videos. I even followed you in podcast, instagram and goodreads too. In fact, when I read something in english I can literally hear your voice in my head and I'm totally fine with it. Btw, thank you for sharing great contents and inspiring people. Keep going. God Bless.

  • Sourav Suman
    Sourav Suman Month ago

    Can you make a video on how you created your website and how you maintain it?

  • O G
    O G Month ago

    let me make it simple for you:
    Kindle for epub and iPad for pdf.

    • Maccus Wong
      Maccus Wong 29 days ago

      O G that’s what I’m struggling at. I’m a scientist and always need to read papers but I wan to get ePub for casual reading.

  • Geek Geek
    Geek Geek Month ago +1

    The funny thing about him is that he talk faster than average so you learn more in 5minutes than anyone else lol

  • Eduardo Velásquez
    Eduardo Velásquez Month ago

    Are you becoming an iPad channel? Because I subscribed for your studying content! :' )

  • Tasos
    Tasos Month ago

    IPad pro 12.9 or 10.5?

  • 张颜齐
    张颜齐 Month ago +1


  • Kingsley Owusu-Otoo
    Kingsley Owusu-Otoo Month ago +1

    please please make a room tour if you do thank you so much

  • DeliZoZo
    DeliZoZo Month ago +1

    Hey Ali, I saw your video recommending the 4th gen Paperwhite, but I notice that you're still using the 3rd generation. Why is that so?

    • Ali Abdaal
      Ali Abdaal  Month ago +1

      There’s no reason to upgrade from 3rd to 4th

  • Hassan Usaid Ahmad
    Hassan Usaid Ahmad Month ago +1

    Hey love the vids! Are you going to make a video on iPad Pro note taking and how iOS 13 can affect an iPad? Can iOS 13 replace a laptop and stuff like that. Looking for an iPad or laptop but j want more info. Thanks

  • AdequaZ
    AdequaZ Month ago

    Bad Blood was a good read

  • Kanishk sharma
    Kanishk sharma Month ago +1

    😁😁😁 I literally laughed the moment i watched this video. Reason...0:06

    Probably the first review video where someone comes directly to the point.

  • Demetrio Nucara
    Demetrio Nucara Month ago +3

    Hey Ali, why don'y you take a tour video of your new home? I'm really curious to see the place where the genius live ahah

  • guoen xie
    guoen xie Month ago +1

    Hi ali Abdaal I like your video >.< . I spend 2 years studying in the UK . If I have free time ,I'll watch your RU-clip . I got a lots of idea about studying and living in the Uk from your video . I get great results today .
    Great work , man ! Welcome to Sussex , I will invite you to eat seafood .

  • Jimmy Kite
    Jimmy Kite Month ago +3

    Ali, did you know you were subscribed by Matt D'Avella?

  • Elizabeth Ko
    Elizabeth Ko Month ago +2

    Hey Ali, could you do a video on how to maintain focus and reduce procrastination?

  • Dave Hoy
    Dave Hoy Month ago +1

    I’d be interested in what you use for reading scientific papers and if you ever send them over to the kindle. I’ve tried the kinsynch feature on Mendeley without much success.

  • Samin Xantray
    Samin Xantray Month ago +1

    Need more videos please and thank you 😔

  • Rikki Das
    Rikki Das Month ago +1

    I purchased the kindle Paperwhite 10th gen and after 1 months it suddenly had touch screen issues (it use to click on options, open books, turn pages, and zoom out and in on its own without me touching the screen) Amazon told me it cannot be resolved so I requested for a return and Amazon send me a refurbished one. They say according to there guidelines customers are given refurbished products in return. Now I'm just mad that I spend full amount to get a refurbished product..and also I'm worried that what if the kindle I have right now starts to show the same screen issue after the warranty period is over as they said it cannot be solved?

  • Pavel Pavlov
    Pavel Pavlov Month ago +1

    Ali, which book for cardiology and pulmonology did you use, can you make a video with your student's books?

  • Sapiens Strength
    Sapiens Strength Month ago +2

    I was debating last year to get a Kindle Oasis or IPad Pro . Ultimately I got a Oasis . I like it , but I didn’t realize how many books I have that are graphic and color dependent . Also the amount of words able to display per page seems to be less than even the physical book, and while I realize it’s a mental thing, it still irks me a bit. Also PDFs, I have a lot of ebooks, how to books, and manuals that don’t display right... Yes I love the e ink on my eyes, but I wish it’d display more than just typed words

  • ibee4u2luv
    ibee4u2luv Month ago +1

    I'm sold! I've had 2 iPads and could never really get into the whole reading a book on my iPad train. Weight was always an issue as I couldn't hold my iPad Air with one hand. So then I purchased a case with a stand to prop it up. But this made the whole thing heavier and bulky when I would try to read in bed. I've always wondered if a Kindle would be a better alternative, but would always try to tough it out with my iPad. I feel like Kindle has only improved their products and your video has brought me thisclose to finally getting a Kindle. Thanks!

  • Dawit tsegay
    Dawit tsegay Month ago +1

    You are an innocative. That what I like about you.10x

  • Joshua Nunez
    Joshua Nunez Month ago +1

    Well ... *buys kindle*

  • Shehroz
    Shehroz Month ago +1

    Physical books are the Best.

  • Marcelo Nardella
    Marcelo Nardella Month ago +1

    Ali you are the best! I don't know how you manage to always upload a video of whatever I wanna know ! Please keep it up! You rock!!!!

  • Stephanie McKaskle
    Stephanie McKaskle Month ago

    I have a nook.

  • Ronald Fabricante
    Ronald Fabricante Month ago

    Your videos are always helpful

    STEVE WESKER Month ago +4

    Reading books I don’t do that, I wait for them to come out on Blu-Ray, download or Netflix 👍🏻😂.

  • Ava Mair
    Ava Mair Month ago +2

    Hi Ali,
    Would you recommend the iPad Pro or Surface Pro for university students studying a science?

    • Tasos
      Tasos Month ago +1

      I have the surface pro but I think an iPad is a better option for reading pdfs and taking notes. Let's wait and see what Ali recommends...

  • Mark Willis
    Mark Willis Month ago

    Which version do you recommend for Kindle 8GB or 32GB?

    • Shalan Sharma
      Shalan Sharma Month ago

      Definitely 8GB unless you plan to store audiobooks on there for some reason. That's enough for well over a thousand books. I'm not sure why you'd ever need instant access to more than that.

  • Pablo Navarro
    Pablo Navarro Month ago

    Hello can you talk about lecturio for medical students.

  • pawan k
    pawan k Month ago +1

    Can you please make a video to go for 64gb or 256gb iPad pro 11".

  • Ethan Zane
    Ethan Zane Month ago

    how could you not buy oasis???

  • Regina Huang
    Regina Huang Month ago

    You kidding me about this comparison, right? Kindle is absolutely obsolete! So fucking slow and no color!!!

  • Adrian
    Adrian Month ago +55

    >Be me
    >Get iPad for University
    >Purchase e-books
    >Teacher forces us to buy the physical version of the book
    >Buy hardcover of book
    >Use it to beat the teacher into a comma

  • tfnyy
    tfnyy Month ago

    THANK YOU for valuing your subscriber's time by always answering the question right from the beginning. Of course I was going to watch the whole video, but you doing that makes me more interested in what you have to say about iPad v. Kindle and more likely to finish the video, as I'm sure is the same for most people watching. Edit: You even answered it right in the description!

  • Theocritus
    Theocritus Month ago

    Strange not to mention the constant distractions of the iPad. That is the number one problem I have with reading on it. I started just reading physical books and putting away the digital devices. Lo and behold, I read a great deal more. Due to practicality, I have pre-ordered the new Kindle Oasis and look forward to it.

  • Wolf.
    Wolf. Month ago +1

    Physical books.

  • Ting An Wu
    Ting An Wu Month ago

    Thank you for this video!

  • Cathal 37
    Cathal 37 Month ago

    I love using the Kindle but dislike having to buy the books. There is an app called borrowbox which uses your library account to access free ebooks and audiobooks. Only downside is it can't be used on the kindle, only on the iPad.

  • Kieran Martin
    Kieran Martin Month ago

    what about doing a video on the oasis vs the fire 7?

  • Eduardo Flores
    Eduardo Flores Month ago +1

    Hrm, I disagree. It's very difficult to highlight and take notes seamlessly on the kindle; there is always a lag that gets pretty annoying. But each to their own! Love your videos!

  • Victor
    Victor Month ago

    Hi Ali. Do you use your iPad for university books or do you buy them physically?

  • Victor
    Victor Month ago

    Do a video on what you do with university books Ali! I use kindle, but for some reason I buy my university books physically. Do you use an ipad?

  • Kim seok Jin
    Kim seok Jin Month ago

    I love that u talk so fast

  • Robert Christopulos

    I'm not sold on reading physical books anymore. By using my tablet which, as it so happens, is not an IPad, I've been able to reduce both weight and clutter, as well as being able to do so many things that I can't with the Kindle. Certainly, the Kindle has the feel of the type and page being similar to reading a page right of of a book, and, as you said, Doc, of being waterproof (which I might add) is a claim that I'm not at all certain that it is true. With my Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, I not only have a great reading platform, but, indeed I've also got my whole office with me as well. For this reason, if never take my tablet to the pool, or the beach, but everywhere else, it is an absolute necessity.

  • Dayana Perez
    Dayana Perez Month ago

    I was checking this today, whether I should buy a kindle or ipad.. thanks for the video.

  • Kevin Thomas
    Kevin Thomas Month ago

    Kindle Paperwhite everyday! I do love my iPad Pro, but easily distracted, so no .

  • Koro Koro
    Koro Koro Month ago

    It's not even correct to compare the 2 as they are fundamentally used for different purposes.