Post Malone - Goodbyes ft. Young Thug (Rated PG)

  • Published on Jul 7, 2019
  • The official music video (rated PG) by Post Malone featuring Young Thug performing “Goodbyes.” Starring Kathryn Newton.
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    “Goodbyes” Lyrics:
    Me and Kurt feel the same
    Too much pleasure is pain
    My girl spites me in vain
    All I do is complain
    She needs something to change
    Need to take off the edge
    So fuck it all tonight
    And don’t tell me to shut up
    When you know you talk too much
    But you don’t got shit to say
    I want you out of my head
    I want you out of my bedroom tonight
    There’s no way I can save you
    Because I need to be saved too
    I’m no good at goodbyes
    We’re both acting insane
    But too stubborn to change
    Now I’m drinking again
    80 proof in my veins
    And my fingertips stained
    Looking over the edge
    Don’t fuck with me tonight
    Said you needed this heart then you got it
    Turns out that it wasn’t what you wanted
    And we wouldn’t let go and we lost it
    Now I’m goner
    I want you out of my head
    I want you out of my bedroom tonight
    There’s no way I can save you
    Because I need to be saved too
    I’m no good at goodbyes
    I want you out of my life
    I want you back here tonight
    I’m tryna to cut you no knife
    I wanna slice you and dice you
    My heart gets possessive
    It got you precise
    Can you not turn off the TV
    I’m watching a fight
    I flood the garage
    Blue diamond, no shark
    Your Barbie life doll is Nicki Minaj
    You don’t need a key to drive
    Your car on the charger
    I just want to see the side
    The one that’s unbothered
    And I don’t want you never go outside
    I promise if they play my n***a sliding
    I’m fuckin and the tour bus still ridin
    I want you out of my head
    I want you out of my bedroom tonight
    There’s no way I can save you
    Because I need to be saved too
    I’m no good at goodbyes
    Video Director: Colin Tiley
    Video Producer: Jamee Ranta
    Production Company: Boy In The Castle
    #PostMalone #YoungThug #Goodbyes

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  • Cornelius Martinez
    Cornelius Martinez 5 hours ago

    Brother love this song te doy a mi hermana cabron y a mi vieja, tienes un chingo de talento,never stop men 🍻

  • Lucas Johnson
    Lucas Johnson 12 hours ago

    Who else agrees that young thug is the fourth chipmunk 🐿
    Alvin Theodore Simon and young thug

  • your mom
    your mom 13 hours ago

    The "turns out that it wasn't what you wanted" part sounds so good. Thanks so much Post for making this content, we all enjoy it beyond measure!

  • anna tomhave
    anna tomhave 13 hours ago +1

    Kurt (Cobain) would be horrified to know post referenced him...R.I.P. Kurt and although I love post, FU*K YOU for the ignorent ego it takes to reference a legend whose one wish was NOT to be referenced 💯true story💯

  • Алина Сабитова

    Где можно купить куртку с принтом "Zombies"?

  • Przemcio33
    Przemcio33 17 hours ago

    I love this music video

  • AF Chanel
    AF Chanel 17 hours ago

    My idola Post Malone 🤘

  • XStrangeAppleJuiceX
    XStrangeAppleJuiceX 18 hours ago

    says its pg,


  • Fitria Widhiastuti
    Fitria Widhiastuti 20 hours ago

  • NN 1998
    NN 1998 22 hours ago

    I feel sadness

  • Peterudtzz z f z
    Peterudtzz z f z 23 hours ago

    #postmalone and #youngthug

  • Jeffrey Hope-Johnson
    Jeffrey Hope-Johnson 23 hours ago

    Post Malone you are god 🇬🇧


    Under rated song

  • 8D SOUND
    8D SOUND Day ago

    hit harddd...

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person Day ago +2

    Bass dropped harder than Charles subs

  • Fortunate Adventures


  • Dylan Ospina
    Dylan Ospina Day ago

    me encanta esta cancion pero odio la parte de young thug, me toca saltarmela siempre.

  • Patty Gonzalez
    Patty Gonzalez Day ago +2


  • Alyssa Cousins
    Alyssa Cousins Day ago +1

    This is so good

  • Daniel Bressette
    Daniel Bressette Day ago +1

    Rip juice wrld

  • Frost_Javien
    Frost_Javien Day ago +1


  • Rice Krispies
    Rice Krispies Day ago +11

    When I found out this was a bud light ad “Best bud light ad ever!”

  • carys 0909
    carys 0909 Day ago +6

    “There’s no way I can save you, cause I need to be saved to” can we just protect this man at all cost!

  • Doug Pearson
    Doug Pearson Day ago +5

    i like how the first thing posty does after gravebusting is light a smoke

  • João Pedrão
    João Pedrão Day ago +1

    Só br responde esse comentário

  • ธันไง จะไครละ

    Young thug ดูมวยไทยด้วยยยย 💜

  • Robert Obeidat
    Robert Obeidat Day ago


  • Gina Ciani
    Gina Ciani Day ago

    Love this song

  • KanapeTarpe
    KanapeTarpe 2 days ago

    *post malone never dies*

  • kimray andales
    kimray andales 2 days ago

    epic comeback

  • dinahmed97 bipul
    dinahmed97 bipul 2 days ago

    Love this song once of favorite 💕

  • Roberto Salazar
    Roberto Salazar 2 days ago


  • El Chilindrin
    El Chilindrin 2 days ago +1


  • Josh Goodman
    Josh Goodman 2 days ago

    That the girl from blockers

  • yolande furby
    yolande furby 2 days ago

    Watching the very talented and gorgeous Post malone on Ghost two favourite things 💙💙😘

  • arthur cadore
    arthur cadore 2 days ago

    man adeus'-'

  • Richard Torrez
    Richard Torrez 2 days ago

    Fuck flapps

  • Nedi Tavares nunes
    Nedi Tavares nunes 2 days ago

    Previous video post malone not knowing how to say goodbye
    next video
    Post malone learns to say goodbye

    I AM THE PROBLEM 2 days ago

  • bro fits
    bro fits 2 days ago +1

    Goodbye juice wrld my favorite 😭😭

  • Mateus_ S
    Mateus_ S 2 days ago

    Segundo cara estragou a vibe da música

  • Pedro Miguel Domínguez Giraldo

    Song: *RATED PG*
    Me: ok good
    Also me: *HEARS F**K AND S**T*


  • Mallikarjuna Sne
    Mallikarjuna Sne 2 days ago

    It's my 10 k th time .love this song

  • Mallikarjuna Sne
    Mallikarjuna Sne 2 days ago

    Love u malone

  • Carlos Eduardo
    Carlos Eduardo 2 days ago

    Acredito que seja bug, mas aqui ta o titulo ta traduzido e a letra na descrição.

  • N8o Lt7
    N8o Lt7 2 days ago +1

    Post Malone like my comment i liked your music video

  • The Flying Reviews
    The Flying Reviews 2 days ago +3

    Post Malone isnt just a person now, he be a state of mind

  • champ gamer
    champ gamer 3 days ago

    เห้ย มวยไทยกับ นิกกี้ มินาจก็มา

  • Lonely Boy
    Lonely Boy 3 days ago

    Where did the best scene go

  • Ruata Sailo
    Ruata Sailo 3 days ago

    Hey everyone.. You know im abig fan of Post malone🤘❤

  • Huy Ho
    Huy Ho 3 days ago

    Quá hay luôn anh em việt nam nghe rap quốc tế đâu rồi điểm danh đê 😋

  • Kaz kaz
    Kaz kaz 3 days ago

    who fuckin puts "rated pg" in yt videos i huh

  • AYUB Sihombing
    AYUB Sihombing 3 days ago

    Sad :(

  • Owen Berry
    Owen Berry 3 days ago +1

    I like this song but my mom will have to get me the clean version

  • Jeni Bajar
    Jeni Bajar 3 days ago

    A very sad story on this MV... 😭😭😭 The meaning of the song breaks my heart.

  • Swaroop S
    Swaroop S 3 days ago


  • LibraLynx
    LibraLynx 3 days ago +2

    "Rated PG" doesnt censor the lyrics 😂

  • Eric Pichette
    Eric Pichette 3 days ago

    Bud light ????? Really

  • Awkward Stay
    Awkward Stay 3 days ago

    2:42 #Notsponsered