Can This USB Stick Resurrect Your Old PC?

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
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    Prairie IT claims their Xtra-PC is the solution to making old and slow PCs run like new again - But could it really work?
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Comments • 6 893

  • LinBown
    LinBown 12 hours ago

    3:49 btw... "STRG + R -> shutdown -s -t 0" would have done the trick.

  • blissnoise
    blissnoise Day ago

    Lmao whats the point of security if you can just disconnect the battery bank? Great video though

  • Peter
    Peter Day ago

    Who uses Start>Shutdown? Start>Run>shutdown /s /t 00

  • SOC
    SOC 2 days ago

    I'm sorry i do not want to watch a video about lame ass Linux.

  • Caleb
    Caleb 2 days ago +1

    Grandma doesn't know what a Tab is

  • Nicky Arsnow
    Nicky Arsnow 2 days ago +6

    You can get an internal ssd for about 25 dollars on amazon

  • None of your business
    None of your business 3 days ago +1

    i think Killer Queen already touched that Xtra PC

  • G Henrickson
    G Henrickson 3 days ago

    I resurrected all my PC's with just a USB stick....after I used Balena Etcher to load the Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.2. ISO image on it. This was no small feat for me being non tech-savvy. This version is so user friendy and so similar to grandmother could have used it. But now I am the grandparent and very very close to washing my hands of both Apple and Microsoft. Viva Linux!

  • ORO 0147
    ORO 0147 3 days ago

    Holy fuck the privacy hazard-ness is incredible!

  • Filmaxx3
    Filmaxx3 3 days ago +1

    I have been tried with MINT or Xubuntu If the PC was AMD based

  • robert martello
    robert martello 3 days ago

    Confusing asshole

  • F Yurt7
    F Yurt7 3 days ago +1

    Rip channel super fun

  • Jennifer Maple
    Jennifer Maple 3 days ago

    um i dont even know what the fuck you guys are doing here - so my grandma sure wont!

  • Allan Gambol
    Allan Gambol 4 days ago


  • Nick Hersheys
    Nick Hersheys 4 days ago +2

    Long story short.
    So it's basically a pre-installed bootable Linux OS on a USB stick and you pay 4 to 5 times more than the cost of the USB stick.
    And also your old PC should be USB bootable AND your grandma should know how to go to BIOS and boot from a USB drive,

  • Patrick Ziegler
    Patrick Ziegler 4 days ago

    Anthony was the only thing genuine and believable in this video. Yo, dude, if you're ever in Phoenix, let me buy you a beer.

  • Lubomir Kostov
    Lubomir Kostov 4 days ago +1

    7:20 if my grandma was only going to browse facebook,then her phone would be more than enough...thankfully my grandma actually doesn't browse anything beyond facebook

  • Xenia: The Game
    Xenia: The Game 4 days ago

    An SSD would resurrect an old Pc 100 times better with like 20 bucks..

  • Federico Perez
    Federico Perez 4 days ago +1

    Or maybe just install Linux on the hard drive and not spend in a USB drive? Also it is faster.

  • Joel Guzman
    Joel Guzman 4 days ago

    Lets be honest here grandma was on win7 or xp like just a cheap ssd upgrade and a win 10 tool install would solve all her problems and that would run less than the usb since a good cheap 256 gig is like 40$

  • Иванов Иван

    it slowly freezable Linux, like all other one

  • Schumax
    Schumax 4 days ago

    this video is more annoying then annoying orange..

  • Taylor Steer
    Taylor Steer 4 days ago +1

    For people who ask how people think these make a difference after using them, it’s like a weird placebo type affect.
    I told my friend I was going to setup his pc because he was noticing some performance issues (setup meaning clean, get rid of unused or pointless programs) but I thought I would try an experiment, I did nothing but he apparently noticed a huge performance difference, I didn’t tell him for a week and he was so confused.

  • Elias Boyle
    Elias Boyle 4 days ago

    This niggas tits are hangin off his body LMFAOOOOOOOOOO

  • A. JAY
    A. JAY 5 days ago

    It says: it can rescue Files and docs, even if crashed? did you check if its true boys? Thanks

    • A. JAY
      A. JAY 4 days ago

      @John Leon Thanks a lot, much obliged

    • John Leon
      John Leon 4 days ago +1

      Any live disk can circumvent windows and retrieve your files. I recovered my files by putting Ubuntu on a cd and booting from it when I was stuck in an infinite blue screen loop

  • Allan Pinheiro de Lima

    I noticed that Windows wants ( wildly ) to update every single damn time. How long the computer was on ? 30 minutes ? hahahahhaha

  • mamamia88
    mamamia88 5 days ago

    I have a genius idea. 128gb ssds preloaded with mint lxde for $75. Just come grab one and slapt it in your system and it will be faster than usb 2.0

  • mamamia88
    mamamia88 5 days ago

    You guys want to do a video of this vs the rasberry pi?

  • mamamia88
    mamamia88 5 days ago

    Is this just selling you a Linux USB? what

  • Ingty
    Ingty 5 days ago +4

    Now tell me how grandma is supposed to know how to boot from pendrive

    • Sandra Middleton
      Sandra Middleton 3 days ago

      Hey! this grandma used to build and update her own Pc... I play doom (Classic) and Medal of Honour... I tell my co workers how to use the damn things and they are half my age....

  • Алексей Гриднев

    - buy an $5 USB stick
    - install stock Lubuntu for free
    - install some free software
    - sell it at $80 as an "extra PC"
    - ??????
    - PROFIT!!!
    In all seriousness though, it's borderline scam. Their profit margins for this thing is hundreds of percents (to do all that, you need one student who knows what Linux is and who is ready to work for food), and the advertisement claims are super misleading.

  • aldntn
    aldntn 5 days ago

    How much is your time worth? My time to create a flash drive install exceeds the price of xtraPC. Gran is just going to email and surf .. it'll do that. The promotion is a bit over the top. It would be nice to have more up to date ubuntu.

    • Алексей Гриднев
      Алексей Гриднев 5 days ago

      Are you some kind of investment banker or something? :) all of what you just described literally takes less that an hour of work, including the time for downloading the distro.

  • Evandemocracy
    Evandemocracy 5 days ago +1

    $80? I'd say if you can buy the flashdrive maybe go buy an old quad core tower, it's allot better than that Pentium D

    • mamamia88
      mamamia88 5 days ago

      I'm actually typing this on a highly upgraded dell optiplex i got for free. I spent like $100 on the best i7-2600 chip i could slap in it and a $30 ssd and maxed out the ram at 16gb. These are just businesses trying to dispose of old technology so it's cheap

    • mamamia88
      mamamia88 5 days ago

      @Evandemocracy not really you can get lots of machines like these decommissioned dells on ebay and just add a small ssd for an os and you have a competent system for a modest user

    • Evandemocracy
      Evandemocracy 5 days ago

      You got all that for less than a $100? Thats a crazy deal

    • mamamia88
      mamamia88 5 days ago

      Dell optiplex bro. I got one with an i5-2600 and 8gb of ram that can be had for like $70 on ebay. Get a cheap ssd and you got something for like $100 that should be snappy enough for basics

  • Sulba Fulba media
    Sulba Fulba media 5 days ago

    Love your content!

  • aalex497
    aalex497 6 days ago +1

    Absolute scam selling FREE linux to people.

    • mamamia88
      mamamia88 Day ago

      @aalex497 I didn't say you needed to know any scripts to run Linux. What I was saying that writing one to recover files off an old windows hard drive would be pretty easy seeing how most people store there stuff in the provided folders .

    • aalex497
      aalex497 2 days ago

      @mamamia88 There is no need to know any scripts to run linux. Also they suppose to inform people what they sell. What they sell is user friendly linux which bypassing original Windows. It does not fix Windows problems.

    • mamamia88
      mamamia88 5 days ago

      They're selling a useful tool to people with no clue how to use linux. I'm sure there's a bit more effort involved even if it is just writing a script that says cd /media/windows/user/folder/music/*.mp3 && mv *.mp3 /home/user/liveusername etc etc. Still a bit of effort.

  • JR Namida
    JR Namida 6 days ago

    Yes, a Linux system will make it run again, especially windows systems that are completely full of malware. Learning curve with Google Chrome, and Facebook is easy for seniors on any O/S system. A chromebook would also work for a lot of seniors...

  • Carsten Laudert
    Carsten Laudert 6 days ago

    Thanks a lot. Sadly I was too fast, I bought it already. For me my brand new German C-newspaper with Ubuntu-Installer/Ubuntu-DVD (premade) was WAY better and easier for my notebook. In addition the whole magazine was 10 Euro only. Now I am looking for a friend who would actually use my xtra-PC. It might be a better product than it sounds here, but I think it's was too expensive and limited.

  • desepairnei
    desepairnei 6 days ago +1

    The other guy looks such Jumba Jookiba from Lilo & Stitch, didn't you? :D

  • Marty Janík
    Marty Janík 6 days ago

    Feeling: Hopeless (oh gosh, ain't this facebook?)
    Who doesn't use CTRL + T to open new Chrome Tab?!

  • Smithy
    Smithy 6 days ago

    This video game me the strange urge to click around windows 10

  • van
    van 6 days ago

    Ah yes , my grandma also says oof

  • Brian Kane
    Brian Kane 6 days ago

    Well - I'm as dumb now as I was at the start.
    : ¬ (

  • i have Logicality
    i have Logicality 6 days ago


  • Viorel Cernea
    Viorel Cernea 6 days ago +1

    With 70$ buy a SSD!

  • Virrals
    Virrals 6 days ago

    you think my grandmother knows how to open a new tab?

  • CalolBest
    CalolBest 6 days ago

    4:02 Linus: Wha wha what is this is this like a Core 2 Quad or something?
    Anthony: No it’s a Pentium D
    Linus: Oof

  • Lou Clifton
    Lou Clifton 7 days ago

    So many people have literally no ability to see things from Grandma's situation. Maybe they are just on the spectrum and that's okay. Yes Lubuntu is free but how in the hell would Grandma know to go download Linux or even know what Linux is and then pick the right distro and then go to the right store and pick the right thumb-drive to put it on and then download the software to make it into a bootable USB and use that software correctly and then put in the USB and manage to boot to it.

    This device takes out ALL of those steps and just leaves Grandma with: order the $50 stick, plug it in and follow the instruction sheet that I'm sure the device comes with in order to boot from the USB. And that's it, now she can use it like it's a new computer. And this video showed a clean windows install on old hardware - not one that is on old hardware and has been used by Grandma for a DECADE and probably has a slew of malware and viruses and Bonzai Buddies slowing it down. She would probably go from taking 5 MINUTES for the browser to open to just 5 seconds for the browser to open on the USB Lubuntu! Amazing (60x) improvement and hopefully she can get another few years out of the computer without bothering anyone else.

    For someone who is, say, in their 80's and was never very tech savvy, even going out and buying a new computer and HOOKING IT UP... is just a no-go. They can't do it unassisted. Hell, when I got to college in 2004, there were plenty of girls who needed help setting up their desktop computers. I was happy to help. ;-) But, order stick, plug in stick, follow 2 or 3 steps... with tech support number for any issues... that is something someone in their 80's CAN do. That's the difference.

    This wasn't a great review since the guys didn't even show how XtraPC did opening websites, using its office program, etc. They just showed Anthony's stick that took him "an hour" to create. That right there tells you that Grandma would not be able to create the stick, let alone put Linux on an SSD, open up the side of the case, install it... give me a break! Seems like most of you people have no empathy. How would you feel if some old lady said, "Why you go to Target and buy a sweater when you are cold? Just buy the damn yarn and knit your own sweater. It's cheaper and you'll get WAY better quality than some machine-made sweater from China, newb." Think about it. And I'm sorry if you don't feel this way, as I see many people on here complaining about trying to game on Intel HD graphics, but $50 is NOT a lot of money to a lot of people. It's a freaking tank of gas. I am in NO WAY affiliated with XtraPC, I just try to have an open mind and have seen how out-of-their-element older people are with PC stuff.

  • Lou Clifton
    Lou Clifton 7 days ago

    Yes, let's pretend Linus is my grandmother. Wait, what? This video got really weird really quick!

  • mike hunt
    mike hunt 7 days ago

    Grandma does not know what tabs are. Grandma click allows notifications on every website Grandma see how we can speed her computer up with reimage or blah blah and clicks everything. Well it happens and not just to grandma.

    K LOPEZ 7 days ago

    I bought two (one for me and one for my late husband's computers). By the time they shipped to me here in Hawaii, the opportunity for a refund if not 'satisfied' was nearly over. By the time I finally got this to boot my Dell Optiplex 760, the time was up. I found out that I could NOT access the programs originally installed on my units, including Quicken that I depend on, Microsoft Word or even OpenOffice, as they claimed I would be. I emailed them to say I was not satisfied with the performance, they said it was operating normally (essentially They were 'satisfied') and I was stuck with it. I could return it but not get a refund (WHAT??). not a happy Grandma at all.

  • Project 2501
    Project 2501 7 days ago +10

    The Extra-PC company basically sells you a bootable USB stick which would normally cost you about 10-15 Dollars on which they simply put a copy of Linux Lubuntu which is TOTALLY FREE for you to download!!! So they are charging you basically 50+Dollars for an operating system that is FREE! You can just go and buy a normal 64GB USB-Flash for 12 bugs, download Lubuntu and configure it yourself - there are tons of simple tutorials for that on the web! Don't let them fool you!

    • kriss3d
      kriss3d 4 days ago

      Well I wouldnt say its a scam as such.
      They do sell you a usb stick and presumably some kind of support as well as customized linux on a usb stick.
      You would consider it a scam due to it being linux which is free and anyone could easily make for themselves.

    • imgaylolxd
      imgaylolxd 6 days ago


  • asd
    asd 7 days ago +25

    I gave my parents a chromebook 4 years ago and didn't have to touch it since. That's the way to go with technologically challenged family.

    • Honudes Gai
      Honudes Gai Day ago

      had to go with a tablet, they are so naive (retarded) that they click on the ads and open spam....which has yet to have any effect on the tablet unlike any pc they get their caveman hands on

    • Jacob Walker
      Jacob Walker 2 days ago

      That’s what I’ve done and it works just fine

  • TheNetWork
    TheNetWork 7 days ago +3

    Every old PC can be resurrected by running Linux... Just don't use Gnome.

  • Corpus Crispy
    Corpus Crispy 7 days ago +1

    0/10 USB didn't include grandma

  • Argo Tungsten
    Argo Tungsten 8 days ago

    @ LTT
    Could there be a danger of these items being used to gain access to your files ? Maybe even load up a virus that secretly runs in the background?

  • Imelio Aguinaldo
    Imelio Aguinaldo 8 days ago +1

    Ubuntu is way far cheaper than Windows, you may also get it for free:) and so as some application for ubunto.

  • FM Productions
    FM Productions 8 days ago

    That’s gotta be the ugliest human being I’ve ever seen. But he seems like a great dude tho 😃

  • Damien Schaer
    Damien Schaer 8 days ago

    I LOVE Linux Free Distribution

  • Cabo_ose
    Cabo_ose 8 days ago

    Oh, you go down. BURN!!!!!!!

  • Gamblor
    Gamblor 8 days ago

    Buddy, you are my grammar.

  • victori BigBoost
    victori BigBoost 8 days ago

    Grandma have Razer mouse

  • aries630
    aries630 8 days ago

    have more patience when installing software for a RU-clip video idiot

  • Bisgamer Gameplay
    Bisgamer Gameplay 9 days ago

    Linux is my grandmother

    I mean linus

  • Maluhia808
    Maluhia808 9 days ago

    multimillionaire dollar rip off

  • C:Nolox
    C:Nolox 9 days ago +1

    An HOUR?!?!? Jesus!

    • Lou Clifton
      Lou Clifton 7 days ago

      Yeah he stopped to make a hot pocket or 7.

  • Witym
    Witym 9 days ago +7

    there is an even better solution,
    buy granny a cheap smartphone

    • Moon
      Moon 7 days ago

      that's what we did and it went great

  • Pauline CC
    Pauline CC 9 days ago

    Just buy a ipad

  • Pauline CC
    Pauline CC 9 days ago

    For poor people you mean

  • Francs Bryce
    Francs Bryce 9 days ago

    To bring some logic to the conversation. I believe that misleading adds are bad, with that said. Most grandmothers are more tech-friendly nowadays. There are plenty of studies that show that stimulating the brain at that age with new things will bring about a healthier individual overall, for a longer period of time. Offering grandma this new format might give you more of your grandmother in the mind department. Also if you built your grandmother a computer and you don't teach her new things she'll just ask you to install it anyways.

  • Francs Bryce
    Francs Bryce 9 days ago

    Ok, I will subscribe. This video shows me, you are truly unbiased.

  • nikolozka1
    nikolozka1 10 days ago

    Next step: Teach granny how to code on Python

  • p3rrypm
    p3rrypm 10 days ago

    It’s just Linux.

  • C3 Studios
    C3 Studios 10 days ago

    No grandma should ever use this. What a COMPLETE waste of money for a free product. It's so easy to do this yourself, or just make it for a grandma. $40 to $70 for a FREE product is a gigantic markup. It's a rip-off scam for seniors. Do NOT recommend this to any person.

  • Jaron Middleton
    Jaron Middleton 10 days ago

    I did a review on that for local newspaper. Worth it for the casual user.

  • Boris
    Boris 10 days ago

    Your running VISTA ???