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  • Ana Wally
    Ana Wally 15 days ago

    But did she find out why her tongue was swollen????

  • Ana Wally
    Ana Wally 15 days ago

    Stephanie’s over complicated explanation/thought process for why the car wouldn’t start was literally what I thought the explanation was. I was waiting the engineer to have this big scientific epiphany.

  • zulekha miah
    zulekha miah 18 days ago +2

    I didn't realise my mum was cooking spaghetti and meatballs whilst watching this and for a split second I had a really stupido moment where I thought damn my nose is strong Steph's pizza smells amazing 🤦🏽‍♀️😒🙄😭😂😂 if only smellavision was real! Then I wouldn't feel so damn dumb! 🤔😆🤣

  • Brandiooo Ooo
    Brandiooo Ooo 19 days ago

    She talks so fast geez😳😂

  • louise ariola
    louise ariola 19 days ago

    I have this terrifying memory when I was a kid when i put on plates or anything in our dining table it slides and move in a different direction. I was super scared tht time. But now that I've learned science, it was because we have a glass dining table and whenever there is a moist or water any glassware will move.
    I just laughed it all out jow

  • Morgan Washington
    Morgan Washington 19 days ago

    Come to Chicago biss 🤣🤣❤️

  • Tiara Wilson
    Tiara Wilson 22 days ago

    Okay but I love how she shares her food unlike other mukbangers who freak out when someone takes the tiniest thing

  • Emo Poison
    Emo Poison 22 days ago

    One time I had a Barbie, and I put it on my desk, left the room for a minute, I came back and it was under my bed where I kept all my toys, and me being like seven I was like wtf this shit is haunted, and I ran to my siblings and my mom telling them that my doll moved on its own. Turns out my sister went into my room and put it back with my toys (We shared a room) and them being assholes they went along with it. So I put it in a special spot, and they KEPT MOVING IT so I got so scared that I threw it away. I found out like 4 years later from my mom.

  • i am me
    i am me 24 days ago +5

    1:56 me wanting this frickin pizza cause who isnt a pizza loving biss

  • Angela Y
    Angela Y 25 days ago +1

    i watched this in 2x faster mode and im laughing so hard xDDD it sounds the same djdjd

  • Officially Toolen
    Officially Toolen 26 days ago

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Not even a soul:
    Stephiance: in China...

  • Prantsies Gaming
    Prantsies Gaming 27 days ago

    Nuuuuu I’m lateeeee 😩😫 I clicked on it so fast 😭🥺 love you stephhhh ❤️❤️😭

  • Kady Sanchez
    Kady Sanchez 29 days ago

    That big gasp she takes before she take a bite lol

  • queen of spades
    queen of spades 29 days ago

    "italian spicy meatballs" how to rape a italian plate

  • Gwyneth Nicole Buday
    Gwyneth Nicole Buday 29 days ago

    I've watching like 4 of her videos straight and I must say, she is the most entertaining mukbang creator that I've seen and I'm loving her already

  • emily Sanchez
    emily Sanchez 29 days ago

    Can I just say how freaking hungry I get watching these 😂

  • 최rfc옥자
    최rfc옥자 29 days ago


  • 최rfc옥자
    최rfc옥자 29 days ago


  • Kimberly Tanchiatco

    Biss. I sooo badly want to hear your thoughts about this one particular incident that blew our nation, Philippines into lots of problems over China. It was the Manila Hostage taking in August 23, 2010. I once watch a full documentary (nat geo i think) of it on cable but i can't find that video here in RU-clip. A certain police (i don't really remember well) hijacks a bus (i believe..) full of chinese tourists. Please please please make a mukang/story time about thisssss.. PLEASSE. Guys give this like so Ms. Mangobutt will see thank you. :)

  • Andrea Mary
    Andrea Mary Month ago

    Wait what did they ever even figure out why the car wont start?

  • Ian Ralph Bulan
    Ian Ralph Bulan Month ago

    So Yummy 😋😋😋
    Filipino Subscriber here 💖

  • Emily Dressler
    Emily Dressler Month ago

    I fucking love you biss!!!🙏❤🌞🌻💞🍕🍕🍕

  • Alvina Yuno
    Alvina Yuno Month ago

    How does he not know what sherbet is?

  • Addie Marie
    Addie Marie Month ago

    I hate this video so much BC there is no deep dish pizza place by me 😭😂😭😭😭😭

  • Yaneth Evelyn Villar de Cariello

    Am I the only one wondering what happened to her coldest water bottle

  • Nicole McNeill
    Nicole McNeill Month ago


  • Zarina's ASMR Sisters
    Zarina's ASMR Sisters Month ago +6

    Not gonna lie when steph's fiancé poured the coke it reminded me when zach (zach choi asmr) pours his sprite! 😂

  • Chaham Tangjang
    Chaham Tangjang Month ago +1

    I😄 just love the way he calls her honey🍯

  • ARTworld TV
    ARTworld TV Month ago

    Once my cousins came round my house and one of them sat in a puddle of water on the garden bench.her sister laughed at her and went inside.she opened the tap and it splashed all over her. by the end of the day all of us managed to get wet. Are stupid brains instantly assumed we were cursed. We called it the 'water cuse'. Now we just laugh about it.😂

  • Ana Gram
    Ana Gram Month ago

    lowkey, i hate it when people interrupt other people when they're talking. one of my pet peeves 😅😅

  • Sips Tea
    Sips Tea Month ago +1

    Lmao everytime Stephanie says pontiac... i always remember the show brooklyn 99

  • Bella Pedraza
    Bella Pedraza Month ago

    So a funny story in relation to the this topic: my room is in the basement of our house, and everyone else sleeps upstairs.Right outside my room, is a smaller room that i have to go through to leave my bedroom. This room is empty except for a laundry shute that connects to the upstairs bathroom. So often times, when i open my bedroom door, it suctions air from the bathroom through the shute and causes the bathroom door to shut by itself. I was apparently the only one who knew this because i scared the crap out of my sister and her friends one night. It was late and they were watching a scary movie our living room which is just up the hall from our bathroom. They were screaming and making loads of noise, so i decided to check on them. The thing that happens with the bathroom door happened when i opened my door, and all i could hear from upstairs were the terrified screams of teenage girls who thought a ghost had closed the bathroom door. 😂😂😂

  • Khaled AlMulla
    Khaled AlMulla Month ago +1

    Hey Stephanie
    Please do the whole case on the missing princess of Dubai latifa al maktoum show some awareness help us get some answers.
    Everyone is silent on this case and we really need more exposure on this crazy story

  • Z O Y A _97
    Z O Y A _97 Month ago

    “Correlation not causation” was what I thought of the story because I learned it last class in AP Psychology😂
    lol, my brother always skrrts his way through Costco to get water while my sister-in-law gets distracted by other stuff when we’re only suppose to just get water.

  • Reviejane Magbulos
    Reviejane Magbulos Month ago

    wait, how did the engineer figure it out? Someone explain?

  • Kelly Le
    Kelly Le Month ago +1

    Bretman rock finding out his sister was pregnant

  • Krystal Shines
    Krystal Shines Month ago

    Only in 'merica

  • preciousss ima
    preciousss ima Month ago

    I've been craving pizza for 2 months I'm not even joking and now I've seen this video it just mad it wors like that pizza looks so delicious

  • Jameelah Sayfuddin
    Jameelah Sayfuddin Month ago

    Sherbet Mukbang different brands

  • Joseeccortes
    Joseeccortes Month ago


  • Giraffel Tower
    Giraffel Tower Month ago +1

    A biss gonna be sister shitty after this guys
    (I think she is lactose intolerant)

  • Addy’s vlogs
    Addy’s vlogs Month ago

    2min later 👏🏽 so where’s our story Biss

  • Jayson Boyce
    Jayson Boyce Month ago

    I love watching her videos bc she got always got a story I love it keep it up 🤘🏽

  • Katherine Truong
    Katherine Truong Month ago

    The numbness on your tongue is a spice! There was one dish that had Italian sausage and it had a ton of that spice and every time I bit into it my tongue was numb

  • jennifer kim
    jennifer kim Month ago

    as soon as stephanie was like maybe there was a little boi who died and his favorite flavour of ice cream was vanilla i got a ice cream ad .....

  • Parna Donkers
    Parna Donkers Month ago

    Mmmmm can you save me a slice? It looks so good and mmmmmmmm i want a slice

  • Czar Zar
    Czar Zar Month ago

    Omg. Mouth. Hahahah cute 😂

  • Pongawat Wongviriyapornn


  • ß L U D F A R T
    ß L U D F A R T Month ago

    OK I'm going to say it... This shit is fucking annoying

  • Tiffany Riste
    Tiffany Riste Month ago

    Tell us the mountian story

  • Dil11
    Dil11 Month ago +1

    She speaks more than eats ugh

  • MissHolly60
    MissHolly60 Month ago


  • hyungwon's lips
    hyungwon's lips Month ago +3

    we love stephiance even more now that we know he's a jackie aina stan lol 😂💕

  • Jaii gogetit
    Jaii gogetit Month ago

    also, that's why some people have a shopping list whenever they go grocery shopping so they stay on task and only get what they need.

  • hi there
    hi there Month ago

    I'm a triplet and I never notice things happening with the others...

  • MUAlivia •
    MUAlivia • Month ago +3

    “When siblings love each other so much they are connected”
    Me: can’t relate

  • Krystal Flores
    Krystal Flores Month ago +2

    “Or she’s pole dancing on the pole “😂😂

  • Hannacool27
    Hannacool27 Month ago +1

    Lmao how do you choke on ice cream 😂

  • Mohammed Rahman
    Mohammed Rahman Month ago

    i want to go ballz deep in you!

  • Mostwanted. Ny
    Mostwanted. Ny Month ago +1

    Everytime I watch ur vids I sing along with you😘😘