• Published on Aug 2, 2019
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to WHAT COULD GO WRONG ... ?
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  • stanley Shapiro
    stanley Shapiro 15 hours ago

    The game is called spoons

  • Dan Leone
    Dan Leone 23 hours ago

    1 like=1 life for the horse

  • Dan Leone
    Dan Leone 23 hours ago +1

    Tommy:yay mommy
    Look at my plane

    2 seconds later: weeeeeeeeeeee oof

  • Edwin Alvarado
    Edwin Alvarado Day ago


  • Pokey 19
    Pokey 19 Day ago

    That girl that broke the window with the ball looks like me…

  • Anja Tomic-Burtic

    Azzy on the first one it was a prank there was a door behind it

  • MsNewcruz
    MsNewcruz 2 days ago

    Those two squirrels are not fighting the one that are in the cage is trying to tell the outside one to help him get out azzy you are my favorite RU-clipr and hila name is Eliana Larissa RC can you please give me a shout out no one ever gave me a shout out and any videos and I've been crying all day long azzy

  • Ev Sev
    Ev Sev 2 days ago

    Lol, I had something happen to me like when someone fell off of the treadmill

  • Lunar Nova
    Lunar Nova 2 days ago

    I've hit my head on a diving board before

  • Roseann Padilla
    Roseann Padilla 2 days ago

    Hi Azzy

  • syd’s tiktoks hello

    love is dangerous
    -Azzy 2019

  • Rosie Burrito
    Rosie Burrito 3 days ago

    Why is everyone in the comments using azzy to get likes on their comments?

  • cj cos
    cj cos 3 days ago


  • Draw and Sketch
    Draw and Sketch 3 days ago

    1:28 I believe it’s spoons but with candycanes instead

  • Malinda Garner
    Malinda Garner 4 days ago +1

    Now that’s what i call taking out the trash because he slid down his drive way in a trash bin

  • Ava Thornton
    Ava Thornton 4 days ago +1

    Somone doing yoga in front of a door
    Azzy- what could go wrong?
    Somone- falls over and door falls

  • Blanca Vega
    Blanca Vega 5 days ago

    Hey azzy do you hace a dauthur.

  • Chloe pop Fun
    Chloe pop Fun 5 days ago

    94% of comments this is how much people love azzy
    5% of comments “love is dangerous” azzy 2019
    1% of comments this type of comment

  • Lily Moran
    Lily Moran 5 days ago +6

    This is how many people want likes.

    The people in the comments:

  • Brigitte Yray
    Brigitte Yray 6 days ago +3

    1:50 you should not sit there girlll cause when the glass table cracks all the glass pieces will go in your body

  • mythical dragon
    mythical dragon 6 days ago

    Cats actually love water but only when they want to go in if you force them they hate it

  • im jeff
    im jeff 6 days ago

    These are how many people that are begging for likes

  • Judy’s World
    Judy’s World 6 days ago +1

    I’m so lucky 🍀 since I always break things and I don’t get grounded

  • Baizurah Hamzah
    Baizurah Hamzah 7 days ago

    it is so funny and i feel bad

  • Tim Hobson-Powell
    Tim Hobson-Powell 7 days ago

    I love your videos. "love Isabella,

  • Yasmin Begum
    Yasmin Begum 7 days ago

    Clickbate hate u

  • Jeffy Pee pee butt
    Jeffy Pee pee butt 7 days ago +1


  • lx_ Gacha Caramel _xl

    I have been on kayak once, I never flip cuz someone told me that it have so much bugs in the lake so I don’t want to flip and I help mah friend come up once but I think i really want to flip lol everyone is so wet and I am the only one that clean 😂

  • Amgel De La Cruz
    Amgel De La Cruz 8 days ago

    Keep doctor out

  • Elena Long
    Elena Long 8 days ago

    God had a pen
    Azzy had a highlighter
    God made the world
    Azzy made it brighter.
    This is how many people love azzy 👇🏽

  • Immy Hood
    Immy Hood 8 days ago

    Hay azzy I LOVE you. You are the best

  • Madison Pogmore
    Madison Pogmore 8 days ago

    Yeah a goat heart me once, so now I hate them!

  • Small Trigger33
    Small Trigger33 8 days ago


  • Carolyn Urena
    Carolyn Urena 8 days ago +4

    AZZY :she 's not looking at the camera
    me : that's my stepsister!

  • ana vargas
    ana vargas 8 days ago


  • T workhard
    T workhard 9 days ago

    Cat was a fat cat

  • jųsț šcärłeţ
    jųsț šcärłeţ 9 days ago +1

    3:37 complete savage. The fact the white cat ran away though- 😂😂❤

  • Craig HD
    Craig HD 9 days ago +1

    It worked

    The like button worked

    MELANIE TIZARD 9 days ago

    You are amazing #EMJ

  • Annalee Cardillo
    Annalee Cardillo 9 days ago

    I would love to meet you in real life and have been a video hero to me THANK YOU

  • ayah gacha
    ayah gacha 10 days ago

    People how like azzy


    DJ KLINS STUDIO 10 days ago

    Azzy:oh...oh... were is it gonna land
    Me:the floor

  • 123 fun with Adele
    123 fun with Adele 10 days ago

    Groggy Ha

  • isabel flores
    isabel flores 10 days ago

    Basicly me and my sister fighting

  • laura garcia
    laura garcia 10 days ago

    hi azzy

  • Bloxynatan
    Bloxynatan 10 days ago


  • PtandMelyia
    PtandMelyia 11 days ago


  • Vera Chaikam
    Vera Chaikam 11 days ago +1

    How come pewdiepie gets all the likes ?*scoffs and flips hair like that one sassy jerk at your school *

  • Matt Strange
    Matt Strange 11 days ago

    The 20th one was my favourite one because it's my cat Minty.

  • MrGehennah
    MrGehennah 12 days ago

    Omg i live this

  • Mom Erickson
    Mom Erickson 12 days ago

    I love your vids azzy

  • Liam Flynn21
    Liam Flynn21 12 days ago

    7:21 I have that coffee maker 😂😂

    SUNSET GOLDIE 12 days ago

    The coffee one was satisfying

  • Leo Starr
    Leo Starr 12 days ago

    Thos nels thogh

  • Amazing Unicorn girl
    Amazing Unicorn girl 12 days ago

    it was like screaming

  • Dyandra Lova
    Dyandra Lova 13 days ago

    I Feel bad For them

  • Amaya Manning
    Amaya Manning 13 days ago


  • Rana Ghaben
    Rana Ghaben 13 days ago

    Roses are red violets are blue a cat just slip 🤣🤣🤣

  • Margaret Mahorn
    Margaret Mahorn 13 days ago


  • Lori Lascio
    Lori Lascio 13 days ago

    She is so awesomely awesome😎🤩