• Published on Aug 2, 2019
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to WHAT COULD GO WRONG ... ?
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  • Madison Caruth
    Madison Caruth 4 hours ago +1

    When she said homie this was my face 😟

  • Kaitlyn Janssen
    Kaitlyn Janssen 5 hours ago

    The girl at 2:14 her shirt said “ducks,” but she forgot to😂

  • Erika Vollmer
    Erika Vollmer 6 hours ago

    Haha I just watched the video of you licking your nose before this video

  • Camila Fuentes
    Camila Fuentes 7 hours ago

    S. a
    T. c

  • Super zabawki.☺
    Super zabawki.☺ 8 hours ago

    Hey azzy to be honest you DON’T have any subscribers why? Beacause i sub from my 10million 100 thousand acunts no need to thank me:)

  • Diamond_K123 Diamond_F456

    I have not flipped a kiyac

  • Just a Human
    Just a Human 8 hours ago

    Once I tried to get granola bars out of my cupboard and I accidentally knocked over a glass thing of maple syrup and it fell and shattered and there was syrup EVERYONE and shards of glass that got stuck to the ground.

  • Jrane Kent Dela Cruz
    Jrane Kent Dela Cruz 18 hours ago +1

    Azzy add me in messeger jranekent

  • Purple Harmony
    Purple Harmony 19 hours ago

    4:25 I used to do this with my dad lol

  • Hollie Cole
    Hollie Cole 19 hours ago

    I went kayaking at school camp I fell out in the middle of da lake in lake Ainsworth

  • Alaya Davis
    Alaya Davis Day ago


  • Erick Razo
    Erick Razo Day ago

    Like if Azzy is the best

  • meowmeowcat Sleepy


  • meowmeowcat Sleepy
    meowmeowcat Sleepy Day ago +1


  • Erick Razo
    Erick Razo Day ago

    Like if Azzy is the best

  • meowmeowcat Sleepy
    meowmeowcat Sleepy Day ago +1

    😁😗😗😗😗😗 AZZY! Subscribe to my RU-clip channel!

  • meowmeowcat Sleepy
    meowmeowcat Sleepy Day ago +1

    Somebody subscribe to my channel it’s me I’m your cat sleepy

  • Rafia Islam
    Rafia Islam Day ago

    Yah alote cold wrong😏

  • Alissa Chadwick
    Alissa Chadwick 2 days ago +1

    Azzy reaction to all vids I saw that coming or what could go wrong lol

  • Chapin. Cast
    Chapin. Cast 2 days ago

    Why she have 1,6k👎🏼

  • Chelsea Attwood
    Chelsea Attwood 2 days ago

    Hey Xdxgndshalkjhggfdaasdfghjkllkjjhhgifdosasdifgoghokokolokkojohogfodosoa

  • Keeley Davies
    Keeley Davies 2 days ago

    Hi 👋

  • Olivia Avis
    Olivia Avis 2 days ago

    Who plays roblox ???????

  • Kaden
    Kaden 3 days ago

    My mom gave me a pain killer cuz I broke my arm and she said it might make me feel high.
    It did.
    This video was hilarious

  • phantomwolfy TYW
    phantomwolfy TYW 3 days ago

    Azzy i loves u💓💓👍🏼

  • Kilee Relyea
    Kilee Relyea 3 days ago +1

    I almost died while my brother puck the trendmeal of high speed

  • Allanah Bell
    Allanah Bell 3 days ago

    I’ve flipped in a kayak before

  • Angel Aviles
    Angel Aviles 3 days ago

    I got stiches from my glass table and on my forhead

  • Ryan 626
    Ryan 626 3 days ago

    I have to do a good day at home I have to do a good day at home I have to do a good day at home I have to do a good day at home I have to do a good day at home I have to do a good day at home I have to do a good day at home I have to do a good day at home I have to do a good day at home I have to do a good day at home I have to do a good day at home I have to do a good day at home I have to do a good day at home

  • Ryan 626
    Ryan 626 3 days ago


  • Ryan 626
    Ryan 626 3 days ago

    His name has a good home

  • Ian Swarbrick
    Ian Swarbrick 3 days ago

    I lost control of my bike.Did not go well!

  • Carmela Caputo
    Carmela Caputo 3 days ago +1

    Cat: I’muh push you in there
    Me: ohhhhhh savifj cat

    Me inside:😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • David Harrington
    David Harrington 3 days ago


  • christine cagney
    christine cagney 3 days ago

    It is funny when she puts her face on animales

  • Corey Williams
    Corey Williams 3 days ago

    I have 5 hroses

  • amber Hubbard
    amber Hubbard 3 days ago


  • Tenika Sosa-Gonzalez


  • Nageene Noor
    Nageene Noor 3 days ago +2

    0:20 that happened to my 2 yr old nephew and he started crying
    Poor nephew

  • Wolves Love
    Wolves Love 3 days ago

    Love is dangerous
    - Azzy

  • Frozenfox155 LoraNova

    I did so much gasps in this vid i choked.

    Srry for spelling mistakes🙁

  • Gacha Oof
    Gacha Oof 3 days ago

    3:40 #RUTHLESS CAT

  • Amaya Patel
    Amaya Patel 3 days ago

    Azzyland is the best!

  • Tracy Wilks
    Tracy Wilks 3 days ago

    I saw some

  • Wang Elaina
    Wang Elaina 4 days ago

    The thing didn’t close fast enough he was to fast, I think

    Edit: it was 18:49 if you wanna know in the corner it didn’t close as fast as the others

  • Kairi'sCastle
    Kairi'sCastle 4 days ago +7

    Anyone know how to get a video licensed to be able to put on a channel? Anyone know how Azzyland gets her videos? Or where? Thnx

    • Ava Hunter
      Ava Hunter 3 days ago

      Look up how to make a you tube channel

  • channel valdez
    channel valdez 4 days ago

    The game was spoons but they used candy cans instead

  • sang zz
    sang zz 4 days ago +1

    Can you. Be. Lord. Av dtv😙😚😗😘😍😋😊

    www.CASH4UNOW.CO.UK 4 days ago

    0:37 the reaction when i see a spider

  • I stole ur cookies
    I stole ur cookies 4 days ago +1


  • Daniel Gonzales
    Daniel Gonzales 4 days ago


  • LindeyWolf Lover
    LindeyWolf Lover 4 days ago

    6:48 and 7:02 her face

  • Valentina Hernandez Salazar

    They don’t like water because they will inflate or. Something

  • Joan Campinha
    Joan Campinha 4 days ago


  • Ramen'sBestie_ CookieCammy

    The toilet was. Asking the wrong noise XD

  • ChopSticks Ruby Marie

    The toilet spayed water rewatch it plzzzzzzz I love u bye

  • Reem Al akbari
    Reem Al akbari 4 days ago

    I have scilosis its a medical condition that wpyou feel pain somwhere and you cant walk properly

  • Tessa Cox
    Tessa Cox 4 days ago

    Cat can fit in anything one time my cat was in between a cabinet that was barely 2 inches wide

  • Ofreng Tabuso
    Ofreng Tabuso 4 days ago

    Azzy you are the best!!🌌🌌🌌🇨🇦