15 Worst Albums of the 2010s

  • These albums... they're especially NOT GOOD.
    93PUNX - Self-Titled
    Review: ru-clip.net/video/xlpqeREimKg/video.html
    brokeNCYDE - Will Never Die
    Listen: ru-clip.net/video/Zbg6lwq5yS4/video.html
    Chance the Rapper - The Big Day
    Review: ru-clip.net/video/RjriHA-MLPg/video.html
    Miley Cyrus - Dead Petz
    Review: ru-clip.net/video/4J4GjCE_KPw/video.html
    Eminem - Revival
    Review: ru-clip.net/video/14Py6kcxKKQ/video.html
    Corey Feldman - Angelic 2 the Core
    Review: ru-clip.net/video/L3E0kq9YkjA/video.html
    Imagine Dragons - Origins
    Review: ru-clip.net/video/5vXVnzY_zn4/video.html
    Lil Dicky - Professional Rapper
    Review: ru-clip.net/video/swQI_FNyS6M/video.html
    Lil Wayne - Rebirth
    Listen: ru-clip.net/video/lTurfn7vvCk/video.html
    Lil Xan - Total Xanarchy
    Review: ru-clip.net/video/vdHxMQtIHic/video.html
    Logic - Supermarket
    Review: ru-clip.net/video/jvLOz_mzZ9k/video.html
    Nav - Bad Habits
    Review: ru-clip.net/video/A3yllffO0dc/video.html
    Six Feet Under - Graveyard Classics IV: Number of the Priest
    Listen: ru-clip.net/video/D6AGi3UxD-8/video.html
    Doug Walker - Nostalgia Critic’s The Wall
    Review: ru-clip.net/video/OEbf8YhTWEo/video.html
    XXXTENTACION - Bad Vibes Forever
    Review: ru-clip.net/video/VyzhfhARDr0/video.html
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    Y'all know this is just my opinion, right?

Comments • 80

  • samthememe 777
    samthememe 777 26 minutes ago

    Nigga really wanna die in the nighttime

  • Hector Bustamante

    I was cracking up watching this video 😂🤣😂

  • Jacob LaCrosse
    Jacob LaCrosse 2 hours ago

    Total Xanarchy was the only one of two times that I have never finished listening to an album the whole way through

  • Holly G
    Holly G 3 hours ago

    Did anyone else just read the bio and leave? Because honestly same.

  • Holly G
    Holly G 3 hours ago

    There are a lot of 'Lil' people there

  • Andy Andy
    Andy Andy 14 hours ago

    Crazy how lil pump isn’t on this list therefore a great rapper

  • katdose
    katdose 18 hours ago

    Miley Cyrus and her dead pets is not the best album but you have to give her major props for her live SNL performance of “the twinkle song” best snl performance Ive ever seen 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • GilCAnjos
    GilCAnjos 19 hours ago

    I'm surprised Nostalgia Critic's The Wall is on this list, I thought it wouldn't even count as music

  • Chance Martinez
    Chance Martinez 21 hour ago

    God number 5 felt really weird cause literally no one shares my name, so to hear it and have it not be directed at me is the weirdest shit

  • Qqq Myes
    Qqq Myes Day ago

    Rebirth should’ve been an abortion 9:25 lol wtf Anthony I was not prepared for that

  • Xavier Manyo-Plange

    After listening to Anthony’s review I was genuinely scared to try to listen to angelic to the core.

  • Brandon Moskos
    Brandon Moskos Day ago

    I was hoping Corey was #1. Did not let me down!!! Lmao

  • Nigga Carpet
    Nigga Carpet 2 days ago

    Imagine Dragons is horrible and extremely overplayed anyways, same as Coldplay🤷‍♀️

  • Daniel Arnold
    Daniel Arnold 2 days ago

    BVF is a great album thank you.

  • Desmond Alohan
    Desmond Alohan 2 days ago

    Chance the Rapper needs to take acid again idgaf anymore

  • Malo Tielemans
    Malo Tielemans 3 days ago

    I'm sorry but Rebirth is still 1009383 times better than any mumble rap shit especially lil pump lil yachty and Lil xan will ever do in their life. Wayne is a goat, have some respect

  • kylan
    kylan 3 days ago

    I don’t think the Chance album is bad, I just think it’s a collection of weird things. But to call it the 5th worst album of the decade,🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Mr Spaghetti
    Mr Spaghetti 3 days ago

    God, that brokencyde album gives me a migraine.

  • Damn Son
    Damn Son 4 days ago

    My Gf gives me the best compliments but not 12:33 😢

  • Max Ducks
    Max Ducks 5 days ago +1

    I used to be an Imagine Dragons fan. Absolutely adored their music. But then they experimented with Evolve. And unfortunately, it went past mainstream and into “songs that get played on the radio endlessly” territory. Was it bad? No, but I was a little worried. They’re gonna be back to good ol’ alt-rock...right? And then...Origins. Origins was the nail in the coffin. The sign that my favorite band from my childhood and teenage years had officially fallen from grace. Nothing seemed original, it was the definition of “catering to what’s popular”, and worst of all, it was forgettable. I still will hold Smoke & Mirrors as an amazing album (in my nostalgic and biased opinion), but while it pains me to say it, I have to agree with Fantano. Worst of the decade? No. But by far the lowest Imagine Dragons has gone.

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats 5 days ago +1

    I was thinking I gotta listen to pink floyd just cuz anthony hates nostalgia critic's album so much lol

  • Comrade Shark
    Comrade Shark 6 days ago

    11:34 My philosophy on dating apps

  • Visible Soundz
    Visible Soundz 6 days ago

    Lol I liked Rebirth. Plus it came out in 09 so it shouldn’t even be on this list lol.

  • Spartan-dx
    Spartan-dx 6 days ago

    Lil dicky’s album in my opinion is just fun to listen to. It’s not anything crazy but fun

  • Itchy 55
    Itchy 55 7 days ago

    93PUNX was fire

  • Kareem
    Kareem 9 days ago +1

    if only two days later this could be made so that rome fortune’s very own freek could be slid into there, even if it was late to the 2010’s party

  • Scotty B
    Scotty B 10 days ago

    why lil xan's waist so snatched tho

  • Thanos Birbas
    Thanos Birbas 11 days ago

    X:s songs in that album got left unfinished. It was just so fans could see in to what some of his future songs couldve been. Its just a compilation of some snippets and hooks. Not really trying to be a good album.

  • 417 Redline Vlogs
    417 Redline Vlogs 11 days ago

    God, you’re a miserable person.

  • Henry 2bouncy
    Henry 2bouncy 11 days ago

    Bro review Bluefaces new album

  • Erica R
    Erica R 13 days ago +2

    It really validates me that you hate lil dicky

  • TheReverantChoir
    TheReverantChoir 14 days ago

    The fact that the worst albums video has more views than the best ones is hilarious lmao

  • Ajax
    Ajax 15 days ago +5

    Lil Dicky's singles are good
    The album is not

    • I'm the J
      I'm the J 2 days ago

      Five letters: E A R T H
      This track is AWFUL

  • Jebediah Jens
    Jebediah Jens 15 days ago +10

    "Lil Wayne"
    Me: *Lollipop Guitar Solo flashbacks*

  • S L E E P Y くぼみ
    S L E E P Y くぼみ 16 days ago

    I'm surprised he didn't put cherry bomb

  • KidShazam Music
    KidShazam Music 16 days ago +1

    As a stan I agree with you

  • Patrick Ivery
    Patrick Ivery 16 days ago

    Id love to see this guy make an album

  • Banana Seokjin
    Banana Seokjin 16 days ago +1

    I swear I get a lady boner hearing you lay into Doug Walker.

  • Combustion
    Combustion 16 days ago +1

    Eversince by Bladee would easily be on my top 5 worst this decade. Come at me, bitches.

  • TeddySetGO
    TeddySetGO 17 days ago

    Should’ve been an abortion, I died

  • MarkB 1181
    MarkB 1181 17 days ago +1

    Woah ok!! Corey Feldman with the top spot. So shocked, I'm going to have to listen to that one lol 👌🏽✌🏽💯💯

  • HunterIsDefintelyFine
    HunterIsDefintelyFine 17 days ago +1

    What I’ve learned from this list is that if someone makes an album called “Rebirth,” or “Revival,” or something like that will pretty much always be bad

  • Interpolation 255
    Interpolation 255 17 days ago

    I could barely make it through even the first 5 tracks of A2TC and by the time I made it to the 8th track I just felt completely dried out.

  • Taryn Michelle
    Taryn Michelle 17 days ago

    why does he keep saying little instead of lil

  • Kristel C
    Kristel C 18 days ago

    supermarket was not logics best album ever, near the bottom, but if you read the book it matched the story’s style and fit more or less with the book. he tried different styles which is nice for him and effort, but some of it just wasn’t it so I’m a bit in between

  • Fiverumble
    Fiverumble 18 days ago +83

    imagine telling someone in 2015 that Eminem, Logic, and Chance the Rapper would be on this list

  • Julian Garcia
    Julian Garcia 18 days ago

    Revival is a masterpiece stfu

  • Shaun PK
    Shaun PK 18 days ago

    Murder Ballads :) nice

  • yam barkan
    yam barkan 18 days ago +3

    Just Imagine that in the next worst album decade list there will be a Kendrick album in the first place.. this will be both funny and sad

  • Blind
    Blind 19 days ago

    Supermarket wasnt for the rap community? Literally a soundtrack to a book how can you hate on a soulfull soundtrack tf

  • AvantiLazio leo
    AvantiLazio leo 19 days ago

    I only downvoted to get it to 1k dislikes, im sorry

  • Candy Chan
    Candy Chan 19 days ago


  • Jaxtherabbit
    Jaxtherabbit 19 days ago

    I was quite conflicted on a like or a dislike, now believe me, I love Anthony. It's just that the dislikes were at 999 and I really wanna be 1000

  • colby p
    colby p 19 days ago

    Total xanarchy was bad but heartbreak soldiers 2 by lil xan was wayyy worse

  • CoCo C
    CoCo C 20 days ago

    Feldman made a concept album about having a fever dream.

  • Omid.BRUCE Habibi
    Omid.BRUCE Habibi 20 days ago

    " i sell like a 4 million when i put out a bad album" eminem, now who does that?

  • Jennifer Rose
    Jennifer Rose 21 day ago

    Interesting how many of these albums are recent or from the last few years.

  • Jasper Skydecker
    Jasper Skydecker 21 day ago

    As bad as these albums are there are worse things.

  • Alexson Philipiah
    Alexson Philipiah 21 day ago

    I’ve heard a couple of these albums and honestly the Xxx album and the Nav album for example, aren’t THAT awful at all. They’re a bit bland, yes. That’s about it. Just bland records. Fantano is weird...

  • 刘翔
    刘翔 21 day ago

    wait, doug walker's parody album is here? i didn't think that is good enough to be considered an album...

  • Chris Arias
    Chris Arias 22 days ago

    Brokencyde! Lol those assholes went to my high school

  • Tell'emSteveDave
    Tell'emSteveDave 22 days ago

    Metallica and Lou Reed's Lulu

  • Lee Meredith
    Lee Meredith 24 days ago +1

    Whatever your opinion on Eminem, you can't deny Anthony is right about his lyrics.

  • Ari W
    Ari W 25 days ago +1

    #2 WTF is that? This kid looks like he just dug himself out of a mud pit and is happy to see the sun for the first time. What a critter

  • Emlyn Williams
    Emlyn Williams 25 days ago

    Nice to hear someone express so much disgust, I spend most of my time disgusted by music I'm exposed to in cafe's and shops. And then I'll hear something that is actually marvellous and follow it like the smell of apple pie before it returns to the anonymous ocean from whence it came.

  • yeetus reetus go commit self deletus

    Whatever it takes, natural, and radioactive are great imo but the rest of imagine dragons songs range from meh to thunder level

  • Limp Skimp
    Limp Skimp 28 days ago

    My mans got my favorite nick cave album behind him

  • J D
    J D 28 days ago

    I was so sad when the big day came out I use to love chance

  • 44 Calibre
    44 Calibre 29 days ago

    15:45 Didn't expect this here! I absolutely agree.

  • NocklesGONK
    NocklesGONK 29 days ago

    I got to #2 and thought, "What could be worse than that?". And the I remembered the album and instantly knew what #1 was gonna be.

  • soulcrusher807
    soulcrusher807 Month ago

    As a death metal fan I like that Six Feet Under don't always take themselves seriously. It is something that the genre does way too much.
    The rest, can't say I know them. I know of Eminem obviously but didn't even know he put out music in the last decade.

  • Professional Meme Enthusiast 1

    So an album you gave a 2-3 is worse than an album you gave a 0? Really inconsistent Anthony, hated it. Resubscribed.

  • Tha nos
    Tha nos Month ago +1

    Am I the only one that kinda likes Revival? Damn... guess I am

  • kukuryku
    kukuryku Month ago +2

    Dead Petz is the best, most underrated album of all time
    Fuck y'all

  • Ashvin Nair
    Ashvin Nair Month ago

    Origin is a very good album

  • King Dino
    King Dino Month ago +2

    I don't agree with revival being in the list

  • Bacon Basket
    Bacon Basket Month ago

    W H Y Y A P U T T H E D I C K I N T H E P U S S Y ? ? ? ? ?

  • AKShlumpedGod
    AKShlumpedGod Month ago

    still love chance for acid rap

  • Christian Shimer
    Christian Shimer Month ago

    Damn.......just realizing travis barker had a hand in a lot of this cringe 🤣

  • ________
    ________ Month ago

    holy that lil wayne diss took me out