SAD NEWS for Xbox & PlayStation gamers of the future + Logitech G!

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
  • PlayStation and Xbox gamers of the future might not have GameStop stores to shop at... some sad news!
    Thanks to Logitech for sponsoring this video and giveaway of the brand new G915 keyboard! #PlayAdvanced
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Comments • 357

  • Ayden the collector
    Ayden the collector 18 days ago +1

    We still have jbhif ther going no where we still can buy games there

  • Nick Ger
    Nick Ger 19 days ago

    First toys are us then GameStop, wow my childhood fading fast

  • Jones Mctavish
    Jones Mctavish 20 days ago

    Dude. I grew up with no GameStop and it was fine.

  • The Don
    The Don 22 days ago

    Bought red dead 2 1st day of release for $100 nzd 1 month later finished with the game went to eb games to sell it than they say $30 buck instore credit or 20 nzd cash lmao

    JOSEPH STALIN 23 days ago

    Game Stop I don’t use it I go to Target or Walmart

  • Nick’s a Nick
    Nick’s a Nick 24 days ago

    Good bye GameStop!

  • Seouldrift7
    Seouldrift7 25 days ago

    I would much rather prefer a physical copy.

  • Desawn Brooks
    Desawn Brooks 26 days ago

    How is this sad news for ps and xbox. Man thumbs down

  • iPetyaa
    iPetyaa 29 days ago

    I’m thinkin’ maybe PC, Xbox Scarlett or PS5 what do you think?

  • Sweat IOS
    Sweat IOS 29 days ago

    We still have eb games in Australia right

  • Rareș Ștefan Păuna

    What is GameStop?

  • GTA5Player1
    GTA5Player1 Month ago +1

    Why did he unbox a freaking keyboard? Like, seriously. Also, where's the Xbox and Playstation news?

  • sonar008
    sonar008 Month ago

    That’s are jobs lost u num nuts all those dum ignorant posts below just blows my mind. Thanks to Amazing Amazon.

  • adam oakley
    adam oakley Month ago

    Physical games aren’t going to be gone. Ever heard of amazon. Walmart. Best Buy. Etc....... gamestop isnt the only place to go they are failing due to there business practices the way they run the company a lot of people don’t agree with.

  • Steve Kinney
    Steve Kinney Month ago +2

    Great news for gamers! Those stores have been ripping gamers off for years. I have only shopped there probably three times for used games but a majority of my games I buy are on Ebay or Amazon. Lately I been buying digital because i get the game on two Xboxs which is great especially when buying coop games.

  • Diogo Silva
    Diogo Silva Month ago

    Omg not seen this guy in years

  • William Lanza
    William Lanza Month ago

    Way ahead of you budd. I learned my lesson over a decade ago. After the second visit at gamestop. I REALIZE THEY RAPE THE CONSUMER'S. SO no Empathy.

  • Shadow Wolf
    Shadow Wolf Month ago

    I'm glad there closing they only give you $0.55 in trade for a game. That's what happens when you abuse your customers 🖕

  • Frank Nickell
    Frank Nickell Month ago

    I am a truck driver in the USA and a lot of trucking companies are going out of business. They said there's no Freight and they're being under bidded by the bigger companies and these are companies that have 18 50 trucks and they are consider small companies. We might be in a start of a recession. I been looking on line about this and no one is talking about it. Spread the word save your money and buy your gas in bulk

  • Chad W.
    Chad W. Month ago +2

    Lol.. Sad news, I buy digital copies!!

  • player unknown
    player unknown Month ago +1

    Now you can buy back your games for the same price as you sold it back to them.

  • madddogg gaming
    madddogg gaming Month ago

    Not true i work for gamestop

  • Mr. J
    Mr. J Month ago

    Gamestop did some gangster shit taking parents & kids money over the years now they cashing in... Never fucked with Gamestop so to the people out their that have been bent over and taking it right up the ass from Gamestop all these years YOU should celebrate.. 😆

  • MEME Master
    MEME Master Month ago

    Hey champ is there anything that your happy about...

  • The N7 Spartan 111
    The N7 Spartan 111 Month ago

    GameStop honestly deserves this for how they rip people off. Another store will follow in GameStop’s footsteps and become the new popular game retail

  • James Parker
    James Parker Month ago

    Im hungry

  • Gothic One 666
    Gothic One 666 Month ago

    I've got a good offer. 5 dollars and I can save the company. They take it or leave

  • Keith Keeler
    Keith Keeler Month ago +1

    Gamestop has been shutting down since the launch of the ps3

  • CrazyKing lV
    CrazyKing lV Month ago +2

    Gamestop is the most useless store ever created

  • Vernon Costley
    Vernon Costley Month ago

    I feel like they should just bring the down the price tbh

  • Toy Guy Tom
    Toy Guy Tom Month ago

    Meanwhile we still have Best Buy.

  • Eric Zinck
    Eric Zinck Month ago

    Skip to 2 minutes not here for commercials.

  • bigwhop136
    bigwhop136 Month ago

    Click bait smh

  • tickle me pickle
    tickle me pickle Month ago

    I just smacked it real good an ya mum's batty

  • Christopher Sims
    Christopher Sims Month ago

    I started buying digital games about 2 years ago cause everytime i got a game shipped to me by eb games the disc was damaged and these where new release games.

  • CAR13 The Real Brokensword

    I buy all digital so I can't sell or break them anyways GameStop went under after they quit selling games from older systems.... Really would have made things easier for them

  • HotSizzleTV
    HotSizzleTV Month ago

    They keep fucking us over so this is what happens to them.

  • DJ
    DJ Month ago

    How is GameStop shutting down sad news? Sounds like happy news to me! I heard a lot of bad things about them. Besides I haven't even shopped in a GameStop for years so it has no effect on me. I just buy games digital.

  • roadrunnerj
    roadrunnerj Month ago

    I'm avoiding all game company's that make games with greedy MICROTRANSACTIONS and/or loot box's. I'm so sick of it especially when you can end up paying full price for a game.
    Why I'm sticking to independent game company's for now these greedy triple as game company's that are ruining the game industry with gambling in games I shall avoid at costs.
    I would advise others to do the same

  • Gar3th 360
    Gar3th 360 Month ago

    Mate that's not sad news That's great news who needs game stores they just rip u off big time mate we just don't need them no more when u can download your games n gift games to other people

  • alex medina
    alex medina Month ago

    The GameStop in my town closed early this year

  • me1648
    me1648 Month ago +2

    I just pay using the Xbox and PlayStation store

  • Camo Vert
    Camo Vert Month ago

    i live in a city in romania and i think there is no gamestops in romania lmao we have our good shops

    • Camo Vert
      Camo Vert Month ago

      btw if i want cd games i can just order it from the internet cuz its cheaper than digital form

  • gaiozi1
    gaiozi1 Month ago

    there is digital markets game rent like ea origin access uplay+ gamepass and gamers from easter europe africa Asia middle east and caucasus region does not have payment in euro or usd so 60 usd for only one game especially annual release games are expensive. I finished gears 5 in 5 dollars after 4 days of its release date. And gamestop site is forbidden in my region I can't see without vpn and even when I saw game prices no I am good.

  • au jack
    au jack Month ago

    Issue is, eb/ game stop have a monopoly and they F it up.

  • Tony Gunz 916
    Tony Gunz 916 Month ago

    Sad news? Champ, what happen man? This shit is irrelevant. NOBODY gives a Fuck about GameStop. Smh. Waste of a video

  • krb693
    krb693 Month ago

    This is the sad news? Fuck outta here with your clickbait bullshit!

  • Unkindtaternuts
    Unkindtaternuts Month ago

    They are closing underperforming stores and changing , yes some stores will close , not All store will be closing .

  • FasterSpade 434
    FasterSpade 434 Month ago

    Finally their closing about time

  • Patrick Mcwilliams
    Patrick Mcwilliams Month ago

    You do know there is no game stop in UK we can buy games online no one gives a shit

  • Kevin Mercado
    Kevin Mercado Month ago

    Why , no one stopped shopping when WoolWorth , sears or even Kmart closed . So why would anyone cry or miss Gamestop or that matter stop buying games from other stores.

  • Evil Exists
    Evil Exists Month ago +3

    I've went digital a few years back..

  • Barrington Blacks
    Barrington Blacks Month ago

    Wish they were closing today

  • Matt Kalasky
    Matt Kalasky Month ago

    I was expecting something bad about the systems, or games for them, themselves. This is comparatively better than what I was lead to expect.

  • Kolobos0523
    Kolobos0523 Month ago

    Good I hate GameStop the way they treat their employees like shit and their refurbished systems aren't fixed right because the company tries to cut corners

  • Adrian Beasley
    Adrian Beasley Month ago +2

    I download all my games onto my console so I don't really need GameStop

  • FarmingisGaming67 YT

    I guess Canada is not the only place with eb games

  • Wesley Hoare
    Wesley Hoare Month ago

    You cant kill Walmart lol

  • Wesley Hoare
    Wesley Hoare Month ago

    Cool all games will be sold on Amazon lol or on ps4 store or xbox store the consoles who knows could be sold at Walmart like there doing now
    I'm not concerned lol

  • za great Andini
    za great Andini Month ago

    Also you don’t HAVE to trade you’re games in at Gamestop. If you don’t like the trade in price then don’t do it lol who’s holding the gun to your head???? You want the most $ then lost it on eBay lazy asses. Put some work in. Here’s how it works. If they sell game X for 49.99 and they give you 15 or 20 it’s because you are the 1000 person to come in with that game. So they have a ton of stock, hence the trade in price goes down, why? Because that’s how business works. That game they handed you 15 for will sit on shelves AFTER they bump it down on their shelves to 8.99. So they’ll lose $. Factor that all in if you were the owner of a game store. Chances are your tune would change when it’s you handing out, according to you, 45 for a used game and then asking 50 for it used. Months later when you refuse to mark it down to 20 because you paid 45 for then you can reflect. Think. Again sell it on eBay if you want the most $, put the work in. If not then take it to Gamestop, or don’t. Your going to have a big shock if you all try and buy a car and sell it back to the dealer ship the next day. Lol if you think Gamestop is bad haha. The second you drive off the lot. Lol.