Cure for Loneliness | Stories From Our Future

  • Published on Jun 10, 2019
    Stories from our Future is in partnership with Netflix inspired by fan homages to the Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones’ anthology series “Black Mirror.”
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  • Rudy Mancuso
    Rudy Mancuso  6 months ago +5243

    Enjoy. Watch more Stories From Our Future here

  • Kiusza CM
    Kiusza CM 10 hours ago +1

    Oh shit man, now I'm sad 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Nadia Glynn
    Nadia Glynn Day ago

    What up

  • Tonight Gamer
    Tonight Gamer Day ago

    That ending tho!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Moymoy Vivov9
    Moymoy Vivov9 Day ago +1

    Sad reality😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • old uncle
    old uncle 2 days ago

    *Are you lonely?*

  • Suryanshu Singh
    Suryanshu Singh 2 days ago

    Why do people in the future still have iPhone xs

  • Pixldare Gaming
    Pixldare Gaming 3 days ago

    I love every music you made

  • Jullia Martins
    Jullia Martins 3 days ago

    The fact that none of them ever said anything says a lot

  • Nobody #567
    Nobody #567 3 days ago +2

    I don't know if this works for you but it does for me. I use cartoon characters from my favorite shows I'm too embarrassed to talk about and pretend they are my friends. It works for me because they're always at my side and provide encouragement and I call upon them whenever I want to because they're never busy.

  • Nasir Khan
    Nasir Khan 3 days ago

    Anwar has shown his talent in this video

  • Danny The King
    Danny The King 3 days ago

    Zthere was no talking pig In the video

  • Nahez Sakharkar
    Nahez Sakharkar 3 days ago

    Anwar really did great here

  • Beast Boy
    Beast Boy 3 days ago

    THE END!!

  • satisfying sand cutting

    When you turn on your captions it has nothing

  • Kyoto
    Kyoto 3 days ago

    Why was that ending was so sad what the heck-

  • Amir Farawati
    Amir Farawati 4 days ago

    It made me think about robot..He helped him to overcome his loneliness and then he ended up alone ..

  • Viraat Dev Mudgil
    Viraat Dev Mudgil 4 days ago +1

    ok I'm 70 percent through this video and I'm guessing that rudy and the girl will also be these products who are higher percentage humans idk

    • maumau1625
      maumau1625 Day ago

      Not trying to be rude but there is no way that u r 70 percent through the video🤯

  • Viraat Dev Mudgil
    Viraat Dev Mudgil 4 days ago

    hi welcome to westworld

  • Sakshi
    Sakshi 4 days ago

    Hannah looks exactly like a robo

  • THE garcia broes
    THE garcia broes 4 days ago

    This breaks my heart😢

  • CW Zoom
    CW Zoom 4 days ago

    Cool 😎 but at the end it was like a scary vibe

  • PonczeQ
    PonczeQ 4 days ago


  • XVI 19
    XVI 19 4 days ago

    greatest wingman EVER.

  • amina am
    amina am 4 days ago

    Wooow i like it. From MOROCCO

  • Andrea Marando
    Andrea Marando 5 days ago

    what the hell worst video i've ever seen !!!!!

  • Pessoínea aleatória

    I got scared!

  • Pessoínea aleatória

    Qm é BR dá like!

  • Elizabeth Ramirez
    Elizabeth Ramirez 5 days ago

    I love Netflix

  • Dani Wild
    Dani Wild 5 days ago

    equiparabile a un episodio di Black Mirror....bravissimo!!

  • RuXyZ
    RuXyZ 6 days ago +1

    So coooll.....

  • H e s e d L o r e n z a n a


  • Shan Hui Ng
    Shan Hui Ng 6 days ago

    Deep Learning in a nutshell

  • Chain Heart
    Chain Heart 6 days ago

    Wait is that how babies are born too??

  • Phiamint
    Phiamint 6 days ago

    that ending oml-

  • Britney Baker
    Britney Baker 6 days ago

    Poor robot

  • markus castro
    markus castro 6 days ago

    👏👏👏👏😭😭very beautiful

  • Zaim Khoder
    Zaim Khoder 7 days ago

    This is so sad ;(

  • unnknown gamer op
    unnknown gamer op 7 days ago

    I REALLY cried 😭 ❤️

  • Md Sayeed
    Md Sayeed 7 days ago

    What's the piano reference about??....

    SAHIL UMAR 7 days ago

    Really you guys are real ACTORS and very creative awesome video even there is no sound in it but still keep me watching the whole video👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Chadric Hjellming
    Chadric Hjellming 7 days ago

    Yes yes yes! I loved everything about this video. The aduio, the cinematography, and the plot twists. Super cool!

  • Soraze
    Soraze 7 days ago

    Twist ending

  • Depression Strikes
    Depression Strikes 7 days ago

    This is kinda sad..

  • Jarne Wouters
    Jarne Wouters 7 days ago +2

    deam this looks like a modern art movie whit the deeper meaning

  • AzX GaMiNG
    AzX GaMiNG 7 days ago

    the final twist at the end got me fckn hard

  • Cecil Blackman
    Cecil Blackman 7 days ago

    Ok that was sick, this guy keep getting better

  • Umberto Guerra
    Umberto Guerra 8 days ago

    I like this so much... a lot of Rudy Mancuso videos are kind of bitter-sweet

  • Full Ghoren
    Full Ghoren 8 days ago

    Amazing vídeo.

  • sally face
    sally face 8 days ago

    i love these i love the love circle one out of all of them

  • Paulo Willian Bentes Sampaio

    Isso é *TÃO BLACK MIRROR!*

  • Peace Aime HIRWA
    Peace Aime HIRWA 8 days ago

    wow, this great

  • diddy bumbum
    diddy bumbum 8 days ago +2

    I feel like I'm watching black mirror oop

  • Mrs. Jeon Taehyung
    Mrs. Jeon Taehyung 8 days ago +4

    funny thing here is: anwar, because he's acting skills are so cute and pretty and also awesome! Rudy and More deserves a 100M subs!

  • Bwii Wee
    Bwii Wee 9 days ago

    Rudy your actually good at music best musician EVER!!!!

  • GCG Play Chanel
    GCG Play Chanel 9 days ago +1

    Fuck u mate, it was perfect video!)

  • Amanda Benjamin
    Amanda Benjamin 9 days ago

    It was can da sad

  • Kevin
    Kevin 9 days ago

    Sok they get a chance to be human

  • Rose or the one
    Rose or the one 10 days ago +1

    This has a lot of meaning to it