Jeffree Star Speaks Up After Seeing What Fans Did to Shane Dawson Palette

  • Published on Nov 15, 2019
  • Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star sold out of their new makeup collection but fans are upset at some of the buyers.

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    [First Sale Doctrine]
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  • Lillah Gemini
    Lillah Gemini Hour ago +1

    I'm gonna be a reseller after this

  • Ruth Delli Carpini
    Ruth Delli Carpini Day ago +1

    Just say no 😂👊❤️❤️

  • Happy Boii
    Happy Boii 3 days ago +1

    "I spent two hours on 2 products"- what? That's WAYYYYY TO much time. How pathetic and pitiful. She doesn't deserve to have a phone.

  • The Knee
    The Knee 7 days ago

    Crybabies. Just be patient. Resales only work because people buy the up sale.

  • Enriqueta Saenz
    Enriqueta Saenz 9 days ago

    I'd rather get it directly from them

  • Sophia Cooks
    Sophia Cooks 9 days ago

    and also not to mention it was 350000 units were sold by morphe. Imagine how many Jeffree star had

  • Can'tMiss Everblack
    Can'tMiss Everblack 10 days ago


  • Shïlø
    Shïlø 11 days ago

    FFS it's PERMANENT, I want Jawbreaker, it's going to be there eventually. It's not like your gettin INSULIN!!!

  • citrismango
    citrismango 12 days ago

    it is not shane and jeffree's fault that a reseller bought their makeup. yall need to calm tf down

  • Morning Dre
    Morning Dre 13 days ago

    There's nothing wrong with reselling, but I think it might be a good idea that companies with highly demanded products start developing their website to prevent bots from purchasing their items thus their true fans still have a bigger chance to buy their products.

  • Denise G.
    Denise G. 15 days ago +1

    I did once buy from some one who bought a jeffree lippie but then got the same shade a few weeks later in a mystery box

  • KayKayTheWolfLover
    KayKayTheWolfLover 16 days ago

    Most people are impatient. Not all people. This is MAKEUP! If your so mad over a website shutting down BECAUSE of you then thats just sad. Wait for the restock, then get the makeup. Its just makeup. Its a want not a need.

  • Annie Clanton
    Annie Clanton 17 days ago

    Idk what people expected with sooooo many people being on the websites at once just waiting

  • Crystal Sakura Orchid
    Crystal Sakura Orchid 17 days ago

    It’s just...I don’t.....why? I mean I get people want to get their hands on the palette but I don’t get why they have to be so impatient. No ones losing money and it’s going to be available for as long as Jeffree Star lives and even after that which I’m sure will give almost everyone on earth enough time to get it.Sure people want to maybe get it for a family member or something like that but they would understand if it comes later. I really don’t get it, I watched the series and it was really good ( I don’t really like wearing makeup so I found no need to get it ) but my point still stands, just wait for it to be restock.😐😑🤨🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Italian Blues
    Italian Blues 17 days ago +1

    I’m gonna be honest...even my orders for the palate and stuff had an error and sold out bc SO MANY people crashed the site so fast. I would be like, upset but also like “YASSS SIS THATS THE TEAAA THATS MY SHANE DAWSON!!”

  • Izzy Hamilton
    Izzy Hamilton 17 days ago +12

    omg are you kidding me “it’s so unfair” omlllll it wasn’t their fault that the website crashed there was just too many people on it ITS NOT THEIR FAULT

  • no its becky
    no its becky 18 days ago

    *kim there’s people that are dying*

  • Boom 1052
    Boom 1052 19 days ago

    How tf Jeffree and Shane were blame for letting resellers? How tf a website can control buying behaviors? Are you talking about installing an intelligence AI in internet or something? Complaining should have more sense 🤨 Complainers make me what to questions about human intelligence 🤦‍♀️

  • Kandace Lalo-Wright
    Kandace Lalo-Wright 20 days ago

    First world problems. Good word.

  • 『 L O L A G O L D 』

    Is it just me or why is consparicy crossed out

  • TheBiteSizedCrafter
    TheBiteSizedCrafter 21 day ago

    If it were me.. I'd check to see who bought my stuff in bulk and manually refund them and ban them. I wouldn't want people ripping off fans and legit customers like that.. :/

  • Windows 8
    Windows 8 21 day ago

    Oh... that’s why there were people in line on the side of the railing when I went to Garden State Mall... huh

  • Jennifer Castaneda
    Jennifer Castaneda 21 day ago +11

    “Kim there’s people dieing”💀😂

  • Bea Mc
    Bea Mc 23 days ago

    Plus I agree with Jefree but it may be tea but you do not need to keep on talking

  • Bea Mc
    Bea Mc 23 days ago


  • LollyHolly
    LollyHolly 23 days ago

    I know how iconic the palette is but a little bit of patience for the sake of paying triple the price shouldn’t be too hard 😅 unless you are a guru or a reviewer you don’t NEED that make up at launch and it isn’t the end of the world or you have to wait for the next one 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Dawson Hadley
    Dawson Hadley 23 days ago

    Reselling is called Retail.

  • Bloody Leia
    Bloody Leia 24 days ago

    Just be patient till it comes back around, it’s just makeup guys 🙄

  • Gucci Sheep
    Gucci Sheep 24 days ago

    WW3 might happened anytime soon and people are so aggressive ab "unfair purchase" "worst shopping experience ever" girl ya'll need to calm yo shopping carts

  • Jessica
    Jessica 24 days ago +1

    “Kim, there is people that are dying”

  • liketube3
    liketube3 24 days ago +1

    What i dont get is that these products are not even limited edition unlike those of the sneakers ugh

  • Kori Rice
    Kori Rice 25 days ago

    But the sites crashed because so many people were on it... how Is that Shane or Jeffrey’s fault?

  • Stacy Cobb
    Stacy Cobb 25 days ago

    Keep it stocked and the problem will be solved. They wanted this

    NICO'S MOMMA 25 days ago

    I'm sorry, but the part ab the being sold out and people buying them up and selling for double or triple is literally nothing new. This happens in every field even if it's the newest shoes, play station, or hatchimals. Why is anyone surprised. That's the way it goes. Wait til prices drop. Easier.

  • Reign Lol
    Reign Lol 26 days ago

    First world tings

  • Meaad
    Meaad 27 days ago

    I don’t see really the issue to be true, why are y’all going insane for a makeup collection that you can get from any brand high or affordable one, its just makeup don’t waste your energy and be depressed about it, if it restock then buy it and if its not then whats the problem? Just hold yourself from buying it from other sellers who doubled or triple the price

  • Gregoria Rosas
    Gregoria Rosas 27 days ago

    It started at ten am btw

  • Kristen Young
    Kristen Young 28 days ago

    This is unfair bruh why are you acting like a two year old when you lose in a game

  • Wolfyyii
    Wolfyyii 29 days ago

    Omg can people not be patient, they shouldn't be blaming Jeffree and Shane they have absolutely nothing to do with it..

  • Crystal Young
    Crystal Young 29 days ago

    I paid $145 for the Jeffree Shane pallet bundle and worth every penny to have it now...launch day I tried for two hours to get through to three different websites and no Morphe store near me 😕

  • Shiro Kuruse
    Shiro Kuruse Month ago

    People these days are so selfish

  • emileo 42518
    emileo 42518 Month ago

    Clarify the last part. You said it's illegal to resell but then you said it's legal to resell items like J. Star palletes/makeup

  • kill The Bees
    kill The Bees Month ago

    I don’t really see an issue
    Like at all? It was just a website that crashed call down, and Jeffrey approached it very calmly and maturely

  • Jolie Vargas
    Jolie Vargas Month ago

    Literally what do they expect lol

  • MexiGirl6579021
    MexiGirl6579021 Month ago

    For anyone watching it now, you can get the palettes regular price on other trusted website. I did

  • Robert G
    Robert G Month ago

    You know Jeffree resells his products as well.

  • MI Five
    MI Five Month ago

    life altering news lol😜

  • Sarah Radell
    Sarah Radell Month ago

    My biggest problem with resellers is how do you know the makeup is just being resold, and it's not counterfeit. Counterfeits are even more dangerous when it comes to makeup. I'll only be buying from the brand and not a reseller when it comes to makeup.

  • Juni Claires
    Juni Claires Month ago

    I don't understand why they don't do preorders right from the start, even if it's not finished a lot of people would still preorder. They just want to create hype and are obsessed with selling out tbh, that's what is so shady to me.

  • Seema Jaffer
    Seema Jaffer Month ago

    Living in a country where buying from the Jeffree website ends up in shipping and customs costing more than your whole order, we rely on resellers who either travel a lot and buy the products to resell, or bargain hunt or import. In this industry we rely on resellers to get all the best makeup

  • Mira Parker
    Mira Parker Month ago

    People wouldn’t resell if people weren’t buying them. Blame the people being willing to buy 2-5x the price for a freaking makeup product.

  • Miss Lady
    Miss Lady Month ago

    Okay people resold o well y’all cry over makeup lol seriously ? 💀💀😂 you spent 2 hours on a site trying to buy makeup you have a real problem it’s not that deep.

  • Castiel Leeson
    Castiel Leeson Month ago +1

    The site legit couldn’t handle more than a hundred thousand people at a time, and there were more than a million people on it

  • ImMadRachett
    ImMadRachett Month ago

    This happens for nearly everything xD calm tf down

  • walking accident waiting to happen

    entitlement is disgusting. They act like not getting a palette that will eventually RESTOCK is the end of the world as if the world isn’t dying already. Get over it people 💀💀💀

  • Diamond Lincoln
    Diamond Lincoln Month ago

    How you mad at them tho just cuz you couldn't buy one. Is sold out get over it. There are bigger problems in the world.🤦🏾‍♀️🤣🤣

  • I ain’t got no time To waste on bullshit

    People just need to start using their brain,sometimes I think that some people don’t even have one.

  • Jono Pedersen
    Jono Pedersen Month ago

    They purchased the product. They can do what they want with it.

  • Courtney Cherepski
    Courtney Cherepski Month ago

    They complain about people buying and reselling is something Jeffree can not control? And he has stated before there is a limited for each. 1 shade per person.

  • Madelyn Garcia
    Madelyn Garcia Month ago

    I mean just don’t buy a resale