iPhone X & 8 Clone Unboxing!

  • Published on Jul 6, 2017
  • $100 iPhone X & 8 Clone Unboxing! First Working iPhone X & 8 Clone in Product RED & Silver, How Bad Can It Be?
    iPhone 8 Latest Rumors: ru-clip.net/video/z8cd8X_s-wE/video.html
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  • My Squad
    My Squad Day ago

    How can I get one I want one

  • Justin .z
    Justin .z 2 days ago

    The best iPhone 8 clone is the iPhone 7...

  • # BOMBA #
    # BOMBA # 2 days ago

    The iPhone x max you hold it it's not real but is fake

  • Sultan
    Sultan 2 days ago +1

    This is iPhone 9

  • Mahindar Mahi
    Mahindar Mahi 2 days ago +1

    is that any apple launcher

  • philip barro
    philip barro 10 days ago

    it feels like i'm gonna vomit while watching this in this year.

  • Saqib Khan
    Saqib Khan 11 days ago

    When we used say iPhone 8 but then when it came out oh it’s called iPhone X 😂🤣🤣

  • Weird Guy
    Weird Guy 11 days ago

    The fake home button is really nice, Apple should’ve done that with the iPhone 11

  • Safwa Abdelkader
    Safwa Abdelkader 13 days ago


    KXYRO UNKNXWN 15 days ago +1

    Then he plays XXX🔥❤️

  • Amir Alhayani
    Amir Alhayani 17 days ago

    Bra that was like a product red iPhone X

  • Gabriel - TheCoolCountry

    When he turned on the speaker on the red one i thougth that it was playing so loud couz i have bass boosted earphones

  • A.C Content
    A.C Content 18 days ago

    Who is here after the iPhone 11 is out.

  • Christian Castellon
    Christian Castellon 19 days ago

    That’s not a iPhone 8 that’s the I phone x

  • Abem D
    Abem D 26 days ago

    iPhone 8+X= iPhone 8X

  • Demonstrator
    Demonstrator 28 days ago +1

    Thinking: I wish the next version of iphone is like that.

  • &#
    &# Month ago

    Wtf îs that 😂😂😂

  • Sanaz Amirhosseini
    Sanaz Amirhosseini Month ago

    You said iPhone 8 it is a x

  • FreshGaming Studio Channel

    Who's watching this on 2019?😋
    For people watching this on 2019
    This clone version iphone 8 is like an iphone X mix but without a notch but like a maybe not really an almost all screen/ full screen Iphone....

  • Jco92
    Jco92 Month ago

    Every kid a school getting exposed when he comes out with one of these videos

  • monabaldua
    monabaldua Month ago

    They had suggested apple’s new formula with a cloned iOS software

  • Endergamer323
    Endergamer323 Month ago

    Does the iPhone X have Touch ID ??

  • Park Jimin • 박지민

    2 years later...

    iPhone X: IM HERE!!!!

  • That Girl Vivy
    That Girl Vivy Month ago

    that grey button thing is that only on fake iphones because i see alot of ppl have it but i dont

  • Mona hdad
    Mona hdad Month ago

    iphone 8 nooooo it is iphone x and the new iphone 11pro

  • PC大好き
    PC大好き Month ago


  • ChEez
    ChEez Month ago

    Later iPhone XR comes out with with different colors

  • Jacob Hubbard
    Jacob Hubbard Month ago +4

    Ahh yes i remember when the iphone theory was the iphone 8 would look like what turned out to be a surprise product iphone x

  • Mickaël Le Biannic
    Mickaël Le Biannic Month ago +1

    The real iphone 8 is red with black

  • kailexs
    kailexs Month ago

    why do you sometimes make android phone videos when your youtube is everything “APPLE” pro

  • ImRoblox Station
    ImRoblox Station Month ago

    That colour is coral

    MIAME GAMING Month ago

    I hate clone... 😫😡😤

  • EliteGaming 101
    EliteGaming 101 Month ago

    Its the iphone X 8 samsung china product red edition

  • hsnsc
    hsnsc Month ago

    iPhone X suck now the best is iPhone 11

  • Ernesto is Awesome
    Ernesto is Awesome 2 months ago

    I swear I heard the chickens laugh after that one pecked the camera

  • 정유선
    정유선 2 months ago

    S8 and other things are going!!!

  • oneit_._.
    oneit_._. 2 months ago

    they thought it would look like the iPhone X (2019) but, when it was released, it ended up looking like its older sibling, iPhone 7 (2017)

    • Tuxum
      Tuxum 2 months ago

      Leah L IPhone 7 was 2016

  • angel
    angel 2 months ago

    Were did the home button go on the 8 lmao

  • Mali Bračič
    Mali Bračič 2 months ago +6

    Is anyonw watching after review of iphone 11?

  • Bro Rom official
    Bro Rom official 2 months ago

    I love Chanel of you

  • Lambo Goham
    Lambo Goham 3 months ago

    Apple should’ve did the thing that the home button was built in the white notch on the xr and call it a iPhone 9

  • TheGamingChannel 1
    TheGamingChannel 1 3 months ago

    This phone looks nothing like the final

  • muqsit planet
    muqsit planet 3 months ago

    This guy changed the title 😂. After the iPhone x. 10. Before it was iPhone 8

  • Sammy Span
    Sammy Span 3 months ago

    Are you actually friends with them

  • dowda Doo
    dowda Doo 3 months ago +1

    2019 anyone

  • Michael Gonzalez
    Michael Gonzalez 3 months ago +1

    The back looks like the iPhone x iPhone and the iPhone xs maxed

  • Meepcitypro plays roblox

    I clicked out of this video with disgust *hint the iPhone screen*

  • Amazing Ethan Levinson
    Amazing Ethan Levinson 4 months ago

    I have an iPhone 8 Plus in 2019 and I’m practically triggered

  • Alex 1 gaming
    Alex 1 gaming 4 months ago

    It’s a 10r

  • Jess Taylor
    Jess Taylor 4 months ago

    iphone 9?

  • i Isaac
    i Isaac 4 months ago

    Where do u buy these things

  • Diana Is here
    Diana Is here 4 months ago

    Over a year ago

  • Abdulkader Jabr
    Abdulkader Jabr 4 months ago

    Wow chickens

  • awesomeboy836
    awesomeboy836 4 months ago

    It looks futuristic

  • Nathan Ochoa
    Nathan Ochoa 4 months ago

    I don’t know if that would be my daily phone

  • LR Kiki
    LR Kiki 4 months ago

    Xiaomi A2 look like

  • Manuel Sanchez
    Manuel Sanchez 4 months ago +3

    Where are u buying these products from 🤔🤔

  • Space Invader
    Space Invader 5 months ago +1

    *C H I N A*

  • XxKingOceanBluexX
    XxKingOceanBluexX 5 months ago

    IPhone 8 + IPhone X = IPhone X8

  • crazy studio
    crazy studio 5 months ago +2

    ive done two grades for us my dear