Pelosi says Trump admitted to bribery

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says President Trump committed bribery in his dealings with the president of Ukraine. “I am saying that what the President has admitted to and says ‘it’s perfect’- I said it’s perfectly wrong. It’s bribery,”Pelosi said, in response to a question from CBS News chief congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes.
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Comments • 774

  • CH
    CH 16 days ago

    So shameful.....

  • Richard Rudolph
    Richard Rudolph 17 days ago +1

    She didn’t describe bribery at all. Her stupidity is laughable

  • gary proffitt
    gary proffitt 21 day ago


  • Lucky Luchiano
    Lucky Luchiano 21 day ago

    Where is the rest?...Will you bring article of impeachment for bribery? I don't know

  • Bob Mirror
    Bob Mirror 21 day ago

    It is a perfect day, a perfect day, for an impeachment;
    for a president that colludes with Russia;
    for a president known for bribery;
    for Republicans that aid and abet a co conspirators.
    "Low information voters" will never get it;
    because you can not fix stupid.
    Roger Stone got it today.
    Oh, Rudy Giuliani, you're next.

  • Brad Ski
    Brad Ski 21 day ago

    How old is she? a 100? she looks older than dirt!

  • rrmndtqrg8 q
    rrmndtqrg8 q 22 days ago

    You took Judge Judy off for this BS and cartoons would have been more informative and more interesting

  • Esoteric
    Esoteric 22 days ago +2

    Give a thumbs down and hit reload and your thumbs down don't count. If you can control the media, you can control the minds of the sheeples.

  • Richard Table
    Richard Table 22 days ago

    How much is this lady drinking! 🍷Does not make any sense...😂😂

  • 8ernity8
    8ernity8 22 days ago

    Pelosi should lay off the vodka

  • Hootan S.
    Hootan S. 22 days ago

    There was no public statement about any investigation. What is she talking about? This is so ridiculous, giving Trump another win in 2020. I've so much had it with these Democrats. Term limits would have kept them all out and let the good Democrats who really care come in to the power. None of them give a hoot about us, it's all about them wanting to stay in power.

  • Mike Morris
    Mike Morris 22 days ago

    What say that again "Fake Investigations" I can't believe she said that. That's going up there with "we have to pass the bill to know what's in there or what's it about". Doe!

  • bob mar
    bob mar 22 days ago +1

    This proceeding is about trump. Not Pelosi or Biden. Have you noticed that none of his supporters argue that he did not do it.

    • Tish Eysman
      Tish Eysman 22 days ago +2

      bob mar
      let's preface this that the precedent was indeed Biden

  • Stanley Hoffmann
    Stanley Hoffmann 22 days ago

    OMG Pelosi is on the ropes

  • Randy Mika
    Randy Mika 22 days ago

    "Let's pass Articles of Impeachment so we can find out what's in them"
    -The Crypt Keeper
    This is not just a pathetic schmuck making idiotic accusations like President Swalwell. This is the Speaker of the House, people, third in line to the White House.

  • Bryan S
    Bryan S 22 days ago

    CBS, ah ha ha ha is all I can say...

  • Diane Baker
    Diane Baker 22 days ago

    I almost have to laugh at her response to this question. The way she answers it is the same way a young child tries to lie their way out of a bad deed.

  • Randy Mika
    Randy Mika 22 days ago +2

    Too bad CBS won't ask Traitor Eric Ciamarella.

    • Tish Eysman
      Tish Eysman 22 days ago +1

      Randy Mika
      They know one another very well

  • Diane Baker
    Diane Baker 22 days ago +3

    Pelosi just described Biden not Trump.

  • Laura Chessin
    Laura Chessin 22 days ago

    Good Grief people. We're looking at a President who demonstrates the vocabulary and reading comprehension of a 10 year old by all standard metrics ( and you comment on he appearance of an informed member of government.

  • GreatWall OfMexico
    GreatWall OfMexico 22 days ago +2

    More importantly, the President cannot refuse to implement a law passed by Congress. If he wanted to deny Ukraine the money Congress appropriated for them, Donald Trump had to veto it when it was being written into law. But he wasn't President then, was he?

  • Randy Mika
    Randy Mika 22 days ago +5

    The BS never stops with these left-wing traitors. Pelosi, Schiff, heck the entire Dem Party and their MSM puppets should be in jail for sedition.

    • Tish Eysman
      Tish Eysman 22 days ago +1

      Randy Mika
      but but their journalism integrity
      .. and stuff

  • Rob D
    Rob D 22 days ago +1

    Wow Nancy pelosi has serious issues..

  • BDK316
    BDK316 22 days ago +2


    • Boss Anova
      Boss Anova 22 days ago

      Article 2 and the emoluments clause disagrees with you.

  • Nancy King
    Nancy King 22 days ago +1

    she can't even lie coherantly

  • Cool Hand Mark
    Cool Hand Mark 22 days ago +1

    Is motorboat one, or two words?

  • DaveD1868
    DaveD1868 22 days ago +3

    This woman is senile. She needs an intervention.

  • David Hank
    David Hank 22 days ago

    Of course mobs bribe. Its in the playbook.

  • Stanley Jean
    Stanley Jean 22 days ago

    Now I see these monies are they Trump's personal funds?

  • tgrfan42069
    tgrfan42069 22 days ago +2

    so from quid pro quo, to extortion, to now brothers sisters mamas cousin said nancy likes to sell cocaine where do o blow my whistle at ? i mean based on the hearsay testimony thats all it takes eh?

    ATX NFO 22 days ago +5

    She is certifiably insane or just did a big hit off a bong before she came out. WTF?

    • Erik F
      Erik F 22 days ago

      She's right, but she should have rehearsed that delivery a little better

  • Dick Wayne
    Dick Wayne 22 days ago +1

    I know I am a white republican.. but come on. This lady is a fool. When will California wake up and vote this lady out of office?

  • miriam ortiz
    miriam ortiz 22 days ago +2

    Pelosi you are a such liar

  • mark price
    mark price 22 days ago

    Nancy doesn't look very well balanced. All these fake impeachment charges may be taking a toll on her.

  • Jay Scraggs
    Jay Scraggs 22 days ago +4

    How young she tries to look is gross 😂

  • Poatman1963 Johnson
    Poatman1963 Johnson 22 days ago +2

    Nancy Pelosi is one of the most despicable people in politics. She is the one who should be facing charges, her and the other socialists in the Democratic Party.

  • Shiftyeyes775
    Shiftyeyes775 22 days ago +1

    Ah ah aha ... that’s bribery but what Joe did was for the benefit of Americans right???

    • Erik F
      Erik F 21 day ago

      @Shiftyeyes775 ok Vladimir. If you honestly don't care where your talking points are coming from, there's no hope for you. Another mindless tool

    • Shiftyeyes775
      Shiftyeyes775 21 day ago

      Erik F - and yours from Pigloci and MSNBC. Sure we will believe you

    • Erik F
      Erik F 22 days ago

      Yeah, because you don't have the facts. Maybe dont get them from Giuliani and the disgraced prosecutor, Shokin

  • Shiftyeyes775
    Shiftyeyes775 22 days ago

    No evidence what so ever!! All hearsay.

  • rebecca gerringer
    rebecca gerringer 22 days ago

    Trolls: Russian much?

  • william33870
    william33870 22 days ago

    Pelosi has lost her mind this old bat has to go

  • Gad Fortune
    Gad Fortune 22 days ago

    Pelosie is F*cking Crazy! Capital C.

  • Janet Licastro
    Janet Licastro 22 days ago +1

    And now Pelosi please fill us ALL in about your Son Paul and your dealings in Ukraine. Just the facts😉

  • Mike D Feger
    Mike D Feger 22 days ago

    "Do me a favor" no this for that in the transcript
    Thus "its a perfect call, perfect"

  • Dedalus69
    Dedalus69 22 days ago +2

    Democrats should not have any power, the lie and do nothing for working Americans.

  • Daily Red Pill
    Daily Red Pill 22 days ago

    School Play!

  • Murphy Walls
    Murphy Walls 22 days ago

    Nancy Pelosi is such an idiot she doesn’t even know what bribery is.

  • Robert Joiner
    Robert Joiner 22 days ago

    She is crazy allemaraic cire

  • Steven William Bayless Parks

    She's been there, done that.

  • bruce mcdonald
    bruce mcdonald 22 days ago

    Wait another day and they'll change the charges again. PS. Any word on why you fired the ABC leaker? Did Epstein have some damaging material on your Executive leadership?

  • I'm gone
    I'm gone 22 days ago +6

    Hey Nancy, tell us about your son and his Ukraine connections.

    • I'm gone
      I'm gone 22 days ago

      @Erik F
      Did they pay him with Monopoly money. Lol

    • Erik F
      Erik F 22 days ago

      You tell's your phony conspiracy

  • Millie McClave
    Millie McClave 22 days ago +1

    This woman must be drinking moonshine and it's rotting her brain!

  • Nicholas Woods
    Nicholas Woods 22 days ago

    Trump supporters are TRULY DISTURBED -----UN American Pedophile Defenders like Tucker Carlson

    • Mike Laing
      Mike Laing 22 days ago

      That was left wing democrat iconRoman Polanski..Adding Quaaludes and scotch to the rape ( or not “rape rape” according to Whoopi)... but since you seem privy to info nobody else has, you should email Schiff or Pelosi

    • Nicholas Woods
      Nicholas Woods 22 days ago

      @Mike Laing ---If you can continue to look in the Mirror and Still support a man Accused of having sex with a 13 year old supposedly prostitute supplied to him by Epstein---Then Hey!! Who am I to judge

    • Nicholas Woods
      Nicholas Woods 22 days ago

      Trump has a video out with him and Epstein stalking young women at a party---And besides there is no Clinton in the Oval Office presently and Neither Clinton has a recording of them admitting to SEXUALLY ASSAULTING WOMEN, Coincidentally They exact same way MULTIPLE WOMEN have reported that they were indeed assaulted by your Russian Installed POTUS

    • Mike Laing
      Mike Laing 22 days ago

      Sooooo, how many times is Bill a Clinton flight-logged to Epstein Island, as well as how come none of your pals in the democrat party or your buds in the media want to call out ABC for spiking Epstein stories or the even more astonishing fact that CBS fired the whistleblower, now working at CBS who outed the ABC corruption?
      *Not holding my breath for a coherent response...

  • Kitiona Leasau
    Kitiona Leasau 22 days ago

    You wish it was bribery

  • Mike Laing
    Mike Laing 22 days ago +2

    Is there ANYONE in the democrat party or called witnesses NOT tied to as a Burisma FOSSIL FUEL lobbyist like now we know “Ambassador” Bill Taylor is and was?

  • Mike Laing
    Mike Laing 22 days ago +4

    The best part about the 10 hour sleeper-impeachment hearing was that the weather and baking network had its highest ratings to date thanks to channel surfers.

  • 1Drummer
    1Drummer 22 days ago +1

    Thank you Madam Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Impeachment is about preserving protecting and defending The Constitution; upholding the rule of law, and holding a President of The United States of America accountable. We do not have a king or dictator in America. No one is above the law. Congress would be a derelict of duty should they standby as Trump continually betrays his oath of office and tramples the Constitution underfoot in his ongoing misconduct, lawlessness, criminal bribery, his threats to national security, his obstruction of justice, and his contempt of Congress.‬

  • Mike Laing
    Mike Laing 22 days ago +2

    Here’s Pelosi, all juiced up on Klonopin and talking about protecting Whistleblowers, being reported by CBS who just FIRED the Whistleblower who outed ABC for spiking Epstein stories.
    This is so far beyond anything even South Park satire.

  • Jeremy Parker
    Jeremy Parker 22 days ago

    TRUMP 2020

  • Micaiah Clinton
    Micaiah Clinton 22 days ago +1

    That's not what was discovered by the 9 hour impeachment inquiry that was completely pitiful and a huge embarrassment to the democratic party

  • Mike Laing
    Mike Laing 22 days ago +1

    Notice there’s no democrats on the reply sections ? And the few who are, are commenting there’s not and complaining about it!
    * At least you can give the ones in hiding and who expected to be here today rubbing it in, a little credit to know a complete and utter disaster when they see one.
    3 years of spin down the f n tubes!