Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Android 10 vs iPhone 11 Pro MAX - Speed Test!

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Android 10 One UI 2.0 vs iPhone 11 Pro Max iOS 13.2.3 Speed Test including apps opening, Multitasking, Rendering & More!
    Galaxy S10 One UI 2.0 Android 10 Review -
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  • Ryan Gartlan
    Ryan Gartlan 7 days ago

    Where did u get that s10 wallpaper is pretty cool

  • crusader king
    crusader king 7 days ago

    High respect for Samsung even though it's one year older it still fight with apple

  • Jade Nichols
    Jade Nichols 7 days ago

    is this an exynos version or the snapdragon? i hear that exynos is shit

  • Vũ Đức Dương
    Vũ Đức Dương 8 days ago

    I am very happy about your reviews

  • vGenesis_ YT
    vGenesis_ YT 9 days ago

    Turn the animations to .5 for the s10 PLUS and it will definetly feel faster and more crisp

  • Mohamad Jasser
    Mohamad Jasser 11 days ago

    The iPhone takes more time to lunch because the iPhone have more a0ps and messages

  • Pnuttz Clark
    Pnuttz Clark 11 days ago +1

    Wait I thought Sammy cancelled the 120 HZ display for the Galaxy S20?

  • Zaire MG
    Zaire MG 12 days ago

    Application optimization is no longer phone manufacturing concerns. All these phones have state of the art technology. Launching applications is more of an appearance/style test more than a speed test... Well at least in 2020 it is. Put them more than a foot apart and the difference is gone.

  • JackAttack
    JackAttack 13 days ago

    Where did you get the wallpapers?

  • taupe
    taupe 13 days ago

    Please, can you record your videos in 1080p but in 60 FPS?

  • harish Aukarapu
    harish Aukarapu 14 days ago

    Wallpapers link anyone ?

  • Matheus Pinho
    Matheus Pinho 14 days ago

    s10 wins?

  • Daffa Akeyla Prastowo
    Daffa Akeyla Prastowo 16 days ago

    Unboxing The Huawei Mate 30

  • Daffa Akeyla Prastowo
    Daffa Akeyla Prastowo 16 days ago

    Umboxing The Samsung Galaxy Fold

  • Dan Blaj
    Dan Blaj 17 days ago

    make window animation scale x0.5 on s10

  • Артём Стингер

    Что за обои на айфоне

  • Alijah Simon
    Alijah Simon 17 days ago +1

    Best true test of hardware is to look up Max Tech’s gaming comparison of these phones. It’s not even close which phone actually has the more powerful hardware.

  • J_ falcon
    J_ falcon 18 days ago

    Samsung the king

  • Adam C
    Adam C 22 days ago

    I’ve commented this before, it’s not about app opening speed it’s about the polish of apps, that’s where Android lags behind sadly.

  • Shivendrasinh Gohil
    Shivendrasinh Gohil 23 days ago

    S10 plus is a legend

  • Gaming Zone14
    Gaming Zone14 24 days ago

    Keep kissing apple on the butt

  • küberrünnak
    küberrünnak 25 days ago

    You can make the s10+ faster/smoother in the developer settings.

  • Tab Ah
    Tab Ah 25 days ago +1

    Is this the S10 with the Exynos or with the Snapdragon?

  • harris jaya
    harris jaya 26 days ago

    I have been using this S10 for the past 5 months and this phone is everything what an average user needs like the camera, display, battery, build quality and have to mention the headphone jack which is disappearing in the flagship segment. But for the display security applied Whitestone dome twice and failed so got myself set with gadgetshieldz it fit perfectly on my S10.

  • Coin Music
    Coin Music 26 days ago

    Please do battery test for s10 not the plus

  • xxx proz xxx
    xxx proz xxx 27 days ago

    remember iphone 1 pro max has only 4 gb ram.🤡🤡

    • Mike_PlayzHD
      Mike_PlayzHD 23 days ago +1

      And yet every app stays open 🤔

  • Bryan Masis
    Bryan Masis 29 days ago

    You can always make the transition speed of the android faster and it will load faster than the iphone.

  • Rashid Ahmedov
    Rashid Ahmedov Month ago +1

    A love apple

  • Rattling Duck845
    Rattling Duck845 Month ago

    Ok, I haven't watched the video completely yet, and I dont know if this has been addressed, or if it's the lighting, but I can definitely notice that the iPhone 11 has a little buzz thing on the screen, (I dont know how to explain it) but it could be the camera that is doing that

  • Joel Williams
    Joel Williams Month ago

    If snapchat and other app cameras on android were exactly the same as Apples i'd be a android user. I also dislike the confusing menus Android have, like i prefer how Apple keep everything on one page

  • Aryan Mewada
    Aryan Mewada Month ago

    Please answer ed me Samsung Vs iPhone which software is better

  • Erdem Sipahi
    Erdem Sipahi Month ago

    Were can i have samsungs walpapper ??

  • Tryndamere
    Tryndamere Month ago

    Wallper plz?

  • Pedro Thevenard
    Pedro Thevenard Month ago

    Both are fine, I have the regular s10 (exynos) and everything works perfectly, but I would use the iPhone 11 no problems whatsoever, both are great phones, the problem is that Apple is really expensive here in Brasil costing about twice as much as in the US while Samsung have prices compared to the US after conversion.

  • Sergey Coder
    Sergey Coder Month ago

    Hmmm. 24% on S10+ and 50+% on iPhone. I don't like Samsung but think it's unfair comparsion.

  • Lema Jr
    Lema Jr Month ago

    This comparison was not fair... Even look at the battery life.. performance reduces with battery life on every phone and the s10 was at 22% and was probably on battery saver

  • Marian Parvu
    Marian Parvu Month ago

    One UI 1.0 vs 2.0 speed test

  • M Dr
    M Dr Month ago

    You should comparison between galaxy s10 plus and iPhone 11 pro max!
    Not with a cellphone but one year older than another!!

  • Dániel
    Dániel Month ago

    S10+ wallpaper???

  • Mihai Trandafir
    Mihai Trandafir Month ago

    Not a proper test. The S10 Plus it's at 22% of battrry while Iphone is at 80.

  • xthen rx
    xthen rx Month ago +1

    Samsung galaxy s10 plus is the best along one ui.

  • YoungWise2011
    YoungWise2011 Month ago

    What wallpaper is that?

  • The Dark Lord
    The Dark Lord Month ago


  • Aqeel Khan
    Aqeel Khan Month ago

    Please give the link for the s10+ wallpaper

  • Pr0tic
    Pr0tic Month ago

    Where did you grt that wallpaper

  • Alvin Yankey
    Alvin Yankey Month ago

    This is the video I've been waiting for.🙃

  • Russian Gamer
    Russian Gamer Month ago

    Galaxy best

  • JadC
    JadC Month ago

    S10 the best

  • Wan
    Wan Month ago

    You must put 512GB version of iphone

  • NFC N
    NFC N Month ago

    I am Samsung fan and i have galaxy note10+, but iOS animation looks so smooth compare to s10 ((

  • Studio Vegas
    Studio Vegas Month ago

    Iphone the best!

  • Rohit Prajapati
    Rohit Prajapati Month ago +3

    Why there is no wallpaper link it makes me uncomfortable

    • EarlyInktober
      EarlyInktober 21 day ago

      Rohit Prajapati The s10 one is available on the wallpaper app Walli, search for the artist “Geoglyser”

  • Lv Loizo
    Lv Loizo Month ago

    Beautiful what launcher in iphone ?

  • MrEagle
    MrEagle Month ago +59

    S10+: *Amazing boot times and performance*
    iPhone users: "whatever"
    11 Pro Max: *Loads settings faster by 0.0001 seconds*
    iPhone users: "AHA, tHiS iS wHy iPhOnEs ArE bEtTeR*

    • Mimikz
      Mimikz 21 day ago

      Samsung stops supporting their phones after 2 years, it’s a bad investment buying any Samsung device (coming from a prior Samsung galaxy s8+ user)

    • krishna teja
      krishna teja Month ago +1

      MrEagle hangdroider spotted

    • Diego Carrasquillo
      Diego Carrasquillo Month ago +2

      Actually it didn't load it faster it just had a faster animation

    • Wassim Rahmani
      Wassim Rahmani Month ago +4

      the iphone was faster literally 95% of times wtf are you talking about?

    • MrEagle
      MrEagle Month ago +3

      @Ruben Eckersley what android do you possible have where that happens?

  • Dairis Teteris
    Dairis Teteris Month ago

    Only True android user would care which is faster 😁

  • EeEn Loh
    EeEn Loh Month ago

    Please do mate 30 pro vs iphone 11 Pro max please I am begging you

  • Legend Bhaiya
    Legend Bhaiya Month ago +1

    Finally Samsung Added Some Good Looking Animations 🤩

  • Pooria Shahnamood
    Pooria Shahnamood Month ago

    open, too much ads, so its BS content, close.

  • Yahoo Boy
    Yahoo Boy Month ago +1

    This guy is biased look at his tone change when Samsung wins,bro apple had them in 2019 just agree