Ecstatic Dance Chicago DJ Shannon Harris Experience 1

  • Yesterdays Ecstatic Dance Chicago Experience more than exceeded my expectations. It took me back to my events I hosted in 2003/2004 called the Urbanicity Dance and Arts Studio but expounded on the mission and vibration via the people coming together to dance without the influence of alcohol, drugs, sex, smoking, eating or hidden intentions. It was/is all about the ecstatic dance floor experience.
    Another element thats very spiritual about this event is that its held in a mediation center setting the vibrations of oneness and inner self mastery. On top of that the events are pure and for all ages to attend because of that. It's intergenerational and has diverse cultures from all walks of life. Like the Urbanicity Dance and Arts Studio no pictures, videos or talking is allowed on the dance floor. The night was packed with such beautiful spirits and you have to come to experience the energy rather than it being broadcast via social media. I was allowed to take DJ booth video only and here are my personal confessions from a Ecstatic Dance Chicago Experience!
    I can't await the next event! Tonight is Chi Ka Go! LETS GO!!

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  • Anthony martinez
    Anthony martinez 3 years ago +1

    Hey Shannon. Greetings from NY. I work with your cousin Eric in the Mood building and he turned me on to your videos and sets. Love your positivity and passion. what is the song you open this video with? Sounds like its 2 songs seamlessly mixed! do you have this night recorded? Would love a link. I'm surprised no one asked yet. lol!! Keep up the great work. Its very inspiring!

    • Shannon Harris
      Shannon Harris  3 years ago

      Hello Anthony! Nice meeting you! Yes I recorded the set. I'm going to upload it to my mixcloud soon ( The name of the song is "Juzu a​.​k​.​a. Moochy - Lugar Precioso Remix". Thanks bro! Looking forward to playing out east soon again! Peace and Infinite blessings!

  • Ron's Landscape Design and Beyond

    groove oooon..... brotha!

  • Carla Arminda
    Carla Arminda 3 years ago +1

    Awesomeeeeeeeeee!!! always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!