Wild Boar Hunting with Thermal | 75 Hogs Down with the FLIR PTS536

  • Published on Feb 22, 2019
  • Epic wild boar hunt footage filmed through thermal imaging scopes.
    Optics used: Flir Breach PTQ136, FLIR PTS536, BAE OASYS UTMx, Insight LWTS, Pulsar Trail XP50, Pulsar Apex XD50, UNV ROVIR.
    Caliber - 6.8 SPC
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    *** Why Do We Hunt Hogs? ***
    Feral hogs are a non-native and invasive species in Texas. Each year hogs cause millions of dollars in damage in the form of damaged crops, contaminated water supplies, broken equipment, transmission of diseases and injury to livestock.
    Feral hogs compete with native wildlife for resources and also prey directly on the eggs and young of ground nesting birds and will actively hunt small mammals, frogs, lizards and snakes.
    Due to their intelligence, adaptability, and prolific breeding habits, traditional methods of hunting and trapping have been largely ineffective in reducing the feral hog population. The introduction of night vision and thermal optics has greatly increased landowners' ability to mitigate the destruction caused by feral hogs.
    Feral swine are not considered game animals in Texas and may be hunted by any means or methods at any time of year.
    More information about the feral hog problem in Texas: bit.ly/FeralHogsInTexas
    *** Why do we hunt coyotes? ***
    Coyotes are presently the most abundant livestock predators in western North America, causing the majority of sheep, goat, and cattle losses. For example, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service, coyotes were responsible for 60.5% of the 224,000 sheep deaths attributed to predation in 2004.The total number of sheep deaths in 2004 comprised 2.22% of the total sheep and lamb population in the United States, which, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service USDA report, totaled 4.66 million and 7.80 million heads respectively as of July 1, 2005. Because coyote populations are typically many times greater and more widely distributed than those of wolves, coyotes cause more overall predation losses. The United States government agents routinely shoot, poison, trap, and kill about 90,000 coyotes each year to protect livestock.
    Coyotes typically bite the throat just behind the jaw and below the ear when attacking adult sheep or goats, with death commonly resulting from suffocation. Blood loss is usually a secondary cause of death. Calves and heavily fleeced sheep are killed by attacking the flanks or hindquarters, causing shock and blood loss. When attacking smaller prey, such as young lambs, the kill is made by biting the skull and spinal regions, causing massive tissue and bone damage. Small or young prey may be completely carried off, leaving only blood as evidence of a kill.
    In the absence of hunting pressure practiced by rural people, urban coyotes are losing their fear of humans, which is further worsened by people intentionally or unintentionally feeding coyotes. In such situations, some coyotes have begun to act aggressively toward humans, chasing joggers and bicyclists, confronting people walking their dogs, and stalking small children. Non-rabid coyotes in these areas sometimes target small children, mostly under the age of 10, though some adults have been bitten.
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    Ultimate Night Vision is an industry leader in night vision, thermal imaging and digital NV devices. Night vision is not just a profession for us, it is our passion. Here in Texas, we are fortunate enough to be able to use NV and thermal scopes for hog hunting, coyote hunting, and hunting other predators and varmints at night. The firsthand knowledge gained through hunting with NVD's on a regular basis allows us to provide accurate and relevant information to our customers.
    We carry a wide variety of optics from all major manufacturers including Trijicon, Pulsar, Flir, Armasight, L3, Harris and more. We strive to provide unbiased information to aid customers in the decision-making process.
    We also have a nationwide rental program which gives customers the unique opportunity to test and compare various devices under real-world conditions before committing to a large purchase.
    Our channel features product reviews, instructional videos, comparisons, and plenty of actual hunting footage.
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  • jeremy poppleton
    jeremy poppleton Month ago

    Needing all that tech to take out a defenceless mother and her babies. And you think its so heroic you put it online. Hope you get eaten by bears. Hunting is not a sport, in a sport, both sides should know they are in the game.

    • Ger 13 NunYah
      Ger 13 NunYah Day ago

      How about two legged beast ,we should ............

    • Melon Baller
      Melon Baller 6 days ago +2

      They are an invasive species. The point of this hunting is not for food but extermination. They destroy crops, causing 1.5 billion in damages annually. Read before you make judgment.

    • FrenchFrysz669
      FrenchFrysz669 6 days ago

      @jeremy poppleton you are not wrong at all with that! lol

    • jeremy poppleton
      jeremy poppleton 6 days ago +1

      @FrenchFrysz669 On balance i would say that humans are the most destructive out of all 3+ billion animal species on the planet.

    • Mark C
      Mark C 6 days ago +1

      Go and feed them ... if you dare

  • Ger 13 NunYah
    Ger 13 NunYah Day ago

    Nicely Nice

  • Larry Baxter
    Larry Baxter 4 days ago

    Get a Train Horn and have someone blow it a mile away, this will mask your first few shots.

  • u2ooberboober
    u2ooberboober 19 days ago +1

    Ya’ll need shotguns!!

  • Scott Fuller
    Scott Fuller 24 days ago +1

    Gee that hog squealin' sounds like Hillary Clinton after they told her she lost the election.......the other squealin' sounds like Billary Clinton....?

  • นักสู้ผู้แสวงหา ไม่รอโชคชะตา

    คนนี้เหี้ยจริงๆ...มันก็อยู่ของมันดีๆ ไม่มีเหี้ยอะไรจะแดกหรือไง

  • Otavio Silva
    Otavio Silva Month ago

    Carai Qe deliciade caçada 👏🏻👍🏻 gostei

  • markus seib
    markus seib Month ago

    Muttertiere mit jungen abschiessen...ned ok

  • Don Berry
    Don Berry Month ago +1

    Around 2:00 was great.

  • Олег Беляков

    Зачем вы уроды самок с детёнышами стреляете???????????

  • Enkephalen
    Enkephalen Month ago

    After the hunt, do you collect the hogs for food or leave them where they fell. I'm not criticizing, but these videos do not show what happens in the aftermath.

    MYXYZYPYLY Month ago

    Nice shooting
    Question ? Are this hired guys ? Or The just go into the woods ?

  • Lux el infernal88
    Lux el infernal88 Month ago +4

    04:49 Ouch!!! fatality...

  • Tom Rogers
    Tom Rogers Month ago +1


  • Colione Don
    Colione Don Month ago +1

    All head shots plz.

  • Warrior Mindset
    Warrior Mindset Month ago +3

    5:12 Barney the Hog: Fred, fred speak to me Fred!!!!! Speak to me!!!!!!
    Barney the Hog: 😵😵😵😵😵.......

  • Châu Mộng
    Châu Mộng Month ago

    Ác quá .

  • luciano crescini
    luciano crescini Month ago

    the boar is like a pig, nothing is thrown away

  • luciano crescini
    luciano crescini Month ago +1

    at least with the meat of the wild boar make the sausages the very good ham stewed with beans and polenta

    CHARPENTIER3 Month ago

    that coyote shot around 5.15 was a mastershot!!!!!!!!



  • seabrook1976
    seabrook1976 2 months ago +3

    All that damage to the land. Take em all out.

  • Evan Jones
    Evan Jones 2 months ago

    i love it when they scream. also when they are on their back and think they are running. not really a gun person, more of a knife guy.

  • 1200 kilometer
    1200 kilometer 2 months ago

    Human in someday will be given reset end of the world..because fuck u

  • Mythicalcockatiel YT
    Mythicalcockatiel YT 2 months ago +1

    1:49 oh crap what happened????

  • livefire81
    livefire81 2 months ago


  • A. J.
    A. J. 2 months ago

    Do you ever go ratting ?

  • Miyetti Allah is a Terrorist Group

    Stop killing animals, you're worst than Boko Haram and Miyetti-Allah combined,

  • Yudhi G
    Yudhi G 2 months ago

    Why not use a suppressor?

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin 2 months ago

    What do you do with the pigs burn them?

  • Mark Twain
    Mark Twain 2 months ago +1

    Only good pig is a dead pig. That's the cowboy code.

  • Tkclay
    Tkclay 2 months ago

    at 2:10 imagine circus music playing

  • Riky Andra
    Riky Andra 2 months ago

    Gg parahmen

  • ghost rider
    ghost rider 2 months ago

    Pin me wherever you want too ..i never hunt for sport ...If I don’t fry it up for dinner..I didn’t hunt it

  • jeongwoo Bak
    jeongwoo Bak 2 months ago

    4:49 its body was crushed...right?

  • jeongwoo Bak
    jeongwoo Bak 2 months ago

    3:36 what??

  • jeongwoo Bak
    jeongwoo Bak 2 months ago

    멧돼지가 미국에서도 유해조수인 것은 한국의 멧되지와 동일하네요

  • Alex 180SX
    Alex 180SX 2 months ago

    These cunts can't shoot for shit! 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Syaiful Yani
    Syaiful Yani 2 months ago

    Fucking stupid shot..

  • croquet man
    croquet man 2 months ago


  • Layput
    Layput 3 months ago

    Make bacon out of those pigs!

  • Mathias Stark
    Mathias Stark 3 months ago


  • Mark Olander
    Mark Olander 3 months ago

    This one had suspense as a big part of the plot. I found myself yelling- "come on Shoot"! a couple of times. There were some great shots made on the run and duel whammy on the count of 3 instant still drops. Thanks for adding some originality whilst still achieving the goal! Excellent video Ultimate Night Vision!

  • Nourain 21 Olivier
    Nourain 21 Olivier 3 months ago +1

    Yes !! 👍 🇫🇷

  • BJ JA
    BJ JA 3 months ago +1


  • Fritz Kleemeyer
    Fritz Kleemeyer 3 months ago

    I understand the Farmers and Maybe this is needed, but showing this on you tube and small Piglets, cruel

  • Walter Hailey
    Walter Hailey 3 months ago

    The only species The Kills for the sport of killing I heard on the radio yesterday, I know the do alot of damage to fields. And crops...I also heard they were introduced by some rich guy and brought in by Spain back in the day...you need a mini gun for that crowd...lol

    • Carl Clarke
      Carl Clarke 3 months ago

      Walter Hailey
      That Brrrt brrrt sound is so comforting.

  • Walter Hailey
    Walter Hailey 3 months ago +2

    I hope they don't waste the meat..donate to a soup kitchen. ..or ship it to a Zoo..

  • Mark
    Mark 3 months ago

    Awesome video

  • 161616 hippo
    161616 hippo 3 months ago

    What is the reason for killing,,,? It's so terrible

    • Cruz Alejandrez
      Cruz Alejandrez 3 months ago +1

      161616 hippo over population where they destroy our farmers crops up to 80 million dollars and they destroy everything

  • Dream Girls Daily
    Dream Girls Daily 3 months ago

    Why do you guys shoot for the body instead of head shots?

  • Dream Girls Daily
    Dream Girls Daily 3 months ago

    These fuckers _never_ stop digging!

  • Mandra sarish Gupta
    Mandra sarish Gupta 3 months ago

    Where is mortar support ?😁😁

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord 3 months ago

    good job. good hog is dead hog. it's true
    from south korea

  • xin so dt voi ban oi Văn hiệp Nguyên

    Ở viêij nam có ai bán ống nhom nhiệt này ko ạ .

  • xin so dt voi ban oi Văn hiệp Nguyên

    Bán ống nhồm ko.

  • Serge Roucous
    Serge Roucous 3 months ago


  • Gav Beast
    Gav Beast 3 months ago

    Y don’t you shoot with a sniper

  • Gav Beast
    Gav Beast 3 months ago

    Don’t shoot all of them cruel man

  • Gav Beast
    Gav Beast 3 months ago

    You mean