James - Born Of Frustration

  • Published on May 20, 2010
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    Music video by James performing Born Of Frustration. (C) 1992 Mercury Records Limited

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  • Maria Lima
    Maria Lima 3 days ago

    Brutal... Fabulous FABULOUS Fabulous 💚💛❤

  • craig smith
    craig smith 4 days ago

    Cool britania R.I.P...

  • Hi Martin
    Hi Martin 6 days ago

    This song will never die

  • Jorge Augusto Braz
    Jorge Augusto Braz 7 days ago

    I love it ❤

  • Dean Warner
    Dean Warner 10 days ago

    The Circle brought me here. Thanks Channel 4!

  • Greg Qualls
    Greg Qualls 13 days ago

    Heard this song for the first time on the radio yesterday. I like it. It sounds very eighties.

  • Unknown
    Unknown 17 days ago +2

    Every time I hear this song I think of my wife cheating on me. There was a before, then there is after.

  • Gilmar Fernandes
    Gilmar Fernandes 26 days ago

    Nossa eu escutava essa música na fita .. nossa de+ curto muito .. s2

  • Emma McAllister
    Emma McAllister 28 days ago

    They were brilliant. This song fills me with joy and brings me back to my student days in the 1990s.


    Wonderful song, definately a great classic 😉👍👍

  • Which Doctor
    Which Doctor Month ago +2

    2019 and still sounds great!

  • Osvaldo Gourgel
    Osvaldo Gourgel Month ago +39

    Still listening in 2019!! I do love this band!!!

    • Osvaldo Gourgel
      Osvaldo Gourgel Month ago +1

      @Pedro Farinha, queria eu poder estar na torre de belém amanhã, vou esperar eles virem pra "Angola"

    • Pedro Farinha
      Pedro Farinha Month ago +1

      Amanhã na Torre de belém. Entrada livre.

  • finnigan
    finnigan Month ago

    After a long day at work being forced to listen to justin beeber, ed sheeran, little prix, rita ora and all the rest of that pop kiddie bubble gum music, i left work, got in the car and this was playing on absolute 90's this was such a relief from all that shit.

  • Silonar pereira silva

    29/08/2019. Brasil.

  • panambi nyc
    panambi nyc Month ago +2

    Thank you, RU-clip, for a great recommendation, first time hearing this fantastic song!
    P.D.: How refreshing to find real comments and not the likes of “who is listening in 2###” and co.

  • Anne Scholey
    Anne Scholey Month ago

    Angelo Badliamente

  • Maxismaximal
    Maxismaximal Month ago

    The best 90s Album

  • Ray Racer
    Ray Racer 2 months ago +1

    "Don't need a shrink but an exorcist"😖

  • frere jacques
    frere jacques 2 months ago

    I-live and kicking!!

  • Allenwrench
    Allenwrench 2 months ago

    oh yeah - these guys had some beautiful guys in the audience watching them - ask me and my wife ; P. Yep, pop music was way better back then..totally awesome crowd...good f'n bartenders too btw - cocaine helps you remember that btw ;;;; P

  • Tricky Ricky
    Tricky Ricky 2 months ago

    Can't tell you how much I love this song

  • craig smith
    craig smith 2 months ago

    such a haunting melody

  • Psyte Scene
    Psyte Scene 2 months ago

    This band reflects the zietgiest we all sense. Brilliance! :/\

  • Brandy Jackson
    Brandy Jackson 2 months ago


  • Reverend delzao
    Reverend delzao 2 months ago

    omg! I have been looking for this song for 4 years, 3 months, and 23 days! After just catching a bit on the radio! Heard it in a casino tonight, and found the title!

  • Luke Parks
    Luke Parks 2 months ago +1

    This band just so underrated, some of the best music I’ve ever heard

  • Saba Ubilava
    Saba Ubilava 2 months ago

    El himno de La Liga

  • Guerrier
    Guerrier 2 months ago

    I found this song when I was high on acid

  • Kevin Morton
    Kevin Morton 2 months ago +1

    Fucking tune from the most underrated band ever.

  • Kurtis w/a -K-
    Kurtis w/a -K- 3 months ago

    On Point! $

  • richard giallo
    richard giallo 3 months ago

    who had the james t shirt with each letter on arms front and back of tshirt

    NEIL REYNOLDS 4 months ago

    All this frustration
    All this frustration
    Who put round eyes on a butterfly's wings
    All this frustration
    All this frustration
    Who gave the leopard spots and taught the birds to sing
    Born of frustration
    Born of frustration

  • Jiggly Bubbly
    Jiggly Bubbly 4 months ago


  • Sessy Cassov
    Sessy Cassov 4 months ago


  • Judgement Ravi
    Judgement Ravi 4 months ago


  • Grebo Productions
    Grebo Productions 4 months ago

    Did you see the clip with Plane and the Twin towers 3.27

  • Konstantin Zlatkov
    Konstantin Zlatkov 4 months ago

    I love this song, it makes me feel free

  • Flying Tarts
    Flying Tarts 4 months ago

    I think they missed their true potential, when they didn't add the 5 more members they should have.

  • Juscelino Pereira
    Juscelino Pereira 4 months ago

    Adoro os caras são de mais

  • Veronica Sida
    Veronica Sida 5 months ago +1

    This song makes me jump up and down ,like a child , on my own furniture- hooting like an owl "hoooooooo hoooooo ooo" !!

  • Tsar Alester
    Tsar Alester 5 months ago


  • Juscelino Pereira
    Juscelino Pereira 5 months ago +1

    Som GOSTOSO E AGRADÁVEL Canta Pra Nós Garotos

  • Kevin Bradley
    Kevin Bradley 5 months ago

    Brilliant sound Manchester special from a yorkie

  • Karioka de Sampa
    Karioka de Sampa 5 months ago

    Incrível! Amo! Ai meus 20 anos!

  • Frederick Buquil
    Frederick Buquil 5 months ago

    Born of frustrations... Wooooooooo.. love the song. ..

  • Isabela Jorge
    Isabela Jorge 5 months ago


  • modern studies
    modern studies 5 months ago

    The start of this has the bunnymen all over it

  • Jason and the robots
    Jason and the robots 6 months ago

    Tunage , fucking love James

  • Mary C. Dunford
    Mary C. Dunford 6 months ago

    Anyone else feel like this with 90% of people they meet? Just me? lol

    All this frustration
    I can't meet all my desires
    Strange conversation
    Self control has just expired
    All an illusion
    Only in my head you don't exist
    Who are you foolin'
    Don't need a shrink or an exorcist
    Show me the movie of who you are and where you're from
    Born of frustration
    Caught upon the webs you spun
    Where's their confusion
    A vision of what life is like
    Show the movie that doesn't deal in black and white
    Talk talk talkin 'bout who's to blame
    But all that counts in how to change
    Stop stop talkin 'bout who's to blame
    When all that counts in how to change
    All this frustration
    All this frustration
    Who put round eyes on a butterfly's wings
    All this frustration
    All this frustration
    Who gave the leopard spots and taught the birds to sing
    Born of frustration
    Born of frustration
    I'm living in the weeds where nothing is the way it seems
    Where no one is who they need to be
    Where nothing seems that real to me
    'Bout time we filled our lives
    Upon the walls of gold no solid ground
    The world is spinnin' endlessly
    We're clinging to our own beliefs
    Born of frustration
    Born of frustration

  • Andrew Thomas
    Andrew Thomas 6 months ago

    Top band

  • Vanessa Oliveira
    Vanessa Oliveira 6 months ago


  • Lyndon Bassinder
    Lyndon Bassinder 6 months ago +2

    Self control has just expired What a Lyric

  • Helen Bostock
    Helen Bostock 6 months ago

    are you talking about male or female frustration i sure we felt it nothing between us ha

  • Alexandro de Araújo
    Alexandro de Araújo 6 months ago

    Tempos bons de musica de qualidade outras eras

  • Ismail özay
    Ismail özay 6 months ago

    1st James song I've heard that makes me love them forever!

  • João Marcos
    João Marcos 6 months ago

    I saw them live yesterday in Lisbon...what a fuckin' outstanding performance....we don't get bands like this nowadays...

  • vernon wentland
    vernon wentland 6 months ago

    Funny how that bird is flying in the twin towers

  • Jesus Maria Moreira Sanchez

    2019 from Paraguay

  • fevos40
    fevos40 6 months ago

    Love you James!!!

  • Ageng Akustia
    Ageng Akustia 6 months ago

    Class of ‘92 brings me here ⚽️