Panasonic FZ-200 Impromptu Slo Motion Test

  • Published on Dec 29, 2013
  • Just walking in the woods today and found a waterfall. Thought it might be fun to test the FZ-200 at different frame rates to see what the video quality looked like.
    I thought the camera did exceedingly well, especially given that lighting was not ideal for high frame rates (the sun had already moved behind the hills and light was fading). And, all the shots were hand held.
    When I put all the clips on the timeline, I thought the results were pretty enough to share,
    The frame rates are given in the upper left hand corner of the screen at the beginning of each sequence.
    I've probably had more fun with this camera than any other I've owned: The optical zoom is nothing short of incredible, (I can record a soccer game and shoot close ups of one goal while standing in the other) battery life excellent, still image quality is excellent, glass is excellent, and video quality is pretty good.
    One huge selling point for me was that this camera allows you to plug in an external microphone. (Most DSLRs have terrible built in audio.)
    If you're considering this camera, I only have a SHORT list of complaints which include: The zoom does not operate in high speed mode, manual setting are unavailable in some of the special modes and the tripod base covers the battery compartment.
    Also, I know this is PRIMARILY a still camera, but on my dream list would be a variable speed zoom so that you could make those pretty video zooms with this AMAZING lens.
    All in all though, I've never seen a camera that can "do it all" like this one can, or is more fun or easier to use... The adventure continues!
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