Build a Skate Rail in 30 Minutes!!

  • Published on Jul 22, 2016
  • Skate Rail in 30 Minutes!!
    It really did only take me about 30 minutes to weld this thing up!
    This rail requires some welding and metal working skills, but they are basic! All you really need is a stick welder and a grinder to build this.
    The materials were all steel. Tube was 3"x7' long legs were 10" tall from 2"x 3" square stock, and the base is 3/8" thick 2" x 18" plate!
    Have fun stay safe!
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    Music Attribution:
    Funk City by Reatch
    Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported- CC BY 3.0

    ***I am not responsible for any type of injury or damage caused by your skaterail. Use and create your skate rail at your own risk. This video is intended for entertainment purposes only
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  • JB music
    JB music Month ago +1

    I am going to build one!🔥

  • Cardoc
    Cardoc Month ago +1

    Gotta love that flux-core!!

  • ツSc0peZ
    ツSc0peZ 3 months ago +1

    Guys this is a good idea!
    Never build a rounded grind rail because you will never get used to it.
    Always use flat rails because you can get used to the balance on it and then when you feel bored using the flat rail for a while, you can start using a rouned rail because you already learned the balance on the flat rail and it wont be hard to grind on a rouned rail.


    • ツSc0peZ
      ツSc0peZ 3 months ago +1

      Into The Dirtshop No worries man im always here to help people from mistakes! Nice rail tho i love it

    • Into The Dirtshop
      Into The Dirtshop  3 months ago +1


  • Chad Angələs
    Chad Angələs 7 months ago


  • Dat Guy
    Dat Guy 8 months ago +1

    Definitely need a flat rail soon, I’ve been dying to start those but most ledges are too high for me atm and most curbs around my city are rounded.

  • dabrazillionaire
    dabrazillionaire 8 months ago +1


  • bmx desde cero
    bmx desde cero 10 months ago +1


  • Edward DeBartolo
    Edward DeBartolo 11 months ago

    Now I just need to buy a handheld bandsaw, $80 of scrap metal, a wheel grinder, an angle grinder, and a spot welder. Should only cost me about $900.

  • jookbj
    jookbj Year ago +1

    Yea I rather buy 1

  • Lee Cardiel
    Lee Cardiel Year ago

    How much was the bandsaw please?? And how did you measure the half circles for the legs. Great video.

    • Lee Cardiel
      Lee Cardiel 2 months ago

      Dan p successfully built and sold over 30 custom made grind rails since last year. No one's injured. Thanks for all your help. It's all down to you x

    • Lee Cardiel
      Lee Cardiel Year ago

      Dan P I agree. Which is why I will just shut the curtains and cry myself to sleep every night. Maybe when I get my confidence back I could try something small like making a sand castle. Though it will be a long time before I can leave the house again. You've destroyed my brittle confidence.

    • Dan P
      Dan P Year ago +1

      Lets face facts. You are not able to live a normal life. And i am happy you do not finish this project. You would have build it horribly wrong and someone would have been injured badly because of you

    • Lee Cardiel
      Lee Cardiel Year ago

      Dan P I'm too scared now. If I need help I'm afraid to ask. I will just give up. Thanks.

    • Dan P
      Dan P Year ago

      You could actually really working on being better by thinking for a second.
      It helps. To get better.

  • Pasha Haletskiy
    Pasha Haletskiy Year ago

    Do it yourself , go to woodprix website and learn how to make it.

  • Kineapple
    Kineapple Year ago +1

    the foot plates must be stronger

  • Eddy Bonilla
    Eddy Bonilla Year ago +1

    Good video bro

  • Stanley Kinzinger

    badass fabrication

  • Valkyrie 5102
    Valkyrie 5102 Year ago

    Hey it will not take 30 mins

  • TMO_TV
    TMO_TV Year ago

    I have a homemade rail and it doesn’t slide at all I wonder if I need to paint it first

    • Dan P
      Dan P Year ago

      If you cant slide on a rail without wax... you don't have the proper skills :)
      Practice dude. Get your ollies down well and and get some control. You can slide any rail, really any without wax... even really rusty ones.

    • Into The Dirtshop
      Into The Dirtshop  Year ago

      Paint helps as well as wax

    • vilii
      vilii Year ago +1

      TMO_TV you need skate wax

  • DatGamingBoi
    DatGamingBoi Year ago

    “30mins” wow seems legit

    • vilii
      vilii Year ago

      DatGamingBoi its easy

  • Luan S.
    Luan S. Year ago

    Or I could buy one in 30 secs off of amazon

  • tese gorba
    tese gorba Year ago +1

    in less than 30 minutes I steal one from the skatepark XD

  • Heelf
    Heelf Year ago


  • Carlos Oquendo
    Carlos Oquendo Year ago

    Awesome video check out destroying the bmx grind box

  • Sandoval Bruh
    Sandoval Bruh Year ago +2

    Gloves genius

  • Levi Larson
    Levi Larson 2 years ago

    What kind of welder is that

  • Ryan Balara
    Ryan Balara 2 years ago +1

    Also, for it's use, those welds are fine but for anything that would require it have a good amount of pressure, I don't think id trust it.

    • Dan P
      Dan P Year ago

      Skip on the cake fatty .. and all is good :)

  • Ryan Balara
    Ryan Balara 2 years ago +1

    Holy flux core welds batman!

  • Jakob Sime
    Jakob Sime 2 years ago

    How much was that handheld bandsaw thing? I've never seen one before!

  • Gamer Tris
    Gamer Tris 2 years ago

    If you look closely you might notice it's time lapsed...

    • MarkMan
      MarkMan 9 months ago

      No one wants to hear your crazy farfetched conspiracy theories. Next you'll be saying that the earth is flat... c'mon now.

  • Murat Gaming
    Murat Gaming 2 years ago

    Lmao or u just can buy a 7.50 euro rail and some wood for 10 euros and set it up and make one in 40 mins without watching paint dry

    • Dan P
      Dan P Year ago

      And it will be shit as fuck :)

  • Skate Every Day
    Skate Every Day 2 years ago +2

    who has all this shit

  • ehvv
    ehvv 2 years ago +35

    alright everyone grab your welder from your garage..... who has a welder? lol

    • Tyler Paszkowski
      Tyler Paszkowski 9 months ago +2

      Into The Dirtshop i like in pittsburgh and only 1 of my friends has a welder no one else i know does

    • LilOzWelder04
      LilOzWelder04 Year ago +1

      I have 3 I'm only 14 every should have a welder

    • willpopemusic
      willpopemusic Year ago +1


    • clorox bleach
      clorox bleach 2 years ago +1

      ehvv me...sorry u don't have

    • Into The Dirtshop
      Into The Dirtshop  2 years ago +4

      +ehvv in Pittsburgh, every household has a welder

  • Daniel E. Smith
    Daniel E. Smith 2 years ago +4

    Heads up to welding noobs. Do not weld galvanized metal with out a respirator or really good ventilation! clean it up first. you will get a better weld.

  • dirty4track
    dirty4track 2 years ago

    well done !

  • Uig Waan
    Uig Waan 2 years ago

    Metal active Gas welding ?

    • Richard Heath-Hall
      Richard Heath-Hall 2 years ago

      Nicolai Ziehn yes he would of used a MIG welder ( metal inert gas ) or MAG (metal active gas ) as the metal is made of LCS / mild stee

  • Ana32
    Ana32 2 years ago

    Nice vid! Definetly trying to make one at school

  • Sitios abandonados y Pranks

    what the tall cm ?

  • Transformer Rails
    Transformer Rails 2 years ago +2


  • David Arroyo
    David Arroyo 2 years ago

    30 mins my ass! Nice rail though...

  • Dylan
    Dylan 2 years ago +13

    30 minutes and the other hours for the spray paint to dry

  • Evan Witt
    Evan Witt 2 years ago

    Cool vid

  • Julien Coursol
    Julien Coursol 2 years ago +2

    What's the cost?

  • Jaaron Watson
    Jaaron Watson 2 years ago +24

    Dude looks really dope. Looks like it came straight out the store. 😍😍

  • Cameron S
    Cameron S 2 years ago +18

    why aren't you wearing gloves when u weld lol

  • Matthew Murray
    Matthew Murray 2 years ago

    What is the funnel and tube gas extracted you are using when you are welding?

  • JaceLomax
    JaceLomax 2 years ago

    id like to see you make an A frame rail, or a rainbow rail would be interesting

  • ratonthestreets
    ratonthestreets 2 years ago +9

    Into The Dirtshop Hey! I'm a scooter rider(I hope you don't hate me). You know you've done something right when you see all the positive comments that you are getting! The finish product looks so legit. Hats off to you!

    • Entertained
      Entertained 2 years ago

      - GamerGuy130 - No offense but who the fuck cares?😂😴

    • Logan Kirkland
      Logan Kirkland 2 years ago +2

      Lim YK hmph... scooter... no offense but I literally got ran over by a scooter the other day😂

    • Will
      Will 2 years ago

      Lim YK w

  • Gabriel Fleming
    Gabriel Fleming 2 years ago

    soo sick !!!

  • Jorge Ruiz
    Jorge Ruiz 2 years ago

    I need one rail how much by I livsalia from calornia

  • Tommy Gillette
    Tommy Gillette 2 years ago +35

    you wild for welding without gloves lol

    • ZiLaR
      ZiLaR 6 months ago

      AQ 99 im already dead inside

    • BigDad 69
      BigDad 69 6 months ago +1

      @ZiLaR you're gonna die soon

    • ZiLaR
      ZiLaR 7 months ago +1

      wtf i have been working on a metal workshop and i didnt use gloves one single time, sometimes not even glasses, hahah just close your eyes.

    • haps1001
      haps1001 8 months ago +1

      skate or die lmao

    • Lamar Name
      Lamar Name 11 months ago +1


  • i smell awsome
    i smell awsome 2 years ago +1

    Nice man I recently made one but with a square rail instead of round

    • Baxter Scully
      Baxter Scully 2 years ago +2

      awesome! i love riding flat bars! how did you make it?

    HYBRIDOSITY 2 years ago

    good shitt

  • RavingRyan
    RavingRyan 2 years ago +137

    "How To Build A Rail In 30 Minutes!" or, if your like me, "How To Build A Rail In 4 Hours And $5,000 Later"

    • Palpac
      Palpac 11 months ago +2

      RavingRyan probably cheaper to go to an engineering shop if you don’t have any tools. They would probably have a few bits of steel kicking around they could jimmy up for you.

    • Tony Nguyen
      Tony Nguyen Year ago +1

      You can also rent tools. Just an FYI

    • Stanley Kinzinger
      Stanley Kinzinger Year ago +2

      obviously he had welding equipment prior to the build. im a welder and a skateboarder.

    • Charlie Heinrich
      Charlie Heinrich 2 years ago +1

      your better off to buy new so all the other people would not put there sweat and crap on it and they might not work as good but if it is new it would be good it would have nothing wrong with it and if there is something wrong you can take it back

  • Jack Goddard
    Jack Goddard 2 years ago

    how much did that cost to make?

    • Into The Dirtshop
      Into The Dirtshop  2 years ago +1

      +JackRHG I made it from scrap but it's prob about $50 in steel depending on where you are

  • Gregory Wright
    Gregory Wright 3 years ago

    dope ass video

  • jules.laflame Co
    jules.laflame Co 3 years ago

    I would pay this guy to make me one

    • Brian Trinidad
      Brian Trinidad 3 years ago

      Into The Dirtshop dude same!

    • Into The Dirtshop
      Into The Dirtshop  3 years ago

      +Dorrion Jules where are you located we could work something out! Send me an email

  • Stuff I Made
    Stuff I Made 3 years ago +1

    Love the pace and style of your video dude!

  • Thea Racadz
    Thea Racadz 3 years ago +3

    it looks like a floor bar for gymnastics

    • Reese Olson
      Reese Olson 9 months ago

      dont ever say that in the skate community

  • Tyler Grogg
    Tyler Grogg 3 years ago +6

    Can you make a pole jam? I'm learning how to wield in school this year and I want to make one.

    • Carlos Oquendo
      Carlos Oquendo Year ago

      Tyler Grogg hi check out destroying the bmx grind box

    • Into The Dirtshop
      Into The Dirtshop  3 years ago +2

      Tyler Grogg awesome idea, I'll see if I can weld one up in a few weeks here

  • Chipped Builds
    Chipped Builds 3 years ago


    ROCK N WOODWORKS 3 years ago

    wow, that intro made me clinch up lol. Awesome video and style dude!!

  • Willem Kossen
    Willem Kossen 3 years ago

    Very nice video. I wish i could weld. I wish i could skate. Heck, i wish i was better at video editing too.

    • Into The Dirtshop
      Into The Dirtshop  3 years ago

      haha thanks man! all fun! you should def give them all a shot!