Irish People Try Cardi B Rap Snacks

  • Published on Aug 7, 2019
  • Irish People try tasting some Cardi B...Rap Snacks, of course! MERCH MADNESS:
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    Having tried 'Rap Snacks' before - which are a variety of chips and snacks based off the likeness of various R&B and Hip-Hop artists - we decided to go one step further. Having gotten our hands on a variety of specifically Cardi B flavours, we decided to see what our Irish People thought.
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Comments • 721

  • john poopiepants
    john poopiepants 14 days ago +1

    American Negroes don't buy Potato Chips.....

  • john poopiepants
    john poopiepants 14 days ago +1

    shouldn't it be banana flavoured?

  • john poopiepants
    john poopiepants 14 days ago +1

    I thought cardi b was a's a female???

  • Larry Harris
    Larry Harris 18 days ago

    It's Cardi B, it's got to be disgusting!

  • Diyah Ambi
    Diyah Ambi 21 day ago

    Wow y'all are harsh. I hope y'all have this same energy with all the other people that have done triflin things in this society. She admitted that she let the men take their that they chose to take then did what she did. She didn't rape them, they didn't go with her unwillingly, yea it was wrong, not condoning what she did but damn, she's done so much to right her wrong unlike so many others running around free.

  • Jonathan Matear
    Jonathan Matear 21 day ago

    I like that the commenters on this channel are surprisingly intelligent 🤓!

  • NorrixxTV
    NorrixxTV Month ago

    Blaithin is probably the only person on the TRY channel to complain about packaging having too much brown on it.

  • Joyce Young
    Joyce Young Month ago

    I'm from America and never heard of her snacks.. the only song I liked her in was maroon 5 girls like you..

  • Bea Troon
    Bea Troon Month ago

    Why'd Tom turn into a prick? thats a shame

  • Angie Malone
    Angie Malone Month ago

    My phone hates Cardi B it will only play sound lmao 😂 no video

  • asap grit
    asap grit Month ago

    stick to the original squad instead of these shmutz

  • Julie Hoffman
    Julie Hoffman Month ago


  • angeleyes green
    angeleyes green Month ago

    Love the Simpson's canyonero reference

  • Rey Kenobi
    Rey Kenobi Month ago

    "Who puts corainder in their crisps?"

    Errr... Indians been doing it since decades. That style of crisps which he was talking about is also not a novelty in India. They're called "Jaali Wafers".

  • Gunsblazin94
    Gunsblazin94 Month ago

    I'll just take what Bla said about Cardi B as sarcasm. She's a terrible human being, who makes shit "music". Not much more to her than that.

  • GiGi S.
    GiGi S. Month ago

    Why did they only do the Cardi ones? Rap Snacks have different rappers on them, not just her.

  • Johnny Cliche
    Johnny Cliche Month ago

    For the love of Christ, stop complaining about the bags being empty...they're filled with inert gas in order to keep them from being crushed when packaged by machines into cardboard boxes and then shipped all over the world...if they made the packages only as big as the chips and then didn't inject them with inert gas, you'd get a tiny bag of crumbs by the time it got to the store...

  • doro626
    doro626 Month ago


  • doro626
    doro626 Month ago

    0:33 Tom doesnt know that "snack" is slang for an attractive person. So yes, they do like snacks.

  • callmelyn73
    callmelyn73 Month ago

    Noticing from the comments, I guess you can tell Cardi B is not all that popular with those of us that have good taste. Yes, that was kind of a negative comment but I really don’t like her, especially since I heard about her former “hobby”. Not a fan of Nikki Minaj (did I spell that right?) either but at least I could sit down and have a 10 minute conversation with her if I had to choose between the two.

  • R. E. Durbin
    R. E. Durbin Month ago

    Please do a blind taste test challenge with donuts or oreos - Dermot Ward has to be in it!!!

  • beast from the east

    Cardi B is a nasty hoe wouldn't eat that shit if ya paid me.

  • Ashley Gleissner
    Ashley Gleissner Month ago

    Y’all need to go try all the other Rap Snacks flavors. You have a third of them maybe.

  • Krios wordsmith
    Krios wordsmith Month ago

    im going to be incredibly crude right now, fair warning.... "I can fist the whole thing, and nothing happens" just like cardi b

    EWITT MOTH Month ago

    I would think it is lsd, mixed with cigarette butts and regret

  • nan c
    nan c Month ago

    Saw these at Spencer's

  • Bilbo.1k
    Bilbo.1k Month ago +1

    00:45 ... what?

  • Medina Zerishnek
    Medina Zerishnek Month ago

    Tom....omg....i have learned so many things about you guys unintentionally

  • Redneck Nomad
    Redneck Nomad Month ago

    I don’t support any celebrity. They’ve got enough money.

  • Kate Hawk
    Kate Hawk Month ago

    Cardi-B snacks, Why ? like she doesn't have money,, so why give her yours ??
    I'll Never eat them, give me a whopper from BK any day.

  • Emissary of Hate
    Emissary of Hate Month ago

    The bags have so much air in them to prevent them from getting crushed in the packaging.

  • Dianelaine JesusLives
    Dianelaine JesusLives Month ago +1

    Potato Chips

  • Live, Laugh and Slay Bish

    Why click the video if y'all don't like cardi b idiots wasting y'all time dumb bitches

  • jralston78
    jralston78 Month ago

    Rappie flavor

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer Month ago

    Cardi B should experience BOILING WATER BOARDING! 😈😎

  • SkanMLL
    SkanMLL Month ago

    I feel like cardi b and chris brown both shouldnt be celebrated in any way shape or form.

  • Tim Blanchard
    Tim Blanchard Month ago

    What is ‘Moorish’?

  • Bianca Malan
    Bianca Malan Month ago

  • carolyn tait
    carolyn tait Month ago

    OMG I hope you got your vaccinations first

  • Angry Applesauce
    Angry Applesauce Month ago +1

    That package art looks like an inflatable sex doll having an massive stroke.

  • Jasmine Lavender
    Jasmine Lavender Month ago

    Everyone’s popcorn eating style was so different! I’m a one-at-a-time kind of girl, myself.

  • Melangell ATC
    Melangell ATC Month ago

    Cardi B seems a poor mans Nicki Minaj. That said, Mötley Crüe!!!! LOL! "I could fist the whole thing"!

  • LeavesOfTea
    LeavesOfTea Month ago

    I respect Dermot's hatred for peanut butter, but is it wrong I reaaaally want to see him experience Durian and weigh his options? LOL

  • hannahsings19
    hannahsings19 Month ago

    Im obsessed with these chips lol

  • kirk capp
    kirk capp Month ago +1

    Why would you guys give that anti American God hating baby killing POS the publicity????!!!!!

  • Christine Bradford xox

    I almost unsubscribed.... fuck sake.

  • Tzivia Margolis
    Tzivia Margolis Month ago


  • Markles croch goblins
    Markles croch goblins Month ago +1

    Am I the only one who thinks that Cardi b looks like a mortician did her make up?

  • NL 138
    NL 138 Month ago

    OLD DISTILLERY WHISKEY THEYRES LOT OF FLAVOURS LIKE: salted water melon, cookie dough, salted caramel and carrot cake whiskey

  • chicken2jail
    chicken2jail Month ago

    Next Try Video: Cardi B feeds Dermot Peanut Butter.

  • Chris W
    Chris W Month ago

    Tom = 🔥

  • wcwindom56
    wcwindom56 Month ago

    Do some more WATCH episodes.. try one of Americas longest running half hour "reality" shows - COPS

  • Stephen Hawking's Football Boots

    Packaging is shite!

  • loganinkosovo
    loganinkosovo Month ago +1

    Cardi B.... the woman who proudly proclaimed that when she was a stripper she would take men back to her place then drug, rob and rape them. Her motivation was that they would do the same thing to her.

  • Justin Conatzer
    Justin Conatzer Month ago +1

    toss em in the trash along with her.

  • Your Name
    Your Name Month ago

    Lmao “rap snacks” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mitch Z
    Mitch Z Month ago +3

    why am i not surprised that bitchy blaithe dislikes virtually everything in every vid except cardi b?

  • D H
    D H Month ago

    Next irish woman tries a Hispanic man in bed.

  • Sly Hat Jones
    Sly Hat Jones Month ago +1

    I don't think Moorish means what you nice folks seem to think it means... see, there's a people who were called the Moors? So a Moorish snack would be a snack made by them. Maybe you guys could find some recipes for actual Moorish snacks!

  • DrClawizdead
    DrClawizdead Month ago

    Those packets are a lot like Cardi B. Big presence, little substance.