Party/Drinking Bottle Top Plinko game From Scrap Wood #014

  • Published on Jul 22, 2018
  • Hi, welcome to another video on my channel. This video is about a drinking game idea, with the hot summer we are having in the UK the bottle tops have been building up and parties have been a plenty, so this is an idea to use tops. Place a post it note on the front of each compartment with a different forfeit and away you go. Please note this is a bit of light hearted fun and not a serious reason to drink to excess.Thanks for watching.
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Comments • 10

  • John Everson
    John Everson 2 months ago +1

    After watching this video I'm surprised you still have all of your fingers

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  2 months ago

      Oh no, what's gonna happen to my fingers by you watching this video??? 😕😕😕

  • Siberian Orange
    Siberian Orange 7 months ago

    Love this idea! Saved to favorites. Great job keeping it simple. I have so many ideas how to use this...

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  7 months ago

      I have used it for a few parties. I put sticky label on each section with a forfeit. After a few alcohol pops, it becomes quite a good game ☺

  • Sg260
    Sg260 9 months ago

    Very cool! I could see this as a way to keep the floor clean. Put you favor team on the backboard

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  9 months ago

      Thanks. That's a good shout about putting your favourite team on there.

  • Mark Duggan
    Mark Duggan Year ago +1

    Nice idea for using up some odd bits and you have an excuse to have a drink.

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  Year ago +1

      Mark Duggan thanks Mark, well with the odd party bbq party this summer, it would make a good drinking game was my thinking


    Nice little build james looks great mate

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  Year ago +1

      BIGBOY'S DIY thanks Warren, was just a quick project to kill some time