20 GENIUS Car Cleaning Hacks

  • Published on Oct 3, 2017
  • 20 really useful car cleaning life hacks you need to know!
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    Anyone that has a car knows just how difficult it is to keep their car clean from dirt, dust, clutter, and spills. Even the cleanest of people have these issues. And sometimes you’ll want to pull your hair out because of the amount of time and money you’ll spend cleaning your car. Luckily, we have some cleaning hacks for you! Today, we are showing you 20 Cleaning Tricks Car Dealers Don’t Want You to Know!
    If you park your car in your garage, it’s possible that you might open your door and hit it against the garage wall. This could result in unsightly scratches or dents and this is just not pleasant. What you can do is attach a pool noodle to the wall where your door would hit the wall. So, if you do accidentally open your door too wide, the pool noodle will prevent anything from happening to your door!
    This might be the strangest trick you’ll hear today. Did you ever play with a ball of “goo” or “slime” when you were younger? Well, now instead of using it as a child’s toy, adults are using slime to clean. Just take some slime and dab is around your car where dust and dirt collect. Easy as that! You can buy slime from kid’s toy stores but you can also make your own. If you Google “DIY cleaning slime” you’ll get a number of recipes for how to make your own slime!
    We have some other crazy cleaning tricks on our list. You’d probably never think that you can use Coca-Cola to remove rust stains, or that a tennis ball can help you park better. Are there any tricks we forgot? Don’t be shy to tell us in the comments below!
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  • Mehran
    Mehran 10 days ago

    the category of content that grow weirdly as bullshit as they are! how?

  • Junie
    Junie 15 days ago

    Here is a tip just take the trash out of your car every time you get out, the problem of needing a silly trash can solved.

  • 💚Peridot The Beardie💙

    I got an auto part ad

  • pheenix1976
    pheenix1976 Month ago +1

    How is the tennis ball a cleaning hack?

  • Matt Seals
    Matt Seals Month ago

    Great looking content. Think you did a whole lot of your very own html coding.

  • Puls3
    Puls3 Month ago

    Who the fuck holds a trash can 🗑 in your car WTF is wrong with you

  • حسين مستباني

    هل من عرب هنا فيدوني ايش اسمه هذا الذي يشبه العلكه

  • Isaac Grandy
    Isaac Grandy 3 months ago


  • Ibtihel Arfaoui
    Ibtihel Arfaoui 3 months ago

    Toothpaste ruined my car headlights 😒👎

    • Ibtihel Arfaoui
      Ibtihel Arfaoui 3 months ago

      @CFlorida girl probably 😁 but I assure you I followed all the instructions well 😑 but I'm glad they got damaged in my last car accident anyway. I have new ones now :-D

    • CFlorida girl
      CFlorida girl 3 months ago

      & they aren't ruined either. Just sand em down & clear coat em

    • CFlorida girl
      CFlorida girl 3 months ago

      No it didnt lol you did

  • Çheryl Said
    Çheryl Said 3 months ago

    My dad has a business so I have to clean car every week

  • Saxon Lloyd
    Saxon Lloyd 4 months ago

    I wish you tube had a block button

  • 左舷
    左舷 4 months ago

    This girl's voice is so sexy, I'd love it!

  • Barry Mallon
    Barry Mallon 4 months ago

    I have not watched a more misleading video, I would definitely not use or advise any one to use toothpaste or kids clay on they pride and joy

  • Shane E.
    Shane E. 4 months ago +1

    Car Cleaning Tip: Clean the inside of your car.

    STICK MAN 4 months ago

    Toothpaste on headlights.. genius 🔥🔥

  • pindi wall
    pindi wall 4 months ago

    wat is new in it v all knw DAT so shut up

  • mogbaba
    mogbaba 4 months ago

    Wait a minute, if I hang a tennis ball in my garage, my car gets cleaned!?

  • KANALplus
    KANALplus 5 months ago

    I lost 12 mins for nothing

  • Ben Ellis
    Ben Ellis 5 months ago

    As a detailer this is just bad like it's just stupid

  • Robbie WillSurvive!
    Robbie WillSurvive! 5 months ago

    I did the tennis ball trick and now my car is SO CLEAN AND SHINY! Now if only I could get that annoying whiny little girl voice out of my head! 😡

  • YSD
    YSD 6 months ago

    Instructions are not clear, dick stuck in tennis ball.

  • Jack Hintze
    Jack Hintze 6 months ago

    Lmao why would car dealerships want to known


    Pauwi nA ako

  • therealmannz
    therealmannz 7 months ago +6

    Clay bar doesn’t necessarily make cars shine, it takes out any dirt particles in the paint.

  • therealmannz
    therealmannz 7 months ago

    Just watch Wilson Auto Detailing.

  • justicewalking
    justicewalking 7 months ago

    For some reason I really like when she says sticky. 5:15 Twice in one sentence 😍.

  • Plupp Trupp
    Plupp Trupp 7 months ago

    Oh my lawd and gawd. Whoever uses there hacks, brain he lacks.

  • Gigio Toni
    Gigio Toni 8 months ago

    What a waste of time

  • Raymond perez
    Raymond perez 8 months ago +1

    The kids Slime is a great idea!! And the pool noodle in the garage to prevent dents is good!! The IPA for wiper blades will dry the rubber and then you really need to replace them!!

  • SouthernBassHunter
    SouthernBassHunter 8 months ago

    Flat "head" screwdriver

  • shaena Laborde
    shaena Laborde 8 months ago

    Windshield wipers are not expensive...

  • TwoJZ coyote Driver
    TwoJZ coyote Driver 9 months ago

    1tip just dont bay cars brand new buy it second hand but sheck the car

  • Alfred Morency
    Alfred Morency 9 months ago

    Cleaning a machine forces you to look at it more carefully than you normally would, which can help to spot problems(fluid leaks, dust from a decaying belt are two examples)early before they become a bigger problem.

  • Henk Debal
    Henk Debal 9 months ago

    20 car cleaning hacks. Number 20 : parking aid. Euh ? Didn't watch any further and thumb down. Bye !

    TEE CITY 9 months ago

    Use your the blower on your wet/dry vac to dry your car seats after shampooing them. Or even if you left your windows down during a rain storm check out this attachment I evented. ru-clip.net/video/Wg2pjmn6qys/video.html

  • Jonah Does Everything
    Jonah Does Everything 9 months ago

    2006 Voltswaggon Passat In Thumbnail.

  • Raj Uniyal
    Raj Uniyal 10 months ago

    What should I use to clean window glasses.of my car... as my son has scratched them all with his toys.....?

  • Viiral Puga
    Viiral Puga 10 months ago +1


  • Jane Dough
    Jane Dough 10 months ago

    She pays $4 for a tube of toothpaste?!

  • Brandon Yammine
    Brandon Yammine 11 months ago +4

    Thanks for teaching me how to scratch my paint and ruin my interior!

  • Brandon Yammine
    Brandon Yammine 11 months ago +1

    Thanks for teaching me how to scratch my paint and ruin my interior!

  • Carter P
    Carter P Year ago

    Don’t use kids clay !!!!!! Only use specific car cleaning clay as other clays have dangerous chemicals for your car

  • vikrant baghel
    vikrant baghel Year ago

    Dislike and unsubscribe for fake thumbnail

  • SM Yureka
    SM Yureka Year ago

    20 Not So Useful You Already Know Tricks !!

  • Jeff Sartain
    Jeff Sartain Year ago


  • Bhavesh Malhotra
    Bhavesh Malhotra Year ago

    Whats best for your car maybe a right car washing shampoo get it here at amzn.to/2NatmZ0

  • Elizabeth Norwood

    Not genius - just common sense

  • sachin kumar
    sachin kumar Year ago


  • LoyalT100
    LoyalT100 Year ago

    She sounds 10

  • Bob Swenk
    Bob Swenk Year ago

    Toothbrush is great in a pinch!!! Hahaha, Agreed!

  • Velse 9
    Velse 9 Year ago

    I do not recommend toothpaste onto headlights, take it to a detailer.

  • Terence Jay
    Terence Jay Year ago

    I died a little watching that..

  • Yassie Harris
    Yassie Harris Year ago

    I actually do take any trash in my car out any time I stop.I like a clean car and I'm O.C.D as hell.

  • raoul beaton
    raoul beaton Year ago

    We use paint brush

  • FaZe Angela
    FaZe Angela Year ago

    0:35 PLS why would i subscribe? first i had to check your channel if i like it LOL

  • IIA Target Analyst

    Aor hose replace clean with toothbrush or screw driver

  • Christina Martinez


  • Intermittent Energy

    What about an electric tooth brush?

  • Tanjung Makmur
    Tanjung Makmur Year ago

    You can try this too www.amazon.com/gp/product/B014V9GFJU/ref=as_li_tl?

  • Moua Xiong
    Moua Xiong Year ago

    Don’t ever use mr.clean on any painted surfaces ex:rims
    Don’t use alcohol on wiper blades because the alcohol will try out the the rubber making squeaks
    I don’t recommend non of these cleaning tips just clean your car ever week with proper techniques and tools