Google Stadia To End Consoles? 4K 60 FPS On Any Device? Gamers Aren't Buying It

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
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    Google Stadia is so much more than just another streaming service, it really is a revolution.
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  • TheQuartering
    TheQuartering  Month ago +230

    Lots Of Promises Made By Google Stadia! I Suspect Comments Will Be Divided, Please Consider LIKING The Video Before Going To Battle! Thanks Dollar Shave Club!

    • Mantas Balnys
      Mantas Balnys 27 days ago

      Streaming videos is one thing playing the game is the other. It's latency what matters not the bandwidth. Getting near 100ms over the Internet is Physically impossible task. From the word Physics. Proven by Einstein himself.

    • GamingTV
      GamingTV 28 days ago

      google stadia will mostly be selling to sony and xbox not really games, their real intention is to rent out their new quantum processors to companies

    • Heavy Hitters
      Heavy Hitters 29 days ago

      Hey Quartering, you’re underselling it, big change is a tremendous understatement...this has already changed gaming on a fundamental level because everything being digital and connected

    • brutalhonesty07
      brutalhonesty07 Month ago

      Main question: Is the google platform going to censor gaming and not create an adults-only sub-marketplace option? If the answer is no, then I'm out. Out of gaming entirely given the way the market place is shifting, and I will probably only play the stock market, and eventually end that once I get a sense it's unethical to stay doing that.

    • Ryan Navin
      Ryan Navin Month ago

      This is giving up ever owning anything digitally ever again so Google can own it and hold it over your heads. Thats what this is. Nobody in my area has much beyond 5 or 6 up or 30-60 down. I live in a city of 350 thousand people and the best deal you can get here is 100 down and 18 up, Quartering you need to sop acting like you support this in any way if you like owning anything or calling anything your own. You want Google to become your new government because that is what they are trying to do dumbass. These people want to micro manage our lives just like Napolean Bonaparte and Hitler.

  • robert baldessari
    robert baldessari 5 days ago +1

    Lol, when was the last time you shaved. ;)

  • MrRhysReviews
    MrRhysReviews 6 days ago

    400 Down and AC Odyssey takes 7 HOURS TO DOWNLOAD??? I live in Australia and just moved onto the 2nd highest teir of NBN (National Broadband Network... Our latest and most up-to-date Internet Type/Service) I get only 40-45MBPS Down over Wi-Fi to my PS4 (which is litteraly from end to end diagonally of the Unit/Flat/Apartment) and a game that is 50GBs (AC Odyssey is around 60GBs now with ALL up-to-date Patches and DLC) takes me MAYBE 3 Hours to download on a bad day xD you definitely don't have 400 down lol

  • Hyromonoxide GamingClips

    Yeah I have no interest in streaming if I can't do it on my $30 monthly data capped internet package. Just not gonna happen. Or if that severely limits me or hinders gameplay. Another issue is I have no plans to upgrade to a 4k TV until 2 things happen. 1 is my current 1080p TV burns out. 2nd is after that happens 4k will have to be the lowest end TV I can buy on shelves... Or it will be another 5-? years of 1080p and HDMI.
    Then lastly but second most importantly is I've already supidly and unknowingly gave my soul... I mean my data to Google before I knew they were collecting every piece of information on our daily lives... I'm not gonna continue to support privacy thieves by purchasing anything that has anything to do with Google :)
    Enjoy your streaming service but I'll continue to game on traditional consoles long after they have died out. When I can get some money for it I'm going to start collecting old games and consoles for the dark age that is coming.

  • Josh
    Josh 11 days ago

    this already exist its been in EU for awhile why are people freaking out or have no idea what they are offering they just released this in the US a couple months back its called Shadow Gaming this google shit is way behind

  • xlgosling
    xlgosling 11 days ago

    Stadia will solve graphic cooling issues when handling 8k

  • Aaron Matchett
    Aaron Matchett 11 days ago

    I'd like to point out that it's really not cross platform. The platform in this case is stadia which is the cloud. The device you play on doesn't matter to the cloud service you access. So the platform is the stadia cloud service and you can access it on multiple devices

  • Tywren2
    Tywren2 14 days ago

    PC master race

  • slimyish
    slimyish 18 days ago

    Imagine 100% relying on internet to play a game, fuck that, console and disc forever!!!

  • Indian Aristocrat
    Indian Aristocrat 19 days ago

    This Channel Should Name Crying😪😪😪😪😪 all he does is Crying.

  • Indian Aristocrat
    Indian Aristocrat 19 days ago +1

    It's For ASIA and Europe (excluding Britain) where Data is way Cheaper and speed is very High than Gaming Hardware.

  • Jason
    Jason 19 days ago

    WTF why are you using Google Chrome and not Firefox!? OMG why are you still using Google Search and not Bing or DuckDuckGo!!!?? 😲

  • Tatsumi Twi
    Tatsumi Twi 19 days ago

    Probably gonna cost something AND be ad supported

  • LoL Poxtops
    LoL Poxtops 21 day ago

    Only issue is, you have a useless console when the internet goes out. Which seems to happen frequently.

  • Kémy
    Kémy 21 day ago

    even with my 1Gbps down 400Mbps up... I won't be using Google Stadia. I like to download and it only takes 50min to download more than 60Gb

  • Chief Denis
    Chief Denis 22 days ago

    Microsoft actually started this in 2013 with the Xbox one
    didn't work out well

  • George Chakhidze
    George Chakhidze 23 days ago

    #1 Too good to be true. #2 Demo always looks better than end product.

  • roiking2740
    roiking2740 24 days ago

    problems with this is the range between nations across the globe

  • Goutham Doddi
    Goutham Doddi 24 days ago

    I see slot of people being very skeptical about it. But let me tell you it will be a big hit in Asia. Here hardware is very expensive for people to buy. So this is a great solution for Asian gamers.

  • Sean Mondout
    Sean Mondout 24 days ago

    Goodbye SonyRootkit!

  • ZorrosRage
    ZorrosRage 24 days ago

    Main concern is data cap

  • GreatSageCorban
    GreatSageCorban 24 days ago

    Isn't this essentially what Nvidia shield is doing?

  • bil hmm
    bil hmm 24 days ago +1

    They can shove their cloud powered future up their collective ass! If
    cloud gaming would be the only option I would totally quit gaming Or
    stick to older consoles and games. I will never support that crap. It
    makes me sick to my stomach! What good are good games if you get them at
    the companies discretion?! It's why I don't play multiplayer games. I
    don't wanna pay 60 bucks plus a lot for DLC and microtransactions and an
    online subscription... for what? A game that will only be alive for a
    few months? No thanks. They can shove it up their ass!

  • Michael Lorah
    Michael Lorah 25 days ago

    Nobody buys it because we remember the last few times they made big promises like this.

  • Bryan Miller
    Bryan Miller 25 days ago

    Now we can enjoy going through out monthly data limits really fast
    Even Comcast has a limit normally set as 250GB per household and this would easily go past that
    Then also I’m with att on my phone and have unlimited data, except after 22GB it can be degraded down to barely USABLE speeds
    So now imagine a future of playing stadia on your phone that now requires cellular providers to triple their data and prices or add a special Stadia data plan lol

  • I Nominate This Rock for the Democratic Candidacy

    Oh it'll end consoles.

    The same way ET ended Atari.

  • blurglide
    blurglide 25 days ago

    Building your own system is now obsolete

  • Justin Govas
    Justin Govas 25 days ago

    The supposed death of console gaming came what.. 10 years ago? And they are thriving just fine.

  • RubySapior
    RubySapior 25 days ago

    1080p 60fps on youtube is already 120mb/s (i have 300 down) and still looks shit, how the fuck you going to do 4k60

  • BlueEternities
    BlueEternities 25 days ago

    And if you say a word that matches their hidden list of no no words, you get throttled to 56k and magically can't find matches for anything.

  • Razor's Edge
    Razor's Edge 25 days ago

    You shave? 🤔 , Guy's support dollar shave. Don't give your money to woke Gillette.

  • daniel marson roberts
    daniel marson roberts 25 days ago

    I just hope Google don't do the the console market what they did to the handheld market.. Trash games on mobile ended the quality handheld experience. Granted vita, 3ds and switch are all decent handhelds (I have all 3) but they are a far cry from the glory days of the gba, psp, ds etc.
    I enjoy remote play, that's the main thing I want from any platform.
    I don't think I'll support Google's streaming service, they are just to shitty of a company.
    Also I prefer owning my games, physical and digital, a cloud version thats reliant on google? What happens to all the cloud games when they end up killing it like they have g+ ?
    I have too many games on psn, xbl and steam to care.

  • Shion, Mercurial Aegis [Evolved]

    **Sponsored by Dollar Shave Club**
    **Hasn't shaved in years**

  • paralentor
    paralentor 25 days ago

    There is a web site that tracks all of Googles defunct projects. The article is on Zero Hedge. These are literally FOTM with google and always have been.

  • Kim DotNet
    Kim DotNet 26 days ago

    don't think buffering is going to work with interactive media. how is it going to render a scenario or reaction to your input before knowing what your input is?

  • Nero Lowell
    Nero Lowell 26 days ago

    It must be related to 5G

  • jake lee
    jake lee 26 days ago

    doom: we can get doom to run on this dumb terminal soon
    skyrim: we will support the dumb terminal next year
    google: hold my beer

  • Discordian
    Discordian 26 days ago

    As soon as I see 4K I tune out, and you should too. I'm not watching this video because the title tells me that this will be a stupid device that's a waste of everyone's time.
    For a TV environment, it just doesn't fucking matter. It's all marketing, and a waste of our time. High resolutions in VR equipment? Sure. But TV gaming-wise? It never meets expectations, hell, I never fully got onto the 1080p hypetrain, and now we have 4K, which hasn't really been taking off at all. Give me them high refreshrate screens with high FPS, that's the direction we should be going in.

  • Wee Crowdfund
    Wee Crowdfund 26 days ago

    You gonna tell me about shaving 😂😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • CabbagePatch Bstard
    CabbagePatch Bstard 26 days ago

    SHILL bitch.

  • random stuff
    random stuff 26 days ago

    I'm skeptical, but do think that it is what a lot of gaming will eventually tend towards. If their claims are true, then they offer all the flexibility that gamers want while still keeping it locked to their service. This would discourage pirating unless someone is able to crack it and sneak their own illegal copies into the library.
    High speed internet would be a limiting factor for many as there are still a lot of places with low enough population density where they have to rely on cellular services like Verizon for their internet...and pay through the nose for data.
    Now one immediate down side, which is a down side to all digital media that has DRM or is stored on someone else's server, is if Google decides to get out of the gaming business, all the stuff you bought is suddenly out of your reach. I bring this up because I've been screwed over by a few digital music services that did just that. Sell it, go under, then since their servers no longer authenticate, even though I have the music, I can't play it.

  • JKC40
    JKC40 26 days ago

    Yeah, its h.264 or h.265 playback being streamed to your machine, just like the NVIDIA GRID system from 2014.
    AMD you say? then its running AMD's equivalent to the GRID system, which AMD introduced in either late 2014 or early 2015. This is exactly how GRID worked, and the ... three? Companies that came out with it ... well, are they even in business?
    My experience in GRID machines: the latency between the user and the machine is noticeable. Essentially, imagine adding your ping time to the google Stadia server you are connected to, to your ping time to the game server for multiplayer FPS.
    for the 4k HDR, figure 12 to 15 megabits downstream. Upstream it is just controller signals, so figure

  • Wolfy @PLAY
    Wolfy @PLAY 26 days ago

    With NBN’s top speed of 100Mb/s (more like 50 - 70), Stadia isn’t something I expect to see in Australia.

  • Mikey C
    Mikey C 26 days ago

    Give it 2 years and it'll be tried like everything else Google does which doesn't drive their sickening ad business.

  • Lifeless web user
    Lifeless web user 26 days ago +1

    I honestly don't give a fuck about the internet speeds and concerns about input lag. That's not the issue here, the issue is that they are saying that the future of gaming is subscription based and online only. I don't want my games to be online only and you shouldn't either. What this does is it removes the control from the consumer and puts all the control on the companies.

  • spider317
    spider317 26 days ago +2

    Google literally wants to take over the gaming industry. Power hungry much?

  • Richard Mitchell
    Richard Mitchell 26 days ago

    If this is all true it will open up gaming to ALOT of people, and not just in the U.S. or Europe.

  • Valdraya
    Valdraya 26 days ago +1

    It's gonna be like the communism of games consoles. Free, but with lots of mandatory propaganda viewing, spying and censorship.

  • xifaskia59
    xifaskia59 26 days ago

    I have seen a lot of people who are saying at the comments that we need to de-Google because of all this spy BS that they have been doing over the years and how Google needs to get out of our lifes. Guys. We need to be honest with ourselfs here. Google isnt a normal company. Google is literally the internet. Literally everything you can find in the internet has been brought to you one way or another by Google. Withought Google you would have to use fucking BING when it comes to search engines. Emails? Google is emails. Maps? Everything maps in the internet is Google. Pictures for literally everything? Brought to you by Google. Music? Google has that too. Apps? Google owns the app store.Translation? Google. Assistant A.I? Google assistant is the best one. Hell, RU-clip? You know the answer. Every information we can find on the internet is because of Google. And all this is just the present. Have you seen what they are planning for the future? In 10 years Google will be a full tech company. Smartphones will be Google, smartwatches will be Google and AR glasses will be Google. VR will also be influenced by Google and a Google streaming service will also be a thing in the future. Google home is only the start of what Google has planned for houses. In a few years Google smart furniture will also be reality for our Kids. And thats only the start. Education is another thing that big G will influence in the future. You see the reason why a company like Google which started out as a search engine is because Google is...Google. Google is a unick company. There is non other company in the world that can antagonize them. And when a powerfull company doesnt have competition ends up like Google. A power house with no limits. No boycotts can touch them. We lost the war when they started expanding like this so fast. We cant do something to harm them. They are our lords now........

  • Marco Panzanni
    Marco Panzanni 26 days ago

    How fast will this eat up ur total bandwith, if u have a limit.
    And if this thing is laggy, it won't last long.

  • Kurecore Kurecore
    Kurecore Kurecore 27 days ago +1

    I bet its going to have the cost already in the games or via the adds...
    Big no is you have all the games only rented... And imagine they can bann you same way like youtube doing to youtubers with "wrong" opinions... you will loose all "your" games...

    • Kurecore Kurecore
      Kurecore Kurecore 26 days ago

      +Faldegastim just digging throught that stuff .. incredible ..were trully sheeps :D
      Thanks for point it out though ;)

    • Faldegast
      Faldegast 26 days ago +1

      +Kurecore Kurecore And yeah it's not that you'll need window. It will just be impossible to remove. Probably it will have flash storage on the motherboard and similarly locked down as the Android flash storage on phones.
      And yes people are going to find ways to root them. But eventually all such holes will be plugged.

    • Faldegast
      Faldegast 26 days ago +1

      +Kurecore Kurecore These security processors are in all current products from Intel, AMD and ARM.
      Your old PC will eventually break. Or you will sell it. When they launch Palladium full on then what as old PC prices climb on eBay. Along with old Mac, Amiga, Atari, C64... Well anything that will run non-certified software. Probably to the point where you become very tempted to sell. For old stuff we'll probably see clones appear. There are 486 clones still on the market. Such as Vortex86.

    • Kurecore Kurecore
      Kurecore Kurecore 26 days ago

      +Faldegast who need windows and that exact type of processor?
      I will look into the topic as i duno nothing about the processors you mentioned,but anyway .. noone - repeat noone can block my old pc (with both window and linux) and my old games from working as im not conected to internet and never was with that particular machine...
      For sure its other case with my new PC,but my point was - the posibility to play games even without internet is still here. ... also pirating .. or just use other CPU,there is allways the way

    • Faldegast
      Faldegast 26 days ago

      +Kurecore Kurecore How will you play them if your processor says that this executive don't have a valid execution certificate?
      You do not understand the fact that you are running everything in a virtual machine that is controlled by the secure execution environment and that not even Windows can run without it's allowance?

  • Mark Portch
    Mark Portch 27 days ago +1

    If you look at Google's track record of bring you new devices to market and supporting them, you'll find out they have a very poor record. Google glass is just one example. This streaming services is already available if your interested. But we All know why it's not taken off. It's all over the place world wide hit, miss broadband. Not to mention always having to be online ( E3 xbox one) data caps, latency rate and not having physical copy of your games and not being in control of anything. It's the future YES but in 10/ 20 years from now. In 2019++++ No absolutely not for masses. I'll stick to buying a console and my physical media.

  • Gabriel Gonzales
    Gabriel Gonzales 27 days ago

    You don't look like much of a shaver :|

  • Kaizenitou Z
    Kaizenitou Z 27 days ago

    Good! You see it forced Nintendo to give us The REAL SWITCH! 4K 60 FPS and more to come. Now let’s see what Google will force MS and Sony to do. I couldn’t be more happy!

  • Matt Nes'heim
    Matt Nes'heim 27 days ago

    Yeah, Jeremy... You use Dollar shave club. I might believe it if you shave that thing off your face. huh, yeah.

  • Bojan Kotur
    Bojan Kotur 27 days ago

    If something seems too good to be true, it probably is ...

  • Johnny Metal
    Johnny Metal 27 days ago

    i swear by Dollar shave Club

  • noddwyd
    noddwyd 27 days ago

    Internet infrastructure is indeed terrible in about half the country. I don't know what my ISP actually calls it, but in practice I get 1mb per second download and who knows what upload. That's not even close to enough to run a service like this and some places do actually throttle data with caps, which is despicable. That's what monopolies do. I also prefer to have the game files in my control to do modding or whatever else I want. So this doesn't really affect me at all.

  • Jesse Johnson
    Jesse Johnson 27 days ago

    Major question...will old PlayStation and Xbox exclusives become available for them?

  • Chosen121580
    Chosen121580 27 days ago

    With the second stream going to RU-clip at full high res seems like it would make streaming with this a must in the future. Also it seems like it will make Twitch streams look very low quality in comparison.

  • mknox5
    mknox5 27 days ago +1

    For me it's a no simply because Google tries to track to much and I'm constantly trying to unplug from them and even then you have to Google how to do it...ffs.

  • Vladimir Novitski
    Vladimir Novitski 27 days ago

    I can already hear Ross Scott screaming in agony in the distance. There's a lot of dead games news coming.

  • Stellar lupus
    Stellar lupus 27 days ago

    A HUGE F@#K GOOGLE! Hate them, I would absolutely NEVER Support these devils👹

  • dudeinco
    dudeinco 27 days ago

    I don't care about bandwidth, or cost, or whatever. The thing that caused ALL of these systems to fail was LAG. Steam... lag. Ouya... lag. I can't remember the names of all the systems I've tried like this (there's been a half dozen to date?), but they all don't give you the real time experience. They are "OK," but OK doesn't cut it. And steam? Steam is using solely your wifi! It doesn't even have to hop through the internet. And 4k streaming isn't the same. You get the luxury of buffering with 4k streaming - absolutely not for games.

  • Quincy R.
    Quincy R. 27 days ago

    😂 PS5 need to be canceled 😂 en start with PS-adia.

  • Jake
    Jake 28 days ago

    Internet service providers typically have a monopoly in their districts. Most people don't have a choice between providers, at least where I'm at there is not choice. Comcast is the only one in out town, and you would have to physically move to another town to get a new isp. Laws will have to change if this kind of gaming is going to push the progression of internet tech in a free market stand point like you are suggesting.

  • Dave
    Dave 28 days ago +1

    Very interesting. I'm skeptical for a number of reasons, but looking forward to seeing where this goes.

  • nya~
    nya~ 28 days ago

    This will be great for parents of kids who want to play a new game, instead of buying a console, they just have to buy the game and stream it
    I even know 20 year olds who only own a mobile phone so they could try out full fledged games without investing much

  • Jeremiah Seman
    Jeremiah Seman 28 days ago

    Anyone who trusts google as their source for gaming is an idiot. The second you misgender someone: BANNED, the creator that doesn't give the option to choose a female protagonist: BANNED!

  • cincyfan987
    cincyfan987 28 days ago

    People have a problem with Stadia but not with Netflix smh. How well it works, we will see, but lets find out ourselves before dumping on it. I'm excited for it!

  • Nathan Explosion
    Nathan Explosion 28 days ago

    Google is a liberal cesspool. This will destroy the future of games.

  • Ian Kelly
    Ian Kelly 28 days ago

    You can't force companies to improve their internet infrastructure if the money isn't there. The cost of this would be astronomical! It will happen, but over a period of years and not in the immediate future. Those lucky enough to have fast internet will be able to enjoy it today as well as the other game streaming services out there, Google isn't the only player here. There is still an awful lot of people out there who still can't stream hd video without buffering incredible as that may sound. This has to change if it is going to be a big thing. Knowing the reluctancy of our communications companys to spend money instead of bringing it in, I'd bet another 10 years or maybe longer. By that time who knows the state of play in the games industry. There will probably be another even bigger innovation by that time that may make this seem old hat.

  • Sownheard
    Sownheard 28 days ago

    Gamer's are idoits

  • luis mokos
    luis mokos 28 days ago

    said the man with a beard.... :D dollar shave club RIP!

  • Perturabo
    Perturabo 28 days ago

    After what Microsoft went through with the drm why the hell did they think always online was a good idea?! Do they think gamers havechanged that much since 2014?

  • Jammy Namtron [crappy memes and S A V A G E master]

    I bet Google stadia games are mobile games and just mobile expect doom and assassins creed it just going to be a flood of mobile games trust me

  • Blurns
    Blurns 28 days ago

    Wasn't this tried already with OnLive?

  • winterhell
    winterhell 28 days ago

    I'd love to have Dollar Shave Club here in Bulgaria

  • Darken J
    Darken J 28 days ago

    This is a step in the right direction. But.... this is just the beginning. This is about to be war.

  • ciapaty ciapacz
    ciapaty ciapacz 28 days ago

    "The hardcore gamers are still gonna be console gamers" -Jeremy 2019

  • Lee Everett
    Lee Everett 28 days ago

    Damn, Google is really beginning to sound like the head for the NWO. Even more than MS did. They are trying to stick their ass in everything.

  • Racillian
    Racillian 28 days ago

    The time has come... to go with Dollar Shave Club because they seem to offer good products, at good prices, and support content creators!
    At any rate they look like a much better deal than Gillette!

    SNEAKY TIGERR 28 days ago


  • bryson502
    bryson502 28 days ago +1

    remember google is a SJW once they have the market its game over

  • Disjointed
    Disjointed 28 days ago

    shaving item plug coming from a guy with a massive beard that doesnt shave .... riiiiight.

  • Herb Hungry
    Herb Hungry 28 days ago

    Input Lag... enough said. without a google controller it is going to be really bad. even with the controller. its still going to be bad.

  • Anthony Bentivegna
    Anthony Bentivegna 28 days ago

    input lag alone would make this a no. The idea of this is pretty awesome though. Yes there are still a litany of reasons to play on any of the other platforms but for the people who do have the internet connection...sounds pretty neat?

  • XiloTheOdd
    XiloTheOdd 28 days ago

    another thing to consider, this could be to push more areas with Google fiber. i still dont have it in my area but we have fiber optic networks via local telecomm companies. GF has been trying to get into our city but has been met with resistance from telecom lobbyists . so this may be along with ads, be an attempt to get more people on their ISP. kinda like how hulu and netflix are owned by the telecom companies and each ones competition has been known to throttle each other.

  • NuvYou
    NuvYou 28 days ago

    Great in video ad, thumbs down and on to a video with out ads.

  • GamingTV
    GamingTV 28 days ago

    i just looked at my internet provider, i'm currently paying $200 for 105MB/s on a business account i got back in 2012, and i'm now seeing 1GB/s down 50MB/s up at $125/mo, i think it's time to renegotiate my internet speed

  • plunder clat
    plunder clat 28 days ago

    Before you comment about how silly it seems that a dude with a badly kept beard would advertise razors, don't be so quick to stab. Its for his minge.

  • anthonyk
    anthonyk 28 days ago

    My internet can’t even handle my ps vita to ps4, how is this gonna be different

  • df dfdf
    df dfdf 29 days ago

    IT TOOK me about 15-20 minutes to get assasins creed aud. to download and install it from start to finish

  • Kom Kom
    Kom Kom 29 days ago

    You don't even shave, and Dollar shave sucks ass, all cartridge razors suck

  • Harry
    Harry 29 days ago

    Dollar Shave Club sponsoring a man with a beard.
    I’ll pass, Dollar Shave Club, since the person you’re sponsoring obviously doesn’t use your product.

  • IVDW
    IVDW 29 days ago

    that's a genius move from google in theory, they aren't only competing with console gaming, game launchers on pc and hardware manufacturers, but they also go against twitch and youtube game streamers if Stadium is going to work. they will piss off a lot of companies and players who were leeching the casual players before, but if we are looking at the big picture, this could benefit a lot of customers, players, especially if google can get exclusive titles, retro games or even previously console exclusive titles on it (like Epic did).
    now how it will work in practice, that's a different question. it can go wrong on so many levels.

  • Jaxon Holden
    Jaxon Holden 29 days ago

    I’ll stick with Nintendo Switch for playing on the go. Don’t need phone or tablet streamed games. And will stick with X1X for TV gaming at home.

  • David Reddig
    David Reddig 29 days ago

    You're gonna probably need Google Fiber to do this which isn't even currently available in my area.

  • ZombieLicorice
    ZombieLicorice 29 days ago

    As a pc gamer who plays very few online games this does nothing for me

  • TSEDLE333
    TSEDLE333 29 days ago

    Funny thing: people calling this a CONSOLE killer....its GAMING killer...gaming as we know, if this win, is DEAD. PC gaming? DEAD. Console gaming? DEAD. MOBILE gaming? DEAD. companies that make PC parts? DEAD. ALL will go to this type of gaming: no ownership, microtransactions galore, all dependent on ISPs data capping or not and so on and so forth...+ google oh so nice user data selling/browsing/censoring etc....this kind of tech is the future? yes...we're fucked...and I'm really trying to accept it...I just didn't think it would be this damn soon...