Google Pixel 4 XL Review!

  • Published on Nov 8, 2019
  • The new Pixel 4 XL from Google is priced as a top-tier flagship phone. At $900, they have packed it with gestures and multiple software features while excluding an ultra-wide angle lens. Let me know what you think! Subscribe for more:
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Comments • 250

  • Jesús Chaidez
    Jesús Chaidez Day ago

    The finger print scanner Missing is the only annoyance since all my financial institutions are finger print log in now I have to remember every password

  • Girish Pal
    Girish Pal 2 days ago

    Hey tim give away me any android phone i need one but can't buy 1 yet i will gift you a phone next year at this time.

  • Secrets Of The World [Anti-Semitism Watch]

    I wish the pixel was $700 instead of $800. The display is irresistible especially at 90 Hz coupled with OLED but I’m not sure whether to buy a p4 and which one to buy the regular or XL.

  • Sameera Anupriya Perera

    why is your NFC toggle disabled on your quick toggle list?

  • Planet Fabulous
    Planet Fabulous 7 days ago

    He looks yummy - I'm subscribing! :)

  • Eshank Sizzor
    Eshank Sizzor 12 days ago

    Suggestion- use a solid background while showing the phone use!! Seems like the phone have a pop-up Camera!! And can't tell the actual screen real-estate!! Rest very informative!! Loved the depth and even the little details which plays big roles!! Thank you!!

  • Jeong-hun Sin
    Jeong-hun Sin 13 days ago

    The back side looks like some kind of a Ikea furniture. And the orange colour button looks ugly on the black background. They could have put a speaker on the bottom bezel and make the top and bottom bezel sizes equal. I mean, symmetry, people. We are programmed to like symmetry.

  • Filip Petrović
    Filip Petrović 13 days ago

    More like Alcatel pixi 4 xl. After having mi 9t for 4 month this chin looks so crappy. I cant believe this is a $900 phone.

  • Aged Gamer
    Aged Gamer 15 days ago

    Still using the Pixel 4, amazing phone.

  • Lucas Johnston
    Lucas Johnston 16 days ago

    If you're asleep someone could use your fingerprint but no one talked about that as a security risk when all phones had finger print scanners

  • David Adam
    David Adam 18 days ago

    The color oh so orange of Pixel 4 xl is incredible. The back glass might get scratches as it is made of glass. So I ordered a full body screen protector from

  • Brian West
    Brian West 24 days ago +2

    Battery life for me on the 4 XL is fine.

  • Daymean Lewis
    Daymean Lewis 24 days ago

    Its simply put google charges for an experience other manufacturers charge for specc's which should you get depends on the person

  • Phil Bosh
    Phil Bosh 25 days ago

    Damn the galaxy s8 looks good

  • Ryan Sumayo
    Ryan Sumayo 25 days ago

    My goal is to get it Black Friday Best buy $400 off. If I'm not able to get it I'll get note + or just simply wait for next year's phone

  • Benjamin Rahman
    Benjamin Rahman 25 days ago +2

    Most disappointing phone of 2019.

  • Fox Gabanna
    Fox Gabanna 26 days ago +3

    I almost skipped out on this phone due to reviews but i love it.

    • Christian Segarra Rios
      Christian Segarra Rios 19 days ago

      Good to hear. I should be able to afford the next pixel device and I'm really excited about it!

  • Nathan Lopez
    Nathan Lopez 27 days ago

    Very good and refreshing video!

  • 犬熊玉
    犬熊玉 28 days ago

    Stock doesn't means its always good for example Google chrome sucks because it has tons of ads. I prefer brave browser
    Vpn can help in blocking ads but it also drains battery and pixel 4xl battery isn't the biggest for a start
    The youtube app has tons of annoying ads too
    Other than these the phone is fluid

  • Thanh Nguyen
    Thanh Nguyen 28 days ago

    I feel like google went a bit backwards with this one.

  • manny robles
    manny robles 29 days ago

    Good review

  • nikolas adm
    nikolas adm 29 days ago

    shit battery shit chin shit storage options and because of the shit battery the 90hz screen is basically useless so its a huge fail for google

  • rwtindall
    rwtindall Month ago

    I just ordered the Pixel 4 and excited to get it. I think they should have: 1) kept the fingerprint scanner on the back 2) increased battery life 3) included a wide angled lense 4)
    I don't care about hand gestures. "Keep it simple, stupid."
    Having said that, I love the feel and experience of the Pixel phones.

  • Joal Blo
    Joal Blo Month ago

    It feels like every reviewer just regurgitates the same things about every phone. I'm getting a little burned out with trying to find a fresh and honest perspective.
    Note...This is not a commentary on Tim specifically but an observation of most RU-clip tech reviewers in general.

    • Kyle
      Kyle 16 days ago

      there's only so much to say about a phone

  • John Caban
    John Caban Month ago

    How would you compare the stills to a P30 Pro camera stills?

  • Stego Saurus
    Stego Saurus Month ago

    So basically wait for a black Friday sale and don't pay 999.00 for this phone because it's not worth 999

  • Ted
    Ted Month ago +1

    If it had 128gb minimum and a 4000 MAH battery starting at £550 they would sell like hotcakes

  • Ashia
    Ashia Month ago

    Great review! The Pixel 4 XL seems like a great device, but as someone that prefers smaller/one-handed devices, I'll have to pass on the Pixel 4. I really was hoping to upgrade my Pixel 2 this year, so that's unfortunate.
    I've been considering an iPhone 11 Pro or Galaxy S10, but for the past 4 years I've used Google phones (Nexus 6p, Pixel XL, Pixel 2) and I feel like I won't enjoy the experience if a Samsung or Apple device as much.

  • adisbern
    adisbern Month ago +5

    He is the sexiest tech youtuber ever. I can only dream..

  • Noah R
    Noah R Month ago +2

    My only complaint after reading about it is the battery. This phone had potential too

  • Roberto Mezquia Jr
    Roberto Mezquia Jr Month ago +1

    I think you said it perfectly, the price makes it hard to recommend. I don't think lowering it $150 is enough though, especially if you currently have a Pixel 3 like I do... I need this phone to drop down to around $500 for me to consider changing out my P3...

    RU4REAL Month ago

    I'm using the OnePlus 7pro with the 12GB ram and 256 memory and 90hz display and I absolutely love the battery life and performance. I am really happy I bought this phone because there hasn't been another flagship released that has made me want to switch or buy another phone ... Most people don't know about the OnePlus 7pro and they are missing out big time

  • Greg Rosenheck
    Greg Rosenheck Month ago

    I'm up in the air. I love that cam but no ultra wide, I want to use the 90Hz screen but the phone might die, I don't like Samsung phones, I have now a pixel 2xl and it's ok but would like to get out of it. Im at the point I dying to buy this phone but I won't

  • MrGuy Unknown
    MrGuy Unknown Month ago

    Left all of the hopes from Google. It's literally high on weed. Right now. Totally wrecked. Only Samsung and Custom Android ROMs can make it better with features and catchy. Lineage OS's old features are put and Google call it Q exclusive 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Atshe Mero
    Atshe Mero Month ago +1

    7:52 RIP subtitle makers 🌚🌚

  • JDM408
    JDM408 Month ago

    And just like how the Pixel 3 line went on sale during Black Friday 2018, the same is happening to the Pixel 4 line this upcoming Black Friday. SMH, it's now somewhat of a rule to not buy a new Pixel phone when it launches, but wait for Black Friday or even next year in January.

  • Eric Grady
    Eric Grady Month ago +2

    every review of this phone says the exact same thing. same positives, same negatives. nothing original. waste of time.

  • Guy Davis
    Guy Davis Month ago

    You have convinced me that I missed absolutely nothing having walked away after not being happy with the original Pixel XL. I'll wait for the feature packed Samsung S11/11+ Great honest review Tim.

    PHAN SAMPHORS Month ago

    I don't like app icon.

  • Joel Casas
    Joel Casas Month ago

    Can I have that phone?

  • Tony_yeung
    Tony_yeung Month ago +6

    "oh the 90hz screen only activate on extreme brightness, oh it starts at 64GB, oh it looks ugly blah blah blah" thanks God this review don't have that

  • MotionBasterds
    MotionBasterds Month ago +3

    Watching from my pixel 4 xD

  • Aaron Jude DZ
    Aaron Jude DZ Month ago

    iPhone 11 Pro max nailed it

  • Clous von
    Clous von Month ago +22

    Google is so confusing when it comes to hardware, they go forward and backwards over and over, small battery , big forehead, no headphone jack , no fingerprint scanner period ,, get a new hardware planner Google

    • Lucas Johnston
      Lucas Johnston 16 days ago +1

      I think they made the right decision as far as hardware goes. Headphone jacks are gone from almost all phones because companies are trying to push their wireless headphones. The forehead is there this year because of the backlash with the pixel 3xl's notch and the well-received Pixel 3a. The small battery is an issue on the Pixel 4 not the 4 XL. Fingerprint scanners are being removed as companies are trying to push facial recognition over fingerprints. Regardless of whether or not you personally think they screwed up their design, they are following the direction of the marketplace. The forehead is the only change they made. Personally, I like the idea of a full-screen device without the forehead but I really like the idea of the technology they are putting into the forehead and it makes it worth it for me. You might think the radar is gimmicky and as it stands right now I can understand that but the soli project is capable of doing so much more than just switching songs. This is Google's first generation of Soli in a phone and so it is their testing phase in a few years from now there's no telling what we as consumers will be able to do without touching our phones. The Soli project is remarkable and it is a shame that the general public's first impression of it is swiping left or right to change songs.

  • jonah travisano
    jonah travisano Month ago

    Nice job... You bought up the good and not so good. I have a Pixel 3a and Ive been totally been happy with it, it's a great phone for what it cost and I think you hit the nail on the head when you brought up the cost of the Pixel 4 vs what it delivers.

  • Aksh12345
    Aksh12345 Month ago +1

    5:59 Battery is garbage not average! 😝

  • hhzs
    hhzs Month ago

    How's the battery life compared to the Pixel 3? worse?

  • Desmond
    Desmond Month ago +2

    Most disappointing phone of the year imo

  • Tom N.
    Tom N. Month ago +1

    Love the matte finish on the white and the orange ones.

  • harshana srimal
    harshana srimal Month ago

    Link fo the wallpaper plzz 😁👍

  • exiledfrommyself
    exiledfrommyself Month ago +21

    I've had the phone for a couple of weeks now and I love it. I only wish they had kept the fingerprint scanner.

    • Noor al-Jadir
      Noor al-Jadir 24 days ago

      exiledfrommyself can you use a password or numbers or even a pattern to secure your phone or these features are not available?

    • DriveCFL
      DriveCFL Month ago +2

      Why do you like it? Because lots are nit picking Google apart and it's still a great device. I wouldn't say any so called omission is what I'd call upsetting. Tim needs to calm It's a smartphone at the end of the day and not a life changer. In a few more months they'll be talking about the Pixel 5.

    • matthew dalton
      matthew dalton Month ago +1

      I'm honestly not missing it as much as I thought I would.

    • Vito Vizziato
      Vito Vizziato Month ago

      Don't care about the missing fingerprint scanner, face unlock is Amazing

  • pitbull64
    pitbull64 Month ago

    Get a One Plus 7 or 7T Pro. Not this lackluster phone.

  • Marky Onfire
    Marky Onfire Month ago

    Apple is now listening to consumers about lowering the price and updating old iphones..
    google: “fk u consumers”

  • Sandy Weeks
    Sandy Weeks Month ago

    You mentioned that the Pixel 4 XL is your second best as far as the camera. What is your first?

  • OnePlus7Pro IsBoss
    OnePlus7Pro IsBoss Month ago +2

    Definitely not worth the price a sad joke as usual from Google the new wannabe iPhone company.😂🤣😭

  • mikldude
    mikldude Month ago

    Too many cons for me , just barely adequate battery life in medium use is not good enough in 2019 , and Jerry rigs review showing build quality is an eye opener .

  • messylaura
    messylaura Month ago +1

    so face unlock, great innovation or just a way for the governments to
    gather peoples face id for automatic camera checks around the country

  • messylaura
    messylaura Month ago +1

    so face unlock, great innovation or just a way for the governments to
    gather peoples face id for automatic camera checks around the country

  • DanMan!
    DanMan! Month ago

    I'm really confused about the 90Hz comments, I've had mine forced to 90Hz since the day I got it and it lasts me all day. Yesterday I was on set for 14 hours, didn't plug my phone in from 8am - 11:30pm and I got home with 5% battery left. Not sure how you didn't get to dinner with any charge 🤷‍♂️

    • mikldude
      mikldude Month ago

      How is having 5% left good battery life ? , you do realize this is a new phone and that battery life will shrink quickly over time ?

  • Kai W
    Kai W Month ago

    Great review. Very well articulated 🙌🏽