EX21 Scroll Saw Stand to the end

  • Published on Apr 5, 2016
  • The final part of building my mobile scroll saw stand, for my Axminster EX21 trade scroll saw.

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  • RenchRage
    RenchRage 2 months ago +1

    Santa’s Sleigh

  • ned900
    ned900 6 months ago

    love it, may I ask, why the angle?

    • David Gladden
      David Gladden  6 months ago

      It helps you to be looking down on the work in the most comfortable position

  • Carla Amaya
    Carla Amaya Year ago +3

    *This saw is by far the best thing since the napkin.>>>**ur2.pl/850** If you do inside work where you feed the blade through a hole this saw is perfect because instead of takeing the blade completely out you only have to release blade tension loosen bottom screw & lift arm up.Then move piece to next hole & feed it in tighten bottom screw tighten blade & go.EASY EASY. The manual says feed from bottom, if you can your better than me. GREAT SAW*

  • David Perkins
    David Perkins Year ago

    Nice Callander miss April lol

  • Mab Theary E
    Mab Theary E Year ago

    Vuthana Mear

  • rob riley
    rob riley Year ago

    Well done david new subscriber here and looking forward to more of your projects :)

    • rob riley
      rob riley Year ago

      David Gladden slowly working my way through them :)

    • David Gladden
      David Gladden  Year ago

      rob riley thanks Rob I have over 250 videos so far which I hope You Will find some others of interest as well. Thanks for subscribing

  • Fuzzy Johnson
    Fuzzy Johnson 2 years ago +1

    I know you're going to hook up some reindeer to pull you around on your scroll saw sleigh. :)

    • Dan Burchett
      Dan Burchett 2 years ago

      love the idea, but i do a lot of large cuts with my ex21. so i need to move back to get the board to spin around. but great idea for small or medium size projects. thumbs up

    • David Gladden
      David Gladden  2 years ago +2

      Now that's an idea :-)

  • Győző Kiss
    Győző Kiss 2 years ago

    you talk too much, you show less

    • David Gladden
      David Gladden  2 years ago +5

      Győző Kiss why do you watch things you don't like ? strange person

  • pmrukk
    pmrukk 2 years ago +1

    thanks for making this video David, I had just bought the Ex21 and wanted a table or stand for it and found your video and liked your design so much I made one like yours from this video.

    • David Gladden
      David Gladden  2 years ago

      Thats great news, copying my design is the best compliment you could give, thank you, any chance of a photo?
      Now i hope you enjoy using it as much as i do

  • William Donnelly
    William Donnelly 3 years ago

    Really nice job, mine sits on a portable work bench, and I use a high chair, as you have a spotless workshop, it will be interesting to see how you get rid of the dust.

    • Shed Man X
      Shed Man X 8 months ago

      I don’t see the problem with keeping a clean workshop. It’s your mindset and dedication. I never leave my shed until all tools are blown with compressed air and put away. The shop is then vacuumed and it’s clean. I know I can walk into that shed anytime and it’s a clean and tidy sanctuary. I know where my tools are and they’re clean, sharp and ready for use. My wife says it’s cleaner than a lot of people keep their homes but it takes a few minutes at the end of the day.

    • David Gladden
      David Gladden  3 years ago

      Thank you Im glad you like the idea, I must say thou if you could see my shop off cam you would have a much different view but the dust extractor on this machine does work very nicely so far

  • john banham
    john banham 3 years ago

    hi dave well i got the ex21 finally axminster had them in stock all the while but their system was still showing no stock so its always worth checking in store. anyway I was not keen on that scroll saw stand you made so i had a trawl online and came up with this one in the link here ru-clip.net/video/mq4FVW4kd-I/video.html I built this and it is solid as a rock no vibration or very little can recommend this stand

    • David Gladden
      David Gladden  3 years ago

      That's good I'm glad you found a solution your happy with, its a bit rough for my liking and I like a bit more detail but that's why we need choice.

  • Steve Carmichael
    Steve Carmichael 3 years ago

    That's a really neat design David! It reminds me of some video games you sit in. Very cool!

    • David Gladden
      David Gladden  3 years ago

      Thanks Steve, Yes its very cumfi which helps when doing a long project

  • Иван Баев
    Иван Баев 3 years ago +2

    Хорошо придумал, лайк. Подписываюсь на Ваш канал.

  • RellikNev
    RellikNev 3 years ago

    A truly ingenious idea, with thoughtful execution. Congratulations on your latest contribution. I look forward in great anticipation to your encore videos. I also stand in awe of your table saw with sliding guide.

    • David Gladden
      David Gladden  3 years ago

      +RellikNev Thank you, it gives me pleasure showing my work when people like you show there appreciation in there feedback, thank you for watching and you ongoing support

  • glass house
    glass house 3 years ago

    That's exactly what I'm going to make as a stand for my new comming EX-21!..David..you're a genius!..And you keep your workshop immaculate!

    • David Gladden
      David Gladden  3 years ago

      Thank you im glad it is what your looking for and i know you will love you neww EX21 when you get it.let us see when its ready to show

  • Debra McMaster
    Debra McMaster 3 years ago

    wow great idea David, love it

    • David Gladden
      David Gladden  3 years ago

      +Debra McMaster Thank you Debs glad you like it, it does its job and as I wanted its not a square box

  • janine fawcett
    janine fawcett 3 years ago

    Next is to fit an overhead goose neck lamp and some where to stand your mug of tea. lol.

    • Michael Power
      Michael Power Year ago

      janine fawcett u

    • David Gladden
      David Gladden  3 years ago

      @janine fawcett no just a mug stand will do

    • janine fawcett
      janine fawcett 3 years ago

      +David Gladden If not a mug stand , then a tea assistant to stand at the side of you while you work .

    • David Gladden
      David Gladden  3 years ago

      +janine fawcett the saw company make a magnifying lamp which i wanted but not available in the UK so yes i will have to create something, and mug stand ! yes never thought about that

  • janine fawcett
    janine fawcett 3 years ago

    i like it ! Its different .