NEW $35 Fake AirPods Are Near Perfect!

  • Published on Aug 30, 2018
  • The BEST Fake AirPods $35 Can Buy! NEW 1:1 AirPods Clones With Awesome Features! How They Compare To Apple's $159 AirPods.
    iPhone Xs Plus Clone Unboxing:
    iPhone Xs New Leaks:
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  • Mister Pachimari
    Mister Pachimari 18 hours ago

    I bought some at a store in Holden Beach NC and my apple devices recognize them as AirPods and it’s a wireless charging , it also has a lightning adapter . It has magnetic holding for the AirPods . They are called TWS i12 ones . It even has the button on the wireless charging case the appearance makes them look like AirPods 2

  • Kaleb Smith
    Kaleb Smith Day ago +2

    Everyone I finally found the link, it’s they have them for $42 your welcome😂🤷🏾‍♂️ I ordered them from there and got them in 3 days🔥 I posted a video on my channel:))))

    • TheOutLaw Imoortal
      TheOutLaw Imoortal Day ago +1

      Kaleb Smith thats wassup bro I ordered there black ones and they were amazing I’m actually surprised, it took 5 days for me to get my order but I’m kind of outside the US so I’m not sure if that’s why haha

  • Shay Roupe
    Shay Roupe Day ago

    I have fake ones and I really want real apple ones 😕😕😒😞😞

  • Yasn Akili
    Yasn Akili 2 days ago +85

    guys he got it from here

    • ed ak
      ed ak Day ago

      ed johnny they auctually have nice costuner service which is nice

    • ed johnny
      ed johnny Day ago


    • lolqhwbsgwvd
      lolqhwbsgwvd 2 days ago


  • Clayton Holton
    Clayton Holton 2 days ago

    great work could you tel me if the W1 has a sound sliencer?

  • Leah Fitz
    Leah Fitz 2 days ago

    Even though mine r fake i treated your own sugar daddy fake it till u make it

  • ryetim32
    ryetim32 3 days ago

    why is everyone so concerned about size and look. I want to know is they last and how good the sound is.

  • Kaleb Smith
    Kaleb Smith 4 days ago +256

    Everyone I finally found the link, it’s they have 1:1 AirPods for $42 your welcome😂🤷🏾‍♂️ I ordered them from there and got them in 3 days🔥 I posted a video on my channel:))))

  • LumixCamUser
    LumixCamUser 4 days ago

    What's the Name of this airpods

  • Orlando Lavacca
    Orlando Lavacca 5 days ago

    hi, may i please ask what pbrand of the $35 airpods my kids want to get them for me for fathers day. please let me know asap...I love your videos! and watch them all the time.

    • Lars Gijselinck
      Lars Gijselinck 3 days ago

      Here you go

    • Lars Gijselinck
      Lars Gijselinck 3 days ago should be these

  • Yasin Akilli
    Yasin Akilli 5 days ago +35

    I hate when he doesnt add it in the description, here it is

    • Banana Germs
      Banana Germs 22 hours ago

      Huskie lol broke

    • Banana Germs
      Banana Germs 22 hours ago

      Tania Zoghbi 49

    • Huskie
      Huskie 2 days ago

      bruh this website's prices are fucking wack... Get them off aliexpress instead "tws i60" or "i30"

    • xVanessax ._.
      xVanessax ._. 3 days ago

      The nearly perfect ones?

    • Tania Zoghbi
      Tania Zoghbi 4 days ago

      Thank you! Do you know which one he bought? The $ 49 or 59 one?

  • mlpsunset shimmer
    mlpsunset shimmer 6 days ago +1


  • Scott Heyman
    Scott Heyman 7 days ago

    What brand or model knife is that and where did you get it?

  • Egg
    Egg 9 days ago

    Wired apple EarPods feel exactly the same

  • Sean Skillicorn
    Sean Skillicorn 9 days ago

    Where did you get these at??

  • jessica dawn
    jessica dawn 9 days ago

    can you list where you bought it from?

  • Wèśţ čøåśţ çřīp

    bro i bought the fake ones just 4 10 dollaz

  • xd AdZeTristan 07
    xd AdZeTristan 07 11 days ago

    U should on the i60 tws i might buy but need a good review

  • Squishy Kawaii Girl
    Squishy Kawaii Girl 12 days ago

    I asked my dad to buy ne earbuds he didnt like the price so i will show him this vid lol

  • Alijah Ray
    Alijah Ray 12 days ago

    Where can I get the padear minis

  • Joe Unger
    Joe Unger 12 days ago

    what knife is that?

  • Joao P. V. Prestes
    Joao P. V. Prestes 13 days ago

    Does anyone have the site?

  • Blackdragon6897
    Blackdragon6897 17 days ago

    Listening with my AirPods in! XD

  • Libby Wood
    Libby Wood 17 days ago +2

    My mum told me it was a scam lolll

  • ᎧᎷᏗᏒ ᗅLiRᗅQE

    fake is good not bad

  • Mia Morris
    Mia Morris 18 days ago +1

    Bought some top shelf tech “AirPods” they still haven’t came. 🤦🏽‍♀️😭 that’s what my broke ass gets I guess

    • Prince Cherokee
      Prince Cherokee 17 days ago

      Mia Morris I have hook up on actual AirPods like 75$ first gen

  • GameBoost adriaan
    GameBoost adriaan 20 days ago

    Does it work for android?

    MUFC GAMER 20 days ago

    What’s the best ones to get on amazon

  • lymitzツ
    lymitzツ 21 day ago

    Link to site???

  • Natasha Alyokhin
    Natasha Alyokhin 22 days ago +1

    Does anyone know the link?

  • Andrew Garcia
    Andrew Garcia 22 days ago

    This man even using a $400 benchmade infidel knife to unbox it😱

  • Sal's ASMR
    Sal's ASMR 23 days ago

    I got airpods yesterday for my birthday... Mine aren't fake thank god :3

  • iPhone XR God
    iPhone XR God 23 days ago

    i can buy real deal but parents dont like buyin stuff online

  • Metal head I’m White and proud

    I got my GEN TEK TW2 yesterday $29.99 it’s good 👍🏻

  • Clutch
    Clutch 25 days ago

    Can I charge my real AirPods w the fake case? I lost my case and it would be cheaper to buy these than buy a new case

  • Real Fresh
    Real Fresh 27 days ago +3

    Bought the i7s for 7 euro’s around 6,50 USD 👀

  • Gaddy Luzon
    Gaddy Luzon 27 days ago

    Can you give me that airpods

  • Parker Hall
    Parker Hall 27 days ago

    Broke ass motha fucka!

  • Allison Boone
    Allison Boone 28 days ago

    Can you please post the link of where you got these exact ones? i know i can search them but all i’m getting is the ones on alliexpress and wish and things like that.

  • Nah Coach
    Nah Coach 28 days ago

    I’m fucking triple flexing wearing AirPods while watching AirPods

  • tiny tea
    tiny tea Month ago

    How do I find them and where

  • Ultra Gaming
    Ultra Gaming Month ago +1


  • coolplayz dark shadow

    All you have to do is have a spoiled ass friend that buys air pods every day and gives them away

  • z_Tommy
    z_Tommy Month ago

    Oh your name is Philip? Well thank you for the guide Philip! Now I'm not wasting like 200 bucks.

  • Andy Garcia
    Andy Garcia Month ago

    Watching this video with Fake AirPods

  • Chris Goins
    Chris Goins Month ago +3

    Idc what they look like... I’m looking for sound quality

  • 1-800 AGUST D
    1-800 AGUST D Month ago

    Where do you get them??

  • guji kakhelishvili
    guji kakhelishvili Month ago

    i bought original airpods for 32$ + shipping 2$
    i think i am lucky

  • Kathleen Dennen
    Kathleen Dennen Month ago

    I have the same bday as you june 22

  • Sports Mania
    Sports Mania Month ago

    can someone link these???

  • erik malik
    erik malik Month ago

    site to buy?

  • Natalie East
    Natalie East Month ago


  • Natalie East
    Natalie East Month ago

    Are those mini .03 or mini .92

  • I Don't Know
    I Don't Know Month ago

    What brand are they

  • بكوري 1991
    بكوري 1991 Month ago

    Ksa 00966561399358

  • Gangsta kittie
    Gangsta kittie Month ago +4

    Apple - *watches video*
    Laughs in future

  • Spencer Boyer
    Spencer Boyer Month ago

    whats the name of them?

  • Matei Morea
    Matei Morea Month ago

    Can i have a link for them?

  • The Tepero Show
    The Tepero Show Month ago +1

    I’m getting AirPods!!!!! My mom is getting them for me I’m so happy

    • hector boi
      hector boi Month ago

      The Tepero Show weird flex but ok

  • Isabella Jean
    Isabella Jean Month ago

    Yeah just throw the rapping paper on the floor😂😂

  • Mobile Matthew The Gamer

    Where’s the link?!?!

  • BuGsNasty818 xboxone

    The brand of the first one is padear

  • Dash Muir
    Dash Muir Month ago


  • Ugandan Warrior
    Ugandan Warrior Month ago

    Every time he whips out the switchblade I feel like some creepy person is behind me going to stab me or something it feels so weird

  • A B
    A B Month ago

    I love the part where you tell us where u found em

  • Karla Sonderland
    Karla Sonderland Month ago

    What are the fake ones called?? I want to get them

  • Lets get to 1mill without vids

    Try the i60 tws

  • Raftika
    Raftika Month ago

    Thank you

  • Simon s
    Simon s Month ago

    Wanna play games? Mines reverse stereo so yep. Upside down switch ears lol.

  • MaxyboiELITE -
    MaxyboiELITE - Month ago

    You should try the air plus air pod clone

  • Miranda M
    Miranda M Month ago

    We’re do you get these?!

  • The King Nicholasam2007

    Where is the link to buy them??

  • Dale Gribble
    Dale Gribble Month ago

    Anybody else hear with their airpods (apple's) to observe the broke people in their natural enviorement

  • Henry Klosek
    Henry Klosek Month ago

    Apple: releases AirPods 1 year ago

    EverythingApplePro: Ripoff time.

  • Leah Eaton
    Leah Eaton Month ago

    Were do you buy them?

  • Haylie Shacklett
    Haylie Shacklett Month ago

    Where do I buy them?

  • Sparkz
    Sparkz Month ago +1

    What is the website?

  • Angel Vargas
    Angel Vargas 2 months ago

    I got does

  • Monique Walker
    Monique Walker 2 months ago

    Where did he order these from?

  • Just Anna
    Just Anna 2 months ago

    Can I have the link for them xD?

  • Toon
    Toon 2 months ago

    Are these the Malibu gateway ones?

  • animal Cub
    animal Cub 2 months ago

    Is the infidel real or fake ?

  • Kian Plays
    Kian Plays 2 months ago

    i smell broke

  • Vero
    Vero 2 months ago

    Using fake AirPods to Lisen

  • Ernie Romer
    Ernie Romer 2 months ago

    What website are these from pls reply

  • Quality Apple Watch Bands


  • Mayra Caldera
    Mayra Caldera 2 months ago

    where can I buy those airpods

  • Crown King
    Crown King 2 months ago

    Damn I got scammed 🤕

  • Random Panda
    Random Panda 2 months ago +1

    My best friend just got real AirPods and I’m here like where’s mine!?
    I work so hard I get good grades. BETTER than her.
    My friend: her mum gives her like $40 randomly
    Me: mum can I have some pocket money?
    My mum: ok with every good massage you do I will give you some. *says it’s good
    Days later in my head: I guess that massage for money thing wasn’t worth it

  • OneTon
    OneTon 2 months ago +1

    anyone else got that rich kid ass hole at they school? The one at my school has the newest iPhone, airpods and she is crazy for attention.

    But I got fake airpods and an iPhone so try and flex ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Lukas van Buren
      Lukas van Buren 2 months ago

      yup i feel the same this one girl in my class has a iphone xs max, airpods (real ones) and an apple watch. luckily she doesn't flex them on us but still i have an iphone 5c haha

  • BillPrestin Esquire
    BillPrestin Esquire 2 months ago

    dude why don't you have an affiliate link to buy from , I would have bought from you!!

  • A1 Face
    A1 Face 2 months ago

    I’m watching this with wired headphones😬

  • Karma Baby
    Karma Baby 2 months ago +1örer-Mini-HD-Stereo-Ear-Kopfhörer-Kontaktladegerät-White/dp/B07P6W76GX/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?keywords=JORREP&qid=1554547567&s=ce-de&search-type=ss&sr=1-1-catcorr
    You're welcome

  • RichMan PoorMan
    RichMan PoorMan 2 months ago

    Avoid "the Alevv Store ", if product is defective, they don'r respond and you're out the money, very dishonest sellers.

  • Woody
    Woody 2 months ago

    i went to a market in kuwait and there was somebody who was selling fake air pods that only had one MASSIVE airpod inside and there was no case coming with it

  • RichMan PoorMan
    RichMan PoorMan 2 months ago

    Don't be fooled. Zero customer service for a piece of junk that looks like apple but doesn't work at all. Be very careful, I know someone who bought and received same exact things but they don't work at all, and seller doesn't even respond to email. This is my experience with SUPERCOPY™ 1:1 CHINA AIRPODS-WIRELESS

  • William Tamen
    William Tamen 2 months ago

    Can I please have AirPods

  • vader x096
    vader x096 2 months ago

    i have the i7 TWS

    GARIK ARUTYUNYAN 2 months ago

    People don’t buy anything from them. You don’t buy gatway maibu online, they’re cheating that cheaters I’ve bought nothing from them

  • Infamous_YT
    Infamous_YT 2 months ago

    im trying to find good wireless earpods or whatever for my mom but she doesnt care if they fake soo witch one should i get in the video that is still pretty cheap and also looks like airpods so people in public doesnt call her out??