iPhone XR, XS, XS Max and Apple Watch S4 close up at Apple Park

  • Published on Sep 12, 2018
  • Apple just announced three new iPhones! We enter the demo room at the event for a first look on the iPhone XS, XS Max and the cheaper XR.
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Comments • 797

  • CNET
    CNET  Year ago +33

    Thanks for watching, everybody! Which new iPhone are you most excited to get your hands on?

    • gtone339
      gtone339 Year ago

      Not even 5G ready lol.

    • Jasmine Cherie
      Jasmine Cherie Year ago

      none... I don't have 3000$ canadian dollars to drop on a new phone (yes I would want the most memory, apple care and there's the beauty of 15% tax here)

    • Chanda H. Da Samurai
      Chanda H. Da Samurai Year ago

      CNET no blur control for iPhone X from last year. What a rip off. But your going to have it for the iPhone Xr(regular).

    • Tin Dinh
      Tin Dinh Year ago

      CNET to me, the smaller the better

  • Sci-Fi Admirer
    Sci-Fi Admirer Year ago

    I’m really going to miss the tactile home button on the iPhone 6S!

  • shahrukh Muhtad
    shahrukh Muhtad Year ago

    Why apple price is very expensive.. nothing is special

  • M Spears
    M Spears Year ago

    I've had a Samsung for a few years and still complain at how much I miss my iPhone 5. Lol! The only thing I don't miss is paying monthly for extra space and how slow it became with new updates.

  • gtone339
    gtone339 Year ago

    No in-display finger scanner & not even 5G proof lol.

  • shin Xx
    shin Xx Year ago

    I miss Steve jobs :(

  • David Doyle
    David Doyle Year ago

    Why can't they stop the game playing and tell us how big the battery is. I really don't get this one and a half hour longer than the previous iPhone which was awful in battery drain tests. What does all this battery nonsense mean in the real world?

  • MysticNovaZ Gaming

    You know how they can make more money? *HEADPHONE JACKS*

  • Xia Qiu
    Xia Qiu Year ago

    if you cannot afford or do not want to pay the price for these phones, then do not buy them. there is no need to call those who can afford, stupid. it is not their fault if they have money, it is theirs and they can buy whatever they want with it ✌️

  • FastTquick
    FastTquick Year ago

    $399 and $499 for Series 4 Apple Watches is just crazy in my opinion. Even if they can do all the things they do. I'll just wait until there's a discount on them someday.

  • Darkbyte2005
    Darkbyte2005 Year ago

    How did you get very good audio voice quality, with all that other noise in the room

  • Fer Torres
    Fer Torres Year ago

    Scott I love you. Where are the airpods!!

  • Skull 1987
    Skull 1987 Year ago

    That new iphone better have a headphone jack

  • Henning Gu
    Henning Gu Year ago

    This was the least exciting event ever. Wouldn't be surprised if sales won't be that good this quarter.

  • Demno Techmaster
    Demno Techmaster Year ago

    I stopped buying Apple products when Steve Jobs died.

  • DeviouS
    DeviouS Year ago

    More overpriced TRASH lol ! Lets see... not even half as good as last years Android products for ten times the price ! Gives new meaning to there's a fool born everyday! ( Theres an Apple customer born everyday lmao!) BOTH MEAN THE SAME! Ill give them $10.00 for ALL the phones they have there otherwise id be getting ripped off and have to pass!

  • Jam Lutz
    Jam Lutz Year ago

    The new iPhones are way to big. I like my SE, hopefully this phone will last me a couple years.

  • Guilherme Piropo
    Guilherme Piropo Year ago

    Keeping my 5s tho. Idk i think maybe it’s time to change to an iPhone 8 or X, now that they’re more affordable.

  • Fatchoi 27
    Fatchoi 27 Year ago

    iPhone XR All The Way

  • mrjinkorea
    mrjinkorea Year ago

    Holy Crap! EVERYONE in America is going gaga over these new iPhones! Once again, Apple destroys the competition!!

  • Multimedia 1
    Multimedia 1 Year ago +1

    XS = Regular iPhone
    XS MAX = iPhone Plus
    XR = iPhone 5C

  • saud alhathal
    saud alhathal Year ago

    name a phone that has the following :
    Headphone jack
    IP 67-68
    Super Amoled display
    WQHD+ resolution
    Fast Charging
    Fast Wireless Charging
    Expandable storrage
    Beautiful always ON disply
    reasonable pricing
    Fingerprint sensor
    face unlock
    Beautiful design
    amazing cameras..... none...
    AW wait my Samsung Galaxy
    S8 and S9 has all of that
    and in my note if we are talking paying more freaking up to 1 TB of storrage and 4.000 M battery and an S Pen..... seriously who can compete and talk to me with facts not ur personal opinion.....

  • Brandon Lee Sanders


  • Syed Taha
    Syed Taha Year ago

    unbelievable crap. Apple(losers)

  • Jeff Parker
    Jeff Parker Year ago +1

    I am still waiting for the Apple 20X to be released somewhere in 2026. In the meantime, I'll buy more stocks that pay dividends. After 5 years, your iPhone will depreciate while my stocks will go up. Make your choice wisely folks.

  • Tom
    Tom Year ago

    Feel so let down! Il be sticking with my 8 for now and upgrade next year

  • konstantin tsherkezov

    The XR reminds me about the colors from the 5c and the design from x

  • TXguy82
    TXguy82 Year ago

    Worth nothing lol... Same BS Apple pushes out. I will keep my X for another year and I still prefer iOS over Android.

  • J P
    J P Year ago

    I bought the Samsung Note 9 yesterday .....$1197 for
    1-Samsung Note 9 128g
    2-DeX Station - Black
    3-Gear IconX buds- black (2018)
    4-Wireless Charger Duo, Black
    5-Galaxy Note9 LED Wallet Cover, Ocean Blue
    All five items for $1197.98 that includes $48.54 in taxes.
    And i don't think the Iphone XS and Max come with a fast charging plug...witch will cost you $30 or $40?
    Lol By the way i am debating buying the Iphone X max too... I have to figure out how to swap the sim-card between the note 9 and the Iphone X Max.

  • Tin Dinh
    Tin Dinh Year ago

    Great meeting, nice clip

  • Cryptic Scope
    Cryptic Scope Year ago

    So in my country I can get a Samsung galaxy s9 for cheaper price than the iPhone XR??? these phones are way over priced

  • Warlord Is Here
    Warlord Is Here Year ago

    Which one should I get?

  • Arrow GAMER
    Arrow GAMER Year ago

    Honestly everyone knows they are getting looted by apple for something worth like 300 bucks

  • Jacob White
    Jacob White Year ago

    I bought my first Apple product in 2001 - a wonderful Powerbook G4. The difference between the Powerbook and anything on the market back then was like night and day. I've been buying apple products since. From Powerbooks To iMacs to iBooks, to MacBooks, MacBook Pro's, the first iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone X... the only product I never quite bought into was the iPad (although I can see benefits for studio work) and Applewatch. EverythingApple did made sense and was superior to the market. That gap closed. I mean I still prefer OSX and iOS over anything else - but hardware and price is becoming a joke.
    My MacBook Pro is super nice, but it doesn't feel as robust as a Pro machine. My iPhone X back screen cracked because I pushed it into a top of line hard case screen protector - THE IRONY DOESN’T ESCAPE ME! The cost for repair? $600. When I complained about the quality and design decision to put glass that is more sensitive than the screen on the back of a product … which cracked the first time I put it into a case, Apple just told me that it is I cracked it and the only thing they can do is replace it for US$ 600 … I replied that I can get a phone at that price.
    That back screen decision was Apple’s, and supposedly for wireless charging which they didn’t offer at launch and which makes no sense if the phone his the only product that does it.
    I told the customer service rep that this is super deisappointing and that I’m saying this not as someone who switches products but someone who has been loyal for 17 years.
    It is in that moment that I decided that I'll keep the X until it breaks and the next phone I'll buy will be a cheap model - hoping Apple will maintain the SE as an entry level alternative.
    Well as of today there’s no more phone at Apple under US$500. They’ve clearly made a decision to be a luxury goods manufacturer - and I don’t buy into luxury just because I need good pro tools.
    I'm simply just tired of of Apple’s pricing and arrogance. Higher prices were acceptable when they were still producing pro machines and software. The first nail in the coffin was when they discontinued Aperture, now with the Macbook “Pro-line” which should really be called “Gucci-Line” and with their decision to just price out everyone who just wants a stable iOS phone with not too many bells and whistle - I’m going to stop buying Apple until they start listening to professional needs again.
    I bloody can't stand Windows and Android. But you know what, I have better things to buy with that sort money than luxury products.

  • Steven Amador
    Steven Amador Year ago

    Lol whoever buys the $750 XR in 2018 is catching a major L.

  • Knight Requiredfield


  • Justin Everette
    Justin Everette Year ago +2

    I'm watching this on and Android.

  • lllllillllllllillll

    How many of you idiots are going into debt for these phones?

  • Sid Sid
    Sid Sid Year ago

    Apple has grown boring.....

  • MurKage.
    MurKage. Year ago


  • Breon Mitchell
    Breon Mitchell Year ago +1

    $1400 for Phone

  • javier19932011
    javier19932011 Year ago

    xs max

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump Year ago

    So what’s the difference between XS and XR?🤣

  • Martin Ong
    Martin Ong Year ago

    iPhone 8 here.

  • MikeM
    MikeM Year ago

    DOES THE XS HAVE 3D TOUCH???????????

  • shadedragon
    shadedragon Year ago

    wheres my ios 12 update

  • JC JJ
    JC JJ Year ago

    Win over note 9

  • D. A.
    D. A. Year ago +1


    ADVENTURE CORNER Year ago +1

    For 300 bucks you get the same. Bye bye apple. Huawei is king

  • Diablo Hakken
    Diablo Hakken Year ago

    Well Ima buy 1 of each color. Not joking. I did this with the Iphone X. You know why for my fam

  • Sarann K
    Sarann K Year ago

    No pen????

  • Daniella Rose Archives

    iPhone XS Max GOLD 512gb. Thank you to my sugar zaddy!!!

  • Tim Custer
    Tim Custer Year ago

    Keep my 2 iphone X

  • King Kagiso
    King Kagiso Year ago +1

    The series 4 looks amazing 😭🔥

  • D Harris
    D Harris Year ago

    Getting iPhone XR

  • Arid Vlad
    Arid Vlad Year ago


  • ShiestyShamus
    ShiestyShamus Year ago

    Finally apple made a budget friendly phone... One that I’m not even remotely interested in paying for an “upgrade” over my iPhone X.🤣

  • thebluray
    thebluray Year ago

    Get there early next time to get a closer hands on look.

  • Herman Haley
    Herman Haley Year ago

    I can get the max for $4 more a month! ‘Merica LOL

  • Armando Valmont
    Armando Valmont Year ago +1

    iPhone XS Max(imum price)