Demogorgon Is Actually Overpowered - Dead by Daylight

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
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  • AaronPlaysTV
    AaronPlaysTV  Month ago +89

    I think that when people learn to play demogorgon properly he will be a top tier killer but for now while people figure him out hes going to be mid tier, just wait a bit let people practice and you will see that hes actually kinda op, especially after the buff they're going to be giving him. Let me know what you guys think though!

    • Burgerking Myers
      Burgerking Myers 29 days ago

      You probably got flamed because everyone who has played this game for a while knows that statement is horseshit.
      If you think Demogorgon is as good as Spirit then I am just going to assume that you are trolling. Lol

    • onwardtowaffles
      onwardtowaffles 29 days ago

      I got flamed for saying he's stronger than Billy in the right hands - I'd put him around Spirit's power level, personally.

    • KingzCosmic
      KingzCosmic Month ago

      You have to M1 to kick surge in

    • Burgerking Myers
      Burgerking Myers Month ago

      There are certain tiles where he excels better than other killers, however, I don't think it is good enough overall to be top tier. Remember that survivors don't know how to play against him yet either.
      The Demogorgon does not have the map presence that Billy has, it doesn't have the same chase potential as Spirit, and it doesn't have the same slowdown capabilities or unpredictably that Freddy has.
      I think Demogorgon is the best of the A-tier killers (Myers, Ghostface, Plague) but still below S-tier (Spirit, Billy, Huntress, Freddy)

    • david martinez
      david martinez Month ago

      AaronPlaysTV lol you liked you’re own comment

  • Ray Summers
    Ray Summers 2 days ago

    Why does the demogorgon not have a perk that causes flashlights to flicker in the killer's terror radius making blinding harder

  • Jeremiah Bullard
    Jeremiah Bullard 3 days ago

    The demogorgon.lookes like a 🐒

  • Lauren Mason
    Lauren Mason 8 days ago

    Personally, I liked ulhelueh better than here.....just saying.

  • Lawrence Bolander
    Lawrence Bolander 13 days ago

    "Lets actually go guys", perfect starter for getting anyone under 12 years old to watch your video

  • Kenneth Dias
    Kenneth Dias 20 days ago

    You need to die them with normal attacks for serge to work. Shred dose not activate it

  • Michael Marchese
    Michael Marchese 28 days ago

    Of course he looks strong against those kinds of players. Did you see some of the garbage they were doing?

  • onwardtowaffles
    onwardtowaffles 29 days ago

    Why would you take a Mori and run Dying Light? Seems a bit counterintuitive, to say the least. XD

  • Adi
    Adi Month ago

    Don't call him OP, otz sama said he's a bit underwhelming

  • Sir Bassington
    Sir Bassington Month ago

    Look into the gorgons mouth. There is a face in there.

  • Landen Williams
    Landen Williams Month ago

    Can't really title a video calling a killer OP when you bring an ebony memento

  • Darrius Poitier
    Darrius Poitier Month ago

    Did they fix dying light to not crash everybody’s game. Or is that only a PS4 thing.

  • OneDiffusion
    OneDiffusion Month ago

    Why is there happy music in the background when it’s a scary game

  • resonabledemon
    resonabledemon Month ago

    how can you blind the demogprgon with a flashlight WHEN IT DOESN'T HAVE EYES

  • Twistdam
    Twistdam Month ago

    The Demogorgon wasn’t buffed

  • Fauna Destia
    Fauna Destia Month ago

    Not op.

  • ZZurved
    ZZurved Month ago

    Nice super Mario 3d world and Mario kart music lol

    • ZZurved
      ZZurved Month ago

      And Pokemon x and y too

  • Danger Noodle
    Danger Noodle Month ago

    Hes good but he doesnt really have any anti looping abilities like nurse and spirit so id put him around the same level as billy since the lunge and chainsaw are kinda similar.

  • Mapleacid
    Mapleacid Month ago

    The next killer out should be jason

  • Mochi DBD
    Mochi DBD Month ago +1

    Does Mori go away after you use it in one match or do you keep it

  • Morgan Kimes
    Morgan Kimes Month ago

    Devs do literally anything

  • Coco Gamer
    Coco Gamer Month ago

    What are they going to do with him? Which buffs?

  • xDirtyxBurgerx
    xDirtyxBurgerx Month ago

    Meanwhile I get genrushed, looped, and dodged as the demo.

    F3ARL3SS MR X Month ago

    uses dying light and then mori the obsession :/

  • lantan
    lantan Month ago +2

    bruh i just got mislead by the thumbnail why'd you steep so low aaron

  • TreedTail
    TreedTail Month ago

    its just me that dances with the claudette at the end?

  • Sooperninja2006
    Sooperninja2006 Month ago

    Fully charged is the length of a side of killer shack

  • Carrie Jones
    Carrie Jones Month ago

    The pallet breaking is confirmed to be in his base kit, it was confirmed by a community manager. With that though he's gonna get 2.25 seconds of cooldown for missing a shred attack instead of 2 seconds so yeah.

  • SpectrNO_BirkinsTheBigDaddy

    spoiler no is not op say hello to nurse spirit and hill billy :)
    i have demogorgon prestige 3 lvl 16

  • Valar Aukar
    Valar Aukar Month ago

    Everytime a new killer comes out you survivor mains crying because they're "overpowered", git gud plz

  • itsfriday
    itsfriday Month ago

    Well I understand you mean when players get better at using him but at the current moment in time I find he is very easy to evade

  • KingOtaku402
    KingOtaku402 Month ago

    Sub to me

  • Faze Thiago
    Faze Thiago Month ago

    Nice video I like it gameplays

  • PrinceBlue22 !!!
    PrinceBlue22 !!! Month ago +1

    None of these Pounces actually hit. New players - welcome to dead by hitboxes

  • BufABuffalo
    BufABuffalo Month ago

    Brings best add on, and mori “I think I’m about to win this first game already” Well you don’t say?

  • Lukitas 28
    Lukitas 28 Month ago

    Nah bro demo does not need a buff, or if the pallet thing gets buffed nerf something else

  • TheCrickson
    TheCrickson Month ago

    "NeW kIlLeR iS so oP" ... brings ebony mori,purple and pink addon ... alright

  • yo daddy
    yo daddy Month ago

    TIP: if you use the save the best for the last perk and you hit your obsession with your rush attack, it doesnt take away stacks.

  • Mlg PLANT
    Mlg PLANT Month ago

    I’m a whole day light. I’m sorry Kappa 😂❣️

  • Excoticc
    Excoticc Month ago


  • Nicane3 - Dbd Gameplays

    is a little bit like hag i sayed the first day streamers were trying him that make your choice was gonna be really nice on him

  • bananabob456
    bananabob456 Month ago

    Survivor throws down pallet but waits to try to stun demogorgan out of the lunge, the timing is gonna be so tricky, especially with your typical mediocre ping and hitboxes, you’ll most likely get hit through the pallet or you throw it down early with which he can break it and almost immediately continue the chase, he really doesn’t need this buff.

  • Naomi YT
    Naomi YT Month ago


  • gamerx112
    gamerx112 Month ago

    actually its an M1 killer unable to apply any pressure whatsoever, its lunge is also dog shit and easily dodged.
    this is a survivor DLC, refute me.

  • Dante Alejandro
    Dante Alejandro Month ago

    What a waste of dying light the second game

  • marco dariz
    marco dariz Month ago

    Oh God, p3 demogorgon how is gonna be?

  • Sherwin Esmaili
    Sherwin Esmaili Month ago

    I find him pretty weak.

  • kys
    kys Month ago

    Dbd is shit

  • Boyce OG
    Boyce OG Month ago

    I really dislike the background music man, but love the vid

  • pongu
    pongu Month ago

    How the flashlight can blind the demogorgon he dont have eyes '-'

  • Romerio Jumpboy
    Romerio Jumpboy Month ago

    Demogorgon is good
    IT does not have to be buffed

  • BlackhandAl
    BlackhandAl Month ago

    Wth is this gay music in the background ?

  • Der Pflegefall
    Der Pflegefall Month ago +1

    is Pokemon music Not Copyright?

  • Otakuryuji
    Otakuryuji Month ago +1

    Rule #3 : The Killer is always overbuffed. No exceptions.

    Didnt you read the Survivors Rulebook for Killers ?

  • Wade Alexander
    Wade Alexander Month ago

    Claudette literally screams while being eaten by the demogorgon lmao

  • SohanRS
    SohanRS Month ago

    I love u Aaron have my babies

  • Rogue Reaper
    Rogue Reaper Month ago

    All these survivors need to stop crying like babies and get good..
    You can't go against a new killer and expect to loop him around for 2-3 gens, so quit your crying and realize that getting good at something isn't just handed to you

  • WhTe_Tygre_DBD
    WhTe_Tygre_DBD Month ago +3

    Prob gonna be an addon called iridescent claws, he'll be able to 1 shot
    Calling it

    • E Bzdawka
      E Bzdawka Month ago

      Tyga lol imagine I’d love to see it, I hope it’s tremendously increases speed of traversing the portal and increase speed of shred

    • Scuba Steve
      Scuba Steve Month ago +1

      No the Dev's already said the ultra rare will just be something that "tremendously decreases power cooldown and tremendously increases the undetectable time when coming out of a portal"

    • SayYesToLife
      SayYesToLife Month ago

      Tyga that would be op as shit. Doubtful

  • Memer1000
    Memer1000 Month ago

    Daddy by daylight: introduces challenging killer
    Survivors who now have to try: OVERPOWERED, TOO HARD
    Demogorgon: not overpowered, but Challenging and well made

  • dylan mack
    dylan mack Month ago

    Don’t think you used the channel abyss ability throughout either of the games to look out for anyone near your portals