Trying KIDS Science Kits with the Physics Girl!

  • Published on Jun 21, 2019
  • Had so much fun trying these science kits with The Physics Girl - Dianna!
    Check out the video we did on her channel:
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  • Isabella Garcia
    Isabella Garcia 15 days ago

    Why don't you bake anymore

  • Alejandrux UG
    Alejandrux UG 23 days ago +1


  • Pat B
    Pat B 29 days ago

    Your dog was kind of acting like it had been through enough science experiments.

  • Gariel2007
    Gariel2007 3 months ago

    2:00 Unsubscribed because of Pattern/"Patterin" disambiguation.

  • Jason Moore
    Jason Moore 4 months ago +1

    Hello there!
    Back once again with the Renegade Master 🤓
    I love the fun I'm seeing with all of these videos. Makes me want to paint or draw a picture. Thank you!

    DAVID GREGORY KERR 4 months ago

    Is there anything that will dissolve the rock.

  • space face aberra
    space face aberra 4 months ago

    They’re drinking expired lacroix that is half a year past

  • andrew j
    andrew j 4 months ago

    Two of the stupidest most annoying usa trash on RU-clip. These two are perfect for each other. Hahahahah.

  • JAG
    JAG 4 months ago


  • Shawn Flex
    Shawn Flex 4 months ago

    Good video

  • rorh
    rorh 5 months ago

    You look like her

  • Sunehra Daud
    Sunehra Daud 5 months ago

    Pleas make more. Vido. Like this ♥♥♥♥ I love since

  • Manes Musicorum
    Manes Musicorum 5 months ago

    be careful with sharp objects

  • Virgo v
    Virgo v 5 months ago

    Chicks with machetes? Is this youporn?

  • Sarah B
    Sarah B 5 months ago

    I love the tin can robot! My 8 year old cub scouts all built one and it was pure fun!

  • vishnu kc
    vishnu kc 5 months ago

    Try these with ro

  • Abdullah 2001
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  • CheckDozeCorners
    CheckDozeCorners 5 months ago

    'HES DEAD :D'

  • Filip Uršulin
    Filip Uršulin 5 months ago

    iJustine who is your Husband

  • Arwa Saad
    Arwa Saad 5 months ago

    It took me two days to dig and I found only about 12

  • Arwa Saad
    Arwa Saad 5 months ago

    It took me two days to dig and I found only about 12

  • Michelle Barrow
    Michelle Barrow 5 months ago

    Why did I think that's of the psychic girl

  • krishna birla
    krishna birla 5 months ago

    Suggestion: stick to physics and stupidity respectively, please. :)

  • Kevin Go
    Kevin Go 5 months ago

    sorry for this comment
    do people actually buy this rubbish?????????????????????????????

  • Anthony M
    Anthony M 5 months ago

    The reason there are two layers is because oil is non polar and water is polar and when liquids have different polarities, they don't like to mix.

  • Pubudu K
    Pubudu K 5 months ago

  • Legend 07
    Legend 07 5 months ago

    Good content. You should ghost hunt too. You and Omar would create a bigger impact on the net than the meteor that wiped the dinosaurs out.

  • Critical Thinker
    Critical Thinker 5 months ago

    I have done the tin can robot and the instructions about the wire connections are wrong. I switched them too, and it worked.

  • LadyBoss Productions
    LadyBoss Productions 5 months ago

    Leave a comment on my videos I will do the same comment for comment

  • Curtis Daniel
    Curtis Daniel 5 months ago

    Your in Joe's sieries. Whaaaaaaaaat

  • Ian
    Ian 5 months ago +1

    U need patience and care
    Justine: i have neither of those
    Justine: *whips out 2 machetes*

  • Ian
    Ian 5 months ago +1

    *grabs a tiny brush*

  • MEGAMOVIELORD mnmoviereviews

    Elon, come get your employees 😂🤣😂

  • 뷁
     5 months ago

    I lie this

  • Something Nothing
    Something Nothing 5 months ago

    Hey Justine, i think you should collab with Micheal Reeves.

  • Thompson 5
    Thompson 5 5 months ago

    love Dianna's shirt! perfect for this video :) it was so funny when you asked an adult for help! x

  • Koakidstv
    Koakidstv 5 months ago


  • Mykasan
    Mykasan 5 months ago

    the geology kit looks fun :O

  • Jeff Delamater
    Jeff Delamater 5 months ago

    Dog: What's this? *inspects can robot* That's full of nope.

  • Skyler O'Riordan
    Skyler O'Riordan 5 months ago

    Omg I got that tin can robot when I was little for my birthday

  • Allan Holmes
    Allan Holmes 5 months ago


  • lisa berry
    lisa berry 5 months ago

    Did you guys try the stomp rockets?

  • adamx20
    adamx20 5 months ago

    It's weird when you talk to your camera man because my name is also Tyler.

  • NoragamiGhouls
    NoragamiGhouls 5 months ago

    Look at all those chemicals........ LETS MIX THEM ALL TOGETHER......

  • Tommy Johnson
    Tommy Johnson 5 months ago

    When the first 3 minutes of the video are an asmr experience

  • Avinash Tky
    Avinash Tky 5 months ago

    Hi Justine..,
    Hi Beautiful..,
    It's Awesome..,
    Jai Shree Ram...

  • jerome jankins
    jerome jankins 5 months ago +2

    Like if Justine should collab with Simone giertz!!!

  • jerome jankins
    jerome jankins 5 months ago +1

    Please collab with Simone giertz!!!

  • MonkeyGaming 912
    MonkeyGaming 912 5 months ago

    “We must be delicate “ uses a machete to destroy the rock

  • Alpha Gaster
    Alpha Gaster 5 months ago

    Hey I collect crystals!!! ( rocks included )

  • SmittyNo1
    SmittyNo1 5 months ago +1


  • Markle2k
    Markle2k 5 months ago

    How does sparkling water expire?

  • Carley Aspenwall
    Carley Aspenwall 5 months ago

    I have the tin can robot

  • Scott Skinner
    Scott Skinner 5 months ago

    Do more baking videos

  • willythemailboy2
    willythemailboy2 5 months ago

    La Croix does indeed get moldy, but not in the can. If one leaks the whole case will turn funky, though.

  • Luke Friesen
    Luke Friesen 5 months ago +1

    I love her so much, people don't appreciate hey like they should, she deserves so much more love then she gets

  • Your Tech Expert
    Your Tech Expert 5 months ago

    Thats how you do a RU-clip Crossover

  • Pavitre Thomas
    Pavitre Thomas 5 months ago

    Why are you troubling that Robot haven't watched "Toys story"

  • Tyler Tisdale
    Tyler Tisdale 5 months ago

    I know that her camera man’s name is Tyler, but my name is also Tyler so when she said “tyler can you help us?” I was like “girl you on your own” lmfao

  • PeKame PeKame
    PeKame PeKame 5 months ago

    That is boring